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FEAR...without violence

Fire of Insight
South Africa
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Do we feel safe?

Behind clinched fists
Behind machine guns
Behind nuclear weapons
Behind chemical weapons
Behind high walls
Behind twisted tongues and deceitful minds
Do we feel safe?
Is eye for an eye a law?
Is violence a our last resort?
Is our strength a weapon against the weak?
Is violence the limit of our reasoning?
When we instill pain and fear
Do we feel safe?
Are we born to be on opposing sides?
Cause we're always ready to put bodies on the firing line
It seems peace can only be attained when somebody dies
For we somehow realized our knockles were made for a fight
It seems only war proves who's wrong or right
We won't stop until one of us is buried six feet deep
Will I feel safe?
Will you feel safe?
Is it only after a war that we feel free?
Written by poetOftragedy
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Bastard Of My Own Conclusuon

The bastard of my own conclusions, some say,
Drawing on erotica to breathe of my life,
For I give pleasures to those that simmer,
Within my cauldron, that some call black.

Wherefore my quill doesn't spill their ink.
Outspoken on the ridiculous, I spat.
Within the assembly of their circle jerks,
For they have dis-plumed me.

As for as a poet, I'm unrefined in skills,
Dining on the provocative, that's my etiquette,
Composing literature as I have lived it.
Masturbating is not my blasphemy.

On my composure and nightly charm,
Swelling a hard-on of little blue pill,
I grope my cock and fornicate.
The succubus is a reflection of my ego.

Stroking the instrument of my proclivities,
Like a stallion, it rises on cue.
Ticking the pendulum of dark erotica,
Cherchez la femme.

If in subsidizing my poetic encounters,
Making me a demon in one's joke book
And I have lived it, mark it down.
I'm the bastard of my own conclusions.
Written by adagio
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Twisted Dreamer
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The fear of something in your own mind. mirrors and tricks of light scare me even now. 
War is something I try not to think about. The real world of ultimate fear.
Strange depths of self truth. Nice and scary. 

This competition has unearthed many great works I had never read before. I am very impressed with everything posted here. It will now be put to a vote. I advise the people who vote to look at the ambiguous violence free entries more closely, as it was designed to be a competition to describe fear without talking about violence directly. But if the poem genuinely scared you with words alone it deserves acclaim. Thanks to everyone. I have been scared as I introduced my self to many poets on this site. really intense reading.   

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Twisted Dreamer
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Thanks to admin people who make it all possible

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