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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

Fire of Insight
United States
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Itís been a
long standing rule:
if you ask for it with a
complete sentence,
mamaís not gonna say

Of course,
this all started before
words were your language.
Back when I prayed for
any sound
that could be construed as
a word.

So if you said
ďcan I have chips?Ē
I always said yes.
Or if you said
ďcan I have Happy Meal?Ē
I found myself in a drive through.

The rule has slightly changed
now that words are your language.
I canít give in to every whim.
Especially since you discovered google.

But I can give in to
ďCan we make chocolate chip cookies?Ē
I marvel as you read the ingredients
from my well-loved cookbook.
Saying each one around a face
changing smile.

Youíre getting good at leveling
measuring cups and
using a spatula.
Solid life skills that everyone
should know.

Sometimes I think Iím failing
as your mama.
But at least I know
that you will know
how to make a spectacular
chocolate chip cookie.

And that,
my love,
will take you places.

Dangerous Mind
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I feel a tickle in my chest Ė
Oh no! I better take a rest.
My stomach feels a little sore;
I better have one cookie more.
Is that a sniffle? Oh dear me!
Itís time to lie and watch TV.
A funny ache down in my back -
Best watch a movie, eat a snack.
Now, what if my sore kneeís a sign?!
I think Iíll sit here Ďtil Iím fine.
My lips are chapped! I must be doomed!
Best stay here safely in my room.
Iím lonely and my hands are raw.
My plan for safety has one flaw;
If covid doesnít come to kill,
Imagination surely will!

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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4 / 30

mom tells me about ghosts and teaches me backgammon

The drizzle drowned the silence
that had been suffocating the day

and the night tucked the suburb
into a bed of deep gray

and I came outside
where she was smoking,
worried like the whole world
but solid as the patio,
shining on and on,
burning bush to me -
a miracle
holding me close

She asked me what was wrong.
Still calm.
And I spoke through a gentle weep
harmonizing with the tired rain -
and she listened like God
made me believe, though,
that everything would really be okay.

I could always trust her to catch me - to tell
when I'm hungry for touch, and I realize
she is amazing, but still
I doubt I'll ever comprehend
just how lucky I am
to have a mother that not only notices
but puts out her cigarette,
comes and holds me
and lets me listen to her heartbeat
for a good long while
while we talk about real things.

You know there are things in this house, she says.
I do.
We're not scared -
we're amused.
And there is some more
of us quiet, and close
while the rain whispers
everything out loud
and we both hear it
speaking the facts of love
between us two.

all this,
and a quiet I've deeply,
deeply needed
before she stands us up, leads us back
and I learn to play backgammon
in the yellow warm of the house.

The thought crosses my mind
far too often
that unless I'm kicked out of this heaven of a life
I'll have to watch her die
and hold that goodbye
for forever.

II can pay little mind -
I do believe
her miss-nothing eyes,
the paint on her hands
and the glitter in her eyes
while she wins

are hot enough things
to burn her candles in my heart
for exactly that -

Fire of Insight
United States
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Pools of Misinformation

They gave us tools to become credulous fools
As we deep dive into misinformation pools
Consuming news & not knowing what is true
Cause now everyone's their own news crew

Coveting views & likes despite what's right
Many like to see warring sides bicker & fight
Adding delight to their life at others expense
Never with the intent to grant recompense

Twisted Dreamer
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The COVID Curse

I listen and I wait to once again hear your voice
In person and not just over the phone like now, we have no choice
Not so far off but so very far away
I canít wait to see the light, the dawning of a new day
When we shall re-emerge from our comfortable homes
Once again over the land we shall roam
Till I can find myself some comfort t on the warmth of your arms
Losing ourselves to each other and our worthwhile charms
Oh i cannot wait for the day when this curse will set us free
But until then I will try my best to wait patiently

Unique words: 77

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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I am double posting today due to medical reasons.


I want to say

I want to say
trip the
fantastic but it means to

this is not what I want to say here
I want to sign a
for a
dream but thatís
a movie
for tripping

itís telling me all kinds of
itís gesturing me


a -


my own
itís telling
me to
own lines
and letís not
in the mirror
of others

Iím making
my tune
Iím a
soft serve
my own flavors

cut the Fibonacci
in two

one for me
and one for all of you
into stars
the made
melting in
endless hands  
omega mouths
the cups that have made

73/126 words

Tyrant of Words
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Dusty Dreams Drift

(c) Sweet Oblivion 5/4/20

I drift from room to room, suppressing thoughts;
Then trace my fingers on the mantelpiece;
They gather dust. I wonder if these shorts
Are clothing you'd approve of; I will cease
My wicked teasing when you call on skype;
I'll revert to apparel, you prefer
When you are back and things are once more right;
And we are not self-isolating; stir
My thoughts with reveries of how we spent
The winter months together; should you wish
To live them all anew with me, content
With sweet serenity, the loving bliss
And all we'd ever wish for, then we'll sift  
Through dusty dreams and memories that drift...

79 unique words
107 words

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
United States
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I am double posting due to medical reasons


I rub upon your

I rub upon your
finger grains
the microcosm
the mica
the pumice
of breaking apart
i could break it down
with eye

but the ocular
thatís learned how things occur
the abstract
mold concept
making wind
my words
they are the clay
living poetry
ephemeral dirt
in oyster shells

54/59 words

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Sentimental Artifacts

My world fell apart before we trended the apocalypse
You are a week worth a life time
I am frozen in a moment
You are seconds of eternity
I'll never know a paradise like the promise of you

Tie my thoughts together to keep the mind intact
When I'm learning how I'm suppose to react
When there's no how to on losing someone close to you
Just ample opportunities to correct my line of thinking
Like fine tuning perspectives to truth

Caught between processing the way I feel
And contending for hope as love is weaponized in loss
Yet I dare to still extend my affections towards someone I can't see
And I'll remember you forever
Even if in this moment loving you is killing me

Reminiscing in fine lines
Commemorating endearments of our lifetimes
We conquer the body as we turn to dust
Savoring what's left of sentimental ash in a ceramic urn
We place the dead in the fire, but we're the ones that burn

I start from the beginning of the end
When it feels like too soon to say goodbye
Nothing could have prepared me for this
As I write to cope with it and feel myself die
A part of me is passing away

Reflecting on the menial things
Making an artifact of something as simple as hair gel
A product to reshape dead follicles into a more beautiful vanity
What are morticians but beauticians of our final display
As we speak our last farewells to the empty shell of one last day

Even the morning is night when the sunsets on the dusk of you
Because the dawn is tainted by your absence
And this world is darker still, as your light fades to black
I come to the terms that though you exist in another place
I am torn between both the joy and sorrow that you're never coming back

Nevertheless I translate my hope to think of a day that never ends
When we will be reunited in eternity with our family and our friends
Deriving hope of the promise of a place beyond us free from pain
As we dance into forever we outlast this moment's rain...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Calculate the route of alphabet soup

What if we could only write in soft sand? / Get right with the land / Only in sight for a brief span / No more looseleaf / Just sleight of hand / Attentive second sight / No second chance / Testament paid every price / Sentence medicine playing against type / Fighting to keep every letter / Weather reaps like ďYeah, whateverĒ / My readers know me better / Than any former unbelievers / Blind spots / Those time slots who cheated my meter / Park and bleed / Always needing shit / Wrong fit force-conjoined / Emotional bitcoin / Ricochet / Lipstick and lace / Grace in decorum / Even during razor forums / Burnt and torn, reformed / More forged, more slag pouring / Some other shit that rhymes with orange / Taste of AU ore within / Embrace the morning or donít / No warnings up front / I was born to move and escape / To lose Fate to old days / Lucid bold plays / Fountain of tomato spray / Around the maypole / ĎRound here we pace and flow / So go count to potato

Tyrant of Words
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(five of 30 - Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020)
Dough Puncher

Ďtis a well known fact
i am NOT-A-BAKER!!
That said, i hold soooo
many thoughts and ideas
marinating. . .

i know if i rush this
the cookies might
break You

gathered the stuff
the stuff,  stuff is made of
flouríd the meaty parts
dipped in slick olive oil
with a want to help
gingerly placed
each portion
upon the sheet of hot

just enough yeast
to cause the weak
to rise & the strong
to dissolve
a fermentation
of excuses
and accountability!

and if I knew what
the hell the recipe
is to bind,
combine all the
ingredients for a
type of kind(ness)
and loveÖÖÖ..

i would be creating
more ripples in my pond
& my pond would
a sea / see.

125 words
88 unique
re:  DaisyGrace

Dangerous Mind
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Day #5 of 30

Oops... My Poor Husband....

ambition to write  
the first comedy
highly resented

still challenges
my relationship

I de-stress by writing
and creating

Meanwhile my love

But he is
massively creative

My "up" is
his "down"....
point is...

situation really
blew up when
our son

(we have ten
from a twenty year marriage!)

was groomed and
kidnapped over the last
4 years

Pig in a Web
is comedic catharsis

for a woman
in the closet

while her family
was in crisis...

and was
released in
great haste.

So my head was full
of secrets...

that somehow
were coming out
in hilarious disguise

The book is ..."South Park"
had a baby
with Charlottes Web....


I'm out of the closet
about things
(I'm not gay... btw)

and you know
a lot more...

Fire of Insight
United States
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Sometimes I feel like a ferris wheel
Never slowing, never stopping
Just moving til Iím motion sick
High above the world, a view to be captured
Short lived as I plummet below
To a darker place I also know
Itís a rollercoaster that Iím stuck inside
A prisoner of my turbulent mind
So moody, unpredictable
I hope you know I canít control my weather
Pills are useless, sometimes
They slow the roll of the tracks
I wish theyíd never go
If only I could jump out and walk
Like the rest of the visitors of the world
Maybe Iíd watch the wheel from afar
Or find some other line
But Iím a spectacle
Riding a nightmare
Known as my head
Waiting to break down

poet Anonymous


Scoff At Poetry, At Your Own Peril
somewhere in the midst of night
the motion of emotions set to words is cracking through
the redundancy of the working class
where the cold comfort of the bottom of a glass
is a mother's hug
a lover's kiss
a dream fractionated into a nightmare that folds
like a paper people chain in a linked reality
that's doused in metho' and millimetres from a lit match
because the only time a heart is on fire is in the burn of spirits
at 2am when legs are rudderless bastards
and I can only lisp a shattered fury into the ether

there's a rage of frantic burning and vivid brush strokes
somewhere the broken, the meek the faint of heart
can see the fallen beauty amidst the brambles
built not on thoughtless habit of day to day grind
but built anew from upon a canvas

I can see the composition of a beautiful symphony
in the curves of woman
who wears a sultry smile above her bare chest
and I riddle a rhyming rhythm

her mascara trickles
her gloaming eyes cut me deeper
than all the lovers I can no longer hold

Thought Provoker
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Double posting today, kiddo and I have colds, we both just zonked out last night.

#4 of 30

Pandemic Parenting
My baby's started coughing
It's deafening my ears
Amplifying my fears
As I hold my breath
Listening for inhale/exhale

I'd have to hide you away
From the panic addicts
All of the conflict
Because you'd not understand
Why all the reactions

That's the worst case scenario
I don't let the others rise
As you close your sleepy eyes
Rest your tired head
Tucked up and cuddling in Mommy's bed


#5 of 30

Lullaby Pods
I've got God in a box
Lullaby pods
Sunshine in a bag
Another for nods
A pretty little something nice
And I'll give it to you
For a sweet price

Some glory in the morning
A three fold story
A pick you up
Before the day begins
Quick start your heart
Fucking ala-carte

A something for
All you someone's
When the sun hits noon
Falling back
Waiting on
That boy with the moon

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