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Write a rap about why you write

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Poetry Contest

Rap about what benefit your writing has for you personally.

Lost Thinker
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Give me a pen to release my sins

As I ascend
with my pen in the wind.
Ready to let the words fly,
little pieces of my mind like bullets in the sky.

Shoot Shoot Bang Bang
I have to let them out or I'll go insane.
Falling down on the paper like raindrops,
full of pain drops.

My life my way, I'll heal myself
or kill myself.
But, it'll be on my own terms.
I can do it alone.

Put my emotions in check.
Trying to fix this wreck,
Of a life that I've created, devestated, complicated, and reevaluated.

Changed my ways,
looking forward to brighter days.
But, hey life's a maze.
Amazing if you find your way.

But, it's a fact
I need words to flow.
With rhymes that blow,
up like a bomb to keep my soul intact.

It gives me the peace I need,
to cease the tears I bleed.
To stop the hurt i feel,
I don't take a pill.

Just my will, no psychiatrist bill,
will kill this deal, I'll just seal this deal.
Start to feel, and see what's real.

Yeah the price is steep and,
it burns deep.
But, talk ain't cheap,
It's for keeps.

Once the words fly out,
like birds fly out.
You feel the weight lifting off you
killing the demons that possess
As you confess,

your sins,
You're the loser that wins.
This game of life, is not a game,
it's real,
it injures and it kills.

Karma has a bitch slap you can feel.
Nothing can save you,
you just learn to deal.
Start to heal.

Send the past back.
a personal blast back.
As your conscience adds up,
But it doesn't add up,

Cause now you've changed,
taken blame,
accepted the price of fame.

Just trying to be me,
Live free.
Have my voice heard, write it out like a letter.
Make me better.

To keep me well rounded,
stay grounded.
Not to re-offend.
Not wasting borrowed time again.

The answers don't come when your sinning.
But, flow freely when you're winning.
This war will keep you in check ,
and either you'll wreck

Or you will start the 8th inning
By proving your worthy of a new beginning.
Start it all over, not taking bets.
New life, no regrets.
Written by Bluelulu
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poet Anonymous

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There is a lot of craziness going on in my head,
Itís a mad fad Iíve had for everything Iíve said,
Iíll spill some ink in sync to keep my emotions in check,
But I think sometimes I stink at it I sink my pen right into my neck.
So I have at it,
I take a stab at it,
I spit a sick slick flow to show everybody I know how to bleed it well,
I let the words pour like swords gore in war
  † when the truth can be an inconvenient hell.
Poetry is my therapy because Iím not paying for psychiatry,
Shit is expensive, so I rather write pensively sitting underneath a tree,
I let my demons out for little bit so that I wonít lose it,
Or else sanity will mix with vanity I may not know how to choose it.
The duality in me is an abnormality I try not to fear when it appears,
Personalities take turns to reign my brain split by hemispheres,
So while one verse may be worse than the first when the last was the reverse,
Iíd say give us a chance to work through this terse blessed curse.
Written by wallyroo92
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Love love love it!

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Connected indefintely  
The metric system cant measure me  
Im too long
With a dangling ego  
My pen is too heavy in the game  
You couldn't pass the levels my mental is configured on  
Its Eating habits is like a python  
Wrapping the ink around  
 tight †
On my worst enemy  
Slithering close to my poetic friends  
I cant be the hair while the tortoise wins the race  
I'm curt in reply, when asked  
†is there room for one more as good as you?  
No, I dont suppose they have arrived yet †
Or †
if alive have they  
†even contributed thoughts that will get them considered?  
Statements I never retract  
Im filthier than a pigs back  
I go HAM †
In these sheets  
I can't be silent  
I can't be discrete  
I want everyone to know me  
By my leakes †
Now is a good time for you to get an uber  

I'm executing this page with  
No mercy  
I have the keys to the cage  

The mortality is more than a few  
As I sneeze I already said fuck you to the chosen ones in the pew  
Its hammer time  
I'm going to nail it in  
The best alive  
Written with a gel pen.
(Spoken word poetry Copyright of Red Curtain$ 2018)
Written by Red_CurtainS (SEVEN-ONE-EIGHT)
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Sixty-Something Rap

i write
to engage
and enrage

i write
to retire
to conspire
to inspire

i write
to trigger

i ainít no singer
but iíll
send you the song
of my middle finger

i write
to relax
to pacify
to objectify
to diversify

i write to offend
and defend
until the end

i write
to dig
until i weep

a slope
so steep
there is no escape

i write
feel the pain
donít abstain

i write

and tasty
and sexy
and smart

i write
not to employ
but to enjoy

i write
for republicans
and democrats
and mall rats

greens and reds
pinks yellows
for jews and true blues
thatís no news

for christians
and saints

anglican alcoholics
and pussies who faint
men who say Ďareí
and those who say Ďainítí

i write
of tears
and fears
and joys

i write
for gals
with tresses
and guys in dresses
and those that
never confesses

my art
uses every
color of paint
without restraint

of cutting wit

and melodies
that confuse
and infuse

on your floor
front door
for the poor
and weak of will

i write
to the president
and politicians
holy men
and the man on the street

feel the heat
your meat
move your feet

get off your ass
and do it fast


the glaciers melt


beachfront property

donít delay
get into the fray


we may
no longer

so forget the list
get really pissed

and do


Written by Kinkpoet
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This is badass.

Jordan Kunkel
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CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
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Dangerous Mind
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My line unwrapped

Words all jumbled, like spagetti    
pen at start, now I'm ready  
word of love to impress a lady †  
melt, her cold, cold, heart †  
She that grass and you the rake †  
try to groom, †to ordered state †  
polishing to delicate or intimate †  
somethin smokin, somethin tart †  
† †
But she's the bitch that has you fettered †  
writing lines that cant be bettered †  
hook, line and sinker †  
in a pose, like Rodin's Thinker †  
no stop button, when you start †  
† †
For that mile was so uncharted †  
hesitant you stumble thwarted†  
that leap of faith, in rhyme or pro's †  
"And that's Rap", my soul exposed †  
mindset all, in that impart  

Now I'm here I sit and reason  
for that "cool" I bin seeking  
Aladdins cave of treasures gleaming  
to change my life and sense of meaning
self emancipation in that form of art
By adding DU to your shopping cart
Written by slipalong
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Congrats to Jordan for standing on the podium for his spill and to Red for taking the trophy on this fun competition. My thanks to our host Bluelulu for giving me the honor to stand on the podium as well amidst so many gifted folks here.
Thank you!

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