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Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPoWriMo 2020 Collection ] Survival

Part I: Existence

[ . . . ]

Twigs, old bones, dry grass ignited—  
constructing dark distentions  
from the hearth's abdomen  
—swelling in warmth    

Fully energized, the yak's bones  
were added atop—their fat  
melting, fueling the element  

Reflective eyes floated  
as sparks around flames—  
snarls measuring distance  
to bloody cartilage  

Animism dictated balance  
essential for survival  
as food, clothing, and shelter—  

Denisovans offered chunks  
of slaughter to encroaching wolves—  
who quickly sprinted back  
toward their warm dens—  

grisled kill clinched between jaws  

. . .

Words: 75
Unique: 70

Fire of Insight
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6 of 30

Frying Chicken

I didn’t learn to fry chicken
until well past
the time I should have.
My delicate, childish fear of
touching raw meat
kept me from learning
at her hip.

I don’t have a single memory
of watching her
fry chicken.
But I have a deep holler’s worth
of memories,
licking my fingers after taking
a quick bite
before heaping mashed potatoes
onto the plate.

Sometime in my mid-twenties,
before kids entered the equation,
I was living in some city that was
not my home,
I figured it was time.
My granny, years gone,
and my mom miles away,
I leaned on a Paula Deen cookbook.

Miss Paula told me to use
hot sauce.
I can just about guarantee my
granny never used hot sauce.
In anything.

But I did it.

And that evening,
I put a plate of fried chicken,
mashed potatoes, corn,
and biscuits on the table.

I licked my fingers and figured,
“It ain’t Granny’s but it
tastes mighty fine.”

Lost Thinker
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Past Lives

Never a kind word, at least, not when I’m awake.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda, its all you ever say.
Can’t appreciate the difference, even once, would have made..
If you spoke the sweetness whispered, in the night, through the day.
Show everyone compassion,
Excluding me, I’m not in fashion.
Why do you linger with no passion,
Yet, light up for yesterday?

Dangerous Mind
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Searching for the exit

It was your last lucid activity.
Your agitated night-wandering,
your perplexity growing to anger,
to the terror of a lost child.
It seemed so unfair,
that we could trick your once-keen scholar’s mind
by hiding doors with a curtain
or a picturesque coat of paint.

Still you searched,
you fretted,
you even fought
with all your Navy Frogman instincts
And fearsome as that was, I grinned with pride,
even as I admitted we had to let them take your fight away.

And now I’m glad, Dad,
that you left before this.
We never could have explained it –
how we’re all cooped up now,
searching for the exit
trying to escape the horror
while holding fast
to the ones we love most.

I’m glad we were allowed to be with you
…there are so many who can’t now…
to listen to your last breaths
and tell you over and over it was ok to go.
We waited while you searched...
I’m glad you finally found your exit.

Tyrant of Words
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No. 6 of 30
Voyage In Crimson - Part 1

Personal Log: Education & Assignment

A “C” student at St. Spatium Valebat Preparatory
below average score on the SCAT, Space Cadet Admissions Test
an inauspicious beginning to my space exploration story
It’s not pretty, a lackluster tale my Admiral dad will attest

Waiting over, air with nervous excitement charged
when arrived the letter and package, remittance UFP
“…designated to serve as Security Yeoman At Large…
report to U.S.S Stanza, level 5, spaceport D”

With gusto I tore at the tape sealing the box
Viewing its contents, breathed heavy sigh
Inside, a red shirt, black pants, and black socks
My dad nearly fainted, my mom starts to cry

Words = 104
Unique words = 85

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
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Golden-amber, and pale, white, goodness, graces my plate,
Turning my meal, from just sustenance, to something ornate.
Forget oil, I've struck gold!
Something known to humans since time, old,
It comes in a vast array of flavors,
Though a spectrum of minors and majors.
It can liven up any dish,
Anything you wish!

...And more cheese!
Yes, please!

Put it on crackers, nachos, pizzas, pretzels, sandwiches, and mashed and baked potatoes,
In sauses, souffles, quiches, soups, stews, pastas, desserts, and sauces made with tomatoes.
Anything you can think of,
A gift from above!
That liquid (or solid) gold.
That in every grocery store, is sold.

My favorite food,
Is better than good,
Perfect, it be,
I put it on almost every meal that nourishes me.
Almost everything I eat,
Is turned into a treat.

I once heard that cheese is an addictive substance,
I believe that, it's definitely not nonsense,
I think that I'm addicted to it,
About the topic of cheese, I am very passionate.
I'm so glad that I'm not lactose intolerant, or a vampire who can't eat.

I could go on and on about cheese, cheese recipes, cheese flavors and food pairings savory and sweet,
And more!
Oh, there's so much in store, in the world of cheese!
It brings me peace.
Along with macaroni and cheese, and rice,
These are my favorite foods, I cannot enough, emphasize.
(And yes, if you were wondering, fiber powder is an essential part of my diet.)

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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6 / 30

I'm sleeping on it.

He said the house will be
his alone

And I would be most welcome
to stay
in the throne room.

There is so much hanging
on a journey like that,
not to mention the moon

while I consider it

making things alive
amidst a mist
of deadness.

One can sure worry,
but the worries attack
from all sides,
wolves attracted
by the same light -

well, watch, motherfuckers,
and we'll see who can bite -

I could go and visit heaven.
Risk bringing back the plague,
or touch him with it
and hold that sorrow down
all my days.

I unwind
where it's quiet
and safe
but for the wolves -
clubs in both hands,
I've got
blood out of the night,
bringing fire to my fight, dashing
and blazing,
shattering embers -
my life force colliding with claws,
bruised snouts at bay...

easy to watch my own foolishness,
and see the right answer
right away.
I s'pose that's part of getting older.
But I ain't even touched 21 -
I'm still so pulled
to that romantic rage -
and the midnight sun
makes one
even bolder.

So little am I,
scrawny. I guess it was the dripping
of my beating heart -
the bleeding -
that could attract

not just a lone beast
but half a pack.

Fire of Insight
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The Greatest Deception

The greatest deception of Ms. America is that she's the land of the free
The smoke & mirrors conceals her foundation sits on slavery
As well as the bravery of young men & women who've sacrificed their lives
All under the guise of patriotism cause they believed her propaganda lies

She mesmerizes worldwide with her allure of opportunity
While simultaneously causing carnage with impunity
I use to be one of many seduced by her vanity
Her gift of gab is able to grab our dissonance cognitively

Effectively convincing the masses that she loves us
Conjuring up apathy while proclaiming "In GOD We Trust"
Yet, in the back of the bus lies her deepest, darkest secrets
But we can't peep it cause we're distracted by Ryan Seacrest

She invest in Crest to give the best smiles to her false idols
Married to the game & entertain us while wearing hidden bridles
From the cradle she indoctrinates her denizens into a web
Stealing our votes of confidence like a Bush brother named Jeb

Twisted Dreamer
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I Dream of Specters

Oh unbidden spectre that mocks my night
Listen well, take heed, take flight
Remove yourself from my nocturnal dreams
You were never invited despite all your schemes
I left you in my past which is where you belong
You were my nightmare for far too long
I’ve moved on though my subconscious thinks I’m still there
With thoughts of you still floating through the air
I put my foot down to the toxicity we shared
With the mockery of love made to show how we “cared”
Too broken was I and you were too bold
Don’t you see we weren’t meant to be and grow old
With one another now I know looking back
It only took one to be under attack
Now I say to you as I bury you once again
We were hardly lovers and could never be friends
Not as we were nor how we are now
I’m sorry but I’m not and you’ll learn that too somehow

Unique words:106

Dangerous Mind
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Can't stop

Not above scrubbing the cost / Just to re-set my sights / Like knowing it’s better to have loved and lost / Than live with that psycho for the rest of your life / Testament to wonder bite / No losses; only lessons / Hunger with foresight / Rotate the clock / Atone it the second? / Nah, once is a’ight / Sediments strained / Rocks and sentiments / Ri-cock-ulous sentences / Every decade measures its gist / I treasure the precipice / Receptive to evidence of recent dents to English and how we handle it / Candles purr from the flame / Pictures turn to me and explain / Re-configure what’s discovered / Stab my notepad and it bleeds every color / Higher me, oldest me just watches and hovers / Like "Damn, when’s he gonna stop that vision from the gutter?"

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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L'esprit de l'escalier

an undiscovered narrative
the lace covers but not
enough that

a place downstairs
appears alive behind walls

and someone is a peer
at the curving
between poles appearing as

glimpses of bouncy foot
skidding tires black
white trim

a succession in
through bannisters
blurred around the edges
i wish i could hourglass
then what i said just a second later

65/73 words

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Bittersweet Vapors

Caught in spells like phases
On opposite extremes
Whether we speak life as a nightmare
Or the hype of our dreams

When the romance isn't what it used to be
We're just detoxing from fantasy
Learning to understand true intimacy
When face to face with circumstances and adjusting to reality

Yet nothing is as bad as it tries to appear
When it boasts of its weight in a delusion of fear
You just want to be heard but you don't want to hear
Sabotage for a lack of giving voice to wisdom when love draws near

While I retreat to the thought of feeling like it's my fault
Despite the ways I get it right, what's wrong short sights the value
When I'm the one to blame for the depreciated worth of my words
Disbelieve your doubts when I say I love you

When love feels like it's reduced to vapor
Is it the gift or the curse of breathing
Does it always have to have the right flavor
Or can it just be that we understand the beauty of bleeding

When pain is the endurance of prolonged suffering
And disappointed desires to see the seasons change
The way and when we want them to

All I have is the pain of a blood soaked offering
When all I have to give is all that remains
And all I can say is I still love you

Despite all that tests our will to commit
As we devote a lifetime to see it through
When everything is shaken will we stand
As love goes from just mentally ascending to ideals but what we do

How do I say it today, beyond the words
Please know, though I'm still learning what it means
I still love you
And even when life hurts
I still love you...

Dangerous Mind
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#7 of 30

Finger Smudging the Devil's Wet Paint

That murdering
The Devil

bedevils with lying
tales of paternity

Located in the heart
of town

corner of Garden
and Eden

Claiming God's
own children

sends them
into hiding

calls it adoption
when it's really
all a tattered tale

from something
like whole cloth


to you confiding...

I see it for
what it is

I know how to
reshape his

he calls it graffiti

and there's nothing
anyone can do
to stop me

I've done it
times before

You bet your

I'll do it again!

I'll make a
Picasso to


All the poets
say Amen

Word count: 85 unique

Tyrant of Words
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la vie de bohéme ~ {iii}

the perfect pout ov knuckle-kiss'd lips, ripe {&} swollen
lovingly cut at the corner {bloodletting/baptising}
the want'd offense:---
my tin-scent'd gratitude perfuming the air
your skin
your pulse
stretch'd wide {&} tearing further
... synapses form'd new paths; driven by
confusing floods that wash'd away foundations
cruelly wrought by negligent gods who mov'd on
to new acts ov creation*
i was forg'd there {nadu} with my palms godward
unthinking ov what my birth meant

Tyrant of Words
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7 of 30

Working Late
(c) Sweet Oblivion 7.4.20 

When I observe you're working late, dear man:
Too focused to lift head when I come down,
I wait next to your desk: and when you can 
Become conscious of me, you lose your frown: 
Your face is lit by my striped, frumpish robe
And 'Tigger' slippers; matching headband seals 
Your mirth and, as you stroke my furry lobes, 
You chuckle; your affection always steals  
My heart forever, once again; you squeeze
My hand.  I know that Morpheus and peace 
Beckon. I'll not disturb downstairs. You wheeze
And climb the stairs to sonorous release,
Sans work, sans me and sans that furrowed brow:
Just snores and dreams - they're all that's wanted now.

83 unique words
112 words.      

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