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FEAR...without violence

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Frozen Ground Beef

If you ain’t fucking or sucking
Then get the fuck outta here, honey
Understand, bitch
Society prevents my true nature
If I let it out
They’d put me in a cage for sure
So when you see me with a polite smile
That’s not blood on my shirt
That’s ketchup from Umami Burger
Yeah, I heard about that murdered girl
It’s a damn shame
Her head was in my deep-freeze
They found her torso and legs
In a shallow grave
On a vacant lot
In a rundown neighborhood
In the South Bay
The day
It was announced
I put the head in my incinerator
After I repeatedly violated it
Then I bleached all surfaces
Steam-cleaned the carpets and the furniture
And even polished the sterling silverware

I sat calmly in a folding chair
Drenched in sweat from strenuous effort
Sipping a vintage cabernet
Smoking a cigarette to keep me straight
Watching the local television station
They identified the victim from her DNA
Last seen in and around San Diego State
No evidence of foul play
Was found in her place
The police are baffled
But no one’s surprised
They aren’t as sharp as scalpels
But I am
I suddenly relax
Those clowns couldn’t find
A tree in a forest
Let alone any incriminating evidence

I check into a hotel for a few days
While I air out my place

I’m staring in the mirror sharpening a blade
My hair is wet and slicked back straight
I have a pore-defining mask upon my face
A cigarette smokes in the ashtray
Vodka on ice sits on the basin
Green tea is steaming on the mezzanine
As new age music streams from the TV
When I’m satisfied with its sharpness
I put the knife in its sheath
Sirens blare from the street below
The balcony window
I eat a maraschino cherry,
Sip the vodka, and take a drag
My passport and gun is in the bag
Although there is no record
Of us having known each other
I have accrued vacation days
That I’ll lose if I don’t take them
So I’m heading north
I’ll fly to Seattle
Then take a rental across the border
To my father’s farm
Where I’ll help him cut brush
Pick weeds
Water the hazel and walnut trees
Make various repairs, as needed
As mother prepares our meals
And I’ll make her laugh
With a couple of jokes I crack
Then head into town
For a couple of nights
And think about doing it
But quell the urge
By jacking off, repeatedly
When I return stateside
I check into a hotel in Reseda
Hole up, drinking bourbon
Eating meat lovers’ pizzas
And ordering a secession of bondage prostitutes
I don’t do it, although I wanted to
And of course I was never questioned
It became a cold case

So I sit here today
With the mask on my face
Sharpening the blade
Which I use to cut the burger in half
Medium rare
I like it like that
The canvas on the easel
Is painted completely black
I sign my name
In big white lettering
Right down the middle
My picture of the city
At long last is finished

Written by Taurek
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B. M. Franklin
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Fear As a Drug

I retreat to my tomb
where shadows can wrap around me
tight as anxiety
and whisper accusations
  and scrawl discouragement runes
          on these dreadful walls
dripping poison like
heroin needles
A drug shower on my skin
a tangle of veins in my bed
I'm its subject forever
I've overdosed on this dark hour
Doctor, I feel like a mummy
smothered by the terrors of this world
Written by DoomMantra (B. M. Franklin)
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Twisted Dreamer
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More fools comments

Things that visit the bed in the darkness, something instant, it evoked childhood fears for me. 

Mysterious fears emanate form this piece. intense images. 
 That was too much for me, I don't speak for anyone but myself. sorry if my comments offend you. I was fearful. The imagery was frightening. 
Wow that was tense, glad I got to the end. The fear you expressed felt incredibly real.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Working toward the peak of the valley
Even the summits view is ground level
The highs and lows still bear the weight of their own gravity

And what is it for, when to feather our nest
In turn is but a cushion in a graveyard
But our bodies know no comfort or pain
When we fall asleep for the last time
Yet what is passing away but waking up to the light of our truest day?

As we bask beneath the ray of a never ending sun
In a place where there are no shadows
Nothing to hide and nothing to fear
Fully exposed and developed to be displayed
What are we in the here an now but film strips in dark rooms
Waiting for the picture to come in more clearly as we fade

We are but shells learning to break
I want to bleed for more than gold when all it's worth is its weight in ashes
Oh the vanity, of our reputation and an expiring legacy
Every breath an investment in eternity
You tell me what I'm worth but I've been so prone to squander me

How is that time is as fragile as we we are, with limitations and expiration
No preservation in this world of decay
And yet our hope's hinge on the beauty of passing away

Here and now we reflect on the circumstances that surround
Drawing us back, our hearts lost and found
What side of the line do we land on
When willful distances obey the fear of touch
And our breath comes with a risk, the taint of death

Affection-less for the walls we construct within
Making there way to self exile and live outcast amidst our kin
Better off alone we are
But are we?
Dead when we live in isolation

As if walls are all we have in common
Fortified against strangers we assume a threat
Before the benefit of our doubts given
When believing the best is short sighted for the worst we see
Yet what is the worst in another but the same that is the monster of humanity

I've just as much the potential to be the carrier of what kills us
When sin makes cancer of the flesh
And we treat the cure like just another therapy

Tolerating the cause and the effect
Playing victim is playing dead when we don't know our authority
Outbreak both authored and extinguished by what's hanging on a tree
Whether the forbidden fruit or the Savior
Are we the heir of our own damnation or redemption's legacy?
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Twisted Dreamer
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A powerful dive into the unknown realms of darkness.

Fire of Insight
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Curse of Hammurabi

Intensity surrounds this place
Discomfort that I can’t define
An aura that is borne of hate
A loathsome, vile demonic shrine

Nefarious filth linger here
Where decent folk can’t bear to tread
I'm terrorized by coffin’s bier
Or, is that just a desk, instead?

An evil minion rooks my fate—
Invoking Curse of Hammurabi
Intimidating as I wait
In line here, in my bank branch lobby!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
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Waiting in the Dark

A green-eyed devil
waiting in the dark



I fear it
should I risk it?
could I stop it?
I fear it

I thought I saw
the shadow move
or did I?

The beast is ravenous
it hungers for what I love
I am powerless
to protect

I gather my resolve
this dark foe

Fear becomes unbearable
when fear becomes tedious
the attack will come
I know it

subtle sounds
of gathering doom

How can I keep that cat out of my ferns?

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Valeriya Long
Fire of Insight
United States
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Hypnoid Mortals Beyond Reproach


Graphic granite, ground into a fine
powder, mixed 1to1 with barium
 and fluoride.
Artesian well, from the bottom
of the L.A.river pre-packaged in
decaying plastic becomes our
 energy drink.

Injustice fed by piecemeal for the
followers,  desperate and hungry.
What have we become?
A collection of hypnoid mortals
 beyond reproach?
Ejected from our pattern,  thrown
 into preformed geometric shapes?
 Laying ourselves down on sheets
 of mica, our books no longer used,  stacked high as a nightstand beside
 our multidimensional mattress.

We sink into our psilocybin dreams  the sleeper, who cheapens reality,
by ripping dull  pages from glossy magazines, model lives leave no excuse,  to pay attention.

Deceived and dazzled we  build
 furrows with broken collarbone's
a garden for mother earth.
Rabbits and hares run screaming,
for Alice to rescue those who have fallen deep,  into the rabbit hole

Generations, their nescient behavior
ingrained,  has  produced scum covered fish eyes, that cast
a downward glance at poverty

While Farceur,  incessantly pens
 for the elite,  scheduling rehearsals
for the next disaster,  drawing out the next pawn,  in their game of life.
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
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Fire of Insight
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I Bid Thee Worship Me

I bid thee worship me, come eventide
When slumber’s gate hath closed on thine repose
The specter of dark pleasures there abide
Once stripped of inhibition, stark, exposed.
Like vapors, my seduction stirs, frustrates
To suffer in libido’s taunting throes
Until, to sleep, all soon capitulate
To drown as Stygian darkness doth enclose!
No mere mirage, I take thee as my thrall
A supplicant to power, dark and old
In love and fear, obey my pleasured call
Upon my scroll of slaves, be now enrolled!
I am Nyx! From Chaos, was I spawned!
I’ll fill your dreams with rapture, and beyond!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Author's Note
Nyx is the primordial deity of the night. In Greek mythology, she predates even the Titans.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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In The Darkest Corner

The air is growing thicker
with putrid intoxication
   ominous of the unseen visages coming alive
And here I lie awake
  in the darkest corner of this cave
    as festering maggots try to crawl into my eye
But I am
  more distraught and worried
    about the abomination that comes ahead
Born of wrath and rage
   like bastard pulsing afterbirth
    immersed in a rabid viscera bled and bred
I hear it faintly
  like gurgling needles from a jar
    regurgitating icy slivers and bloody shards  
it’s slowly approaching
  with dragging footsteps
     like emaciated dark figures without jaws
I can feel it
  like painful cloacal exstrophy
    seeping slowly from a hundred holes
I can sense it
  watching without eyelids
    hovering like dismembered pulsing souls
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Through this life cycle we will be face with so much depth and deepness, from living this life that at times it will have us feeling, like as though we are losing our minds along with our soul of souls. Yet as each day comes and we have to cross into an different dimension of a vision of thyself, even as the pain drags and digs deep within the subconsciousness of our inner thoughts that beats loud from our heart. Making the struggle seem so impossible as we have hit rock bottom with no way out of the darkness, but even though some of us have been here before and we survived the trip through the darkness of the storm. For there is always gonna be somethings in this life, that will either scare you and be beyond your control and much as we dont believe it. Everything happens for a reason for to truly understand how life, can send you down to your knees and make or break you, just hit rock bottom and lets see if you can survive for many of souls have became lost within the darkness from within the storm.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
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The power of nature forgotten            
A new god, we worship technology and innovation                
We are at the top of the universe                
Laughing in the face of what we used to believe                
Fearing nothing, supreme arrogance abounds                
Ignorance is bliss and everything is cured                
But stirring in the east                
A tall woman in a white dress                
Her face is pale and her hair disheveled                
And with a single kiss                
The world is frozen in fear                
Days, weeks, months, the pestilence grows                
And we caught the new plague                
The prey of this terrible affliction                
But we are the disease                
Sickness in our mind convinced we are supreme                
Still the future does not look so bright                
And our executioner does not discriminate                
She sees everyone the same                
And there is no way around it                
Breathe her deep into your lungs                
We are infected and no one can be protected                
Can you taste the blood                
This plague will take us all                
The politicians offering only lies                
Refined nonsense to calm the masses                
You know you cannot escape                
The flesh is tormented, this pain cannot be abated                
She is the evil of nature                
The most dangerous of all                
In broad daylight, death silently lurks                  
On the stone, glass, and in the air                
Spinning like a raven                
Collecting souls in your name, Chernobog                
As your dowry grows                
Bodies burned, an attempt to quiet your wrath                
The world lays in ruins                
While we scream in vain                  
The only vaccine is pain and loss, a wasteland                
No one in sight                
And once again we fear your name                
The virus deep inside              
Can you taste the blood                
You know there is no escape                
In suffocating captivity                
She places the crown upon your head                
Until the world bows and begs for your mercy
Written by NBathory (Natalia)
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Fire of Insight
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Author's Note: The Likhoradka is a female spirit in Slavic mythology that causes sickness. She is considered a creation of the dark god, Chernobog. (K)Corona in Spanish and Russian means crown. Placing the crown on your head is a dual reference to giving the virus to humanity and also crowning the Dark God as ruler of the world. This is based on a more apocalyptic view of a virus with origins explained in old mythology.

Twisted Dreamer
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Cryptic aggression, I feel it. 
Interesting and terrifying images - Tedious fear is very apt at the moment.  
Intense from beginning to end. 
This frightened me in ways I'm not sure about, it was without violence.  
Yep that's fear alright, stated well and it traps you.  
True words, and true feelings. 
Absolutely horrific stuff. 

This competition is filled with many great visions and takes on fear. My favorite is the poem by fromtheash. As I am still hanging on the words of altars in the dark. That is something I fear: some cult activity were I am to be sacrificed has to be the most scary thing on this list for me. However they are all really great works. No Bull. It will be put to a vote. Thanks to everyone who entered. Still a few days. 

Strange Creature
United States
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Hand before body
Make sure there is light
Head down
Body tense, fight or flight
Movement, peripheral
Eyes wide, skin pale
Nothing ethereal
This shiny glass
Source of my fear
Is it only in my head
Still I can see her leer
Written by Darkfae
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