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Marriage Done Right

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Comedy Uplift Poetry to Reinforce Healthy Relationships
Marriage is like child rearing

Let's celebrate the good bad
and the ugly

The winner is chosen based on how wise and fun they are.

If you make your reader (me\us) lock eyes, laugh and remember your poem in a way that helps people see marriage in a more balanced way you win ....whether or not I'm smart enough to figure that out!

But you want to find the words that hook into me and my millions of peers with tender clever humor so we remember and act on good values and ideas that we feel rings true to us.

Because if the answers are within me, that means a reasonable or even wise person also can reflect that answer. They just have to let words out.

Dangerous Mind
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Monogamy in Motion

Two lovers adorned in wedding white
Theyíre bonded to each other for life
Swimming in synchronized perfection
The swan couplet is monogamy in motion

Ballerino and ballerina dance in harmony
Upon the cold northern Mississippi
Causing the geese to look homely
And the ducks to seem silly

That love is a natural force
As nature intended
Is embodied in these swans
Whose romance is evident

Written by snugglebuck
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Thought Provoker
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Lunch Date

A curious snippet had lunch with a cricket,
they ate moth ball and mushroom pie,
Mr Snail the waiter, came two hours later,
with a drink that could close one eye.

Now these snippets are prone, if they're left alone,
to finding small pieces of cheese,
when the cricket partook and his other eye shut,
snippet danced a re-verse strip tease.

But the problem you see and I say this with glee,
is that cricket, finally came round
and there in his lap, the snippet was sat,
by seven jumpers, four bra's she was bound.

Cricket jumped up and his fist he shook,
at the clothes ball, that fell on the floor,
over garments all gone, screamed, what have you done,
his mistake was in closing the door.

With madness afoot, miss snippet jumped up
and swigged on her eye closing brew,
they set off in a dance, called lost underpants
and from that moment on, they just knew.

Blue bells chimed, just in time
as the cockroach arrived at the gate,
with snail as the vicar, it could have gone quicker,
they swapped rings at a quarter to eight.

The weather was mild and she heavy with child
felt the urge, to call for the cricket,
he brought hot water, she gave him a daughter,
a mischievous, bouncing young snicket.
Written by Razzerleaf
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buddydog H Faulk III
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Six Pack Kinda Love

There we were † † †  
Sittin' on the bench † † † †
In the game of love † † † †
They say three strikes and your out † † † †
Somehow we hit a home run † † † †
We're not crazy † † † †
Just crazy for those six kids † †  
Without any doubt † † † †
We grab that six pack † † † †  
And never looked back † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we †  
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
Our kids are grown † † † †  
They have kids of their own † † † †
I hope someday they'll see our past † † † †
And all that we overcome † † † †  
You look at me † † † †
I look at you † † † †
Standing on this hill † † † †
Sometimes we don't know † † † †  
What or how to feel † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we †  
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
When I see † † † †
The years in the corner of your eyes † † † †  
I stop give thanks †  
I realize all the things we have †
All we share †  
Could never compare † † † †  
To the love we have† †
For this six pack life † † † †
† † † †  
We had good times † † † †
We had our share of bad † † † †
We been happy and we † †
We been sad † † † †
God blessed us with love † † † †
From heaven above † † † †  
You and me † † † †  
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
You and me † † † †
And this six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
You and me... † † † †
And this... six pack kinda love † † † †
† † † †  
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Dangerous Mind
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Marriage 101

First off, itís never been easy,
Itís the hardest work one can ever do,
And if someone tells you otherwise,
Just know theyíre full of shit poo.

If you want your relationship to work,
Always be honest with your other half,
Be ready to share worries, tears and fears,
And in the good times have great laughs.

Never scream or cuss at each other,
Little by little it shears at the core of respect,
Talk calmly and meet somewhere in the middle,
Otherwise you two are bound to get wrecked.

Surprise each other once in a while,
Raise the intrigue, interest and attraction,
And if she happens to put on some weight,
Never bring it up or itís a nuclear reaction.

Give him a nice smack in the ass in the shower,
Give her a pickle tickle when she least expects it,
Text each other something nasty to get antsy,
Being horny isnít corny when the other reflects it.

Seriously, keep each other hot and bothered,
Be kinky, do it in elevators or backs of cars,
Explore fantasies, dreams and scenarios,
But most of all, fuck like you were porn stars.

Make each other laugh so hard Ďtil one of you cries,
Itís one of the best and natural highs,
But donít bust out any jokes in the middle of sex,
Believe me it has a terrible performance effectÖ
Oh, never mind

Enjoy the growth of your children,
Remember the promises and never forget,
Remember when and how you fell in love,
And always remember the first time you met.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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† †based  
†† ...pleasures ephemeral  
†tend to fail  
†† † † life in general...
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Fire of Insight
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Love Complete

For some love is fiction
And about unrealistic predictions
But love will never be perfect
And it only works when you work it
Itís about patience and persistence
It validates your existence
Itís more than Valentines flowers
Itís about us and ours
Itís about sharing and caring
Even when tempers are flaring
Itís about compromise and trust
Itís about abandoning your lust
Itís about her over you
Itís about him over them
Itís about loyalty and forgiveness
When temptations are so relentless
Itís about facing setbacks for comebacks
Whether bills pile or money stacks
You use love as your weapon
To defeat every doubt and deception  
Love may never be perfect
But it can always be complete

Valeriya Long
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You're tempting me so bad to post Number One Wife here... 😅

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