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sparks in the darkness

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Poems about humanity coming together
Itís a troubled time. Every day in the news we see reports that break our hearts, that worry or frighten us. Many of us are in isolation or know someone who is. What is happening in the world right now affects every one of us in some way. Write poems that highlight the human capacity for compassion. Use real life experiences youíve experienced or witnessed. Or create scenarios in which someone steps up and acts from the heart. Iím a firm believer of sparks in the darkness. I want to see some sparks here.  

*1 entry only
*3 weeks
*New writes only
*Keep it to 75 lines or less
*Post your poem & then link it here

This competition will be judged privately and will not go to vote.

Please post comments to the writerís personal page.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 3rd Apr 2019
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As the present situation lays heavy upon each of our minds and hearts, affecting us in ways we could never imagine through family and friends and sometimes not even blood. We cross the road of the unknown due to a virus, that appeared from nowhere only an orientation from which it came with no name. But yet it is here full blown attacking, each and everyone of us differently along its path. For why is when something's affect the balance of the world, as we know it to be a world of equal life? But yet why is it that we come together in a time of national defense, to put aside our disagreements of what is right and what is wrong. No matter the creed race or color for why can't we as human beings, ever put aside the jealous and egos with its hatred and corruption along with the greed for power and fame, and just once act like we know better. Not for us but for the future of our children's, for after all they will be the future generations, who will replace us for let not our faults and mistakes be there down fall as it was for US.
Written by Stoney223
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poet Anonymous


Fire of Insight
United States
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Come Lay in the Sky With Me

reach across this expanse
lace your fingers with mine;
I will breathe in
all of this darkness
from your frantic, labored lungs
and I will exhale sun showers  
on warm spring days
into your anguished spirit
let me kiss your worried brow
with the beauty of persisting;
rest your troubled head in my clouds
and just for a moment, find serenity;
lie back and dip your fingers
in the warmth of the world
as it burns unchecked below us;
the ashes will hold for tomorrow
sip drowsily of my daydreams
from cracked stone cups
carefully repaired with gilded clay;
here, where chaos does not stand
in the doorway, glaring
let my hands visit your slumped shoulders  
draping them in moonlight,
a cozy quilt on rainy autumn porches
come, lay in the sky with me
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 11th Feb 2019
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I wish i may
I wish i might
I wish i may in spite

In spite of my troubles
In spite of my past
In spite of the addiction
That seems to last

I am on a journey
To climb a mountain
Seeking change and glory
From the knowledge fountain

long nights and tired days
Working hard in many ways

​Ups and downs
may come and go
What's in your heart
will surely show

Now my victory is within reach
To countless others i will teach

In spite of the pain and misery

In spite of it all

You can be free

In spite

By Don Zimmerman
Written by dnzmemn66
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Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Joined 17th Feb 2013
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Related submission no longer exists.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Too Weak To Run

***Written for the Sparks In The Darkness challenge***
We have forsaken each other and our hearts are off beat,  
In darkness and alone, Compassion lays butchered in defeat...
When did the sorrows of others become too slight
for the care of the hearts already broke in heart-broken flight?
Weíve lost the ability to feel through the hearts of others,
of fathers, of brothers, of mothers and lovers.
Our vision is blurred with false pretentious desires,
Our thoughtfulness discarded into self aggrandizing fires.

We ignore the vibrations of pain around us,
we guzzle libations,  
abhorrent and impatient,
to revel in our selfish hedonistic liaisonsÖ
Yet tears still fall with a never ending current
and the eyes that they blind are ever firing turrets.
Arrows of discernment, daggers of disgust.
The twin mirrors to the soul
forced to reflect the heinous images of...us
They perceive so clearly what monsters we've become,
closed off to the connection that once made us one.
How grotesque we must seem in the eyes of the broken.
Our conscious unclean, the proof of our indifference awoken.  
Compassion left slaughtered by a tempestuous apathy
and it's companion named Kindness violated with savagery.
No sparks of hope left to light our lost souls  
as the embers of weak unity burned out long ago.
I have nothing left to give but my heart's devotion,
and with the last shard of love rending my chest wide open,
I beg to the universe with a voice soft spoken.
"Help us", exhales my trembling whimper,  
"We have forsaken each other to the high toll of winter."
We howl in penitence over the bodies laid waste in the frost.
As our hearts shatter for the loved ones not ours to have lost.
Let the hearts, free of evil, ignite the final spark
that combines all strength against demons giving chase in the dark.
Our hearts beat the same beat, and that again makes us one
and together we slew all demons, to save those too weak to run,
Written by Sterling7147 (__)
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Better Off Alive

Seeking shelter
In the same place
I'm most guilty of the wreckage
When your heart is a broken home
And I'm doing the best I can
But what does that mean
When our best is handicapped of our excuses

Life sentencing to life partners
In a police state of the free
Prison cell quarantine
Entrapment doesn't feel like home to me

Our bars are unseen
And obligation is its own bondage
When we kill ourselves surviving
Schedules accommodating circumstances
We toss and turn in our beds of civil unrest
We are blind without time for romances

Struggling to breathe
I sing beside her deathbed
Learning to cope with loss
Like trying to walk on just one leg
Lacking in stability
I'm doing my best
But what good is the best
When it's based in my own ability?

Work and release
Like we're caught and trying to live with scars
I feel incomplete
Trying to make it one day at a time, how can I reach for the stars
When the brightest light I fail to see is You

Money is nothing when there's nothing to buy
And worthless all the more for what's priceless inside
Fighting forward, we breathe, we love, we die
Buried in unmarked graves of routines resounding I tried

Seeking the reward of our efforts
When what means the most is something we can't earn
Humbling our pride when true life is a gift beyond us
They call it living when we're dying as we strive
Some think us better off dead but if we're dead in this moment
I'd say we're better off alive

Resurrection begins in the here and now
And I know we'll make it some way, somehow
The truth is, alone is never truly better
Bridge the distance in this dissonance and put us back together

Beginning from where we are
My habit to break is the depth of your scar
Fighting onward, I swear I'm not your enemy
Love me so, even when you can hardly stand to look at me

Afraid of touch in a toxic world
Together we are separate as we disperse
For loves sake, to disarm the affliction
Sometimes to go forward we must go in reverse

Reset society and the vows I speak for today
After all that we've been through and lost
Beginning from the end of what our lives say
Here lies the past as I take up my cross...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Hope Springs

Doctors and nurses work as hard as they can,
They face so many uncertainties and dangers,
In the effort to make this a better world,
They risk their lives to save those of strangers,

Technology is making everyone click and link,
Literally digitally itís making life a little easier,
Although we miss out on human connection,
This new bonding is making this a bit breezier.

Air pollution is improving, the ozone is recovering
Dolphins are swimming up the Venice canals,
Nature is putting things back into balance,
Mother Earth seems to be giving us some morale.

We have to show compassion and kindness,
Always look on the bright side of things,
Have some faith to make it through the darkness,
Make it go viral and youíll see how hope springs.

The world has gone through hard times before,
But the human spirit is meant to survive,
Take care of yourself and your loved ones,
Be kind to others and weíll be able to thrive.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 12th July 2017
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Pen Negotiations

Here I go again, hands clenched
Around my lucky writing utensil
The one thatís left ink stains on hands
And smeared itself on narrow lines
I believe no drop has gone to waste.

This pen has told stories
Of my childhood, bringing light to the things hidden and unseen
You might even say, this pen
Rescued me, from it repeating

Today, however, my pen speaks differently
Like a language newly learned
I must find some paper
A journal.. anything
What is the cause of this awakening?

An uprising of fear surrounds me
The people are hurting, what more can I do?
I must start writing.

This pen has seen the corruption of a fallen world
And the tears of those who inhabit it
I shielded myself from those things
Diligent self isolating
But my pen remains completely free
My mind and pen negotiating
Whether or not to free myself
As well

This pen has written
Heartbreak, and tragedy
Beautiful stanzas, and ugly poetry
But today, for a change
Iím proud to say

This pen is rewriting history.
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 1st Jan 2018
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From each heart

As we stumbled wounded
confusion rained and all were hounded
saw not tomorow, left confounded
Some gave all in their last breath
had no chance, conserved the waste
saved a life with a bequest
Saw a younster lying next
heard Gods voice in lifes context
so slim the chance were his prospects
The treasure of each life  
some will waste and some will strive
a baton handed on, and self denied
See the angels hear the chiors
facets of unselfishness, a soul so tired  
for each that saw, a heroic act insipre
Take my ventilator, I'm so tired
your life is pure and mine is mired
for I am called by raptue higher
For some there is more take and give
no money buy when heartstrings ripped
ultruisum  is the ultimate gift
A summit for us all to reach
for jewels hide when life's carefree
to self delete, a halo warn unseen
Some have a fire never doused
for they give all and take nowt
in troubled times they had redoubt
Written by slipalong
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 17th Dec 2019
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Maybe you Want to live

maybe You donít want to live  
Donít want to smile
Forgive this them Or Wear their shoes
And walk their mile †

Only want to Sleep all day
stop existing a little while  
Forget those words flaws and denials †

Itís so dark except †
A Glow under the door  
If you Close your eyes †
And see so much more †
Every thought you ever had †
Every mistake You ever made †
This is your Life †
this Is perceiving †
All these lies †
Donít what to believe in  

maybe You want to live  
Want to feel here Heard
comfortable Without chemicals †

miss friends and family  
Want to Cut loose ends †
Quit Framing problems †
For hanging on walls †
To Tour in your head †

Itís so dark besides  
Light under the door  
If Close your eyes †
And see so much more †
Stop looking into the past †
Of Every thought you ever had †
Replace that mentality with reality †
This is your life †
this Is perceiving †
Filter the lies †
Know what to believe in  

I promise youíll See so much more †
Fix your weak knees To Get off that floor
stand up Open your door †
Lifeís so bright Letting in missing light †
This is your life †
This is perceiving †
Filter the lies †
you will know Just what to believe in
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Elizabeth Grace
Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 9th Dec 2018
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Ode to the Radiance of the Wavemakers.

To the Lovers, Guardian Angeles, veins of lightning; quilled by the Poets, as well as the Guardians who have two exteriors.

 Sitting on the outside and observing the beauty of the writers.
Motivational emotions caring for my senses, reaching herein the core of Deep Underground of Poetry.

 Ascertaining a solidarity of peace and love found only by the writer's of DUP, accentuates its gifts by blessing my being.

 Circulated and Displayed.
Only here do I find I may shine from the inside.
Only here I am, I.

Words bleed further into me and become an essential freedom to choose light and the positivity encompassed by the passion of our own lives.

 Feathers the letters into words written by the poets of humanity.
Thank you for the considerable love within you.
Merci beaucoup, Danke, Kiitos, Tak, Asante, Dankie, Gracias, Arigato, Grazie.
Written by Lagertha (Elizabeth Grace)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 16th Feb 2020
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The abyss of depression is like a giant squid with enormous tentacles pulling you inward to that clicking beak.
A dark place where you are drawn in many directions but without direction.
A spinning place, a maelstrom where you are borne down into a black hole, a place of confinement, yet bound only by your own mind.
A place of no escape, no lifeline, no hope, no path back to the top, just eternal spinning without rest.
Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
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Strange Creature
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Joined 9th Apr 2020
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He tested Negative

The truth is
its rare out here
3 or 9 cases of the damned pandemic
I am even doubting if the government
is telling us the truth

And itís a shame
look at how we tremble at the sound
of a cough or a sneeze
Look at how we isolate our fellow
humans, even our own family and blood
itís a shame to see

Humans killing human
and for what?
because he was bleeding from the nose?
and you freak out? screaming in the streets
claiming its Corona?
And you believe it?
why have we stooped so low?

Oh wait I forgot we dumb and illiterate
We drive past this unseen catastrophe
the police are right by
And we do nothing, nothing
but worse still
We have killed the negative

By Garnet Howse
Written by gazy20 (Garnet)
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