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Tyrant of Words
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much more than diamond
pearled in a mere reflection
the cat sings for his supper
mirrored she flashes by

fluttered flight, naked thru shadows
shuttering amid a hint of light
he doesn't see the lengths she goes to
closing eyes with open mouths

using only ears to listen
perfect rythmn in a storm held night
entwined and bound to midnight
fingers grasp at the mornings sound

shucking oysters and caressing bodies
their rhapsody is sliding down

poet Anonymous


the night is long and kisses deep

the night hones senses on the whetstone
of dark
till she is keen
like a straight blade
a tanto
she wields with the stealth of an assassin

she clicks along on
bladed heels
laughing at gravity
as her calves mimic the cries
of la petite more

she reads men like books

turns on the heat they need
to release their tension
her lovers
she smiles
as each thrust cuts like blades
and she is reborn

she gives for money
but loves as a woman

sometimes they cry in her arms

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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T-Rump and the Thunder-Quills of Doom

If black wolves ate black hearts exclusively,
We’d set them free to feed upon this night
And send black souls to black eternity,
To paint the streets in blood to their delight.

For evil men conspire to evil acts,
And leave the least of us to evil fate.
So, send the wolves and level their attacks,
To end those souls whose love is only hate.

No evil now, but sheer incompetence,
That leads us on to ill-considered ends.
And history will judge their consequence
With stains the even Satan won’t defend.

There are no wolves to fashion our resolve,
Just strokes of pens to end their bloody jobs.

79 unique words

Tyrant of Words
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Greetings and good morning, Returnees & Cadets! Congratulations, if you have three checkmarks, then you have successfully made it to day four of the challenge!  If you do not, and you have not submitted an excuse request, please message Johnny or me asap.  Be sure to remember to double-post both current and past submissions with a brief reason as to your tardiness.

And, unfortunately, as in most of these challenges, we've lost a few along the way ( may they rip ).  

Johnny and I just want to take this opportunity to mention the quality of submissions this year is off the charts!  And you participants were worried!

poet Anonymous


Rockhollow Series: Passing (unedited)

The early afternoon calls for bathing
as if Sun was currency,
as if gulls form melodies
and the house is a Hell.
I rock
belly-down upon writer's swing
harvesting the vibrancy of Aubrieta tumbling over low walls
and cornflower flexing purple claws
and rhubarb stems pumping blood.
Fields of honesty develop across the garden, small seedlings creating an army
later flowering, later ghosts.
I age, Sun kissed and static,
no further energy to grow and bloom.
I enjoy my passing minutes with a view.

Tyrant of Words
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As predicted, the Clingform ambassadors fiercely clung to their alibi, and predictably did so in the form of a form!

"We Clingforms expressly deny
abducting your Muses, so try
the Rhymulan's lair -
you'll sure find them there!
Adieu Starship Stanza - GOODBYE!"

Listening in from the bridge of the USS Stanza, the Bhetazoid half of Commander Deannavati sensed something wrong - while her human half was drawing an interpretation of the entire scenario through complex pattern analysis.

"How convenient it was that the footprint found at the crime scene has brought us into the middle of a fued between the Rhymulans and the Clingforms," she said. "Why, it's almost as if we were being led on a wild goose chase meant to rile up each race! And there's only one almost godlike being who would have the balls to pull off such a stunt."

"Khan?" asked SweetOblivion with a raised hand.

"Picard!" yelluw_always enthusiastically shouted.

"William Shatner," cloventongue89 as a matter of factly stated.

"None of the above," Deannavati replied. "This was a prank by none other than ...

dun dun duh!

... OrQ!"

And at that very moment, the cosmic cunnundrum that OrQ  was manifested before them out of thin air.

"Would you guys pick me up from Rhymulus already?!" cried Poppykat over the communicator. "Everyone here with Redshirts is dropping like flies from sampling the local quisine that I strictly ordered them not to eat!  We've already lost CosiestPrism273 , kathyrivers , Poeticoutlaw , Miserylives , CharlesCotswold , and Vamps !"

Lost Thinker
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It was her...fire, my undoing,
Lost my heart by looking
Into those Darquize.
Molten need, intensely brewing;
Oh shit, for you? I’d fall to ruin,
That woman, Darquize.
Depths too deep for swimming,
Fell fast from the beginning,
Hypnotised, Darquize.
Golden galaxies in the sunlight,
Tapetum vision, see through dark nights
Supplicant to your; Darquize.
Reflecting back the lion,
I think I have found my Zion;
Worship-in, those Darquize.

Unique word count 58 ;)

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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#4 of 30

Crispy Skin

My love of Chinese takeout as a sin,
I hoard a soy sauce packet when I can.
I order Cantonese, then Mandarin,
All fortune cookies compliments of Chan.

I met the master chef when I was ten.
My love of Chinese takeout as a sin,
When every Friday night I had a yen
For chicken wonton fried in crispy skin.

If I think it’s the last, I’ll start again
To pig out on his Peking Duck and see
My love of Chinese takeout as a sin
Begins as egg drop soup and ends as tea.

His sweet and sour shrimp per a la carte
Will take a tastebud where it hasn’t been.
To isolate and eat becomes an art
My love of Chinese takeout as a sin.

Fire of Insight
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# 4 of 30

Covid19: Stay At Home

Stay at home
A clear and simple intruction
That could save lives
And stop the spread of Covid19
But,  not everyone can follow
And heed to this request
People are still out in the street
Even if they have no business to be outside

All over the world
Frontliners are battling this pandemic
With marginal success
And their constant plead to the public

In this time of crisis
The best that we can do
Is to cooperate
Take care of our health
And protect ourselves from being infected

Let's stay out of our comfort zones
For the time being
And wait till this crisis is over
A day of rejoicing will eventually come
When all of our frontliners have succeeded
In this war in all fronts
By then we can have a celebration
Of our victory over our enemy
For now let's just STAY AT HOME

Dangerous Mind
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My Religion


i look to the
bookshelf for guidance

teachers and preachers

all claim
to know the answers
none have proof

all say
‘have faith’
‘my way or the highway’

torah, old testament, new testament, apocrypha
gnostic gospels, book of mormon
koran, bhagavad gita

pentagrams, incense, tarot, prayer flags

christ, mohamed,
confucious, buddha
crowley, huxley
leary, seneca
abraham, seth
jung, freud

warlike gods, crucifixions, martyrs, saints, prophets

jews, christians, muslims
baptists, catholic, orthodox, anglican
shiites, sunnis, sufis
buddhists hindus

brahma, vishnu, shiva
zeus, hera, poseidon
jupiter, pluto, neptune
isis, ra, yama, idari
kannon, benzaite
oshun, shango

esalen, dianetics

heaven, hell, purgatory, karma, reincarnation,

flip coins, rosary, penance

churches, mosques, revival tents, tabernacles, temples

altars, rituals, chants, penance, miracles, sacrifices

priests, druids, ministers, shamans
imams, gurus, witches, wizards

atheists, agnostics, secular humanists

prayer beads, candles

pot, mushrooms, ayahuasca, speed, ecstasy
tobacco, caffeine, alcohol

kneel, crawl, prostrate, mortify, fast, tithe

what about
love, cooperation, compassion, stewardship


i step outside


pick up cat

deep breath

cold air jolts

bluebird settles
cocks an eye flies off

clouds swirl
in blue sky

trees sway
in winter breeze

cat nestles

what i seek

is here now

Fire of Insight
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The Quarantined

The Beginning:

Mayhem suddenly shakes
Some random stranded town
Enormous army tanks divert earthquakes
Mobbed civilians panic, soldiers all around
Megaphones slice violent air
Red with blue lights imprison night
News reporters scramble broadcasted air
Mass hysteria signals fight or flight
Heavily armed commandos
Parade destructive streets
Locked and loaded live ammo
Mock fireworks as christened beats
Camouflaged masks
Shadow bio-hazard suits
Chemical war fare gas
Just in case they bare no fruit
“This town is under quarantine
Remain inside and lock all doors
Follow all objectives without a scene
Remain calm or face deadly force”
These orchestrated orders
Pierce the ears of those who listen
Red tape bearhugs the borders
A circumstantial outside prison

Fire of Insight
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The Jogger at 4am.

The darkness wallowed in its own misery
thick with molasses opacity, hot and vicid
the air hovered over streets indecisively
dripping into streams from leaves, buildings
and automobiles.  Scent of mildew and dust
unfurled slowly with systematic persistence
smothering with each drop, weight of water.

The street lights were indifferent, heads in bow
silent witnesses to all creatures in fear of light
fretfully racing with urgency to win the fight.
Twin headlights sped cutting through shadows
leaving kaleidoscope of colors as afterthought
and a solitary thin frame appeared,  jogging
hurriedly, running to..mayhap fro, the finish line.

Fire of Insight
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summer wore her Sunday best,
gracing backyard barbecues
with her brightest smile,
genuine warmth, radiating
across chubby, sticky fingers
melting poolside popsicles
dressing fields of wildflowers
in kaleidoscopic bursts of color -
what a performance it was!
but her eyelids grow heavy,
desperate for the quiescence of autumn;
time to unzip her fancy dress
letting it drift to the floor at her feet -
a pile of butterflies and sunflowers,
campfires and sky gazing;
exhausted, she begins napping
in the the late afternoons

Unique words:  66

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 4th



Time sounds …
Clock this, tick-tocking day by day
recycled voices from history
proven story-lines
repeating click-bait
gathering fates at your gate —
clump-clomp marching boots
knock-knock — take stock
private spaces appropriated
interfaced with grit bits of 100101001
vaxxed lots, nano-bots, blood-streaming
all screaming: ‘for your security’ —
smell the future
future informers, jobsworths
following orders
cluck-cluck says the hen
I have no clout while scratting about

listen to the trees
seen it all before
underground roots communicating
distant memories of forced disharmonies
they shape integrity amidst tyranny …

and now it’s our turn.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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The almost unbelievable tale of Dancing Ruby

Sly smiling and sweetly,
Ruby curtsies and briefly...
Before rising to dizzying pirrouette

She spins round and round
All over the pretty town,
Until red faced and out of breathe

Expecting rounds of mad clapping...
Her pink tippy toe a-tapping..
Rubies lil heart falls when she turns and sees,

Her blue eyes grow so wide!
Oh! to her shock and surprise...
Her twirling, it has leveled Eureka Springs!

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