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Poetry competition CLOSED 3rd March 2020 6:48pm
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RUNNERS-UP: Jade-Pandora and Blackwolf


The killing floor

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Poetry Contest

write a poem using a visceral description of murder

Please limit poetry to approximately 250 words
I would like to see, feel, taste, and touch the act of murder without influence of mass human intellect or morality
this piece might feel primal or perhaps sociopathic

please title your piece
one week
please submit new poetry

White letting

White Letting

Because it is night
And dark breeds darkness
In my inky depths others name soul

I travel the fringe
Of inhumanity
Where the second hand suits of the hoi palloi
Hang off slumped slum dog shoulders
The filth collected there
Only just holds their bony spines erect
And I hunt my midnight snack

The white lace of my dress sweeps the rotten stink
Of come hallowed grounds
Its swoosh swoosh echoing the flow of blood in my veins to black heart

My black of iris constricts as the fear in their eyes catch my privilege
Of all the nerve. ...
Dirt on my white hem

Heads turn like sprung dials of broken clocks
Hands in permanent grip on 12
Grimaces on faces squeeze out futile screams
As my right hand
With easy flick of the wrist delivers quick hard twist
And my left hand unleashes my feast

Hatchet hits bone in a bloody festival
Its sick thud sounding my Eucharist of the unholy
Unwashed unwanted

I hear the Priests of my youth whispering ...
Blood of Christ
Body of Christ

It is as should be done

Their good riddance spatters my white dress crimson
I lick my lips of their distaste
And grin
One gone and 2 to go.....
My belly so full
Of forgotten souls

And I edge closer to salvation

Tyrant of Words
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Bedside Homicide

A Mental Bent All Frame Of Thought
Wrought Of Iron Rusted Red Blood  
Upon A Bed Found Wanting Dead
And Lacking The Spoken Words Said
Lips Cracking With Nerve Wracking
Guttural Speech Beyond The Reach  
Of Understanding Still Demanding
And Heard As Human Heart Beseeched
As Eyes Veiled Thin Within Face Paled  
Perceived The Sin Of Skin Hard Nailed
To Frame Impaled Yet Mind Unassailed
With Guilt Of What Spilt As Voice Did Wail
Torn Asunder In Darkened Wonder Flesh
Once Warm And Soft To The Touch Presents
Without Relent An Image Death's Privilege
Hands On Silent Chest In Prayerful Clutch
Raven's Craw Calls Through Window Dim  
As Morrigan's Threesome Shadow Within
Casts Upon Corpse Long Rigid Composed
Done With It's Dance In Midst Of Death Throes
Done With What Sad Life It Had In This Realm  
Sensate And Living Now Ghostly Overwhelmed
I Raise Black Handle Knife And Lick Silver Blade
And Sing My Dark Dirge As Thru Room Now Light Fades
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Deaths Sting

Death where is your sting?
That rages against my soul,
There is no joy; life can bring,
Or vengeance, if truth be told.

Stop Your rage against me now,
Loose the arrows of fire within,
Set the chains, break them now,
Let my life at last begin.

Rage against the machine,
Rage against the injustice,
Against this tranquil scene,
My lives to dust.

I am not the man I use to be
One who lurks in the shadows
Waiting for that one to be
Falling foul of a Nations vow.

What do you see when you look at me,
The man with a gun pointing at you,
Or do you know a man now full and free
Of chains that are gone a heart brand new.

Now sitting on my Father's lap
Resting quietly in His arms,

Written by Silverotter65 (Drew1103)
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Dangerous Mind
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More Than He Deserved

i caught him
breaking in
through the
basement window

no embarrassment
no apology

instead anger

the motherfucker
needed to be dead
more than he
deserved to be alive

he belittled my faith
disrespected my culture
violated my security
threatened my family
threatened my life

so i looked him in the eyes
put my hands around his throat
and squeezed
barely aware of his struggle

when it was over
i was disgusted
by the stench
of his shit and piss

as nasty in death as he was in life

needed to be dead
more than he deserved

i slit his throat
like a slaughtered pig

the abstract ness
of blood saturated sand

as i
cut the body
into parcels

because it would set back
the days work
by an hour or two
what a waste

needed to be dead
more than he deserved

hauled the mess
 to the desert
dug a hole threw him in
piece by bloody piece

the coyotes
and ravens will feast

whatís left
will rot into compost
nourish the plants

more productive
in death

the motherfucker
needed to be dead
more than he
deserved to be alive
Written by Kinkpoet
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Fire of Insight
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Goodbye, Love

my mind was always turbulent
one mood lower than the last
propelled into the sky
euphoric again
my mind is like a record
softly turning in tune
i remembered the scratches
that distorted the sound
my flaws from within, perhaps even morbid
this i knew

his face struck me different, this time
alone in the darkness
tangled bedsheets
warm breath and distant chimes
wide awake i was
my turntable was working
so our marriage plays

the song begins with us
dancing in the light of the moon
happy and so in love
nothing but bliss and nostalgic memories
the song seemed perfect
until that little mistake
distorting the words
corrupting my psyche

red, jealousy, anger
all the wrong things i could possibly dream
awakening inside
this was the other side of me
did i skip my medication?
whatever, itís happening

turning to his innocent slumber
i paused at the sight
his last memory would be a severed knife
laying in sheets no longer white
a gentle kiss was laid upon his ivory cheek
ďgoodbye loveĒ
this was me
couldnít hear the wind, or the chimes
the vinyl was killed
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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jade tiger
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HERE🧠  (visceral revisited)

††† †
I shiver with a fever. † †  
The deep-throated sound † † †
of drones menace † † †
as they hover near a sickbed. † †  
† † †
Itís gonna be a long one, † †  
I canít tell. † †  
I close my eyes, but † † †
thereís no chance to sleep. † †  
† † †
And itís like Iím not here † †  
as I sit up, groggy and cold, † †  
while flames † † †
leap from my head. † †  
† † †
Hospital socks on my feet. † †  
The nightshirt clings, † †  
anonymously, † †  
and the IV drip runs dry. † †  
† † †
Every inch my body aches. † †  
What have they done, † †  
what torture awaits † †  
and why am I so afraid? † †  
† † †
Than ever Iíve known, † †  
Itís darker in this hall of night † †  
and blood glows, † †  
showing me the way. † †  
† † †
I hear a child crying † †  
and an old woman wailing; † †  
they both sound like me! † †  
I stand, quaking, petrified. † †  
† † †
Iron filings fall out my nose. † †  
A sight in the lunchroom † †  
cannibalizes why † †  
as his dull eyes stare at me. † †  
† † †
But itís like Iím not here † †  
as the night guard † † †
holds in his gut, † †  
the rest hangs to the floor. † †  
† † †
† † †
† † †
Where it started:† † †
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Thank you all for your amazing entries!
Very excited to read more.

Tyrant of Words
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I ponder on those who fought and lost the fight
If they were loved or were given a name
I wonder if the echoes I once heard
Were the prayers and supplications
The cries of desolation
From the barren wombs
He fucked you so good and hard, you both came
And went
Your separate ways, on about your lives
It was great sex
But then you forgot
About natureís little special effect
Now you look at the choices
And make a decision
But thatís OK, I donít get a vote
After all Iím not a person, so they say
So other than that, who gives a fuck
I wonder if it hurts you when they stick
That tube deep inside of you
Unlike the dick you took
But this time
Like house chores
They vacuum me through some fetal like straw
Draw out the life out because
I donít stand a chance
That needle is sharp going right through my brain
The pulse in every vein that was ceases to be
The pain is very hard to for me to explain
Then again, thatís the way it came to be
Look at me, Iím a mess
Maybe you can't tell by the horror
In my facial expression
Unless they tore out my face
Had they waited
It wouldíve been more fucked up
I wouldíve resembled one of you
Maybe theyíll burn me up or grind me down
Or feed to me to the wolves for a good cause
Iíll be on display to distort an image
A freak show or a lab?
Who knows?
It all seems like a mirage
Whatís that I smell?
Is it hell or formalin?
So I donít judge you
You had your reasons
In the meantime Iíll be here
Quartered and fragmented
For who knows what
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
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Serial Killer

Chained in my basement  
Theyíre rattling around  
How I love when they struggle  
I savour their fearful sound
I slowly walk down the stairs  
The steps creaking underneath me
I meet their gaze, their eyes filled with despair  
Meet, meat,
Their flesh is just a piece of meat  
And Iím ready to start carving  
They scurry to the corners  
Pulling their chains taught  
I hold a blade tight  
I toss is from my left hand to my right  
Every step makes them tremble  
Their complexions are drained and white  
Oh, weíre going to have some fun tonight
Written by Heart_symphony
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Guardian of Shadows
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Murder first degree

His smile radiant as the sun
His eyes blue like the eastern sky
His caress, heat of pleasure
against my skin
loving him, a vocation
serving him, a need
being with him a desire
loving him was my fire
stoked by needs
blown by passion

His love overflowed
from me to her
a woman so fair
I paled to the wall
non-entity personified
she took over
and rode him
like a stallion in vast fields
where lusts surmounted

The knife I weld
I did not feel
slashing his pretty face
and then his whore
still astride his lower body
I slashed and gored
and their innards poured
splashing into one another
crimson blood they splattered
all over the walls and floor

When at last I was done
they lay entangled in a ruin
where limbs of which and whom
were unknown
so mixed were theyÖ.
the glorious feel of vengeance
made me scream in delight
as I dance upon their flesh
under my feet they were at last
laying in pieces of defeat.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
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Just wonderful, keep them coming!

Twisted Dreamer
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He stepped in    
get himself a weapon  
If he left with nothing
except him †  
his mind is an exception † †  
Itís all he has †  
Nobody really accepts him †
Left out the door †  
AR on the car floor †  
Farmed up ammunition on a mission †
In the sticks shooting targets and practicing  
He Wants to find out †  
whoís a good Christian †  
Whoís prepared or acting †  
is their Religion lacking †  
faith commitment and action †
why are they alarmed panicked †  
Itís just a gun please stop running †  
ears ringing from the shots echoing †  
using a weapon ill answer your question †  
Every bullet that rips and tears through †  
Bleeds out your answers of †  
whoís a good Christian †  
Whoís going to heaven †
With the sins within Iíll find †
Insanity inside you and me †
All Hope hides and flees †  
Iíll let you see † †
Whoís a good Christian †  
Do you know the end, †  
what do you believe †  
Whatíll conceive †  
using a weapon Iíll help you leave, †  
Hope for gods blessing †  
Maybe Heíll Step in †  
And gates open for free
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Thank you for all these awrsome entries.
Wallyroo92 I hadn't anticipated this perspective, and I dig the outcome so much.
Jade, your writing is  uniquely visceral, I've always appreciated this about you.
Blackwolf, I thought you wrote with a rhythm that had reflections of life draining, very cool.

See you again soon

jade tiger
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Thank you so much, Jen, for hosting this excellently-themed competition. I enjoyed the immersion. And welcome back home, Poetess!

And my enthusiastic congratulation to my brothers: BlackWolf as a runner-up, and Wally for winning the cup!  Itís raining men of talent!

All the best to everyone!👍🏻👏🏻👌🏻

Tyrant of Words
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OMG, this caught me by surprise.
First, let me congratulations BlackWolf and Ms. Jade on runner ups. It's always a joy to see so many talented writers and entries. My sincere thanks to our host Jennifer, it was an interesting competition and I thought I'd take a slightly different approach to it.

Cheers everyone, and be safe out there!

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