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FEAR...without violence

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

any poems expressing fear without direct descriptions of horror.

We all get scared of things. I was thinking of the things we can't see, the things which lurk in our minds. Not Hollywood notions or even Stephen King, more Lovecraft  spooky, more Poe and Plath spooky. If anyone has any Gothic horror poems or poems about unseen fear new or old they will be put to public vote.

Lost Thinker
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Despicable deities dangerously disillusion disenchanted daughters, depicting delightful dreamlike destinations.  
Deceitfully decadent devils defiantly destroying desires daydreams.
Doom descends drearily draining decent drowsy drones, dismantling duty.
Egomaniacs enact equalities euthanasia, ensuring evils enriched.
Easily enticed enemies eagerly enraged, ensuring eutopia’s eradication.
Euphoria’s epitaph entails evils enterprise’s executive’s ecstasy.
Augmented alignments amass an alarming altruistic argument, alerting aware animals.
Angered adjudicators administer absolute atrocities, asphyxiating abstract alertness.
Archvillains awarded amnesty allows archetypal antagonists all-encompassing ambiguity.  
Take the Time to transcend temptation.
Tedious thoughts turn to tomorrows treason.
Tough truths talks testament.
Hells hate hinders hopeful horizons.
Hushed horrors happen hourly.
Hysteric hypnotized herds hinder helping hands, hence happily hell’s hounds howl.
Written by Xia
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Twisted Dreamer
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That was great. I would love to hear that live. It jumps from the page.

Dangerous Mind
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Women Scare Me

Don't get me wrong
No resentment here
I'm just easily terrified

It's almost as though
I forgot my gender
Just think of me

as neither....
Written by EdibleWords
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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My Queen of Pain

There lives a thing in me  
its proportions both great and small  
as it shifts intent  
yo-yoing menace towards safe grey convolutions  
swaying a nauseating tilt towards verge  

I catch myself
with sweaty grip on my being  
fighting like panting dogs  
a bent-knee posture  
…..my good will bowing to the un-willing  
and I know this thing would be my Queen of Pain  
her sovereign urge monstrous  
would seek to rule whole my rationale  
leaving ignorance in tyrannies wake  
there is bliss there and some warmth  
as it radiates from the glow of Lucifer's Halo  
….but I hang on like death  
to my railing of cold certainty  
hoping for the world  
I do not fall
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Cool sweat drips, collecting, dancing
to the pulse in a jugular notch.
Another night....    
Your distorted voice cuts through  
the humming spaces of creaky fan blades.  
My will fights the urge for clarity.  
Acknowledgement gives life to the unknown.      
A ‘gift’ that was given can never be returned,  
brought to the forefront to be admired  
by unseen eyes.  
An heirloom  
passed down, hidden  
within our blood, staining bone,  
scaring the soul.    
Maybe tomorrow  
you’ll find your way home.
Written by Bonzi
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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suspended emotion

like the steady trickle
wet splash slapping concrete
heard in darkness
near but still unseen
this menace approaches on stealthy feet
and I stare into the blackest silence
every hair on end
strapped to this altar
chill slowly settling in
what is that sound?
tapping softly against my mind
chipping away pieces
until I'm weak in every limb
time loses meaning
when nothing marks its fall
and I strain
pull against my restraints
scream into the empty hours
but make no sound at all
and still I wait

Copyright © 2017 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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Fire of Insight
United States
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After Life


One night I was awoken
Face to face
A paralyzing dream state
Many voices were spoken
Whispers beyond my space
Deftly wails escape their gate
Halo’s and horns
Wings and tails
Sorrowful mourns
Jubilated sails
Dead of night I float
Too traumatized to move
Crushing sensations birth my throat
A perfect demise sews its groove
No longer asleep
No longer awake
I spy the Shepard of my sheep
Amidst the great Serpent’s wake
My eyes play dead
They roll behind their curtain
Immoral haunted feelings spread
My soul has departed,
I’m certain
Slinky digits enclose to fists
Ghastly apparitions appear
Her face emerged upon clouds I kissed
Shattered trinkets
Oblivion sounds the gong of fear
Sparks of light
Then silenced night
Clash of titans
War songs heighten
I tremble at home
Why must I be their witness?
Have I not bared my sins alone?
Has my heart not ripened citrus?
I touch their presence
We fuse as one
My story peaks its sentence
This world’s a pun
My eyes they shine
Burning stars through darkened cloak
It’s not my time
The passing vivid dreams have spoke
I look up high
I look down low
Catching wind,
 I breathe a sigh
Forgive me Lord,
for I have sinned
Is this the after life I’ll know?


Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Consequences of Babylon

He gave self righteous testimony    
His fervered rise, climbed high above the consequences of Babylon    
"I command ye, to gaze apon the desolation of Set!"    
The shiny dimes of his eyes gleaned prophecy      
The good people had groped blasphemy like midnight lovers    
A metabolic tremble played a percussion of gnashing teeth    
Those who had kept hearts like lions    
Now sacrificed like lambs  
"Find us Lord! We are lost!"    
Came the desperate cries of grown men like children....    
"Take my baby! He is innocent!"    
Shouted frantic Mothers considering original sin    
His far gone look turned to a mountain    
The people saw their reflection in his crazed steely focus of iris    
Was this the perception of God?      
And what would become of them if they chose not to believe?      
They shuddered the repercussions     
And bowed down to serve
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
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Twisted Dreamer
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I am no expert of poetry or Fear. Here's a fools commentary. It will be going to a public vote so what I think doesn't matter.

That was clever, women scare me to, among other things. 

Some intense lines, "Lucifer's halo" makes me think of headline thrash metal and cheap beer, and more deeper things darker things I'd rather not say.
What harrowing mystery (no jest). I was scared and I wanted to read on.

 I asked for fear. And this got me. Images of wet dark tunnels was scary enough with out feet creeping and altars. Altars are never good in Lovecraft stories.
I felt something horrible was happening and I didn't really know what. frightening mysteries. 

Both your words and the image got me. I don't understand but I'm fearful. 

For me its between Bonzi and FromtheAsh - . But as I said, it isn't up to me, it's a DUP democracy.  
A BIG thank you to all who entered this competition. Plenty more time left.

Guardian of Shadows
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How Much Worse, Thy Fear?

See here, Olive, your
weather-worn monument, encased
you in a state of perpetual surprise—

Rains ate away
stony flesh
and I chided your expression, immortalized

It seemed you were
to realize death had come upon you;
sneak’d up and snatched
your life away
like tablecloths pulled effortlessly
from under their dinnerware.

Ah, but I comforted you
in verse
(though somewhat condescendingly….)

I never saw it coming, either
just like you
and your plastered, preserved
‘twas not for self, but
for I, who gave up on hearts
and shut mine down.

So touche, Olive—
you’ve called my bluff.

Smirk all you want
as I drown in thoughts of possibilities
and love.

What if I try it once more, and
still don’t get it right?

Then where will I be—like you?

That, my dear, is far more petrifying
than death and monsters.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Hallway doctors,
pure as angels,
white as chefs
peruse menus on
their exhaustion
mouthed in metric
from a
graveyard shift cuisine,
is measuring the flour,
cutting off
the surplus
with whispers,
to rules, to rules, to rules
that open hospital smocks
mockingly exposing
the cold leakage
of air and latex,
the way fatigue
fatally sets in
leaning against
sagging bilious walls,
bringing on
the droning buzz of
flickering fluorescent
screaming -
who is?
as a hypo
plunges deep
into a fat vein,
pliant & compliant,
to siphon me
the emptiness
outside the boxes
of my eyes
of infrared,
through layers of
dark matter
as a distant voice
is counting

I smell bread

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Fools comentary Continued

A pleasant descent into something very sinister.

I felt almost unable to finish reading this, it was close to home for me, and subtly terrifying.

Lost Thinker
United States
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Paranoia or Something else

What's more frightening than claws grinding on a
chalkboard or two knives dueling each other in
pitch dark? Noises heard under the bed and right
above your head. What's in here? You exhale.
Nothing speaks, but the dense atmosphere tells
a story of something indestructible and conniving.
Hello!! Imagine the invisible grin you will never see.

Amanda Kocz
Lost Thinker
United States
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I walk on foot to the demeanor of all existence. I lost a love and kept a friendship doesn't last forever, so many great ones lost along the way to go you spilled the coke in the dog dish upstairs in the coffee room where I live in fear of my own demise. Shaking and torn from the inside out I feel the burn of serious doubt-fullness in my presence under the trees it's time to be one of the reconciled demons that bring me to this wretched place of lies and deceit. Skin tearing at the seems like forever this day is going by myself I shall eat a bowl of squirmy wormies. The mind-boggling putred hate that strikes my titty hard-on is boiling my blood and frying my brain into a puddle of melted flesh eating fairies who float by on the rotating chairs of Taco Bell. I'm saddened by the thought of death and how it shall overcome me one day you will find among you one who suffered a tragic "condescending" loss of brain cells damaged from the marijuana smoke is great for the soul food....come on I got the munchies. You don't like me, you don't know me, WHY DO YOU JUDGE ME? My feelings are hurt. Deep into my pores the needles fall sinking further and further in my mind the evil takes over my body goes numb....the bodily fluids drain from my systematic metal self....?....what did I just say good-bye it's a lot easier that way leads to grandma's house we go around the world in less than a day to remember me when I die, I die, I'm dead, no more thoughts in my head. Impossible tasks cross my pathway to the door is open now the door is closed forever ending the story which is this.
Written by akocz (Amanda Kocz)
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