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Fire of Insight
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Dusty Lungs

defiantly staring down chaos
as it grabs both sides
of my melancholy mind,
transforming these dusty lungs
into bright red balloons
filled with anguish to bursting,
even as it sweetly slides it’s fingers
into the hair at the nape of my neck
and forces my head back,
forehead to forehead
leaving me no other choice;
with no means of escape
my hands reach out wildly,
searching for something solid
to connect with, belong to;
I hold onto the sturdy frame
of my own design
carefully crafted from the tangible
that keeps me moored,
even as I angrily threaten
its very existence

Unique word count: 79

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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In Praise of “People’s Faces”
(Catena Rondo)

It’s rare commercials flatten me
In Tempest’s frigid night’s despair
Still singin’ words of calm aware
It’s rare commercials flatten me

In Tempest’s frigid night’s despair
In spills of frigid white that fade
Our age that, rage to beige, persuades,  
In Tempest’s frigid night’s despair  

In spills of frigid white that fade,
“With heads bent down and hackles up,”
Her grace erases, interrupts
In spills of frigid white that fade.  

“With heads bent down and hackles up”
These troubles that our finish sends
The finish that her grace amends
“With heads bent down and hackles up”

These troubles that our finish sends
But diff’rently than what’s been shown
Erasing words not carved in stone,
These troubles that our finish sends.

But diff’rently than what’s been shown,
Seeing just our weathered faces,
A calm that shows in angel graces
But diff’rently than what’s been shown.

Seeing just our weathered faces
Can Tempests full reverse the storm
And in those gazes, keep from harm,
Seeing just our weathered faces.

Can Tempests full reverse the storm,
It’s rare commercials flatten me.
We’re Never Lost if we are seen
Can Tempests full reverse the storm?

It’s rare commercials flatten me
A Tempest’s frigid night’s despair
Still singin’ words of calm aware
It’s rare commercials flatten me.

(In praise of Kate Tempest's poem "People's Faces" and Mark Zuckerberg's short film "Never Lost")

Dangerous Mind
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celebrate the flow

blood signifies
egg  that didn’t unite
with sperm

natural selection

celebrate the flow

lunar blood

when universes
alignm  planets synchronize
genes match

new being will
emerge with
best chance of survival

natural selection

celebrate the flow

rejoice knowing
nature optimized
humanity”s survival

rejoice in
opportunities to
try again

natural selection

celebrate the flow

bury the dead
in fields of clover
and alyssum

relinquish the
old nourish the

celebrate the flow

ashes to
ashes to dust to
dust spirit to soul

acknowledge pasts
foresee  futures
live in the now

celebrate the flow

Tyrant of Words
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I play with shadows
under guise of light and dark
ripened under a half-met sun
ripp'd where tainted thoughts dare run

looking down,
barren to thrust
flowers slain and seeds lay rough
all the while
the weeds won't grow


her toil
in muddy soil
patted pasties put, dripp'd in soot
dirtied mouths and unwashed foot

tied up
a mare/amoré
amount to what

the rituals,
doeful eyes
no doubt
wide, batting, abating
wished upon the well
waters and her will
wash a'cross surrender's pill

soon delivered

Fire of Insight
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Covid 19: Now Is The Time

Now, is the time
To be generous
To be charitable
To be kind
To our fellowmen

Now, is the time
To be compassionate
To be understanding
To be focus
On solving this crisis

Now,  is the time
To be patient
While waiting
To be resilient
While fighting
To end the Covid 19 reign

Now, is the time
To set aside differences
To think of the common good
To work together as one cohesive unit
To stop this pandemic

Regardless of political affiliations
Regardless of regional identity
Regardless of our geography
Regardless of our races
We are together in this fight

Now, is the time
To move without delay
To act decisively
To save humanity
From dying day by day

Tyrant of Words
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autumnal miscellany & minutiae iv ~

blind idols survey the piss soak'd carpet,
bodies yet to die in the pews
suckling prayerless air for nourishment__ an empty breast wrung dry
ov promises
once an incense drowning unwash'd skin ...
... rubber lullabies rock the cradle, swaddl'd in
salt crust'd sheets
fitt'd around stuttering breath:-- corners tuck'd
neat as a pin
{a shroud for unmourn'd deaths
sigh'd to the aether}
bury me; heavy limbs in the seams

Tyrant of Words
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(three of 30 - Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2020)

I know I must have dribbled
all over my being. . .
but maintained eye contact.


I feel soooooooo stupid
in new interaction &
the potential
for love

I prefer kindness
so tossing out
anxiety & uncertainty!
I like You; You like me
and maybe
we don’t always see

You and me are adults
who KNOWS what could / can
be / become
I’ve caught
a wisp
I smell You Beautiful……..

76 words  
62 unique

Fire of Insight
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The Every Day: Poison Strawberries

Fresh out of chemo
quarantine; straight
into pandemic

What the hell...

That tiny taste of
freedom was
a chocolate fountain,
waiting to be infected by
a twice licked

If I hadn’t spent five
months (unknowingly)
prepping for this,
I might find myself
clawing at the cage
like those big cats (you know the
ones I’m taking about).

Yeah, I watched it. What else
was there to do on the 36th
consecutive Wednesday,
filled with nothing
more than
practicing survival?

*NaPoWriMo 2020*
64 unique words
81 total words

Fire of Insight
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Mr. Banana

I think I’m in love
With your sweet textured taste
Like an angel above
There’s no part of you to waste
With the exception of your peel
That changes color when you ripe
I wish you knew how I feel
When I add peanut butter with every bite
You come in many sizes
But your shape remains the same
You hold so many delightful surprises
I get all ecstatic whenever I hear your name
Sometimes I like you green
But you’re at your best when you are yellow
A little bitter in-between
You’re still one hell of a fellow
I can eat you anywhere
And I can eat you with anything
I can eat you without a care
I think I should propose a ring
I stay in need of your potassium
Let’s just say it’s an obsessive greed
A perfect diet without the sodium
I think a wedding is guaranteed
I love you as a snack or a dessert
It doesn’t matter in the least
I love it best when you flirt
Playing hard to get at the family feast
I can drone on and on about this affair
But I’m sure I’ll sound quite boring
So, I’ll keep it to myself since you don’t care
Just to prevent my readers from any snoring

Fire of Insight
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You never expect the Spanish Inquisition

It's an evening when you only need a tee shirt,
when one drink would lead to a drowning
and the easily encouraged are searching
for an excuse to swallow chaos with a chaser.

The house sits on a threshold of indecision
and I know a choice must be made, not delayed.
Girlfriends flat? sat quiet in that lap, a fly in a trap,
Out with the lads? binge till I'm sad, wished I hadn't.

There's a fork in the road ahead, but instead
I turn around, walk back over the railway bridge,
past the derelict farm house, up the side of the valley
and look down at myself going our different ways.

Tyrant of Words
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Greetings, Returness and Cadets! TeamNaPo has just submitted their reports! Congratulations! If you have two checks, you've successfully made it through Day Two of the Challenge!

Thought Provoker
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#3 of 30

The kites fly but I don’t

stepping aside,
my cantor's tongue sang the first hymnal line.
for in this house,
what is drawn from the bookshelves,
placed on the desk and sung by the cage,
would billow the quire's kites
and they always rise,
and the kites have no war inside.

and in the roof there is a skylight
and into its ear,
an antiphony of stars
and clouds respond.

how bad I small.
Within a cup,

they collar the silence
and lead it in rite;
tinting my window,
sharpening my knife,
drinking my wine,
taking my wife.

62 unique words of 93 total

Tyrant of Words
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MIster So Long was instructed to bring the USS Stanza out of Warped Speed upon arrival in Quatrain Five of Sector Seven.

"And don't forget to put on the parking brake this time," said Chief Science Officer T'PoetsRevenge. "We wish to avoid any further intergalactic incidents."

Last time the ship had drifted off course and Nurse Daisy accidentally dumped expired lemon curd on the Ampersandorians.

Once securely anchored in orbit with the Pulsar Asterisk, crew members were beamed down to the home world of the Rhymulans. The Redshirts landing party was led by Ambasador to Rhymulus, Poppykat Janeway. They were immediately greeted by Rhymulans who explained in mind-numbing, monotonous fashion,

"Trekkers, oh my trekkers, why ask us?
Trekkers, oh my trekkers, why the fuss?
The stolen Muses that you seek
are with those Clingform freaks ...
but we must warn you all those feet
can kick a storm with awesome heat!
And with your crew I'm sure you'll suss
just what to do when you will soon meet
so trek you onwards dearest Poetfleet
cadets on your starship bus!"

"Clingforms!" cried Warfyroo, listening in on the conversation from the safety of the Stanza's Bridge. "Another alien race who writes verse with demanding restrictions. And ... they have twenty-nine tiny feet as well!"

"Due to their highly stubborn, competitive natures," declared Chief Security Officer, Summer Yar, "the Clingforms will likely implicate the Rhymulans."

However, they had to explore every avenue to locate those missing Muses before May arrived or otherwise everyone's NaPoWriMo 2020 would be in jeopardy!

Next stop - Quaternalia, planet of the Clingforms!

"Pffft!" grumbled Poppykat. "You forgot to beam me back aboard! Dammit. I was suppose to be vacationing on the Moon this week. Grrrr."

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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#3 of 30

Concrete Saints

There lives in the everyday
On a Wednesday late morning sidewalk
Of grimy city and in the small town
In the overcast of pregnant skies

Just plain folks
Blind enough of their own ego
To wear an immunity of self like a concrete saint

You see them in timeless pause
And watch in awe and ache
As blue and grey birds
With eyes as cloudy as your skies
Rest peacefully on their fingertips
Nurturing fat bellies with morsels of a sacred stillness

Tyrant of Words
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[ NaPo 2020 ] In So Many Words


^ Expounding on the aforementioned
reference to a wholeness ^

[ not be confused with a'holeness
which is a-verse; best left for another
April day ... or even afterward in May ]

Ahavati is and was the one
that draws and drew more of my love
out from the well of who
I am

same as Zipporah did when she
inspired Moses to apply himself
for the position he noticed—


—tacked up on Mount Sinai
while he was on the lam

In so many words

she brings and brought me
closer to God

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