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NaPo 2020 Stomp the Prompt Comp

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Poetry Contest

Stomp the Prompt!

Hosts: Ahavati & JohnnyBlaze  


This competition is only for registered members of the Official DUP Napo/GloProWriMo 2020 Competition, who will be copy pasting as many of their Prompt inspired poems here.

Hashtag the Prompt Number under your entry. #22 etc.

There are no editing restrictions in this competition - you may edit to your heart's content until May arrives.

Participants, you have until midnight of April 30th in your time zone to get your entries in here!

The Winner of the Trophy will be decided by a panel of Team NaPo 2020 judges who did not participate in this comp.

May the Best Prompt Win!

Those not registered can follow the Official DUP NaPo/GloProWriMo 2020 Competition at this link:



1. Write a poem about being the only "Redshirted" worm crew member on the USS Stanza.


2. A distress video is received from the USS Underground, which is currently being overun with Tribbles! Poem us your plan to safely remove the fuzzy creatures from the ship in order to appease PETA.


3. A research team beams down to an unexplored planet to look for DUG's missing books, but the transporter glitches. Everyone ends up scrambled - having the body parts, features and or sense organs of their comrades!

4. You wake up aboard the USS Stanza to discover you are the only one onboard! Where has everyone gone?

5. A research team member pockets some pretty plant seeds, toying with the idea of growing them onboard the USS Stanza. What could possibly go wrong? Think "Day Of The Triffids". Or "Little Shop Of Horrors"!

6. All the poetry of Earth has been uploaded into an android worm meant to preserve it for thousands of years.
7. The USS Stanza experiences engine-trouble and the crew has to figure out how to reactivate the warp-drive before being assimilated by the Borg.

8. An unemployed intergalactic sous-chef hitches a ride on the USS Stanza after its shuttle breaks down on the way to a job interview.

9. A mysterious mind virus has infected the crew, causing them to write the most obnoxious poetry ever!

10. The USS Stanza is overrun with a gummi like life-form that replicates and begins mimicking any crew members it touches! Think of "The Thing"!

11. An an oppressive race of bird people on a primitive planet eats worms as if they are livestock. Oh! The horror! The highly intelligent worms are kept illiterate in order to prevent them from banding together and revolting.

12. A race of caterpillar people in peace talks with a race of centipede people unfortunately speak different languages! Do you bridge the gap in communication using sign language?

13. DUG risks life ( and limb? ) by entering a wormhole in the name of science! Will DUG return as a Wise Worm in the future? Or a Wise Enheimer in the past? Or will DUG simply be annihilated in the present ...?

14. A space tanker collides with an asteroid - there is a massive spill of liquid laundry detergent! It gets into the USS Stanza, causing it to stall and drift off course towards a neutron star! The crew tries their best to course correct, but they are floating around trapped in soap bubbles! What else could go wrong involving this liquid nightmare? Oh, shit ... the docking bay door was accidentally left open .....

15. Visible from space on various planets are what appear to be enormous 'crop circle' formations. Are these signposts leading to a specific destination? What do you think the symbols are saying to interstellar travellers? Are they poems in an alien language?

16. Pork Pirates have surrounded the Stanza with their intergalactic Winnebagos! The shields won't hold off their 'canon bawls' forever! How to defeat these cloven hooved marauders?!

17. A floating, knowledge eating book-worm named Rachel is so mammoth that her own gravity field has attracted all manner of books from numerous galaxies. Books cover her like forests, mountains ... and mazes! How does one explore the surface to find particular missing books? Do you eat your way through with a 'Reader's Digest" ? Will search teams get sidetracked by soooooo many books that they can't resist sitting down to read with a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit?

18. Witnessed through starship windows a herd of majestic space whales or other glorious creatures. Or the travesty that is a floating garbage dump and the impact such has on a galaxy. Or both.

19. The ship breaks down and is hauled by a tow pod to the nearest service station on an asteroid in the middle of Knowhere. The fumes of an accidental fuel spill cause everyone to hallucinate and become paranoid! How does one break free from the chemical spell and convince the others they aren't plotting against each other?

20. The ship's computer becomes infected with a Conqueror Worm, an artificially intelligent virus like program bent on ruling the Universe. How can it be defeated? Deletion? Spilling soda on the mainframe?

21. Everyone gets infected with ear worms, causing them to lose their minds to the control of a hive mind alien entity.

22. A rogue wave of electro-magnetic energy wreaks havoc with your brain, causing everyone to write scrambled up poetry. Give us an example!

23. The ship, with flotation devices deployed, crash lands upon the surface of a world covered entirely by water. Describe the civilizations(s) you encounter.

24. What single item do you take with you before beaming down to a potentially dangerous planet?

25. The crew makes the discovery of a book of ancient legends regarding worm like creatures worshipped as gods!

26. Rumor has it that during your mission, the Earth was swallowed up by the Sun, which then exploded! What would you miss most about your home planet ( and solar system )?

27. The spirit of a long dead famous poet seemingly haunts the USS Stanza. Or is it a hologram from the ship's computer on the fritz due to a hardware glitch?

28. The ship makes a pit stop at the oldest library in the Universe. While perusing the most ancients forms of text, you discover poetry written by the first Earthworms predating human cavemen was highly sophisticated.

29. Heavens to Murgatroyd! Rhymulans have boarded the Stanza and are hypnotizing the crew with a monotonous ABAB rhyme scheme!

30. Captured in the tractor beam of The Smorgas Borg and pulled into its Cornucopia, you have been "alliterated".  Write a poem utilizing as much alliteration as possible.

31. Speaking of going where no worm has gone before ..... The septic system on the USS Stanza has malfunctioned!

32. What a nightmare! Clingforms have attached themselves to the USS Stanza and are weighing down its verses!

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Day 2: 02/04/2020

Troublesome Tribbles

The trouble with Tribbles
Is that the terrible twos
Tend to transform into terrifying triples
Therein tending to thrive to terrible totals
The task of tackling Tribbles
is in the tracking
and it is a true talent to keep on track
as the teeming threat teem tenfold and beyond.
To stop such tumultuous troupes
Simply temporarily starve the little buggers,
so as to stop a stampede
their threat lies in their tenacity to thrive if fed
so it may seem slightly sadistic
to treat Tribbles so
but better to be bitter and block the butter
than the trial and tribulations of thriving Tribbles!


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Prompt No. 1

Voyage In Crimson

Personal Log: Education & Assignment

A “C” student at St. Spatium Valebat Preparatory
below average score on the SCAT, Space Cadet Admissions Test
an inauspicious beginning to my space exploration story
It’s not pretty, a lackluster tale my Admiral dad will attest

Waiting over, air with nervous excitement charged
when arrived the letter and package, remittance UFP
“…designated to serve as Security Yeoman At Large…
report to U.S.S. Stanza, level 5, spaceport D”

With gusto I tore at the tape sealing the box
Viewing its contents, breathed heavy sigh
Inside, a red shirt, black pants, and black socks
My dad nearly fainted, my mom starts to cry

Personal Log: On board the U.S.S. Stanza

For every mission to a planet’s surface, I’m chosen
Because I’m the only one wearing the expendable hue
My shipmates avoid me, my love-life is frozen
Mother, incensed, is threatening to sue

Resorting to hiding when away team is called
In a head stall, waste shoot, or under a bed
“Where the hell is he?”
Barked the captain, when departure was stalled
Chief replies, “I don’t know maybe already dead.”

Personal Log: Intervention and Reassignment

Admiral daddy pulled some strings, not exactly in my favor
Summarily demoted to galley steward second class
White cook’s shirt, black and white checked pants, peeler in lieu of phaser
No longer nicknamed “dead man walking” now “lieutenant panzypass”

My ensuing career in the Starfleet was neither stellar nor bold
I spent the days mopping, washing dishes, peeling spuds and cooking
Made a fine hasperat soufflé, when paired with Voodai, I’m told
Bored silly but relieved to shed the red target I’d been wearing

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#20. The ship's computer becomes infected with a Conqueror Worm, an artificially intelligent virus like program bent on ruling the Universe. How can it be defeated? Deletion? Spilling soda on the mainframe?

Conquering the Conqueror

Engine room to bridge, there's something
weird in the warp drive
The photon field has mis-aligned ever
since that damn worm arrived.

It seems it wants to feed on alliteration alone
send Captain Johnny down here with his dulcet tones.
I'm Johnny B I've come to see and set you free so let this virus feed on me,
keep going, the virus is growing, it'll soon be going.

No more Johnny, the ship wont take it,
the shear size is gonna break it.
Quick cut the cable to the computers core,
capture the Conqueror as it spills to the floor
then send it off to a Rhyme Zone search
Quick Ahavati before the virus goes berserk.

Wait said Johnny, I'm not done yet
I've had an Idea and I'd like to bet
That to shrink this curse,  send it's growth in reverse.
we just need to feed it, DU's free verse.

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Okays, Entrants! You have THREE more days to challenge reigning, two-year consecutive Champion Lord Viddax for the Prompt Comp Crown!

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Lord Viddax
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Day 28: 28/04/2020

Advance Against Alliteration

Attention all aboard:
Annoying alliteration active!
Adapt appropriately and act with alacrity,
altogether against antagonising alliteration
and alleviate against adversity
adverbs abound, affliction!
Asinine aides accept alliterate annoyances;
admiral abscond alluring adversaries!
Attack and advance again!
Actively annihilate assonance aggressors!
Arms and assault alliterative antagonists!
Attack and alleviate against alliteration;
Anger arises and aggression ascends
avenge against and act as antithesis,
apply action and allay abandonment
assume armed appeal:
annul alliteration aliens!


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Prompt #8

Cosmic Culinary Chaos

The shuttle we found
in meteor field, adrift
inside, showing
no sign of elation,
a perturbed Sous-Chef,
job interview bound,
intended destination,
USS Ezra Pound.

He began to rant
the moment boarded
“What took you so long?”
Is my life not important?
I used to be Head Chef
at Crandooyars
on Bravo Bravo Alpha Seven
Where my Klingon cuisine
was awarded
four grunts and two stars.
Must I now cook
in the kitchen from hell
when I’ve just left heaven?”
All crew members,
with one voice could tell,
this is one rescue
I wish we’d aborted.

In the master galley chaos ensued
When assigned by Chef in Chief
fry Cook Second Class.
Livid, in ships pantry he stewed
refusing to work, just sat on his ass.
When urged, by command to comply,
he tossed food stores in the trash.
A resounding “PISS OFF” his reply.

The galley Sous-Chef,
he relentlessly bullied
claimed his risotto
when the poor man
grilling targ steaks he saw,
he sneaked up behind him
screaming “IT’S RAW!”

The last straw was finally reached
when sadistic interloper yelled,
To whole galley crew,
“YOU’RE WORTHLESS!” he screeched,
to which Chef in Chief replied with a frown.
“I’m the Head Chef on the deck damnit!
I will not be barked orders
by some rude, self-possessed clown!”

The Captain soon intervened.
The bully unfit for galley duty he deemed
I’ll use you for a key, special purpose.
A new rank was given,
“You’re now Ensign Smarty.
It requires you wear this red shirt.
You are to be beamed
to the nearest planet with surface
as the first one-man landing party
Not certain who
commandeered the intercom
but a loud booming voice
punctuated Captain’s orders,

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