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Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Nasty Freak

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Poetry Contest

Who the freak of nature who can make there words cum and there poetry have a orgasm onto the page

You will be judge on the title of your poem
Your creativity
Your rhyme scheme
And how freaky you can get with your words

Thought Provoker
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Sex Masterpiece

Ignite the fire that create heat
Between our touch of our bodies
Painting vivid images of our nakedness
On a canvas creating art

The texture of your skin
Feel so soft and gentle
Kissing your body until I enter your abyss
Salt water in your sea
Taste so sweet like a debbie cake

Sex me like nobody else
Let me feel you on top of me
I love the way you get horny
Yes say my name
Like you want me
Who pussy is this
Kissing your abyss
Putting my meat between your buns
Now it time for lunch
Crunch and munch
On something good to eat
Like a treat acting out our fantasies
Bringing them to life
Breathing heavily moans and groans
Your gspot at the center of attention
As my pole persuade your lips
To enter you like a door
Now it time for the show to really begin
Sexing you like making love will never end
No more being friends
We are now lovers
Going into lovers land
Sexing you to make you understand nobody is better than the captain
The way I got you hook
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
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Twisted Dreamer
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Naughty lill Secret

When I think about you
I can’t help myself,
This desired urge I feel
to fuck myself,
God damn, you’re fine
can't stop myself
The body want what it wants
and nothing else,
So I find the means to
ease myself
gliding my fingers
deep inside
to please myself.
Written by ClassyBird (ClAsSyBiRdMeLlA)
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Lost Thinker
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had some Boudain now I go to the master blaster

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Pegging Him Please

Giving in,
It’s all she asked him when they first met,
So that night in a drunken stupor he completely succumbed
To all her fleshly desires without regret.
So then in a power switch
He became her bitch,
To her erotic fantasies when she made him lick her clit
Standing over him
While she wore her knee high boots,
As he bore the suffering from under her whip.
Then she blindfolded him,
Bound him,
Gagged him,
Made him get on the bed on his hands and knees,
Lashed and spanked his ass a couple of more times,
Until he started begging and pleading,
But she wouldn’t hear his pleas.
The tip of the whip caressed his anus and balls,
Giving him a sensation he never felt before,
Making him taut, anxious, bothered and hot,
That to his amazement he wanted more.
A couple of more smacks on the bottom
And he was ready to go,
As she tugged at his erection,
Humiliating him, all in the name of degradation,
And that seemed to excite him even more,
But then he heard the sound and felt her spit,
Lubricating his hear end as she slid a finger in,
Without warning
Or any show of affection,
He was there for her fancy and pleasure.

In the blindfold he was full of anticipation,
Excited for what would come next,
But then he heard the sound of rubber,
And that had him completely vexed,
She slipped on a strap-on,
Ready to mount him and pound him like a whore,
Impaling him and again without warning,
As he let out a whimper, a cry,
An expletive whine,
And then a little pleasing moan.

And a barrage of obscenities came from her mouth,
As she thrust her detachable penis into his rear,
Spanking and scratching his buttocks,
That his emotions swung between diversion and fear.
And she pounded with unwavering passion,
Relentless as if venting all her vexation,
Enjoying the sounds of his bitch like whimpers,
And still breathless she held his prostration.

As he grumbled low with exuberant gasps,
She slid and out so easy, deep and fast,
Feeling his wetness dripping down his taint,
To this throbbing erection that seemed to last.
She grabbed his waist and thrust hard,
Calling him names that turned up their fire,
To the point where his knees went weak collapsing
Shaking in delight all the while in a blissful dire.
She took the blindfold off wanting to see his eyes,
The expression of his utter and total surrender,
The threshold between pleasure and pain,
Master and slave,
The connection between them with the greatest of splendor.

She detached the detachable thing
Leaving it deep inside him, sturdy and stout,
“Now fuck me” she said with a great command,
“And don’t you dare let it out.”

He slid inside her, slowly at first,
The penetration from behind and in front,
Reaching his insides with a greater inclination,
That she moaned at the hardness inside her cunt.
And he thrust into her with a steady motion,
Feeling his insides with tight pressure,
Making him more rigid than ever before,
Bewildered by this new found pleasure.
“Fuck me harder” she whispered in his ear,
“Fuck me till you cum” she whimpered as well,
And he pushed and he plunged deeper into her,
Till they both felt their insides come to a swell.

And they came together in synchronicity,
In a rhythm that stopped time and space,
And basked in the afterglow of satisfied lust,
As they contently quivered and embraced.
Written by wallyroo92
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Francisco J Vera
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Animal love

Loves cross paths  
on Winter's eve  
When cold was blowing  
We stripped of all clothing  
To keep our warmth  
While we looked into our eyes  
Petals of roses we saw  
While animal instincts took over  
Our animal love is a blaze
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Down and Dirty Sex

Our love Blooms
In the wildfires
We are both hyponitize
By looking into:
Each other's Eyes
Wanting the passion
Of down and dirty sex
Sexual Congress
To which I say ye-haw!
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Scarlet Ribbons

Scarlet Ribbons
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Myself Included

I extend hand
and then
as I...…

Stroking praise into member
as my grind finds it's rhythm on the flex of mans leg

Hard musculature and its curve to my clit
its curve …
nnn, curve...
then I...

Bending head for sweet salt lick
and arch up with forward slide
my arrival greeted by thrust and impale

I do ask for more
and deeper
please more..
until I..

Increasing knead of breast
applying pressure with need to mans hands

I beg of slick fingers
some pain..
sweet Jesus..
must I...

Bribing release with masturbation
sticky hands leave desperations trails
circles wet round base of prick

And once filled I am thunderstruck
with pulse
and beats...



Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
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poet Anonymous

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My arms and legs are spread apart whilst laying on my back
I cannot breathe, I cannot scream and all I see is black
My sense of fear is all I hear as panic creeps inside
The silent screams within the dreams are mentally defiled.


I never wanted easy love, l balk at the divine
A love possessed it jumps off the cliff like demons in the swine
Rejection doesn’t hurt as much when you cannot define
Not everyone can manifest this type of star of mine.

You switch it off and switch it on.
Surrenders like a bottom drop
Masochist get all the fun
Watching her get off the top


Her body lays symmetrical spread on satin sheets
Stretched and hollow as I swallow excitement and conceit
There is no way to justify the presence of my pride
The craft is just so there I must set ego on its side.

You switch it off and switch it up
Surrenders like a bottom drop
Masochist get all the fun
Watching her get off the top


The other day I disobeyed, and thought that he’d forgot
At work he text tonight at 6 I knew that he had not
I need to learn a lesson and use the blessings he had brought
Because this slut, is in a rut, and Sir’s my only shot

 You switch it off and switch it on
 Surrenders like a bottom drop
 A Sadist watches all the fun
 Riding her, get off that top
 My masochist he turns and twists
 As pain highlights the checked off list
 She wants to come, Sir must resist
 She begs for Sir, He will subsist

 I remember my surrender


As frustrating as it can be his tapered edge was sound
He’s done with you, I lay askew, the silence so profound
I think it’s time to take what’s mine, as the closures all sink in
My soul is free not even He can hold down what begins


It’s bittersweet to walk away, quiescent spoken words
The blessings leave reminders for the things she learned and heard
I walk away after today, she knows that it is time
The fire that’s inside her, released her heart and mine.

You switch it off and switch it on
 Surrenders as the bottom drop
A Sadist watches all the fun
Riding her, get off that top
My masochist he turns and twists
As pain highlights the checked off list  
Your souls on fire, my hearts desire
Surrenders freedom that i admire

bydk 11/22/17



Written by bydk
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She asks "Can you feel me...?"  
"As if you were here with me"  
I, with exultation, reply  
Electricity courses through my body  
as my fingers dance  
with the silky tendrils, live-wires  
on the nape of your neck  
Seduced by your magnetic,  
needing, wanting,  
unconditionally accepting gaze  
eliciting a smile, a joyful tear  
Your breath  
warm on my face  
familiar,comforting scent  
presages the vibration  
of your voice  
magnificent sultriness  
Your succulent lips  
fuse with mine  
as if never to be separated  
our tongues colliding  
by the candlelight  
reflected off the smooth round  
of your glorious shoulders  
where my lips linger  
pressed against  
their polished ebony surface  
Like a voracious beast  
I attack your breasts  
hiding my hands  
beneath their sweat moistened  
lifting them to suckle  
each rock-hard ruby nipple  
Grabbing you  
in a kissing embrace  
my hands travel the length  
of your back  
coming to rest on your curvaceous hips  
moving down your crevice  
to cradle your round, breathtaking bottom
waves of euphoria roll over me  
as I feel your heat  
I crumple to my knees  
spreading your thighs  
my fingers unwrap  
your humid,  
heavenly musk-scented  
chocolate box  
the hard tip of my tongue  
probes and discovers  
your fuchsia hood  
and hungrily licks  
your priceless pearl  
Penetrating your humidity  
with my blushing rigidity  
your welcoming tightening  
invites me to stay  
play a while  
until with shuddering ecstasy  
my cream explodes forth  
to mix with your sweet honey  
Oh yes, I can feel you  
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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jade tiger
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Related submission no longer exists.

jade tiger
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Related submission no longer exists.

Strange Creature
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Love it!

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