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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

Fire of Insight
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scribbles in a poet's diary #07
(07 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2020)

07 of 30

scribble #07:  odessa sets my world on fire

april nights
gateway to summer eves
sprouting grass moon that cleaves
where supermoons alone can rule
comet atlas at school
what a sight!
bright fireballs that fly
across the eastern sky
as meteor show’rs luminescent
the darkness circumvent
in their plight

odessa sets my world on fire
she is the fruit of my desire

© Copyright 2020 April 07
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

NaPoWriMo2020—April 07
Total Words 54
Unique Words 50

Tyrant of Words
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No. 7 of 30

Voyage In Crimson - Part 2

Personal Log: On board the U.S.S. Stanza

For every mission to a planet’s surface, I’m chosen
Because I’m the only one wearing the expendable hue
My shipmates avoid me, my love-life is frozen
Mother, incensed, is threatening to sue

Resorting to hiding when away team is called
In a head stall, waste shoot, or under a bed
“Where the hell is he?”
Barked the captain, when departure was stalled
Chief replies, “I don’t know maybe already dead.”

Words = 72
Unique Words = 58

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 7th



Right before my very eyes
dictatorship is rising
though given all the media lies
it’s really not surprising

The televisions that were bought
have programmed folk for years
and shaping expectations, thoughts
they spread unconscious fears

And when the time is really ripe
a big event is staged
as fear is mushroomed by a hype
that taps our inner rage

Before you know it, there we are
in lock-down house-arrest
as politics resets the bar  —
oh what a cruel jest

Our basic rights have been removed
in which case, never were …!
and isolated in our homes
the tyrants grin “oh yeah”

But this is standard history, folks
with tyranny the norm
and whether sleeping, whether woke
get ready for the storm.

Thought Provoker
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#7 of 30 (omg)

dresses for men

I still dream,
though a deceitful mind works threateningly
its beads of grimy sweat, stilled in the head
on block and shovel, barrow and empty
looking to worm
sleep out the eyes,
entrained among the chains
with your name emblazoned , scarred,
in a shotgun full of emerald bold glory.
Gore the host, toast the introspective
wildly clapping in the front seat
at the tale of  mermaid men waiting for birth.
Whoever has an objective in life
whoever's numbskull opposing force
could drink to drink, to ogle from the boat.
Overblown balloons underneath my breathe.
Like the value of my act is measured
through their coincidences.

75 unique words of 105 total

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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7 of 30.
Day 7: 07/04/2020, 22:34 GMT

If only

If only you would listen
but you have heard all my words before,
at least that's what you believe
and no new utterances
can shake at the barred portcullis
that you have made up of your mind.
If only I had the magic
to make you feel
to send my message
hurtling through your walls
and tear down the closed fortress
but no,
I have no magic
and you have no castle
instead there is concrete and contempt
and my fantastical entreaty
is nothing but fanciful nonsense to you.

But still I look to reshape the ruins of our relationship
and dream of painting new vistas beyond suburbia,
even if it is
that more than simply time and space
separate us.
But if only....

Unique words: 78.

Tyrant of Words
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But To Dream

of gods and man
made simple plans
Frau and fro
to boast der roost
a prick per prod
an unclothed rod
to bid in dew
soft winds had flew

soon hardened
top tiered, teased and tired
steered, roped, fired


within the gentle breeze
not knowing
it's ease

four o'clock
heat has held her hand
distance disolved

wine sits open
chilled . . .

Twisted Dreamer
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7 of 30

Reel of thought..

There are a thousand times a thousand thoughts
Many partial whats in the volumes of significant nots
Many knots tie those thousands times a thousand of thoughts
But not a knot tied by doubt that constrains upon the thought
It’s times hesitation by its passing hands of deliberation
The amassing sea of sands, setting the scenes tied by inequities hands
And now I grasp what ties the knots of many partial whats
Unreal or not, I can pry its fingers from the knotted reel of thought..

Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPo 2020 ] In So Many Words


Ahavati and I hit it off immediately

in plain clothes butterfly fashion
during tall grass stakeouts before
chasing one another about yards
throughout daylight hours, then
pausing briefly to drink from
driveway puddles

Relationships winged honestly
are poem collabs absent ambiguity-
you get to the point with words

and we've held none back
nor wallowed in sludge of grudge

Sometimes, out of frustration
a slow releasing of what is
mason jarred in your mind
will nudge the Universe
into causing a flap-

usually takes a day or two
after the cosmic slap for you
to get back up to flight speed

She is drawn to boughs of Wisteria


Prone to fits of Impatiens

In so many words

I am slow to leave my chrysalis

Dangerous Mind
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Last Flight Out of Saigon

Love doesn’t always have a happy ending
Fate seems to have a purpose of its own
And when lovers go in their separate directions
They carry the fruits of the seeds they’ve sown
Destiny can be cruel for those who found love
Then lost it in the middle of a harsh war
They carry the fruits of the seeds they’ve sown
Not knowing what the future has in store

No matter what route life takes them through
They carry the fruits of the seeds they’ve sown
Love never dies in the face of circumstances
It confronts death in the middle of a warzone.

They carry the fruits of the seeds they’ve sown
The heart aches regardless of time or place
As the engines begin to accelerate for take off
Love will leave you aching for one last embrace

138 words
82 unique

Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
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#07 of 30

Beyond the Dance

Seek a life beyond the dance
that span of staid circumstance
those tunes clinging to the past
embracing moves now long lapsed

classics are spun once again
look beyond that tired domain
cantos to tradition’s rut
now a dirge too many trust

ten thousand steps in unison
once thought to be jubilant
now a procession without end
for the march of the condemned

the dance may still exist
harmony instead of the old dread
if vitality seeks its own song
before the sounding of life's gong.

Tyrant of Words
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[ NapoWriMo 2020 Collection ] Survival

Qinghai,Tibetan Plateau
Guliya Ice Cap, 12,979 BC

[ . . . ]

Part 1: Survival

[ . . . ]

Hungering, the men quickly
assembled a primitive shelter
constructed from animal skins
and surrounding debri:
 dead leaves, pine branches
 and downed tree logs

Its slantback faced woods
while open to the forestline fire—
yak bones, bract, dried fragments
would fuel through cold temperatures

Their butchery now complete—
strips of charred, bloody meat
were hastily consumed by the trio  

Remaining provision packed deep
under snow—freezing both content
and smell for tomorrow's journey home

Debilitated, the hunters collapsed—
rotating watch to observe shadowy form
and sound only produced by nightfall

. . .

Words: 89
Unique: 81

Fire of Insight
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7 of 30

Cinnamon Rolls

I talk a big game
about how I’m an adult
and married with kids
and how I don’t need
your approval of my food
to know it tastes great.

I bring plate after plate
of cakes and cookies
and cornbread and biscuits
to your kitchen counter
in the guise of sharing and because
“we don’t need all this
in our house!”

But try as I might,
I just want to see my daddy
close his eyes and smile
and then kiss my cheek
after I’ve put something in front of him
that is
“fit to eat!”

The first time I made cinnamon rolls,
I was downright nervous
to let you try them.
You are a self-proclaimed
cinnamon roll snob
with strong opinions
and facial expressions.

I won’t call that first batch a failure -
they were my first,
after all.
But they weren’t up to
your standards.
I won’t lie and say it didn’t sting,
even if I knew they weren’t
that great.

“You’ve got the flavor down.
Absolutely down.
Perfect cinnamon, right amount of
brown sugar.
They’re just…”
You looked at me,
my cheeks flushed and I looked down,

Each batch since
has come closer to being
up to snuff
and sometimes I wonder if maybe you
just want me to keep bringing you
cinnamon rolls.

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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7 of 30

That’s Just the Way It’s Meant to Be

That’s just the way it’s meant to be,
Like subtle flanks of gentle slopes,
That twist in curves its filigree,
Awaiting poet’s coming lopes.

Like smooth barked birch on twin hills stands,
That’s just the way it’s meant to be,
That begs the touch of graceful hands
To bring to bear its majesty.

A meadow opens easily
To show its gentle coursing brook,
That's just the way it’s meant to be
Those gentle banks that shield the crook.

The mountain splits the valley rills,
And drives its spire between the lees
Then buried in the valley’s hills,
That's just the way it’s meant to be.

62 unique words

Dangerous Mind
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vii of xxx


She waits until they’re all asleep
To set up in the living room-

The laptop, the good headphones, and
The colored purple punch balloon,

And of course a couple boxes
Of things that go clankety-clank.

As she practices trading breaths
With each deep exhale of the tank,

Her slowed down, fuzzy, deepened voice
And newly-liberated pens

Relate to the flies on the wall
Her tale, knowing it all makes sense,

But not, with sadness, she has found
To each and every trusted one.

Some in their darkness cannot see
How scraped and raw and tightly sprung

She is before this ritual,
How soft and fresh, composed and free

Her muscles, bones and salvaged mind-
Come morning- all will be.

Her whole life she has been prescribed
A multitude of magic cures

That may work for most people, true,
But only this one thing is hers.

   +    +    +

108 unique words
out of 147 total
NaPoWriMo 2020

Rain Woman
Fire of Insight
United States
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#7 of 30
The Thinking Curse
Pain in the mind
Is disorienting
Not being able to think
Not being about to do anything
Our minds can be our downfall
If we think too much
The pain telling us to stop
It’s unbearable
Yet we do it again
Stress ourselves out
Cause more pain
Because some of us enjoy thinking
And being curious
About anything and everything
But our curiosity comes with a price
Days filled with mind numbing pain
That we cannot get back
We try not to overthink
Because we know the consequences
But we can’t help it
We enjoy using our minds
And seeing all possible angles
On all possible and impossible subjects
We smile when we find someone like us
We get to have long in-depth conversations
But we pay for it later

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