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Valentine's Day Special

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Write a love poem expressing how much your significant other makes you feel and how much you truly love them

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Black and White

My Lover,
did you know  
every color exists  
between only two,  
Just as    
we have existed  
between just two,  
and looked  
into each other.  
It’s been years  
in a straight line.  
And today,  
I saw and heard  
your words—  
These words    
from the past.  
They feel different  
but they still have    
their power  
as when you first
said them—
when you would  
fall at my feet.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Strange Creature
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Now this may get a little mushy it's my Valentine to my baby boo.
Loving you causes me anxiety making it hard to breathe hyperventilating over you.
Heart palpitations your a massive heart attack boy I got it bad for you.
There's a certain way you sit that has me shivering in excitement just to be next to you.
This is my Valentine's to you just a little I love you.
Loving you controls me mentally taking over my sanity making me crazy for you baby boo.
Be my Valentine baby boo and let me love you.
I got your back and I know you have mine to so let's be Valentine's.
The ideal match two people making each other mad and loving one another just as bad.
Baby this is my Valentine to you!
Love you!!

Dedicated to: Michael Creviston aka on AP MrBlack
Written by Candy81_Babyblues
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Tyrant of Words
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Obake Ai

Obake Ai
Tallen (earth_empath)
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Fire of Insight
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What I'd Do For You

I'd walk across hot coals just to take ahold of your hand
My love is deeper than the ocean & depths of quick sand
Sensual bands of frequencies consistently lead me to you
The melody of your heartbeat tells me your love is true

I'd swim through a blue lagoon for a fraction of your time
You wouldn't have to speak a word of what's on your mind
You could mime & I'd still find what's troubling you
Then commit a crime to ensure that it is through

There's not much I wouldn't do to guarantee that you're happy
These words that I spew may be viewed as being sappy
Yet I unapologetically express these emotions from my heart
Poetically for you to read when your psyche needs a jumpstart
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Valeriya Long
Fire of Insight
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Our Love is Infinite

My love for you,   grows tall.
It lies still as beautiful as a  
field of flowers  
Tall, like the proudest of
all, larkspur.
I long  for your most,  
 tender love.
A love that grows,   like  
wildflowers do.  
I love everything about you,  
and more  
I love your smile,  how it
 gracefully sweeps  across  
my day.
 I love  the way  your laughter  
shakes my earth
I love your face, beautiful  
 the way it shines, brighter  
than the best sunrise or  
I love  your strength and  
compassion, your gentleness  
and your joy.
Life is not always filled with
 laughter we may face  
hardships on our journey  
Because I love you
 I want you to know  
These things I will do,  
 for you.
 I will carry  you,  and bear
 the weight,  of your burden.
If the world suddenly turns  
on you, I will pull, the daggers
 from your back.
When your heart aches  
My love will restore it,  
to wholeness.  
I will wipe away your tears,
 take away your sorrow,  
and be  your guiding light.
When your dreams,  become
 dark I will be the boat that  
rows you safely to shore  
Centuries fade,  ivy wilts,
 stone walls crumble.  
Moons fracture turn to dust  
But, our love is infinite
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Do you make love as if the words I feel upon my silken skin, you taste  
Touching me with the caress of every vibe you imprint upon the sacredness sensations of my Chi      
Looking deep within my eyes, mirroring what spoken stanzas cannot capture, or speak of its vivid emotions within its reflection        
With tender strokes of adoration, seeps the essence of my soul you beseech        
The agonized anticipation in the cocoon of Nirvana we dally      
Famished whispers coating my mind in the tornado flow of your beguiling desires      
Is it my heart that beats, or the thunderous echoes of your heart serenades I’m attuned      
The melody as your footsteps draws closer      
Suffocating me within space, as near is too far      
The hunger of my essence draws you in the creamy drips of my honeyed infused elixir      
You stay, you want, you need      
Funneling you deeper and deeper, as the nature of your yearns ceremoniously rise        
In the heighten clarity of bliss, such begotten ecstasy we lay        
Our bodies marvel in the relic of uncontrollable urges our minds come, and then fulfill      
Tender mummers I echo in the wind      
The cadence as you bind me with the sweetened descend of plummeting, sinking      
Clenching you in the locked abyss of my sultry passion        
Writing the allurement of your cravings upon the canvas of my delicate skin      
Scribbling the calling of my name to the Heavens      
Closing my eyes, parting the ingress wider of divinity in its climatic peak, I give unto you        
Flooding the gates of paradise as you swim        
Drowning me within the warmth of streams of rapture      
Crashing into a surge of your thunderous flow      
Suspending me, rendering me defenseless, breathless      
Two spirits bathing in the crest        
Subjecting my essence to blend our tides as one      
As we asunder in the depth of Karma      
Only to once again      
Ride the beautiful tidal wave of Nirvana
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Twisted Dreamer
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You're My Beautiful Rose

Darling, you’re my beautiful rose,
I’m so proud to walk around with you.
You’re the most gorgeous flower of nature,
God created you especially for me.
You’ve enamoured me with your charm,
I’ve found good fortune in your touch.
Your beauty decorates my dwelling house,
And your love is a treasure to my heart.
Let me sing a Latin love song for you,
Mesmerise you with my euphonious voice.
Your amiability brings me happiness.
The woman in you excites the man in me.
I get so emotional when I talk about you.
You’ve accepted me in your life,
Now I can show everyone my beautiful rose.
And I’ll love you until death, my beloved.
Darling, I can’t evaluate your love,
For it’s worth more than all the jewels.
They say diamonds are forever,
But your love is more durable than diamonds.
Come to the balcony immediately;
Bring me your irresistible love once more.
Stay here in my arms and thrill me,
Please don’t defy your heart’s command.
The moon is showing us its glory.
I see the starlight reflecting from your eyes.
Sleep well tonight my little miss,
In the morning I’ll wake you with a tender kiss.
I want to spend limitless time with you,
Not just a few erotic moments.
Promise me your faithful love,
Say you’ll always be my beautiful rose.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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His Penitentiary of Pain....

With only a mere glance and without  intent on his part,  it's visible.
He tries best to push what's sullen beneath the surface of notice.....    
But his language of gesture grabs hold,   
pulling my empathic heart strings into a weakened state.      
Within the reflection of his reciprocal smile, I see such force behind the curved expression...    
My wine stained lips to his, I'd seal with inhebriating sips of eternal    
A million sorrows, he tries to conceal beneath the lids of his eyes...    
I'd crawl inside his psyche and build a village of pyre;    
turning worries into ash of forgotten evanescence.    
In the timbre of his voice, there dwells  hesitation ...     
I'd traipse through his wilderness soul,    chasing each demon through filters of streaming light.     
If only to heal his tribulations so easily,
 I'd lay down my life as he would of my own....    
But instead, I'll serve a life sentence in his penitentiary of pain;      
our demons dancing side by side with cyanide smiles.
Written by PandoraUnleashed
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Fire of Insight
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For Cindy

I want to write a love poem        
But I don't know where to start      
So I might just say first of all      
I like the way you fart      
It’s not just that their aroma      
Is that of toasted crumpets      
But that their melodies      
Sound just like angel trumpets      
Your skin glows like a glow stick      
You have a radiant tan      
Which you get directly      
Out of an aerosol can        
Its hue is reminiscent        
Of an orange fruit cup lump      
Perhaps it’s the same brand      
Used by Donald Trump        
Your wardrobe is impeccable      
Every garment is a win      
It's clear to see you have an eye      
For free stuff from the bin      
Your long brown velvet jacket      
Looks just like my nana’s couch      
I would call your fashion style      
Courtney Love meets Oscar the Grouch      
The way you drive your car      
Is mysterious and dark      
That's why you take five hours      
To complete a parallel park      
Your 90's hatchback vehicle      
Is adorned with painted flames      
That’s why you don't indicate        
When you veer across ten lanes      
You have many opinions      
You speak up for yourself        
Though you have no education      
Hence your empty bookshelf      
Your personal points of view      
Are void of logical data      
Though you think your brain is alpha      
And everyone else's brain is beta      
I want to stop writing this poem      
But I don't know how to end        
Other than to tell you        
You're my favorite side girlfriend      
Written by RexDurkin
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Dangerous Mind
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Infinity lingers upon the cusp of eternal bliss, and our provocative motions swaddle me in devotion as your burning passion seers me in the depths of our divergence, whilst our love remains unspoken, built upon the years we spent scribbling love notes to one another.    
You leave me gaping from the depth and breadth of you while snippets of our underlying truths rarely see the light of day as they become structured in verse, and I love you means that I could’ve loved you then, as much I love you now, and I wonder where the years have gone.      
It's more than lust and passion that has kept you perched upon the fringes of my psyche as we remain synchronised while you scribe your love all over my skin with your innovative but godly gorgeous mind.      
Love lingers on the tip of my tongue and you’ve been etched in the depths of my tight little equations while I glistened for you for what seems like aeons, under the ambience of a flickering flame, and our flame tree still burns brightly.    
Humming contently upon your lips whilst drawing your heart beat closer to mine as you strum upon my soul until we're unable to discern where you begin, and I finish, and I finish you off with my unparched lips that are poised and glazed, nourished by your seed.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Lost Thinker
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Love story

I always thought of romance as chemistry.
I get you and you get me.
I never really pictured the
finer things,
not fancy dinners, or expensive rings.
Love has always held a higher standard.
Not just a word to throw out or be philandered.
Love is a treasure, a rare emotion.
A delicate feeling that comes from God, not a potion.
That moment I first looked in your eyes,
I knew right away by the goose bumps and butterflies,
and now here we are all these years later.
Those butterflies still fluttering and we're stronger and greater.
Now I'm not saying this road hasn't been hard.
We've had some rough times and we've both been left scarred.
But, no one that's ever truly loved another from their heart,
can say it was easy and they didn't  give it their all from the start.
Relationships are not to be taken for granted,
It's harder than the hardest job to be candid.
You have to learn to put the other person's needs before your own.
Take a little, give a lot without throwing a stone.
Feed your love with lots of honesty and respect.
Water it with attention, never abandon or neglect.
Add in some laughter and lots of communication,
What you will grow is beautiful and will last the duration.
Words can't even come close to describing that feeling.
You might as well say men from Mars are dancing on the ceiling.
But, when you find that person meant to be your mate,
you'll find the other half of you, the one that makes you great.
You will know not only by the way they make you feel.
Not by gifts, flowers, or kisses that make you do a cartwheel.
You will know instantly because you will finally feel complete.
Like you don't have to be afraid of life's test because you have the cheat sheet.
It's an honor to spend the rest of my days as your wife.
I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for our life.
Though it doesn't really matter as long as I'm with you.
Because whatever this world throws at us, together we'll see it through.
Written by Bluelulu
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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True Romance

Ever since the first time I laid eyes on her,
I felt inspired and moved from within,
I didn’t know or understand what love was,
Until I kissed her lips and caressed her skin.

For us it wasn’t just lust but a robust relation,
An elation of something spiritually palpable,
It was an unexplainable fascination,
And our friendship became very valuable.

But when young love endures and matures,
The roots go deep into the soul, into the core,
There’s history there like nothing else compares,
She’s the woman I completely desire and adore.

She’s the fantasy I ran to see in my imagination,
But this isn’t a fiction I fell into by chance,
I chased my dream like it was a constellation,
Now I dance with the star of my true romance.
Written by wallyroo92
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Lost Thinker
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I love you.

I say that I  love you more than, the many stars dancing upon,the darken face of night.  More than the many raindrops,  that falls from the swollen clouds of a angry storm. I love you falls from my lips.  Creating a ocean of  love, for my heart to swim in. How wonderful I feel  naked covered  only in the wetness of love. I love you, a river flows, my lips have parted, a ocean grows. I said it again. I  love you, a new universe, a new being, If I  say it again. Paradise appears.  I  love you, now I  have slipped into eternity.
Written by darkcloud68
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