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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020 Competition

Fire of Insight
United States
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False Hopes

I hope you love me
Like you love the snow in the morning
Catching rays in the yellow light
Illuminating everything

Love me, when it fell so suddenly
On your porch, that evening
Jaw dropping, you were mezmirized
I know you weren’t ready

So now, I ask
Will you miss me?
Like you miss that snow
Blanketing the mountains
White and pure
Will you cry as it melts before you
And you wonder where it all goes?
Will you hold me like you held those last few drops of ice, before it left once more?

I hope so.

Tyrant of Words
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Swirling Seas
(c) Sweet Oblivion 3.4.20

Sometimes, when you can't speak, I seek the sea
And engage in its conversation; flows
Of thought will never ebb, but, endlessly,
Just navigate my mind; and, if I chose
An idea that now permeates my brain,
It might well be the dream I had last night
Of you, of course, so far away, again;
Though close to every instant; the delight  
I find in you, despite your absence, makes
Me shiver with an unrequited need;
I tremble every hour; and the aches,
Though not 'Covid' related, always seed
A soreness in my throat and a tight chest, 
That even swirling seas have not addressed. 

81 unique words
105 words

Fire of Insight
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scribbles in a poet's diary #03
(03 of 30—Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo2020)

#03 of 30
scribble #03:  odessa breaks chain barriers

relationships in threes
snug middlemen to please
whose best of both worlds means no good
nor each way understood
remind me of locked locks
that freedom jeers and mocks
while liberty ranks third in line
faith first, hope close behind
life's tangles

odessa breaks chain barriers
hence freedom bids me marry her

© Copyright 2020 April 03
by Clyve A. Bowen♫

NaPoWriMo2020—April 03
Total Words 54
Unique Words 50

Tyrant of Words
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NaPo 2020, April 3rd



Became a phase of separation ’til the curtain closed
a final time with pressured sighs, an opening of light
while people shuffled in their seats, checked phones, and slowly rose.

The actors in their dressing rooms changed ready, wearing white
as cleaners waited in the hall for punters to depart
and take impressions and ambitions home and out of sight.

The many people linked together by the theatre’s art,
a well-known tale that’s told of old ‘bout love and death and war —
collectively an ancient idol choking soul and heart.

And in these days we worry what the future has in store
but always there’s a better story, dare we to suppose
and we can write it into life co-operating more

for competition’s had its day as everybody knows;
it’s just a phase of separation ’til the curtains close.

Dangerous Mind
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That One Time Baroque Went…

That one time baroque went blaring
It was fast, dynamic and daring
I don’t know how anyone could keep up that pace
But I swear the drums were so hard
Accompanied by an amazing guard
And a brass so deafening it could melt your face

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard
Pachelbel’s Canon so loud and stirred
But Phantom Regiment did it all very well
You can hear it in the crowd screaming
This Harmonic Journey left me dreaming
But this corps has always put me under a spell

# NaPoWriMo2020
91 words
73 unique

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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3 of 30

Endless Possibility..

It is right to say that you surpass all crafted finery
It is true to say you exceed all masterly artistry
That you awake in me a sight beyond all creativity
That by the gift of what you've brought
I can see the beauty in every single thought
Be that the collation of our times aired
Or the mirror of our reflections bared
Each breath aired gives our path
A depth of endless possibility..

Dangerous Mind
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iii of xxx


And yes
You WILL burn in hell
For your resolute
Resistance to see
This thing was slowly moving
Toward our grandmothers

             (may the universe transform my hatred into a Wonderwoman lasso around her)

Broadcasting its damned intent

                 ...Slow like TV movie zombie horde

                            ...Slow enough to give you time to do

                                         ...A N Y T H I N G...

You preened for the press
In the self-appointed
Metropolis heart
Of America

While we watched
The day come on like molasses

             (now T minus 3)

When someone needing
Help to breathe-

             A normal thing,
             An old technology-

Would be sentenced to die-

             A NY thing,


     +    +    +

107 words  
88 unique

Thought Provoker
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#3 of 30

Potluck Dinner

I toad a so
Told you so
Told your soul
So you would know
How this goes
Lights gone low
How this madness ebbs and flows

The fees are paid
Fields are paved
Feels are pained
The only way
One last praise
In midday
Save some room for the kool-aid

I put aside
Put a sign
Put a shrine
In the grapevine
Bottled wine
Set to dine
Beans and mash with cyanide

It's quite the time
Quitting line
It's quiet time
Crooked spine
Stop on a dime
Hear the chime
This procession yours not mine

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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3 of 30
Day 3: 03/04/2020

Clarity and Choice

Make my mind fogless until time satisfied
so that I may wander without hindrance
and see clearly thoughts far off,
choosing which to indulge in
as flowers along the way,
but do not bereft me of the mist
which may hide and disguise
so that mystery may still exist
and I can feel joy in the unknown;
wherein stumbling upon happenstance
entails immense rapture
compared to the due process of other travellers;
for I fare better when going with feeling
and following an intangible sense
than when all is listed and accounted
describing in dry detail the proven necessities
of the structured strictures built for the test of time
produced by the well trodden way
but unprepared for natural chaos,
while i will flourish
with what is truly needed and valued
showing this truth
when time turns and the earth shakes
wherein my sandcastles are easy to reshape
as the sensed simplicity has its own allure.

Unique words: 113.

Tyrant of Words
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#3 of 30

Notes From The Home Office

Finally a corner office
to be honest, a laundry room as well
three windows opened wide
one facing South, two West
lit scented candle, “Sea Spray” gutters in a westerly one
blown by cool Spring breeze
traversing tween adjacent windows
sating longing to feel what agitates the leaves
what makes the wind chimes sing
evoking Taoist spiritual serenity
happy memories of grandma’s  garden

Butterflies erratically flutter through the backyard
Monarchs they seem
perhaps that Monarch impostor
the similarly royal Viceroy…regardless
they share the airspace  with red-breasted robins,
mockingbirds, red-winged blackbirds,
and mud-dauber wasps

Time better spent
reconnecting with the adolescents
that share my last name
no rushing to bus stops
Instead last-minute roll out of bed
beginning my 50 yard commute
gone is business dress
replaced by shorts and a pocket-tee
hell I could work bare-naked
if the door locked and I kinked that way
still compelled to wear the backpack
listen to a panoply of podcasts, books, music
out loud, sans  volume restrictions
pen a poem or two
in tandem with my avocation, my job

Laboring in the comfort of my home
would be grand
if circumstances weren’t so globally dire,
so bloated with anxiety
acutely aware of my moment-by-moment good fortune
regularly petitioning God
on behalf of they, who with heavy heads,
wear the cruel crown
for those poor souls with virus sick
they who care for the same
they who have passed,
they that mourn their passing
the healthy, able bodied, skilled employee
now unemployed
for all these do I pray

Words = 254
Unique words = 190

Poetry Accident
Dangerous Mind
United States
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#03 of 30

Born of Woman

To be born of woman is shared by all
the commonality is God’s resolve
still the opinions may disagree
about the nature of rough pedigree

the favored moms are acknowledged
to be ugly in all their charm
this is a lie that’s recognized
when favoritism is thus applied

opponent’s progenitors are decried
‘yo mama’ is the battle cry
sitting around the entire house
when large becomes too much

neither view has honesty
mothers are both good and bad
to state otherwise is Satan’s lie
abusing truth in mama’s life.

Fire of Insight
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Lying to a liar

More than once
I confessed a lie
to protect the truth
when you knew
one hundred people
could have told you
what you already knew.

More than once
I pretended not to cry
to protect you from guilt
bestowed by your own whip
one thousand lashes
against your skin, reducing
a man to his knees.

Once I knelt
Rubbing ointment on your feet
blisters, burns and bedraggled
looking up to your eyes
searching for the boy, lost
who cried wolf
one too many times
lying to your lies
to protect your fears
now we both lie (separately)
in our tears.

More than once
you have walked that (familiar)
lonely road
paved by your hands
criss- crossing, every step
now yours, again
all on your own.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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#4 Of 30

Blush Warmly

Let’s dance under full moonlight  
Leave inhibitions far behind
Innocence will blush warmly
The colour of bright red

In private no one else sees
Our senses could burn
Such a fire deserves cultivating
We only need touch

This wild night
May never end
Memories always remain
To fuel a second coming  

Total Words: 51
Unique Words: 50

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Becoming Words  (i)

It all became words
after burning through reason,
breaking it's seal.
They were like little embers
ready to burst forth;
those realizations,
those conclusions.
Yet amorphous they
huddled together in unwritten volumes
on stacks of virgin paper
in hungry minds yet unread.
They conglomerated like
blood cells under trauma,
those clumps of letters not yet
comprehensible but borne of isolation,
glowing in it's medium:
The unspoken sanitarium full of
word-children yearning to hold hands
in a chain of poetic announcement.
'We are here, we exist; let us become something,
let us endure'.      

Dangerous Mind
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They crashed into a murky time and place
and found a giant’s cave to shelter in
He claimed them as his prey with leering face
Lascivious, the hunger in his grin.

She offered up herself to save the child,
unto the heathen stranger bared her breast
But -- blood he scented on the breezes wild
and left her untouched, breathless and perplexed.

With curdling howl he vanished to the chase
A moonless night in frigid dew they spent
They both feared his return back to that place
But also, one feared his abandonment

His virile silhouette appeared next day
She bravely rose to face him, come what may…

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