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Heartbreak, depression, anger and all that good stuff

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Poems, quotes, songs, anything as long as it's sad

Lost Thinker
United States
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Below the Low

It's going to be a different day
Maybe even a good one
Listening to the radio
"This is the day, your life will surely change"
I feel so torn since I was born
Life is easy when you set your death point by your own theory
I'm wondering how many layers are there in depression
As I look to the window
Hearing Christine sing to Eric
Daydreaming of going away in a three mast ship
In a blink of an eye I could cross the threshold
My intriguing scene shakes me
Below the low
here it comes
Sinking oh no not again
God help me in my need to feel complete
Playing with diamond cards
But the joker always knows whats on your mind
Voilins are playing in my darkest hour
And the sweetest melody I hear is from the musical figurine
that plays on...
Written by MichelleBarulich
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Strange Creature
United States
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Cold Eyes

ďIím so sick of being attached to people who obviously donít give a fuck about meĒ
But you didnít bother to correct me Cold Eyes choking me by the smoke of your cigarette that i pretend i donít mind

And then i was gone in the labyrinth of my ribcage  
chewing on the bars ripping out innards ravenous abandonment  
rejection throwing haphazard bones onto your living room floor  
The child i was feraled from her dwelling  
A heathen cured in bile the parasite leaching her way into control
Retching all the way up my throat to the bar lights deadlights
And then we were back sans esophagus

The cigarette she bummed scorpioned my lungs
And i pretend i donít mind and Cold Eyes says ó
Written by ShaleeSue (Shalee)
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
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Do you remember me
The lonely one in the corner
Always on the outskirts
Never quite fitting in
Just a little awkward

Do you remember me
There but not there
A footnote in life
Merely a ghost in the crowd
Never in the line of sight

Do you remember me
 Nothing but a whisper
That was never really heard
A shadow on the wall
The faint echo

Do you remember me
No donít say you did
Cause Iím still here
Still on the outside
Trying to get in

Do you remember me
In years gone by
Was it worth all the effort
To find the truth
I was just the entertainment

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
Joined 24th Mar 2013
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donít pity the man who tells you a sad story

what a†picture: you, suckling a heroin teat.

we are all so sorry  
and we understand
youíve been badly treated †
honey itís not your fault  

who could love a man like you? i must be the only one  
who sees through you  
so why would you deceive me  
knowing how i care for you †

who could handle a man like you? †
with what youíve been through †
with the trust Iíve given you †
with the trauma we share †
how could you violate  
my heart so  

thoroughly †

that i wonít trust a soul till I die  

and you will be perversely proud  
that you ruined me  

-itís just how I am, you say  
-i know, says the girl next door  
-itís what I like about you. weíre just the same as each other  

but you will always  
i mean forever  
be the worse  

and she will also leave you
Written by anna_grin (ANNAN)
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Thought Provoker
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Asystole is such a lonely sound
As I watched you slip away
Emptiness came crashing down
Words are too hard to say
How do I tell the oneís I love
I pray for strength for today †
Cause tomorrow Iíll just drink it away

Itís the first sunrise without you
All decisions are way too much
Canít find a reason, I donít have a clue
I screamed your name in affray
How can I go on, I feel so hopeless †
Maybe Iíll stop at the church to pray †
Or sit here on these steps and just drink it away

Today is the day, †Iíll lay you to rest †
I asked God why He took you away
My body and soul is so obsessed
A single rose, one last time to pray
As the tears fills my eyes †
When they lower you in that Georgia clay †
The darkness will overcome, †Iíll just drink it away †
 † †
Just drink it away
Little by little the pain will lead me astray
Just drink it away
You were my forever now the past is all I have... after today
Written by buddydog
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poet Anonymous

poet Anonymous

Twisted Dreamer
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Another night, another fight
I'm in my room, I'm full of fright
So much stress, so much pain
I wish it all would go away

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!

Another night, another fight
Kick and scratch, claw and bite
Why did you cheat, why did you lie?
You make me sick, you make me cry

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!

Another night, another fight
He throws a left, he throws a right
A broken nose, a bruise and scar
Is this the night that it goes too far?

This shit's been going on for far too long
It's time for you to pay for what you've done!

Another night, another fight
This is it, it ends tonight
You've gotten on my very last nerve
You're gunna get, what you deserve

Do you even care what you've done?
You hurt your wife, your daughter and son!
We're not taking your shit no more
Tonight you're gunna wind up on the floor!
Written by Adzy
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Eulogy for Hope

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Dangerous Mind
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Never Again

I hope you remember that I was the one who stuck
By your side through all the rain and rough patches,
But when I was the one who was really in the muck

You just left me to sink to rock bottom. The matches
Burned out and you left me all alone in the darkness
With no way to see or claw my way out. The scratches

And bruises made me feel ugly. I felt lonely, heartless
And lashed out on people who were just trying to assist.
I used to believe in the stars and moon, but the starless

Nights taught me to never trust when I was in the midst
Of my storm just like I could never trust any of the love
That ran through my veins. I told myself I could not exist

In a world filled with fake love and every mourning dove
That would take my sorrows away. I buried everything
Deep so no one can touch one thing I should be proud of;

The endless love that is bottomless. I know I cannot bring
Myself to the table where I know I am the one who gets
Left behind. I could no longer be your toy or plaything

When you get bored and lonely. I am the one who quits
You like a bad habit. You are the extinguished cigarettes.
Written by eswaller
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Twisted Dreamer
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Poem 5( A Disputed Love)

Bouncing through the cool waves of the Pens'
Simplistic unsaturated flow †
Dancing on the shore in between am and pm †
Smoking through the dawn and the yawn of the morning †
Coming full force under the sheets while hes ejaculating and stroking the consciousness of my wet art †
Painting the saddest day of my life when he walked out and the shadow of pain stayed †
Facing the reflection of anger, hate and rage †
Waking up to the replay of me making a fool of love †
Running water over my embarrasment †
Drinking this hurt down to the last drop †
And throwing 151 up until my stomach screams †  
stop † † † †  
This is pointless! †

(Edited version 4-10-19 Copyrights of Red Curtain$)
Written by Red_CurtainS (SEVEN-ONE-EIGHT)
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