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Heartbreak, depression, anger and all that good stuff

Tim Kitchen
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Joined 17th Feb 2020
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Keep Loveís Candle Burning

Keep Loveís Candle Burning

Someone has left you there all alone
doesnít even bother to pick up the phone.
No more cosy evenings in any more
and no one to welcome you at your door.
But you can find a way to get through
so donít let loveís candle burn out on you.

Itís hard to face the future with a broken heart
but youíll move on when youíre ready to start.
Life will slowly get better, as time goes by
and you can get through this, you just have to try
You can find love again, you know that itís true
so donít let loveís candle burn out on you.

I know sometimes you just want to sit down and cry
thinking no one understands how you feel and why.
We all know you have a lot of love to share
and there will be someone for you out there.
So weíll all just keep on loving you like we do
but donít let loveís candle burn out on you.
Written by timkit (Tim Kitchen)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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A hungry fade of salvation

"I am only bones here"
He said
Through clinched teeth that rattled loud percussion    
A knock and groan escaped alabaster jaw with each sad syllable uttered †
And created in whine and four four time †  
My new ache and heartbeat †
His kind of skinny you might imagine †
Hanging in angles beneath hollow eyes †  
That stared out with haunting apathy †
Through the ironworks of Auschwitz †  
Seeing oblivion in their segregate from humanity †  
There was similar distance †between the World at large †
Its conscience and collective heart †
And his dark soul †  
I longed to heal him †
To fatten his skeletal state of lost self †
With tender morsals of soft touch †
Attempted to chart him a better destiny †
A steller map of loving fate †  
That shined †by his reflection held †
In the gleam of my eye †
But the futility of it all settled on my aspect †  
And i learned to mourn the dying †
As i stared into the black †sockets †
That were once the hopeful eyes †  
Of man
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Mourning Sundays

Sunday mornings are the hardest.  

Like today. I was doing fine. I got my own coffee going-albeit lacking the French touch you would bring.  
Hit play on that Acoustic Sunday Mornings mix.
Lit a fire in the chimneyósame one we always meant to get swept
when we were we.  

I stepped out under the crisp winter air to scoop up the New York Timesó  
I still think of you † †every   †single † † time.  
One hundred Sundays and counting  
of a little bend and break.  

As I always did (remember?), I first gravitate towards the magazine, seeking inspiration from this weekís poet. †
First page opened reveals a happy couple. †
Dressed like us. †Traveling like us.  

ĎUnexpected Italyí it heralds, along with a less unexpected longing in my womb.  
The same one you used to inhabit.  
The very space you failed to hold sacred.  

On morns like this, I mourn the (al)most.  
Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Trying to enter a poem, but won't let me select.

Twisted Dreamer
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the emptiness

the emptiness is like a rainstorm  
it violently pours down
soaking my clothes  
chilling me to the bone
the emptiness is like a dark night
desolate streets
with one lamp post flicking  
illuminating vacant pavement  
the emptiness is like a cage  
trapping me in my own torment
i stick my arm through the bars  
clawing for freedom
the emptiness is like nothing
itís the absence  
itís the unnatural loneliness  
itís the null thudding
itís the quiver in my voice  
itís the voidness behind my eyes
itís painted behind my smile
itís the truth in all the lies
Written by Heart_symphony
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 21st Feb 2020
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human kind be both

human kind - be both
There was another suicide

Gossip flew the other day

Heartaches created by pride

Lives are shattered this way

In a moment of desperation

Thoughts at last are selfish

Anguish turned to devastation

Leaving others to wish

They had or had not said

What could they have done?

Different now one is dead

Guilt falls down on one

The struggle to live

A new life begins

Learning to forgive

Only the blameless wins

Many people want to die

Or do not care if they do

The flesh is weak it will lie

The spirit calls to you

Trust will take a long time

Listen quietly to the still small voice

Then begin the awesome climb

From darkness to light we have a choice
Written by mmmalise
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Lost Thinker
United States
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I feel......

I feel abandoned and
misunderstood at times.
Nothing but an honest heart,
as I sit down to write these rhymes.
Opening up to release these burdens, the ones that have left a stain.
Before the sadness turns me to stone, I need something to dull this deep pain.

The stress of this life is getting too real, my words can't even set me free.
I used to think I was so strong.
stronger than these demons that haunt me.
Each day is a struggle to carry on,
the pressure is getting harder to bare.
The weight of the world on my shoulders,no end in sight , it's not fair.

In the past I scattered my damaged emotions, like ashes of wisdom on the paper to heal.
Now I just avoid writing,
so I don't have to face how I feel.
Always feeling like some part of me is missing, a hole in my chest where the bullet shot straight through.
just trying to ignore the damage,
afraid of what feeling the hurt might do.

I try so hard to have faith and hope; they say "God won't give you more than you can take."
So why won't this madness stop invading my soul, I've been through enough for heavens sake.
Is this how my life ends,
ls this my final call?
I always imagined a fairytale,
well that's not my life at all.

I Can see myself going under, drowning in my own tears.
No one is rushing to save me, thats one of my biggest fears.
My days are suffocating, I can't breathe, I'm hanging on but just by a thread.
I pray this devastating depression will lift, so I can have peace when I lay down my head.
Written by Bluelulu
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The Man in the Photograph

The safety razor is now unsafe
Blood and evil spills from cuts
A short respite from the misery

I reopen old wounds cutting scars
Recarving your initials on my arm
Pointless - you are never coming back

Despite this realisation a flame burns
Despite the truth, I am undone
Despite the isolation, I still cut

It's in love that I cut
A razored tattoo tribute to you
Despite the fact, you don't care

One who is practised in cutting
Is only a few steps away
From making the ultimate razored sacrifice

I consider suicide by bleeding out
So far no quite brave enough
However, practice leads to ultimate perfection

Question: Who will attend my funeral
Who will weep at the gravesite
The one that I love: Missing

A deep forest is my place
I will become one with nature
I will bleed out tree hugging

My blood will feed an Oak
My spirit will meld with it
Tree's spirit and I are one

Crows, vultures, owls, and forest creatures
Will gain sustenance from my flesh
They will taste real love devouring

I sacrifice this love I have
Such a pure love rejected wholeheartedly
By somebody that should've known better

May my bones, now picked clean
Pay a tribute to real love
Never once experienced but freely given

Being so alone in the darkness
No one to hold or love
A matter of time death sentence

Despite what I try to manifest
I've only a few loving friends
Hope they'll understand it wasn't enough

The safety razor broken for you
Drink my blood eat my flesh
Do this in remembrance of me

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Bury Me Alive

My life is now forfeit
Benign of any existence
An unholy vessel gone morbid
Rapidly retarding at the account of her distance
Rabid paranoia
Engross my brain
Her and I were earthís only sequoia
Embalmed through the ashes of deaths domain
We lived a thousand lives
And died ten thousand deaths
She was the first of my wives
The only one to sustain my breaths
I was her ruler
The right hand of Satan
Left hand of Godís skewer
Two pagan deities forsaken
Our love was the epitome of evil
Transposed through light and dark
Powerless to delay her reprieval
My depression abides upon a lark
They shall suffer
Their souls shall burn
All firstborn of their mother
Shall evermore endure my spurn
Their ovaries and fallopian tubes
Testicles and sperm
Will succumb my curses rues
Until the day that I return
Their crops shall wither
And bare bitter fruit
Their livestock birth still litter
You shall know wickedness at its root
The sun shall bleed
The moon will cry
This is decreed
As the ravens flock the sky
You stole her essence
You raped her pride
Now reap my presence
As you bury me alive

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I am constantly plagued
From a disease of emotions
My life of love is slayed
Swallowed whole within her oceans
Iím severed from the helm
In which my heart wishes to reside
Lost to perish in her realm
I search my abyss for a place to hide
Inwardly scarred with arrows
I hold my face upon my cupid
Slandering curses amidst the gallows
In a native tongue forever lucid
Torn apart to serve her war
Burning bridges that lead to hope
Immortal wings spread out and soar
Abandonment is how I cope
Hardened vessel but hollow shell
Trudge along the road of peril
Loneliness is where I dwell
Masquerading a covet feral
Bound by lust about her beauty
Swept away and forced to view
Exiled to rot by sacred duty
A failed attempt to penetrate through
Now all I have to answer for
Is past regrets that eats me savage
Isolation bars the door
Eternally doomed to bear this baggage


Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 18th Sep 2018
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The letter she left was read
Purposely left on the bed
My soul mourned over what was said
My casket envisioned, my life is dead
Her lustful affairs swim around my head
Tear ducts run swollen as they bled
Why she didn't just tell me instead
My heart torn out, with shrieks to shred
She coerced me straight to her thread
A pot full of false utopia was fed
My flesh cinders her memories with dread
How could I have been so misled
My blouse now dripping wet with red
The keeper's scythe, my shell was lead
Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 18th Sep 2018
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Smothered Silence

Filtered hues of shady grey
Seep through my fog like invading clay
Newborn aliens covet me across the moons array
Under subjective orders to expose my decay

Exasperated crosses proliferate my soil
Blasphemed with names to tattoo my turmoil
Some are blessed holy designed for my spoil
Where others are desecrated to incur my boil

My residents lay slumber
embalmed in their waste
 Silent cries are immortal psalms
extricating my smothered face

From dusk till dawn
Iím feared by most
The wicked are drawn
To my unholy ghosts

My flesh is hollow yet firm against the rain
Garnished with flowers to commemorate their pain
Anguish and sorrow remind me of the slain
Their afterlife is woven to the heart of my vein

My hunger branches out as far as the view
My stomach extracts itself for your debut
Choking the night with my sporadic residue
Awaiting to lay claim your smothered silence too

Written by Sex_on_the_Joe (Joe-D)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 3rd Dec 2018
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the persistence of loss

I can resist
the fear of love
pent up
ave restlessness like moths,

enlightening me
with stains
of non-being
despite my dreams.

the loss drags on
with quaint wings
of fleshless flies,

quavered echoes
wincing and cringing
day and night

flaunts concealment;
shaded tears
shedding surprises.

the persistence of love is ours
to lose. what makes you think
I want to share
the heartache too?

bydk 08/24/19
Written by bydk
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Back here

Iím back, in these, 4 walls  
Before I left, there was paint,  
that covered them all,  
it seems every-thing
Thatís bright,  
Just fades and dulls,
I had it all,  
Now itís faded and dulled
Donít worry because  
Iím here with the alcohol  
Iím here with the drugs  
Iím here with everyone  
That Iíll never love
Theyíre what I needed  
I donít want to need them again
Youíre all Iíll ever see no end  
Canít hear your voice begin  
Or Iíll start remembering  
And lose myself letting you in  
Iím back, broken down,  
The Walls vanish,  
so empty and okay with all of this  
the help I turned down  
Words never heard,  
They echo off the walls  
Its all I hear now  
It seems everything thatís bright,  
Fades and dulls
Like these 4 walls that surround  
Everywhere I look consumes And reflects
I was bright  
here with the alcohol  
Iím here with the drugs  
Iím here with everyone  
That Iíll never love
Theyíre what I needed  
I donít want to need them again
Youíre all Iíll ever see theres no end  
Canít hear your voice begin  
Or Iíll start remembering  
And lose myself letting you in  
Now I canít keep staring,  
at all the white  
Iíll go blind stumble and fall
I had it all, I had it all  
Now Iím faded and dull
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Thought Provoker
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Joined 10th Dec 2019
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All I can Take

Hands begin to shake
Eyes squinting, face flushing red
Enough is enough
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
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