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poet Anonymous


Rockhollow Series: Towers (unedited)

Wind swims
through 'scapes of emerald cities,
creating slim lakes of rich rotting,
bending towers toward earth
where ants form armies
and bulbs battle up.

Bare feet admit the longing,
a song swallowing soul -
of Summer and of malva and of roses
pouring out oils of ancient scent as whispers.

Under tents of cardoon
white currant cuttings thrive,
promising a current of yield
flowing through Plymouthian heat into harvest-time

and I resign from my Havisham patch on that old swing
to walk golden sand,
to stand beneath trunk of Echium
and marvel at her buds.

Sparrows and great tits play,
across apple, hazel and back,
feeding their young
in holes in our brick work,
never replaced.

I chew a piece of wild garlic,
I chew and plod -
on and on ticks the day.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Feeding field mice

Mother had the colour of heather
Father became the house,
strong as granite, supportive as the stones
his back sheltered us all
from the raging moors.

When I worked the fields
the scarecrow saw me,
he was always talking.
When the sunlight peaks the barn
it shimmers across the crops,
it was then I could hear all things speak.

I watched the walls at night
facing the flames,
the children danced a shadow show.
I can see them still
as I watched them leap above the fire,
flying with the sun and rain,
setting the height of our summer crops,
getting higher each year.

I remember the children's laughter,
outside all day,
imaginations fit to fill the moors
and fuel the breath of dragons
yet gentle enough to feed the field mice
in the scarecrows pocket.

I can see them outside the window,
summer days dancing on their tiptoes.
The house grew warmer as the wind picked up fresh scent
blowing food onto our table,
we held hands and sang thanks in evensong.

It only takes our touches, to become all we make.

I’m in the top field
standing where my father stood
the children have grown, rooted with the fields
each year brighter than their mothers eyes,
stronger than the voice of the wind.

I put my arm around the old scarecrow
and thank him for his service,
he doesn't answer any more
but I know he can hear me.

Tyrant of Words
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Good morning, Entrants!  Congratulations! If you have four checks beside your name, you've successfully made it to Day Five of the Challenge!  If you do not, please adhere to the RULZ for making up posts:

If you experience an unexpected event such as a personal crisis, power or Internet failure, or other act of God that prevents you from writing and posting - then follow the same protocol upon your return.  

For example:

I am double posting today due to illness resulting in my absence on April 21st

#21 of 30
I Was A Teenage Klingon
poem's body
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Young Romulans In Love
poem's body

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The Every Day: Torschlusspanik

Age creeps ‘round
long before
you realize what
is happening.
Perhaps, if lucky, I am
only half-way
through the race.

Some days are spent
pondering spectacular
achievements; others, steeped
in hot cups brimming with

I’ve not seen but an
atom of richness
that encompasses life.
So much has already
been missed.

*NaPoWriMo 2020*
53 unique words
53 total words

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So, there was OrQ fully materialized on the Bridge of the USS Stanza as if he was just beamed aboard. He waved about a wooden pole, upon which was mounted a "Replicated" foot having twenty-nine toes - what he had used to leave a footprint at the crime scene!

What was even more disturbing was his intrusion onto all the electronic monitors and screens throughout the Stanza, as if he had taken a multi-dimensional selfie.

Tavelling back in time
creating the counterfeit footprint
was one of my more clever ruses
if I may may so myself ...  which I just did!
Truth is, I summoned you forth to do my bidding -
Poetic Federation Wardens and Poetfleet cadets
seeking out the Muses I have hidden!
While you thought it was of your own free will!
Yes, I risked sparking a war between
the Federation and the Rhymulans
and between the Federation and the Clingforms
as well as between the Rhymulans and the Clingforms
so ..... the fate of the Universe
was in my almost godlike hands!
Or ... was it ..?
Perhaps this was never was so
Perhaps the Universe was behind it all
Perhaps it revealed something to me
Perhaps all you Wardens and Cadets
needed help getting through NaPoWrimo 2020
and the best way to do that
was to fake the theft of the Muses
so these would be sought out
keeping their inspirational qualities alive
inside of everyone of you!

And that's when Miss Indie of Nine piped up and Borged out, unable to take the suspense any longer.

"If you have the Muses in your possession," she declared, "PLEASE reveal them to us NOW or risk being alliterated!"

OrQ tossed away the faux alien foot and lifted up his robe.

"Ha!" he exclaimed. "I've had them with me the entire time!"

But the Muses were not there underneath his garment ( or his undergarments ).

"How can this be?!"

What force in the Universe was capable of playing such a prank on the almost supremely omnipotently omniscient being that was OrQ?!

Tyrant of Words
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In darkest of caverns it exists
down deep past the fertile loam
it comes
it comes
eruptions of fire
bosoms blossoming
blood rush of red
banging a booming chest

it carries
more than consequence
caring where feel conquers lust
swinging from vines and chandelier
an infernal beast
howling underneath her moons
caught up amongst the goddamn tease

oh how does one please
distanced but intrigued
sentenced to life/death of need
of greed

words whipped out
inching ever closer
with utter ease
dopamine dripping amid minds

electric slides
moments of wanton bliss
the lion, his pride
enticing inspiration
ripped out from the vespers
seducing all we beg, we find

Fire of Insight
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Aunt Eliza

There was always dirt under her fingernails
sunrise to sundown
cooking, cleaning, mending for her family
wearing the same gingham dress
or so it seemed, every day of the week
but somehow she managed to look clean;
spring’s haste in her footsteps
perfectly coiled hair in cannon of beehive
a flower tucked in the back
pink Maybelline on lips and scent of Tabu
lingered from her sunburned neck
commanding the light
children, cats, dogs, old and young
even the cuckoo bird, petrified in the clock.

We would hear her voice
down the neighborhood, bouncing from walls
with a deep and slow accent
dragging the eee, pulling the ooo
yanking the words like an acrobat across the lawns
never missing a good idiom with a laugh.

Her hands were ruthless yet; gentle, meticulous
the way she tackled preparations
like some kind of scientific formulation.
Wrapping grape leaves stuffed with rice,
lamb & herbs rolled in perfect little bundles
fingers branched like spines of a wing
each a river in harmony
rolling, coaxing soft and hard
dark crescents glistening beneath the tips.

Everything was scrumptious
like La Petite Parisienne on Rue Marash
baked in small windowless kitchen
with her dirty hands, broken nails;
orange blossom honey cakes
pistachio filled Fillo nests and
crumbs of dirt in the glaze.

The taste of home in every bite.

Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPo 2020 ] In So Many Words


Further clarifying clarification-

after having discovered God
by the age of twenty-five
I never stopped believing in
All That Is

—spent the next two decades
conditioning myself not to trust
that tHis Universe was in my corner

or in my room;
you can lock a parent out,
wall yourself off from the world

which was the case until I was barely
living up to my potential, exponential in
giving up on asking for any help
from the without through the within
( that I was consciously aware of )

—a boxer who turned his back
on a manager's best advice
despite enduring spearing
suckerpunches to the side

or a proffessional wrestler
being counted out after a body
slamming from top turnbuckle

but without the drama of
Why has thou forsaken me?!

It was a quiet, spiritual demise
in an all too physical arena

Then everything changed on
January 27 through 29
2017 A.D.

( Ahavati Days )

Prior to then, Life was B.A.D.

( Before Ahavati Days )

In so many words

she was the answer to my prayers

and resurrection

Dangerous Mind
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Fifty Unique Words

the challenge
fifty unique

i have
prided myself

intrinsic ability
to write

tight terse
minimalist verse

writing overtly
long poetry

more rhyme
and less

must meet
competition criteria

don’t  fault
for limited

perhaps soul
has been

suppose there’s
forty plus

Fire of Insight
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Never Marry A Woman Who Loves Pink

Have you ever married a woman
Whose sole color was only pink?
At times I think she’s not even human
She’s worse off than you could ever think
She’s totally off her rocker
A true wacko in the making
Did I mention she’s also a stalker
I think she’s schizo for the taking
If she had her way
She’d live in a pink barbie dollhouse
Make a whole month her holiday
Convert me a pink follower and I’m her @#%%... spouse
Everything must be pink
Even down to the damn bathroom
The sheets I sleep on must be pink
My damn dreams are even in doom
She thinks unicorns exist
And is dead ass on a pig for our pet
My protests are vain with shaky fists
An emasculated man whose lost all respect
In the land that she hails
She worships a kids book called Pinkalicious
Pink rainbows and pixie dust sails
A freakin’ nightmare that’s truly vicious
Sometimes I wonder
What it was I ever did
To deserve this marital blunder
But I love her and our kid
Until the day I’m six feet under

jade tiger
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Fortune Teller

I unveil myself, a new guest,
In her presence of heady Bakoor,
to alight ornate cushions
seeing strung beads come alive.

Was it the weather
I asked the fortune teller,
whose gaze penetrated, saliva
to tastebuds in a new land.

It might have been from an apple,
Gorgeous green and cold.
The start of day in my warm hand
Beginning to sweat.

It gathers, snaking my lifeline.
I rise to meet the intrusion
Of a feathering tongue
In a seduction of sweet cider.

Fire of Insight
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Covid19: The Queen

She is the reigning queen
In the land of the viruses
Her name is Covid19
A newly crowned  queen
From the family of Corona Virus

She's the descendant of MERS-CoV
That attacked the Middle East in 2012
And SARS-CoV that caused an outbreak in 2002
Unlike her predecessors whose attacked were not so severe
Covid19 is vicious and fatal and she has turned the world into a state of panic and pandemonium

BEWARE and BE WARNED of this queen
Her armies are all over the world
Attacking humans silently who come in contact with them unknowingly

Her reign is extensive
And her mission is to wreak havoc in our world
She has invaded most of the regions on earth
From North to South, from East to West
She has paralyzed our economy
And stopped our mobility
She has caused the activities to stop
From moving and flowing freely like it used to be
She's intent on annihilating us humans
If we cannot stop her from coming to our homes

STAY HOME and be safe
Stay away from the crowd
Boost your immunity
Take vitamins
Eat nutritious food
Get enough sleep
Exercise everyday
And don't forget to pray
That is all we can do
To fight this Queen

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 5th



There once was a fake-news pandemic
the media hyped up as endemic
and many believed
but some not deceived
did recognise lies as systemic

Remember the Weapons of Mass
Destruction that weren’t in Iraq?
It started a war
the country made poor
and shafted Iraqis ‘til wracked

Remember the war, Vietnam
the Tonkin Gulf starter a scam
with soldiers who died
and locals who fried
and napalm that don’t give a damn

And I could go on with a list
until you are bored or get pissed —
consider the jest
of house self-arrest
so maybe there’s something been missed?

Our rulers' track-records of lies
should flag up the pies in the skies
for Covid’s a label
straight from the stable
how simply dictatorships rise.

Tyrant of Words
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la vie de bohéme ~ {i}

summer was tobacco flower daisy chains &
your cardamom scent'd throat torn open
{an [un]holy offering baptising my psyché}
my suffocating penchant for violat'd affection
birth'd there___ deceptively cashmere textur'd
your skin
mocha stain'd* spreading
tint/taint ov perversion crowning tongue damp paper:-
those seal'd-with-a-kiss letters still rock rose scent'd
& groaning 'neath the weight ov purpose
laden with leaden whispers, the shadow'd vestiges ov

Lost Thinker
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She Was Never Yours To Keep

So Now I Let you go..
Accepting. We both know.
So now I let you go..
Shaking hands. Breathing slow.
So now I let you go..
Yesterday, was the last tomorrow.
So now I let you go..
Surrendering. Shattering. Suffocating woe.
So now I let you go..
Eyes close their window.
So now I let you go..
Rediscover your happy soul
So now I let you go..
What is dead, cannot grow.
So now I let you go..
Black. Red. Rivers flow
So now I let you go..
Apathy. Panic. Regret. No!!!
So now I let you go..
Barbed breath. Breathe. Swallow.
So now I let you go..
Open void. Hollow.
So now I let you go..
Knowing I can’t follow.
That’s when love gets deep;
Letting go, when you know,
She was never yours to keep.

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