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Jingle Tingle

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Endorse a product or person with a short Jingle.
Some might consider this genre poetry not to be poetry at all.  But if they do, they're not aware of the millions some writers have made made scribbling out a quick wit verse.  So, make poetry pay again.  Write it your way.   So, snap crackle pop and just do it!I

And remember; advertisers and campaign managers may be watching.

poet Anonymous

Papa John's Pizza jingle 😄

(Papa Don't Preach tune) just a silly song I made up, I don't even like pizza haha

Papa John's Pizza
Is what I wanna eat
Papa John's Pizza
Give me a crust that's deep

And I've made up my mind
I want pepperoni, Oo Oooo
I want a pepperoni Ooooo
poet Anonymous

Sunny Hunny

Take a walk to  
Sunny Hunny  
Bring a beach mat  
And a pocket of money  

Sing a song in  
karaoke bars  
Beer on tap  
Filling empty jars  

Run along the sand  
With your favorite pal  
Hand in hand  
Along the mal  
Eat ice cream  
Your bestest treat  
Smile and talk to  
The people you'll meet  
Slide the slide  
Ride the loop  
Win a prize  
Throwing a hoop  
Watch the sun  
As it sets on the shore  
Calming waters  
At the end of your tour  
A day to refill  
An empty soul  
When life is hurting  
Taking its tole  
Don't forget to  
visit the joke shop  
It's funny!
Leaving with smiles and  
Love for, Sunny Hunny.
poet Anonymous

Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill
Buffalo Grill
Try a meat pie
Try a whole Cow!
You can eat what you want
You don't have to share
At Buffalo, Buffalo
Buffalo Grill, yeah!!
poet Anonymous

A bit of a morbid one, but I'll withdraw it, if not ok:

Diamond Princess
(to the tune of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”)

Picture yourself on a boat with Corona;
despite what they tell you,
it’s nothing but lies.

Somebody spread germs
from raw food from bats
and scaled lizard creatures—
(it should have been fried.)

Virus on the seas, with Diamond
Virus on the seas, with Diamond…

Come join the party,
your hazmat suit waits,
we’ve not left the dock,
we’re all quarantined lives.

Virus on the seas, with Diamond
Virus on the seas, with Diamond…

poet Anonymous

Licking The Creamy Sweetness of Baskins-Robbins

Licking The Creamy Sweetness of Baskins-Robbins
poet Anonymous

Hershey bar

On the tube, in the street
take a moment, break a piece
Taste the poetry of that delight
where chocolate drips, line every bite

Close yor eyes and let it seep
raise that bar of comfort sweet

Hook repeat

Hershey's make your senses swim
from the seed the angels planted
Secrets out when they see that Yum-Yum grin
The taste that every child and adult wanted
poet Anonymous


A jingle for Nudist Holidays Inc

On our beaches completely bare,
Free your body of all care
Discard your clothes, do not scare.

Let the air bathe your body,
Nudity is not naughty;
Perfectly natural and never bawdy.

From your cares you'll be detached,
Uninhibited free and relaxed,
Whether you're hairy or waxed.

A week with us and you'll agree
Body shape is not the key
Without clothes you are care-free
poet Anonymous

Advertising Pays

2 jingles advertising 'Whores Galore'
Our bodies are for Hire
Tell us what you aspire
We'll do  our best to fulfill
And hope you all have a thrill
Come in and sample what we offer
Which part of me should I proffer
You may just want a simple bang
Or the services of the gang.
poet Anonymous

Alien Cathouse

need to let go?

with an alien just what you’re
looking for

don’t beat your meat
pick a suite
The Holodeck
Atlantis Fantasy
or if your really adventurous
The Abduction and Probing Room

trumps wall
can’t stop you
fly right over

come in for a nip
we’ll go on a trip
around the world
or the solar system

Right next to the
Area 51 Alien Cafe
on highway 95

don’t delay
you can pay

we proudly accept:
cash, visa, mc, amex
bitcoin, galaxy credit
poet Anonymous

Candy Crush

Roll over coca cola
Wanna show ya how
I motor  
Root beer n  
Shedding a tear  
Huckle berry cherryade  
Flashy colors masquerade  
Take me to bubblegum town  
Take a hit n float around  
Dr P and his sugar hit  
Hold on tight cus  
My fires lit  
Syrup n honey that's my    
Don't wait up n  
See ya later  
We're groovin'  
Fruitin' n tootin'  
Lick my lollipop  
In for a shootin'  
In sugar town  
That's my style  
Off my trolley in  
The sweet isle  
Now I'm trippin' for  
That chocolate treat  
Talk real nice to  
Keep me sweet  
Lay me to rest  
With a biscuit basket  
Lower me down to  
A candy casket  
I'll leave this place  
With a coke filled can  
To keep me sweet  
Before I meet the main man.
poet Anonymous

Oh Henry Chocolate Bar

Oh Henry,  
I'm lost for words.
Your sweet smooth skin
melt against my tongue,  
pleasures my mouth  
savory and sweet,  
Your caramel satisfies my appetite  
oh how I enjoy sucking your nuts,  
makes me close my eyes    
as your chocolate larva  
seeps down my throat  
pasting my esophagus  
with that molten rich cocoa  
leaves me speechless,  
"Oh Henry!!!"
poet Anonymous

Elect Kinect As A Detector Invention !

We Resurrect Kinect To Detect The Body Erect

With A No Redemption Exemption Concession !

We Guarantee The Secrecy Of Any Declension ,

And Utilize Systems Biology To Set Free Ascension !

And We Can Not Forget Lest We Regret To Mention ,

We Have Methodologies To Extend The Distention

Elect Kinect As Your Prime Mover Invention !
poet Anonymous

Legalization Leads To Advertization

Never Fear Our Bud Will Make You Wiser Than Any Beer !
Our Business Is Sealed With A Kiss Of Cannabis !
Kill The Pain That Fakes You Makes You Insane In The Brain !
No Smoke Screen Just Scene Green !
poet Anonymous

Burma Shave #2 The Perfect Squelch

Driving downtown...
        Late at night...  
She stopped and waited...  
        At the light...  
Feller run out...  
        Trenchcoat flashed...  
 She looked...  
         She laughed...  
His hopes were dashed!              
         ¡Burma Shave!
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