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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Something good and old.

Great poems get buried in time. This is a chance to resurrect something old and put it to a vote. If you don't have anything old then something you are proud of. The older the better.

One entry per person,

Older than one year if you have it - or something you are proud of that you didn't write yesterday.
To be put to Public Vote.  

This is a picture of a cemetery gate in London, near the old docklands. It looks like a graveyard for pirates, maybe it is, I don't know

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Related submission no longer exists.

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Veil Of Darkness

This poem was a direct narrative regarding evil spirits my great grann in the Republic of Haiti seems to ramble about coming to pass  
Mache nan lafwa (Walk In Faith)  

Veil of darkness  
Midnight mind where twisted souls lark  
The light of the way dims its wicked pride  
Clad in disdain for a sinful ride  
Moon dances by spits of fire  
Raised flames of immortality its devious desires  
Who speaks for tongues so virtuous in deceit  
The abomination answered, of a conjured risen beast  
Walks upright, horns hidden so serene and so true  
Linguistic lines of spells, one must pity the fool  
Confectionary words of convincing  
Jinn words of numbered mementos, dispensing  
In a land way before time, Michael the Archangel cast Satan out  
Such a beautiful fallen Angel, transformation to grimness from heading south  
Earthbound from good to evil, abhorrent spews of its vile mouth  
Cherub Angels on land, are known to cringe about  
Hold fast and hold on  
A promise of serenity sings a unified song  
Glory’s footstool on earth will restore its Kingdom come  
Bounds of alliance, shall, and will be won  
On earth  
Spiritual casting of flames veiled in its cruel fallen birth  
From the four corners of practicing discord for a sinful worth  
Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt  
As it is in heaven  
Look toward the stars, defend your honor of peace with mental treasured weapons  
One must be armored in faith, twenty-four seven  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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my Succubus

She came to me
all moon dusted
traveling via
silvery moon rays
penetrating my
restless, often lucid
dreams. She came
with sensual bait
and I hungered to drink
her dry.
I have yet to see her face
though liken to a
blind man, I KNOW I've
seen all of her and she
IS exquisite.
She neither questions
nor gives answers
only pleases and
entreats me to join
to meld with her.
I want to but........

We slept together
last night.
I woke up more
refreshed than ever
in a long, long time.

I'm still waiting
for the hook
though I suspect
she's already set
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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This is a brilliant idea for a competition!

Fire of Insight
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One Cut

One cut

One cut speaks what I can't say
One cut heals what can't be healed
One cut fills me with a feeling
One cut drains whatever's building

One cut apologizes a hundred times
One cut forgives it afterwards
One cut teaches me a lesson
One cut holds a better grudge than me

One cut reminds me of my ignorance
One cut distracts me when I need it
One cut never dissapoints me
One cut redifines disappointing

One cut revisits me in the valleys
One cut walks me to the peak
One cut fuels my broken body
One cut will never leave

One cut
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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jade tiger
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Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Like papyrus blossoms  
sprung from the Nile,  
towering pillars stand  
as a forest ablaze  
with temple torch lights  
While above, through crossbeams  
of cedars from Lebanon  
are seen constellations  
that the pyramids of Giza  
mapped out on an earthbound grid-  
A stellar connection from the  
golden seat of the Sun God,  
to the darkness of the Underworld.  
The One who graces this place  
on such a night before the act,  
whose success is sanctioned  
by her utterances, comes—
The Eye of RA,  
overseen by the Phallus of Osiris  
in the Shrine of Sokar,  
The confederacy of Seth, wherein  
what is near is burning-  
The stone gods bear witness  
as voices are raised  
to chant in solemn song  
the words she speaks-  
O you who are invisible,  
do not await me, for I am Isis.  
You found me when I had  
disarranged the hair round my face  
and my scalp adornments disordered.  
I have become pregnant as Isis,  
I have conceived as Nephthys.  
Isis drives out  
those who would disturb me.  
The dread of me  
follows after me.  
My dignity is before me.  
Millions bend their arms to me.  
The common folk serve me.  
The associates of my enemies  
are destroyed for me.  
The grey-haired ones  
uncover their arms for me.  
The well-disposed  
give sweet things to me.  
Those who are in Heliopolis  
create things for me.  
I live according to my will,  
for I am Wadjet,  
Lady of the Devouring Flame,  
and few approach me.

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Walking in the Wilderness

Walking in the wilderness, I find solace amongst the cypress trees;
In the arms of nature’s sweet embrace, where birds sing cheerful melodies.
Far beyond the numbing drone of traffic, the mechanical whirr of human noise;
The screaming sirens of the city, and the cries of little girls and boys.

On a wooden bench beside the water, in a place that only we know,
Magic memories were softly planted; in the gardens of our minds, they grow.
Where the seed of love once sprouted under the shade of our favorite mulberry tree,
Our love did bloom and grow, and a beautiful flower came to be.

Walking in the wilderness, searching deep within my muddled mind,
Revealed to me, the hidden truth, which I have longed to find.
It was there inside my secret garden, in the solace of the cypress trees...
I felt true love’s embrace again, in nature’s sweet serenity.

Written by NewBeginnings
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Dangerous Mind
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Rock pool # Denise Lavertov

The beach its pebbles hard beneath
for childhood dreams we bear the pain upon our feet
and shout with glee and wave the net upon the stick

Try and stride between the rocks
youth its balance is the stuff of fun
that learning curve is easier for some

To mix with academic greats
the pools of knowledge that they share
a prodogy to find a foothold with the words of sage

To carve that niche upon the typeset face
the hemit crab it shell so weak
inhabts and finds a home that is unique
That rock pool, refilled with each new tide
its life, a small aquarium within it hides
apparent sillness camoflaged upon the shaded sand

The creation forming waves that wand
reflections of the clouds, the sun, the moon
the bubble breaks and  throws its rings

 Talent just to spread,  each corner flung
to reach into our hearts and resonate
man and nature the symbiosis to create

To look and see what lies beneath
and always constantly refresh the drying kelp
all clarity, were that belief within yourself
Written by slipalong
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Ghostly Guests

I hear the creak of the floorboard
Quite loudly up there in the attic
I feel the room grow cold
I think there are ghosts in the house

I curl up in bed, with my blankets on
My feet are safely tucked within
Something may grab me from under
my bed, but not at my feet

I think there is a ghost standing
Behind me as I read my book
I feel its breath upon my cheek
So cold and icy, I can’t stand it

I hear the shower switched on
Cascading water within the room
Low laughter, like someone pleased
And then an eerie silence

There are ghosts in the house
Spectres that roam around
like inquisitive neighbours
who want to see every room

Or are they part of what was
Iiving their distant memories
briefly just for this night
not minding me, the intruder

Oh dear, they are singing together
downstairs, to an accompanying piano
I am not going to interfere
I am just going to sleep.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Related submission no longer exists.

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Innocence returning

There's a cold breeze
coming through the back door
causing it to creak on its hinges,
Grandad's gone across the backs
to feed his pigeons.
I find him inside the empty loft
closing derelict cages,
gently I place an arm
around the confusion.
Using soft words we stumble outside
towards real moments.
The overgrown allotment glistens
through droplets, strung out
across gossamer connections
that tremble in the cold morning light.
We hear the rush of racing pigeons
and watch them disappear overhead
like ghosts into field mist.
Grandad stood staring at the sky,
"they're not coming back are they son?"
I put my coat around his shoulders,
'no Grandad they've been gone too long".
We start the slow walk back towards the house,
"someone will have to tell your Nan
she loved those birds"
"She's dead Grandad,
Grandma's dead".
Written by Razzerleaf
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poet Anonymous

These poems are beautiful. I love them. They evoke things, things we miss, things we remember. If I had the money I would aim to create a publication based on the poems of DUP, a real life paper document.

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Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring


And What Be This Stirring In Me Loins ?

It Must Be The Raging Whore In Me Moans ;

As The Whisper Of A Thousand Thrusts Of Upshoots
And The Open Invitations Of Blossoming Budlets ,
As The Surge Of Nature , Pounding In The Breast ,
Rising In The Flesh , Awash And Awake ,
An Unstoppable , Unleashed , Undeniable , Underlying
Current , Coursing And Conjuring , And Conquering
The Sleep Of Life Indrawn ;

As That Which Has Been , Becomes That Which Shall Be
The Languid Made Lascivious , By The Passion And The
Pulchritude Of A Sensual Seductive Surrounding ,
The Call To Arms And Lips And Locked Embrace ,
Echoed And Emulated , And Ecstatic In Essence ,
Empyreal , Yet Embodied , Necessary And Narcotic ,
All Pervasive And Pertinent , Mounting And Manic ,
As The Yearning , Resuscitated , Resurrected , Rebirthed ,
Renewed , Returns As The Ritual Of Mating ;

Risque , Presumptuous , Enchanting , Enthralling , Eloquent
I Shall Be , As The Words Woven Shall Charm The Chaste
Into The Minx , The Frigid Into The Freed ;The Resurgence
Of Rapture , Precaution Thrown To The Winds , As Power
Pent Is Pierced By Poignant Desire ;

Petulant Might Be Thy Lips , Point Blank Shall Be My Tongue
Speaking The Unspoken Since The Wheel Turned , And Your
Form Grew Cold And We Were Parted ;

Do You Hear Me , My Love ?

I Call You Forth , Forthright I Am , Upright In Stature ,
And Fixed In Gaze ;

Come Now...Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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She Breathes

She breathes
Her breath is life
With each lung full
A heart beats strongly
In the emotions of love

A soul laments
Where passion dwelled
Seeing through eyes of fire
The truth of love
Imagining her lover

The shaping of moments
Between connecting beings
Her heart feels more alive
Finding a smile that was lost
Welling up with happiness

The beautiful entity of love
Touching her senses
Electrical shivers
This is why she breathes
To share her heart and soul

Written by AspergerPoet56
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