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Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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#2 of 30
All The Small Things
During this pandemic
While doing all classes online
Being with family all day
Stuck at home

Itís the small things
That keep me from breaking down
From the anger and sadness and frustration

A cup of tea to warm my soul
Cooking a meal with my mother
Getting a text from a friend I havenít talked to in a while
Watching my tortoise explore my house
Reading a book for hours

Creating a painting of a sun
Because that is what my town is doing
We are in this together spreading sunshine
Despite being indoors
More and more suns are made everyday
Put on houses and shared online

Itís all the small things
That are keeping a smile on my face

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Welcome to the Machine (MRI dreams with contrast)

Iím in the feeding tube
frantically opening files
trying to escape the host.
The steel door slams shut,

I have sand between my toes

Dizzy from dinghy inflation,
burnt from bare excavation,
already raced from rock to pool,
the daylightís pink begins to cool

Our sunset supported by fish and chips,
greasy fingers and salty lips.
Empty beach with a curled up fleece,
children yawn, storied to sleep.
We hold each other take some time,
watch the waves with a bottle of wine.
Cooling sand shows remnants of fun,
windbreak flaps at the last of the sun.

The ocean boils as surf turns black
sand splits open with deafening cracks.
Long metal arms pull me into the chamber
the machines in my head,
as I commune with this stranger.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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#2 of 30

To Surrender

Am I breathing Lord my God?
Oh find me!
And so on into these first few moments of eternity....
They sing, don't they?
Or is this the great roaring of the lion?
And I have sacrificed like a lamb.....

Oh God
Oh find me....

In these shallows set far from the tempest..
Seeking shelter in a still moonlit midnight.

The world had fallen to its knees.
And have I.
And have I?

The world had taken its toll on thee...
And have I.

Tyrant of Words
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By the Bed

(c) Sweet Oblivion 2.4.20

Each night I kneel by the bed, with my hands
Placed flat upon the floor and, there, I pray,
Remembering my past; and what I planned
With you, when we were younger: you would stay
Forever then, until my father's call
To bid you leave our house and let me sleep;
Once I had prayed and sold the gods my stall
Of hopes and dreams and what-would-be to reap
No wakefulness in early hours; my lids
Would open well-refreshed to find the dawn
With you attendant; forlorn thoughts of kids,
That in the end were not: there is no spawn,
Once love and a first lover die; unwed,
I kneel, with second thoughts, right by the bed.

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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Wondering Song..

Between the sun and the earth I run beneath parting clouds
A wash of translucent silvered skies with sunbeams breaking upon my eyes
Single strides span shoals of projected silhouettes
Nestled along the emerging footholds of green to bring
Scrolled steps amongst the circling flakes of snow
Their frost caught crystals of white form bleached fragments of sight
A radiant void gifted in their refracted light
To coy to manifest a white washed, refreshed, winters chest
Their restless tide and fading wrest sets to rest
The final steps and the last breaths upon
The waking flight of night and its wondering song

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 2nd



My name is Ovid Covid
Iíd like you all to know
Iím just a normal flu-bug
who's out to steal the show,

a wannabe dictator
who likes to play the boss
so donít you dare to question ó
it makes me really cross.

With many years in planning
and dumbing people down
my mission is to scare you
so I can steal the crown;

but this is just for starters,
effects will multiply
like ruining economies Ö
Iím smart Ö you canít deny.

Associationís over
you stay alone at home
the outside world is closing in
youíre not allowed to roam.

The mediaís to be trusted
as sheeple know so well
and now I am a super-bug
Iím gonna raise some hell.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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When I Fell in Love with Fire

It was in my formative years
When I first heard the sound
I really couldnít believe my ears
Or my eyes for what I had found

And so I fell in love with fire
I craved to perform and play
To be better was all I desired
I wouldnít have it any other way

I practiced, rehearsed and trained
Until my fingers ached and bled
Iíd taped them then went at it again
ĎTil I knew every note in my head

But I would never be one of them

The rendition of the original composition
Made me explore music history and more
Stravinskyís piece has a place in my heart
Like wings of fire that make me soar

# NaPoWriMo2020
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Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
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#02 of 30

Comfort of the Fiend

Demons are painted with a brush
damning all in hurryís rush
when decisions to extricate
are based on tropes of wide mandate

the residence of an imp
may be welcomed as consequence
when the space thatís shared
feels like a home and not a jail

kindredness comes with joint time
good and bad are thus combined
when contrasted with the world
the shades of gray are colorful

the good demon is family
a brusque removal is calamity
embrace the comfort of the fiend
donít ask the world to intervene.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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ii of xxx


The moment I saw
They were mining its mountain-
Donít wake the sleeping dragon,
I thought.

When I realized
They were stealing its possessions-
Donít wake the sleeping dragon,
I thought.

I recall noticing
All their houses made of wood-
Donít wake the sleeping dragon,
I thought.

Iíve heard rumblings:
ďWe must strike first,
Before it kills us all!Ē
Itís tempting to laugh, but

Just now I caught one
Trying to pry a dazzling scale
From its living, breathing belly.
These critters are a nuisance!

I can sleep no longer.
I let the rage flow through me,
A river of lava.
It is time to spread my wingsÖ

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Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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2 of 30
Day 2: 02/04/2020

Troublesome Tribbles

The trouble with Tribbles
Is that the terrible twos
Tend to transform into terrifying triples
Therein tending to thrive to terrible totals
The task of tackling Tribbles
is in the tracking
and it is a true talent to keep on track
as the teeming threat teem tenfold and beyond.
To stop such tumultuous troupes
Simply temporarily starve the little buggers,
so as to stop a stampede
their threat lies in their tenacity to thrive if fed
so it may seem slightly sadistic
to treat Tribbles so
but better to be bitter and block the butter
than the trial and tribulations of thriving Tribbles!


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Tyrant of Words
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Why are women so fascinating?
my model stolen at a young age
just after my supposed Freudian crush
a gaping void, a mystery remains
perhaps explains a penchant for detective stories
when mother died the ďgame was a footĒ

A replacement soon appeared
a commandant rather than mater
gone were big, compassionate hugs
no more drying tears on apron or cascading skirt
left with only birthday and Christmas kisses
made to feel like that other womanís child
seemingly made for daily vacuuming shag carpeting
mowing lawns, washing cars walking dogs, washing dishes
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

I have hard evidence of a different feminine
one that seeks conversation, wants to know me
happiness is for her not just for other people
joy, good humor and loving are daily aspirations
a soul for whom, like me, sapiosexuality is a fetish
my investigation is replete with pleasure, pain,
titillation, tears rejection and acceptance
the case will never be closed
although some facts are elementary
in each woman lies a singular mystery

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Fan That Flame

Fan those flames dear and help them to burn stronger
Make the fires roar and last all the longer
This is only the beginning as we have just begun to play
With words and with rhythms as we dance and we sway
Come dance with me and sing at the top of our lungs
To make sure we are heard and leave nothing unsung
Give me your hand and I will lead you towards life
To forget all your sorrows and know comfort amid strife
Forgetting our fears for a moment or two
All of our worries gone and calmness ensue
My dear letís get these passions flowing
No one knows when it will end or how itís going
So letís live to the fullest Iím the here and the now
Everything else will fall
Into its place, somewhere, somehow

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Fire of Insight
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The Stage

Silence breaks in half to the sound of thunder
and echoes cascade in the distance, fearful
to disturb the night longing liberation of solitude
crawling to the horizon Ďpon stars at deathbed.

I tiptoe in the empty rooms searching for lightening
to jolt fractured pieces of life in despair to repair
the vast spaces of void, weightless artifacts
lay at half mass covered with dust and the rusty tin
roof overhead sizzles under tempo of raindrops
muffling last summerís temper of lustful expectations.
Velvet curtains sway apprehensively at the shrine of
panes pretending indifference at the erratic static
rising staccato to pounding marcato.. in vain.

Cold seeps beneath my feet, through bones
feeling chill of the earth turned inside out, reflected
to brooding sky above, absence aligned erred to
recreate footnotes of a golden past: reposed, beheld.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#3 Of 30

Life Is Now

Undiscovered moments
Shared breaths
Mean everything
To hearts in love

Life is now
Live it well
Smile and laugh
At every opportunity

Be positively crazy
With feeling
Souls need this
For survival

Desire has fire
Burning inside
Raging emotions
That dwell longingly

Take chances
Donít let things slip
Indifference and complacency
Kills everything built

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Tyrant of Words
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Part I - Existence

A knot of three mammoth psychesó
two-hundred pounds or more,
transversed the frozen tundra;
flakable stone-carved tools
weighting thick, animal skin bags
like testicles upon their backs

The tracks were freshósplit hooves
separated from the herd,
heading southwest
toward the plateau's edge;
sporadic carcasses dotted the pathó

bloody dysentery solidified in ice;
its pale crimson stark in comparison
to the expanse of endless white crystals
. . .

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