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Spoken Word Of The Month (February 2020)

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Poetry Contest

A Monthly Nomination Comp for all things “Spoken Word”

Hello, and welcome to the "Spoken Word of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Spoken Word of the Month Hall of Fame', as well as across DU's social networking pages, sponsored by Josh!

You have three weeks to nominate your favourite spoken word pieces.

NB: PLEASE DO NOT NOMINATE RECENT WINNERS - as of this Feb 2020 comp, that means Ahavati, Miss_Sub, and Shadoe.

Otherwise please note the following when making nominations:

1. Self nominations are not accepted.

2. Until this comp is established, there is no limit to the number of nominations that any one person can make. However, you can’t nominate more than one poem per individual.

3. No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  Cursing is acceptable, but keep it minimal.

5. Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

6. One win per member per 12 months calendar year (Jan-Dec).

7. All nominators must notify their nominees of nominations (they pretty well always are happy to say ‘yes’, but it’s a matter of courtesy, so they know).

Any nominated member who wishes to opt out of the competition may do so by messaging me. I will contact the person who nominated you and request an alternate nomination. Or you may message them directly.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Current Winners:
Nov 2019:   Ahavati    (The Hallowed Wo/Men)
Dec 2019:   Miss_Sub  (Joseph)
Jan 2020:    Shadoe   (Into my Loneliness comes ii)

NB: To find spoken-word poems on DUP there are 3 different possibilities:
1). Click on any avatar -> Read Poems -> and spoken word poems are identified with a camera icon on the been bar at the bottom of the poem (often also have a picture)
2). Click on ‘Poems’ -> *latest Poems -> Sort Poems -> Spoken-Word Poems
3). Click on ‘Spoken Word’ and you have a choice of 6 sections to browse through (Live Poetry Slam/Performance Poetry/Poetry Readings/Film Poetry/Audio Poems/Music).

poet Anonymous

Cleansing of fire

poet Anonymous

Falling Star Generation

poet Anonymous

Walk with Me

poet Anonymous

Larry and Cahni

poet Anonymous


poet Anonymous

God's Lunatic

poet Anonymous

Singing Like Job

poet Anonymous

What do I do now?

poet Anonymous

The Songs You Sing

poet Anonymous

Aurora Borealis

poet Anonymous

Soleils couchants

poet Anonymous

La Da Da Da 2.0 (instrumental by Mors)

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