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Space Oddity

poet Anonymous

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Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, 2001...
Write a poem about your favorite Sci-Fi stories, or go where no-one has gone before and invent a universe of your own.
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poet Anonymous

The Dark Side

( a Quatern )

I live life on the dark side of the moon,
You can’t tell if I ever see the sun.
I watch the stars in nurseries as they bloom,
And give them names of planets every one.

I slipped the surly bonds of Earth to find
I live life on the dark side of the moon.
There’s craters to explore as I unwind,
Rare objects while I write my next haiku.

It’s time I had some lunch this afternoon,
I’ve gathered pretty samples for a book.
I live life on the dark side of the moon,
I’ve made a little dugout where I cook.

And so it’s now I stroll among the stars,
The way unmark’d my feet lift in a swoon.
The pull of bodies, Earth & angry Mars,
I live life on the dark side of the moon.

poet Anonymous


The full moon rises,  
It's the pearl of the night  
The wolf howls at its presence,  
It's light taken from the Sun  
To display it's magnificent flouresence.  

Zoom! A celestial path,  
Carved across the black sky  
By a shooting star,  
The people gaze up  
And make a wish from afar.  

The planets scattered across the cosmos  
Like the marbles of the galaxy,  
They orbit the Sun each at their own pace  
Forever spinning and twirling,  
Like the Carousel of Deep Space.  
Light years from home
Where time is silent and still
Lie the supermassive black holes
Empty, dark voids with no life
Much like some people's souls

The universe expands, its potential unlimited  
Despite this it keeps balanced,  
Much like a yin to a yang  
It holds mysteries we'll never solve  
Hard to believe it all came from a Big Bang
poet Anonymous

Sci-Fi Meditation

i’m floating

in that space

being and

like the battle starship
in the black hole
beset on one side by Romulans
and on the other Darth Vader

like captain James T. Kirk
alone in my quarters

trusting Spock and Wookie
to guide us
safely past the worm tunnels
and through the asteroid belts

knowing that Scottie will fix the warped drive
Luke and  Mr. Solo will procure whatever supplies we need
and keep the ladies satisfied

so i drift

in that space

being and

poet Anonymous

Circuit City

As I drive down copper tracks,
I bathe in a dark neon afterglow
that partially lights the blue hue
of micro farad Marriott’s.

Solder hillocks line the road
connecting the underground.
Coloured bands of static
railway resistors sit in sidings.

High rise relay tenements,
that click, spark and chatter.
Shopping centres on steel stilts,
LED traffic lights stuck on red.

The processing plant pulses
radiated heat over the city.
Rising plumes of disturbed dust
vortex from bladed fans.

Overheated streets melt rivers of flux,
unseen commands hold basic control,
mindless society complete daily tasks,
memories are cherished until cached.
poet Anonymous

Through the Wormhole

…and out on the other side the ship came out,
Relampago’s controls steadied and stabilized,
“Status report” the captain asked from the chair,
And that was the moment when we all realized…

We were the first vessel about to travel through time,
Via a wormhole found in Andromeda’s spiral galaxy,
And as we came closer and closer to the coordinates,
We understood our journey was beyond any fantasy.

Suddenly we felt the pull through the dark of space,
We picked up momentum the lights began to stretch,
All the controls on the bridge began to destabilize,
“Hold on!” the captain on the comm said on edge.

Relampago’s engines thrust at maximum velocity,
At the speed of light the light then began to bend,
And as we went traversing into the dimensional vortex,
The ship shook when “HOLD ON!” the captain yelled again.

We were suspended in time from mind to cortex,
The energy pulled us in deep it touched my soul,
In the depth of space we were afraid of the unknown
Because that’s when we went through the wormhole….

…and out on the other side the ship came out,
Relampago’s controls steadied and stabilized,
“Status report” the captain asked from the chair,
And that was the moment when we all realized…
poet Anonymous


The shuttle from my home
 planet Indigo took longer than
Once we entered the atmosphere
the shutttle was unbearablly hot
and sweaty the smell of pheromones was intoxicating.

In all appearances it seemed
most everyone on board was
near my age.
Our capital city of Cimmaron offered an incentive to take the trip for research purposes.
A decent paycheck and housing in exchange for the gathering of data pertaining to coitus  
 Anxious to get my housing assignments  I stood near the front  waiting for departure
 Inhabitants on this planet were called human
The only intelligent species on the planet that we were allowed to copulate with
Some were rather attractive their skin soft, no scales and a slight pinkish color the male's had but one cock,  unlike myself and the other millions on my home planet who had two much larger than the human species
We are what humans would call azure
 or blue
Although I don't think the names do us any justice
Feather soft scales in graduating sizes run the length of our body front and back my cocks sit  side by side with a nub at the root  or higher or lower depending on the anatomy of the woman
human  females had what is  called a clitoris that is suppose to unleash them causing a waterfall I think that our  design would fit them perfectly.
poet Anonymous


some alien heads rolled  
after that fiasco in Roswell
and a once decorated saucer pilot
wound up driving a cab in his home town
and mowing lawns on the side
and spending his late nights buffing floors at a bank
just to hang on
to try to make a living
and keep the lights on
and food on the table
and the wife said it was okay
that she knew it wasn't his fault
but he could tell things had changed
just something in her big black alien eyes
told him that the magic had gone with the money
and it was also obvious in the little things she did
and didn't do
like those headaches at bedtime
and goddamn, she'd never had headaches  
and since when did she work overtime?
and she said, "Yeah, well, we need the money now."
and he wondered if he was just being paranoid
or if she was really cheating -- if some schmuck was banging his wife
while he was out busting his tired old extraterrestrial balls
trying to keep his end of the bargain
but then who could blame her for needing something else
after what he'd put her through?
and he thought every day
and every night
about those last seconds at the wheel
when his whole life suddenly went to shit
and there was fire in the hole
and the ground was rising fast
and he tried to pull out of it
but it happened so quickly
and floor buckled  
and the glass flew
and then his crew lay broken, scattered in that field
and the fleet scrambled
trying to get the survivors out
before the earthlings rushed in with their flashbulbs and scalpels
and primitive bullshit devices
and he made it with only seconds to spare
and thought, "Thank god!"
but nowadays he wished he'd just died in that crash
because, hell, things just weren't the same
poet Anonymous

Alien Angels

When they fell from heaven
Saying that they’d save us
We thought they were angels
Until they became hungry
Who had saved us for later  
poet Anonymous

Off World Mind Hurled

Alien Universe Oh What A Curse

Data Errata Re Pi Card Engaged

Persona Non Grata Just A Phase

Mind Immersed Could Be Worse

Self Ablaze Thoughts Rephrased

Blind Stowaways And Runaways

Mental Bent All Caught In A Maze

Just Do It Just Don't Construe It

Don't Fake It Make It So Go Go Go

Those Who Enterprise Achieve The Know
poet Anonymous


Mother Earth is
Your Mother
She gave birth to you  
And every creature upon her  
All of us  
Upon her back  
Under her skin  
In her atmosphere  
Our Father  
The Moon  
Looking upon us  
He moves the oceans  
And with his steady  
Calming influence  
He helps shape us  
In more ways than  
We know  
The Sun  
Giver of Energy  
Without him  
We would not be  
Unable to grow  
To live and learn  
How powerful he is  
He gives so much  
He's very generous  
We all live together  
Our Mother  
And with our  
Most generous  
Energy source  
Mother has the warmest  
Of hearts  
She gives everything  
She can and more  
Provided we don't take  
Too much  
She'll try her best  
To keep our feet  
On the ground  
Giving everything needed  
To live  
The most beautiful  
Fulfilling lives  
We could ever  
Conceive of  
All she asks  
Is that we care for one another  
She doesn't have a favorite  
She never has  
And she never will  
All of her children  
Are equal  
Whether living  
Above, below, around  
Or beneath  
We are all a part of her  
All she asks  
Is we respect one another  
To live  
Let live  
And to love  
To take more than you needed  
Would be a bad thing  
She would probably  
Be quite upset  
Especially after giving  
So much  
And providing everything  
To have the most  
Harmonious lives  
I'm sure she would forgive    
As long as you didn't  
Continue making the same  
After all  
She has to provide for everyone  
She's been providing for  
Millions of years  
New children  
Coming and going  
Being replaced  
By new offspring  
For every one  
Not a single one  
Has ever been forgotten  
By her  
She has tried at every opportunity  
As long the conditions were  
Just right  
Of course her children  
Have made many mistakes  
But she forgives  
Our forgiving Mother  
Her love is unconditional    
She will never ask  
For anything  
In return  
That we treat her with  
Love and respect  
And to give the same  
To each other.  
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