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Marriage Done Right

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Comedy Uplift Poetry to Reinforce Healthy Relationships
Marriage is like child rearing

Let's celebrate the good bad
and the ugly

The winner is chosen based on how wise and fun they are.

If you make your reader (me\us) lock eyes, laugh and remember your poem in a way that helps people see marriage in a more balanced way you win ....whether or not I'm smart enough to figure that out!

But you want to find the words that hook into me and my millions of peers with tender clever humor so we remember and act on good values and ideas that we feel rings true to us.

Because if the answers are within me, that means a reasonable or even wise person also can reflect that answer. They just have to let words out.

Dangerous Mind
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Monogamy in Motion

Two lovers adorned in wedding white
Theyíre bonded to each other for life
Swimming in synchronized perfection
The swan couplet is monogamy in motion

Ballerino and ballerina dance in harmony
Upon the cold northern Mississippi
Causing the geese to look homely
And the ducks to seem silly

That love is a natural force
As nature intended
Is embodied in these swans
Whose romance is evident

Written by snugglebuck
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Lunch Date

A curious snippet had lunch with a cricket,
they ate moth ball and mushroom pie,
Mr Snail the waiter, came two hours later,
with a drink that could close one eye.

Now these snippets are prone, if they're left alone,
to finding small pieces of cheese,
when the cricket partook and his other eye shut,
snippet danced a re-verse strip tease.

But the problem you see and I say this with glee,
is that cricket, finally came round
and there in his lap, the snippet was sat,
by seven jumpers, four bra's she was bound.

Cricket jumped up and his fist he shook,
at the clothes ball, that fell on the floor,
over garments all gone, screamed, what have you done,
his mistake was in closing the door.

With madness afoot, miss snippet jumped up
and swigged on her eye closing brew,
they set off in a dance, called lost underpants
and from that moment on, they just knew.

Blue bells chimed, just in time
as the cockroach arrived at the gate,
with snail as the vicar, it could have gone quicker,
they swapped rings at a quarter to eight.

The weather was mild and she heavy with child
felt the urge, to call for the cricket,
he brought hot water, she gave him a daughter,
a mischievous, bouncing young snicket.
Written by Razzerleaf
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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
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Six Pack Kinda Love

There we were † † †  
Sittin' on the bench † † † †
In the game of love † † † †
They say three strikes and your out † † † †
Somehow we hit a home run † † † †
We're not crazy † † † †
Just crazy for those six kids † †  
Without any doubt † † † †
We grab that six pack † † † †  
And never looked back † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we †  
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
Our kids are grown † † † †  
They have kids of their own † † † †
I hope someday they'll see our past † † † †
And all that we overcome † † † †  
You look at me † † † †
I look at you † † † †
Standing on this hill † † † †
Sometimes we don't know † † † †  
What or how to feel † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we †  
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
When I see † † † †
The years in the corner of your eyes † † † †  
I stop give thanks †  
I realize all the things we have †
All we share †  
Could never compare † † † †  
To the love we have† †
For this six pack life † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we † †
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
You and me † † † †
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
You and me... † † † †
And this... six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Marriage 101

First off, itís never been easy,
Itís the hardest work one can ever do,
And if someone tells you otherwise,
Just know theyíre full of shit poo.

If you want your relationship to work,
Always be honest with your other half,
Be ready to share worries, tears and fears,
And in the good times have great laughs.

Never scream or cuss at each other,
Little by little it shears at the core of respect,
Talk calmly and meet somewhere in the middle,
Otherwise you two are bound to get wrecked.

Surprise each other once in a while,
Raise the intrigue, interest and attraction,
And if she happens to put on some weight,
Never bring it up or itís a nuclear reaction.

Give him a nice smack in the ass in the shower,
Give her a pickle tickle when she least expects it,
Text each other something nasty to get antsy,
Being horny isnít corny when the other reflects it.

Seriously, keep each other hot and bothered,
Be kinky, do it in elevators or backs of cars,
Explore fantasies, dreams and scenarios,
But most of all, fuck like you were porn stars.

Make each other laugh so hard Ďtil one of you cries,
Itís one of the best and natural highs,
But donít bust out any jokes in the middle of sex,
Believe me it has a terrible performance effectÖ
Oh, never mind

Enjoy the growth of your children,
Remember the promises and never forget,
Remember when and how you fell in love,
And always remember the first time you met.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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† †based  
†† ...pleasures ephemeral  
†tend to fail  
†† † †...at life in general...
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Fire of Insight
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Love Complete

For some love is fiction
And about unrealistic predictions
But love will never be perfect
And it only works when you work it
Itís about patience and persistence
It validates your existence
Itís more than Valentines flowers
Itís about us and ours
Itís about sharing and caring
Even when tempers are flaring
Itís about compromise and trust
Itís about abandoning your lust
Itís about her over you
Itís about him over them
Itís about loyalty and forgiveness
When temptations are so relentless
Itís about facing setbacks for comebacks
Whether bills pile or money stacks
You use love as your weapon
To defeat every doubt and deception  
Love may never be perfect
But it can always be complete

Valeriya Long
Fire of Insight
United States
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Thought Provoker
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You're tempting me so bad to post Number One Wife here... 😅

Thought Provoker
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Marital math

After marriage we become two in one
And as it takes two to make a child
Soon love has to be divided between your other half and kids
and as they multiply  
we tend to become a little calculative.
I was never as good at math as at science  
So I quarter the dinner pie  
and let my hubby tutor the kids on the pi  
In married life you have to subtract negative numbers
to bring out the positive ones
to round it off as a near success
Even when your partner, is not a common denominator
Adaptation, love , respect plus fidelity is the must equation  
And can solve many marital problems if you do the math.
And while the dad or tutor teaches your offshoots about square roots
you can dial the number of your parents, your very roots
As parents we rise from zero to superhero, esp since there's profit and loss in the whole package...
Do spend a significant fraction of your time expressing love to your spouse
Even if a new addition to the family can really be equivalent to a lil time thief  
Yet as baby slumbers and the kids ponder upon algebraic expressions  
you can find time to escape into romantic expressions.
You need to look at life from a different angle sometimes  
It can be hard for me since my hubby can be so obtuse at times.
You need to develop an acute awareness of your spouse's changing moods.
This could add up to a sum of marital bliss with you ,the spouse and kids
as equivalent fractions
like the equal sides of an isosceles  
but in a sort of a love triangle.
Don't any of you be mean as the percentages of divorce rise due to mod factors.
Everything you say may count in a relationship  
The simplest math for best results is to give love
to increase the quotient of love in a marriage.
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Unbroken chain

The knot that you both sealed
the wedding rings, and bridal veil
like your shoes all shiny new
walked upon the rice all strewn
Tin cans bumping down the road
their clatter fortune could bestow
such outlook rosy, painted pink
but chain will have its weaker links
The marraige bed its groan and creak
but then he snores, when he's asleep
will you sill allure, during  pregnancy  
is that bump just twins or maybe three
Some have a few some have a lot
but each deserve the best you got
for nurture will fortify each link
the right from wrong is just instinct
He the Ying she the Yang
in that fit forever clamped  
a kiss to mend frustrations gripes
for marriage has its lows and highs
None perfect in that loved corral
that herd some wild, some just normal
the days and months and time soon goes
for each link's the bond of marriage vows
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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Marriage. The roots are deep.  The covenant is solid.  
Love is sweet. †Life is hard. †And God is good.
óJohn Piper  
time to be wed  
and to be wedded  
availeth much  
of much availing  
marriage drops dead  
fractures prevailing  

married the mind  
married the body  
married the pains  
and all the fury  
married the joys  
married the courage  
married the gains  
and all the glory  

self-dead one spouse  
new life the other  
happy the home  
each life the better  
inject the fun  
and all the punny  
bear both the chains  
and every fetter  

open yourself  
and let your spouse in  
secret your thoughts  
wander the wonder  
keep slanting eyes  
from roving yonder  

fitness and health  
magnet appearance  
spouse hesitation  
sacred ovation  
true destination

© Copyright 2020 February 25  
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
Written by cabcool
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Twisted Dreamer
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Take Me Back To "I Do"

Take me back to that time when
our bond was so strong and nothing went wrong,  
when infidelity was just a word we'd hear when others speak.  

Take me back to when it was just you and I against the world  
and not our worlds fighting on either side,  
or to a time before the game of tit for tat  
when we communicated our problems †
and worked in tangent to conquer that.  
Take me back a little further to when you first laid eyes on me †
and thought of only me.  
Just take me back to that moment you said, "I DO"  
and knew for certain †
I was the one for you.  

Take me back to the promises we made †
'To have and to hold till death do us part" †
or maybe to the second before that †
when you looked me in the eyes and I saw only truth.  

Take me back to the moment before our marriage died  
and I tried everything in my power to save †
What I had with you.

Take me back
Written by ClassyBird
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Love story

I always thought of romance as chemistry.
I get you and you get me.
I never really pictured the
finer things,
not fancy dinners, or expensive rings.
Love has always held a higher standard.
Not just a word to throw out or be philandered.
Love is a treasure, a rare emotion.
A delicate feeling that comes from God, not a potion.
That moment I first looked in your eyes,
I knew right away by the goose bumps and butterflies,
and now here we are all these years later.
Those butterflies still fluttering and we're stronger and greater.
Now I'm not saying this road hasn't been hard.
We've had some rough times and we've both been left scarred.
But, no one that's ever truly loved another from their heart,
can say it was easy and they didn't  give it their all from the start.
Relationships are not to be taken for granted,
It's harder than the hardest job to be candid.
You have to learn to put the other person's needs before your own.
Take a little, give a lot without throwing a stone.
Feed your love with lots of honesty and respect.
Water it with attention, never abandon or neglect.
Add in some laughter and lots of communication,
What you will grow is beautiful and will last the duration.
Words can't even come close to describing that feeling.
You might as well say men from Mars are dancing on the ceiling.
But, when you find that person meant to be your mate,
you'll find the other half of you, the one that makes you great.
You will know not only by the way they make you feel.
Not by gifts, flowers, or kisses that make you do a cartwheel.
You will know instantly because you will finally feel complete.
Like you don't have to be afraid of life's test because you have the cheat sheet.
It's an honor to spend the rest of my days as your wife.
I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for our life.
Though it doesn't really matter as long as I'm with you.
Because whatever this world throws at us, together we'll see it through.
Written by Bluelulu
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Aged to perfection


I love you more with each sunrise.
Though our hair is starting to gray.
It's getting harder to ignore the cries,
of our bodies as we get up to start our day.

others might grow apart with each season that passes.
we seem to grow closer together.
When my honey is moving more like molasses,
well, we'll just blame that on the weather.

I love you when our skies are blue,
and things seem to be going down the right path.
I will love you when things go bad, as they do.
Just hold me tight during the aftermath.

I'm not afraid of the day coming when our timer runs out of sand.
I have no regrets only a lifetime of memories shared with the one I adore.
I know you will be right there holding my hand,
ready for eternity as we enter through heavens door.

Written by Bluelulu
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