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Human Nature

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Poetry Contest

Find 5 quotes from a favorite poet having to do with nature and create anthropomorphic vignettes inspired by these quotes

Number your vignettes 1 through 5 using  a quote as the header

Each should attribute human qualities to nature, animal, weather, plant life, cosmic events ...etc

All quotes should be from one poet, writer

Please credit said poet, writer

You may take 2 weeks
new or old writes
collabs are welcome

Questions. PM please


Human Nature

1. Iove is a young green willow shimmering at the bare wood's edge    

She bends, soft hands gracing the waters edge...sending blue green echoes of her laughter out to give company to the tad poles who miss their Mama's low croaking lullaby....they wriggle gladly and extend brand new webbed digits to embrace their siblings....tad pole giggles, how wonderful! She rises back up, gleaming, as tiny droplets of pond water cling to her limbs, glowing iridescent in the sun.    
5.  the wind at nightfall bending the rose    
He had fallen fully for her the first time he saw her. She had danced naked and alone in the gloaming, tall and beautiful. He caught a hint of her extraordinary perfume and was moved to sweep in placing forceful hands in the small of her back, and dip her. She shook as his lips graced her long neck and landed with gusto on her ruby red lips.    
2.  beneath the quiet heaven of your eyes    
He had rode on the backs of ponies painted like a Monet, their flare of Nostrils exhaling grand snorts and their hooves smashing into the high plains, creating a thundering cacophony....and knew what it was to appreciate the enormity of quiet that followed after in those black hills. But the first time he caught the first glimmer of love in her eyes, he felt true stillness, peace in the grand expanse of her undying gaze.    
4. your thighs are appletrees your knees are a southern breeze    
He extended a strong hand up, longing to pick her ripe and red delicious. The apple of his eye. As of yet remaining just out of his meaty reach....until she parted white cloudy thighs, and a warm lusty breeze swept in to let fall his bounty.    
5. It is only a moment, we die every night    
Goddess Moon loved Sun....proudly, fiercely. And Sun loved her back, but had been unerved at how rude his Goddess had been to his sweet old aunts, Nymbus. Slow in their old age, they wandered by in a dizzying creep past his window in their old fashioned, billowy skirts. Sun had never raised his voice to Goddess, but when she scolded his favorite auntie Cumula for obstructing Moons view of Sun for too long he forgot himself and shouted....    
For Goddess sake! Its just a moment! We die every night!

Quotes by and
Inspired by American Poet W Carlos Williams

jade tiger
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Of Holding On And Letting Go

1: Only from the heart can you touch the sky.  
You think that water is the color blue  
That ocean currents imitate the wind.  
And where it ends beyond the height of clouds  
That’s where the sky of me will turn to black,  
Where neither air nor astronauts may live;  
Yes, I’m the sky and all the rest is air.  
If not for me there’d be no atrium  
To hold within the weather and the rain,  
From where the cumulus and stratus play.  
The teaming life that feeds on coral beds,  
The orca pods who prey on lesser whales  
As dolphins with their echos guide the young.  
The snow on summits where no birds can reach,  
The forest at its base, bears hibernate.  
The sockeye who return from whence their birth,  
And beneficial run-offs where they spawn.  
The tribe who grazes stock & gathers fruit,  
And nomads follow zebra to the stream.  
The fishermen who cast their nets afar,  
The children who run naked in the surf.  
This is the bounty given with both hands.  
Remember, everything relies on this,  
So none will turn to ash and be forgot.  
2: I want to sing like the  
birds sing, not worrying about  
who hears or what they think.
a light blue cloud  
singing in your hand  
folded once  
then once more;  
the wings of  
your origami crane  
I breathe in deep  
the flesh-like tissue  
uplifting me  
fluttering lids  
to a corner of sky  
all to myself,  
lighter than birds  
kiting through  
the draft and rush,  
for the sun  
I have no voice  
with which to sing.  
No feathers I,  
still I bank and soar  
trying to  
remember you.  
3: Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.  
This Rowan tree in bloom I rest beneath,  
Whose berries filled her boughs in ruby red.  
That ever spread its legend ‘cross the heath,  
To giving pause the rising of the dead.  
Protector from the devil’s evil sway,  
This Rowan tree in bloom I rest beneath.  
Whose leaves are from a living bird of prey,  
And ne’er a welcome sight to witch’s meet.  
I lean against the sav’ry of its wreath,  
In dappled shade that quivers in its arms.  
This Rowan tree in bloom I rest beneath,    
Sprigs of it in my hair keep me from harm.  
Which also includes charms against my will;  
I keep a bower on my mantle piece.  
What turns to honeyed wine, not bitter swill?  
This Rowan tree in bloom I rest beneath.  
4: The whole universe is contained
within a single human being – you.
Near a sleek interstate of New Now  
Of Today’s city glass towers’ gleam,  
From the day’s perfect rise of Know How,  
And Tomorrow of manicured dreams:  
Laid the sprawl of an old shanty town  
Where lush trees & green grass never grew;  
Shown no mercy; a dry trodden frown,  
Like the tough shanty dwellers it drew.  
But for all of a dirty-faced soul  
Passing time in the cardboard & shake,  
Moved an odd, mystic child of the shoal  
Picking mussels & shells for the take.  
And the name, Periwinkle, or Jill,  
Who's dark days of childhood were all spent  
On the fringe of the city’s landfill,  
Gather’d pebbles & weeds as she went.  
No one paid her a mind to collect,  
Not a button or bow worth a cent.  
And there never were colorful blooms;  
Not a daisy, nor rose or a glad.  
With bare feet in the mud many moons,    
Not a violet or mum to be had.  
But no one who knew Jill believed her.  
She saw rain puddles each as a pearl    
 In re-flected sky drifting over,    
And the specialness that was the girl,  
Who could trust in the dump where she play’d,  
That to walk in the sky’s dappled air  
Brought to life buddings from seedlings raised  
When she wore the bright blue in her hair.  
And her mother would smile & then teased  
How her “Jilly” did just as she pleased.  
5: You are not a drop in the ocean. You are    
the entire ocean, in a drop.
It’s still not too late  
as she rises by a hearth  
to a knock at the door  
this early evening,  
carefully wrapping  
herself in a long robe  
from the night air,  
and whoever is there,  
so they will think her  
a respectable whore.  
Yet she sees no one  
from a soft light  
at the threshold  
in the thin clean air  
of the Chilean Andes,  
with a scent of  
cordwood for a fire.  
Steps onto the porch,  
cane chairs are stacked,  
brought to her by men  
who buy them from  
her as payment.  
She is handsome,  
still a young woman  
but not too much.  
She remembers it  
like this and no other.  
She sits to wait for the  
first moon’s light, and  
forgets the cigarette  
that she lit indoors as  
it dwindles & goes out.    
And a new memory  
tries to surface, for  
she has no memory  
of being born, or the  
one who bore her.  
She feels she’s died,  
but loses no sleep.    
She’ll never weep  
for burnt wood  
long turned to ash  
& knows not why,  
but she likes to try  
imagining the scent  
of the night  
she was  
Quotes by & ispired by Rumi:  
* Real name: Jalāl ad-Dīn  
Muhammad Rūmī  
* Nickname: Molānā  
* He was a 13th-century Persian poet, faqih,
Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.    
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Jade!! I knew you'd come to bat....beautiful!

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1.   “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”
You have to search deep within,
It’s not something you find in a book,
It’s as if you’re able to reach Zen,
You just have to know where to look.
Peace is the hardest thing to obtain,
It’s a journey of mystery to explore,
But slowly you begin to understand,
The universe too is yours…
2.      “We are immersed in beauty, but our eyes have no clear vision.”
Physically our eyes can deceive us,
Beauty sometimes on the outside lies  
Spiritually it lies on the different realm,
Clear enough to view like open skies.
Beauty is an emotion that stirs deeply,
It elevates the senses and feels kind,
Only then do we begin to see the vision,
As it moves the soul shifting in the mind…
3.      “Words are finite organs of the infinite mind.”
There is a limit to the lexicon of man,
But the combinations go on forever,
It’s a composition waiting to be written,
A challenge for us to take on the endeavor.
Some expressions can leave lasting impressions,
So long as the words can make one feel at peace,
Because the mind like the universe is infinite,
As so are the words with endless possibilities...
4.      “Every natural action is graceful.”
Love and kindness should always be sincere,
For some it shows up like an elegant glow,
An aura if you will for those who can see,
And this can make a person spiritually grow.  
Those who act with sincerity and candor,
Are beautiful and graceful in each way,
Nature graces them with a certain splendor,
It’s as if they become the light of day…
5.      “Eyes...They speak all languages.”
As they say, the eyes are the windows,
And the soul communicates in all domains,
They are the energy between individuals,
They are the connection of the human brain.
Eyes express the words spoken by the spirit,
It’s a meeting of the minds who converse,
It’s there where we must find the vision,
And then truly bond with the universe.

Inspired by quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson
Written by wallyroo92
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jade tiger
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Like Climbing Vines Will Do

#1: “I love you as certain dark things  
are meant to be loved, in secret,  
between the shadow and the soul.”
What would it take for me in deepest woods    
To find and bring you love that’s from my soul,    
Without a something vulner’ble to give,    
By making known the ‘allness’ you possess.    
The creatures will then seek me in your lair,    
Now I’m the one who hides within your arms.    
The moon must find a chink to let in light,    
Not even gods are priv’leged to come in.    
And so it does remain forever dark    
No matter, slow or fast, the sands of time.    
I cannot see the favour given me;    
The trees will hear the second all is hush’d.    
⌛️     ⏳     ⌛️    
#2: “Like a flower to its perfume, I am    
bound to my vague memory of you.”
Why should I go to cultured gardens    
Often found at the best people’s homes.    
Wingless birds such as I never do,    
And the ones that could fly, very few.    
But the rose whom I’d given my heart;    
Her places of webs and wildflowers    
Took me to where I never could sleep,    
And the osmanthus always was sweet.    
Yet I longed to go search for the sea,    
How the wind came up off of the waves.    
Instead I felt warmth in the desert    
From the soft breezes, very pleasant.    
⏳    ⌛️    ⏳    
#3: “Because of you, I love the white statues    
drowsing in the park with no voice nor sight.”
But this soul could not live by drought alone    
As days of wandering turned into dust,    
To have my feet at last on barren bone.    
Like carpet, laid a meadow green as lust.    
Sent to me by Goddess Hallucinate,    
Here all the dead in rows are now at peace.    
With folded wings, the angels meditate,    
Their heads eternal bowed as if asleep.    
I walked among the figures mute and blind,    
Their eyes were open only to their God.    
With folded hands I prayed that I may find    
A sculptress with the hands to fashion sod    
⌛️    ⏳    ⌛️    
#4:  “I have forgotten your love, yet I    
seem to glimpse you in every window.”
The faerie land I lived in once I left    
In mourning the forgetfulness of love,    
Will free me naught the agony of theft    
To take my very heart, the beating of.    
Pray tell, was it the living in the woods,    
Perhaps a gang of vermin hiding near?    
But then I think of you as if I could;    
I leave my farmer’s hovel when it’s clear.    
Within the homes of men your image hangs,    
The clouds of dappled sky in shapes of you,    
I see you every time a church bell clangs.    
I think I’ve lost my mind, can this be true?    
⏳    ⌛️    ⏳    
#5: Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”    
I’m feeling out of sorts, the day is mine;    
Because I till the land without a hat.    
I’m overdue to trim the creeping vines    
That climb the trellis looking for my cat.    
But take my riddled mind? Oh forsaken!    
I beg you, pity please, I am bereft.    
My being echos inside me, shaken,    
I am confusion, there is nothing left.    
My cows say it’s your life & you’re insane,    
But even pigs in pens know that’s just wrong.    
There is one thing I learn’d without a brain:    
That love is short, forgetting is so long.    
⌛️    ⏳    ⌛️    
Quotes of & ispired by Pablo Neruda (1904-1973)    
* Real name: Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto,    
* He was a Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet-diplomat and politician.    
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Wallyroo, Jade, Cloventongue....all stunning entries!

Thank you....

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Would you please credit your author....thanks

jade tiger
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Dear Jen,

This was a special challenge for me when it first showed up, and through the weeks, had only grown more so.  I  thank you for giving us, who joined in, another way to pay tribute to the poets who have moved us.

Be well & always inspired,
Jade xo

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Congrats, Jade on winning, great entry !

All the entries were really interesting to read, this was such a great comp idea, I wish I would have entered, maybe next time :)

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Thanks Jade
Well done doll

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Hope so!

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