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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Twisted Dreamer
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A Lepera’con


“For drink,” quipped an elfish man, “A story of an emerald land.
There be a tale of a moon lit night where I bestowed quite a sight.
Stirred restless from stolen dreams drifted music from a place unseen.
All around twas a heat from a chorus of sounds and rhythmic beat.
Not covered in dress I went as born out before the early morn.
Where those of only nature dwell far from the place I know so well.
Closer I came the more it grew my soul possessed its will withdrew.
Well hid behind a fallen tree beheld a soul-fleshed fantasy.
She flowed graceful in barefoot step her mane wild and freely swung unkempt.
A mist of smoke made up her gown caressing as she spun around.
Soft parted lips sang to her dance I gazed upon in longing trance.
Into the night the music played and with it softly her body swayed.
Through the woods stabbed golden rays beacons of the dawning day.
Vanishing from her stage of moss my heart wept at the sudden loss.
Was it fairy, nymph or woodland elf? “Return,” I begged to me self.
To lad and lass I say to you my every word I tell be true.
Purchase another mug of beer and a pot of gold ye next will hear.”
Written by midevil
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Dangerous Mind
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Danny Came Home

Tell us Danny boy, did you see the sights?
Were the landscapes beautiful and green?
Were the seasons benign and kind to you?
Was the journey just as you had dreamed?

Oh the faces and places you must’ve seen,
I wonder about those open and spacious skies,
I remember when you set out to see the world,
Now we can see an untold story in your eyes.

You’ve come home after all these years,
Though sometimes things don't go as planned,
But you’ve come back to us Danny boy!
You left a youth and came back a man.

So here’s a toast to you dear old friend,
We were once sad when you went away,
Rejoice with the old town boys Danny sir,
We raise our glass on this St. Patrick’s Day.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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I love that. I always know there’s good people to vent to here

Twisted Dreamer
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Congratulations to midevil!
We will be in touch to work out the details
of the show.

Also thank you to everybody who entered
in the spirit of the Shamrock ☘️ 😎


- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Congrats midevil! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

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