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What Makes You Feel Good?

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write song lyrics about what makes you feel good.
Write song lyrics about what makes you feel good
Must have a rhyming style
New or Old Writes
Two weeks
Visual okay

Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

This is supposed to sound both sad, and somewhat bitter.

The melody I had in mind is the chorus of Song of the Lonely Mountain from The Lord of the Rings movie, marked in the original lyrics by "yay yay yay yei!."

Here is a link to Peter Hollens cover, starting at about the right spot for the first two verses:


And the second round for the last two verses:


The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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*doesn't meet the happy brief but wrote for this. I'm terrible at happy. 😂

I have been rolling
along a road in your truck
your fingers locked with mine,
we're running out of luck.

You said your stole some paper
from your Dad's wallet in the hall,
God, I loved you darling,
we were heading for a fall.

And I said leave now
before love suffocates,
leave now before we've got nothing to break.

You kissed my spine weary
you left petals on the bed,
years have passed between us,
you're still running in my head.

And we didn't stop
and we didn't leave
we just stuck together
with hearts on our sleeve.

You slept in a valley of my arms,
you never lost those teenage charms,
you slept in a valley of my heart
and yet truth is we've aged apart.

Truth is we weren't meant to start

And I said leave now
before love suffocates,
leave now before we've got nothing to break.

And I said leave now
before love suffocates,
I said leave now
before we've got nothing to break.

Fire of Insight
South Africa
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21 years

She is one,
She is beautiful.
And she's my everything.
I closed my eyes,
I opened my heart.
And she was given to me,
She's just 21 years.

There was rain.
There was a rainbow
And she's my pot of gold.
I took her hand.
She took my hand
And together we'll grow old.
We're just 21 years.

I wrote her name.
I keep the memory of her face.
And somehow my life is better than my dream
I have her heart.
She has my heart.
We curved our names into a tree.
And we're just 21 years.

I had my thoughts.
I had my doubts.
But now I believe God truly exist.
For this one beautiful thing.
For this one magnificent person,
He has given me.
And she's nothing more than 21 years.
Written by poetOftragedy
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Dancing through time

Even when the music stops  
we hear it still, our feet still tap      
the choreography of life well mapped        
balance and nuance steps, in noted flight
From the first beginning chords  
the lyrics awake and mime in quiet voice  
that register it rings a choreography performed  
link the era or its genre, pin our ears for that rejoice  
and in that time, held tight until it stopped  
the dying notes still hold you close  
with wishes ever locked  
Did we in our childhood hop      
spinning  records grove would never stop      
a skipping rope beats a gallop      
 tap dance of steps, between the cracks  
Chorus repeat     
Clamped our headphones to our ears      
played air guitar with gestures weird      
cavort the years that were our  teens      
we were, that can of jumping beans
Chorus repeat
The ballet of the married pair so close      
not tread upon the others toes      
portray happiness in exaggerated pose      
all on points, of high's and low's  
Chorus repeat 
As we dance on into old age      
that gavotte, slows to walking pace      
will we dance, invited to, grand heavenly balls      
or forever leap, on the devils  hot coals
Written by slipalong
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Her scent is not like wildflowers    
or like fruit,      
or perfume.      
It’s the flavor of a woman,      
so distinct,      
so natural,      
so pure.  
An aroma  
so invigorating    
it makes me want to come      
to her with complete sincerity.      
in all her natural, splendorous      
glory. She is      
in the truest sense of the word.  
Just lovely.
Written by Fizzle (Ammiture)
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Dangerous Mind
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The Right Side of the Grass

Well, I done lost my grip...    
and my skin don't fit...        
My perky parts ain't perky any more.        
Cain't find my keys        
and now my knees        
are evenin' the score...for          
all the stupid things I done          
when I was a young lass.        
So don't just mope        
'cause there's always hope          
on the right side of the grass.        
Every cliff I climbed        
All the falls  I took        
as I bounced down the hill on my ass..        
But, hey... it's OK        
'cause I'm hangin' here        
on the right side of the grass        
That's the thing /about getting old...        
yer hands get weak /and yer feet get cold        
The skin don't fit /like it used to do...        
But there's some really good stuff too        
We can forget names /with impunity        
no one thinks we're being rude...        
We're too close to Eternity /to blame for being crude.        
Eccentricity's expected,/ it's normal to be strange...        
A little weirdnes never hurts          
just don't act deranged...    
Oh I got my Senior Discount  Card        
and travelin's a gas        
just as long as we stay on         
the right side of the grass. *Jº
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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I Like Rhyming

I like rhyming…
It’s like mining for words when the timing is right,
I try finding the slang to hang on the lining,
I’m designing a story with a priming that’s tight.

Rhyming makes me feel good…
Like a boyhood dream I used to scheme and plot,
Filled with a theme deemed worthy of interest,
It’s like a keen stream of consciousness sought.

I love me some wordplay…
It’s the way I like to relax and ax and flay,
A reward I work toward on my keyboard,
I’m never bored with a sword ready to slay.

I enjoy a ton of pun in the long run…
It’s a fun way to keep myself entertained,
I sink my quill in the ink and think to drink it,
But then I spit it and hear it as unrestrained.

So if the verse made you smile while reading,
You’re feeding my soul because you understood,
Writing is exciting as if I’m shining this poem,
Because rhyming…makes me feel good.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Blank Movie

Adventures early on the road.
It’s what is most calm a good mood.
Convinced the one and only to take a risk with a good attitude.
Not everyone is on the same page the inevitable endless feud.
Adventures bring sporadic surprises this is me becoming unglued.
That question I wish that could be asked becomes sound waves in my air.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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Twisted Dreamer
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Feel good.

Beautiful music playing
Sounds playing, sleeping,
deep dreaming.
The long walk in the cool
of the day,
when thoughts replay.

Early morning shower
after the gym workout
The ATM sound when
I cashout.

Being around Family and friends
laughing together, through the
storm, fire, rain, in any wheather
Early morning and evening devotion.

Completing my task
crushing my goals
Wearing on good shoes
that cover my toes.

A warm tight long hug from you
So when my energy is down
I feel renew.
Written by Rickji
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Happiness

The sunshine that radiates from your smiles
You save just for me at the end of each day.
That one millionth “I love you” as the miles
Between us can never truly get in the way.

It is all those little moments we should not
Have to broadcast to the rest of the world
Just to show that we are happy as I forgot
About being sad. As I whirled and twirled

The laughter comes spilling out like some
Forgotten or hidden melody. The tiny gem
That fits right into our hands. Coming from
Pure chaos, but ending up far from mayhem

And clutter in the soul. It is finding my own
Happiness and peace as I sit on my throne.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
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A female presence

All I want is someone presence, a female to be real not to judge me for THE things I do or listen to hear say. Baby I want you to listen to what your heart saying not just your mind, because sometimes it can lead you in the wrong place if you keep second guessing yourself. Baby just pray for guidance and patience, we may not be perfect for each other, but if God keep pushing you my way maybe we meant to be God work in mysteries ways. I just love everything about you, your mind, heart, and soul, but I don't want your body that can come later, sex is just a feeling to make a person think that they need it to ease the things that are on their mind and call it a stress reliever than they starting getting picky and judging by people body parts and what size it is down below. Baby don't divide your legs open up your heart.  I don't want you to THINK that you have to change, because of low self-esteem kicking it and wanting someone to look at you, but you you missing the point. Putting all THIS make up and everything they Have for women to make them LOOK good, but in reality you TRYING to change what God created, just because its there that don't mean you have to get that is how they get people by advertisement,  YOU don't really need that the only thing that you need is God, his love, and my love if you want it. I see you focusing on other people who don't care about you at all, so I just split and let God show you the way, may the lord put you in a position to change your mind and the way you THINK I don't want you to keep just walking in and out my life like Jenny did Forrest when she found out she had cancer, the guys who was picking was no good, but Forrest really LOVED her even though she had flaws. Yea I want a clean woman, innocent until proven guilty, but I just don't want no female to get with me because I'm her last choice even though she tried other guys and it didn't work or try to make love to me like a routine of doing something over and over again I want it to be fresh and brand new.  I want her to come to me without no choice just because you feel my spirit and my love for you. Text me or hit me up without even asking for money or want me to help you out when you satisfied or when you done using me just stop calling. I don't want no begger or no mocher who is after my money with that fake love.   just call to hear my voice and want to come around me to feel my energy plus my presence and just to appreciate what I done and the work I put in overall. I just want a friend.
Written by deepthreat1490
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Twisted Dreamer
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Puff puff away
like a magic dragon
she volca a smoke
away it went with all her heartache
what a joyful kiss and a cuddling smooch,
a one never to resist
Then she wants another mold
to burn off all her green
Such a moment of endless ecstasy
she lit the world to flame
that's the peak of our game
I love my ganja queen
for she is my grass to grace
Written by gifteth (AliboTerna)
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