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You and God*

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Write a letter to God (Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, whoever)

If you could be pen pals with the creator, what would you say?

Are you grateful? Are you miffed? Do you have a bone to pick?

No character limit

1 week to complete

Original writes, or pick something from your portfolio

2 entries per poet

Public vote

Twisted Dreamer
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Dear Elohim (God)

Eli Eli lema Sabachthani
That's Aramaic for,
My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
What of the promises you made to me,
A promise is a comfort to a fool,
But God is that how you see me?
When you promised to
Never forsake me if i seek to you,
or the plan to prosper and not to harm me,
plans of hope and the future for me,
My God you took from me,
My brother, my mother, significant other,
Why, God of compassion and Mercy,
Do you see me, God?
You called me out on little faith,
and asked me why I doubt,
When You've also lost on my behalf,
Your only son for love.
You said that you would fight for me
and asked that I be still,
So here I am humbled to you
Dear God,
let your will.
Written by ClassyBird
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Three Letters

ēOneē  ( Satan ) † †
† †  
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise † †
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt. † †
I write this, though I donít know why, perhaps you do. † †
† †  
Iíve never believed you were the beast people say, † †
That the church preaches, and the Bible teaches us. † †
†But the way to explain what goes on in the Mind, † †  
Where everything resides when weíre born, as we live † †
And then, always too soon, though some are blessed † †  
- we die. † †
† †  
† †  
ēTwoē †( Dad ) † †
† †  
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise † †
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt. † †
I write this, though I donít know why, perhaps you do. † †
† †  
You know I recently lost you, and got Him back. † †
I was with you till the last, looked up, there He was. † †
And when I talk to you, itís Him I feel hears me. † †
Iíve nothing to repay Him with, except my faith † †
Restored when I felt you returned into His keep. † †
† †  
† †  
ēThreeē †( Son ) † †
† †  
I write this to you, a cathartic exercise † †
In life, and what I hope to learn in its attempt. † †
I write this, though I donít know why, perhaps you do. † †
† †  
Hello, Joey, itís been a while since Iíve felt you; † †
The phantom presence in my womb long-faded, gone. † †
It broke me when I sent the boxes to Goodwill. † †
Yet what I have of yours still remains in my heart, † †
Iíll take with me when Mommyís loneliness says † †
Itís time.
† †
† †
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Lord, you know my heart and the depths od my conviction,
Seeking only Your counsel for the decreed direction.
Not going to deny Your appointment of my cherished wisdom,
Gaurding the Ark to You in the Indians prism.
The sunshine helixes the bloodstone to Stonehenge,
Not going to allow my fate to hide my revenge.
Righteous anger is the balancing to keys that command,
Never giving up the plans that Your mansion demands.
All the ballrooms and kitchens filled with Your celestials,
Cosmos revolve to paint the Heaven's through periphrials.
Masks cast away to reveal my true intentions of prophecies,
Pillars of existance are witnessed throughout the philosophy.
Armies converge upon the hills of the Valley of the Skull,
My chalice filled with the intoxicating wine of Jehovah is brimming overkill.
Valhalla rests with the warriors stitched immortality,
Mirrors polish the smudged lenses of dimensionality.
Written by lotuslover (Gypsy_Rose)
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Twisted Dreamer
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The Game Rules


Life is just a game to some, believing they decide who wins.
Judged by rules they create a hell for there own sin.
 Still they play by there rules all tailored to better fit.
Dismissing the law made by the one whom in judgment sits.
Vainly they strive at the same time for a heavenly peace.
A fragile world is made in hopes the other will simply cease.
Foolishly they play a hand against he who holds the cards.
Conjuring up an awaiting fortune with not a single guard.
 We come to the table with nothing and that is what we bet
If what you want is all you want then that is all youíll get.
On and on the game is played to win some imagined wealth.
I looked to the dealer, and prayed, to save me from my self.
Ten simple things I failed to follow I went another way.
So deep in debt I had become and unable to repay.
And like so many who plaid this game I was never lost
For we all walk away winners since the dealer paid the cost.

Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
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Dear God - a Dear Daddies special

Dear God,

I'd start politely
asking you how you are
but I already know
At least I think I do
 *smiles sheepishly*
...feel free to tell me though
 Tell me anything. For you,
 I'm always interested
in what you have to say

So just ignore my tone on bad days;
I love the sound of your voice in my ears 💖🌟

Thanks for keeping my personal issues
to a bearable minimum 🙏

Because of you🌹
I've found my Daddy in everyone. ❤️

(Even in me, a lady!) 🤗

Thanks for making life fun

It's very helpful
to have dreams
You let me incubate

and thanks for reigning me in
without crushing my spirit!

You are always available
when I go looking

Life hasn't killed me yet!

...because of you,

my inner Daddy-king. 💋

Written by EdibleWords
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Silent Suffering

Dear Heavenly Father,
I'm losing my faith and need your help,
but don't know why I even bother.
I cry out to You,
I beg and plead
why do You not answer?
Am I just a bad seed.
Is it because You know,
because You are able to see
the darkness within
the Devil inside of me?
He tears me to shreds
he rips me apart
fills me with such anger
while slowly hardening my heart!
He fills my mind with evil thoughts
fills it with uncertainty and despair
causes me to doubt myself
makes it to where i don't even care!
But in my darkest hour ,
I still I turn to You
begging for help from down on my knees,  
looking for answers or perhaps a clue.
I try to be good
I try to fight the demons within
somehow i always fall short
and succumb to sin.
For I am a sinner  
but you know my heart,
I want to do the right thing
I just don't know where to start.
Lord I am begging you ,
I need your guidance.
I am your humble servant ,
please don't leave me suffering in silence.
Written by Addi82 (Addi)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Dear Supreme Being...

Dear Supreme Being...
  †I don't know who you are...
 † † † † † †or what you are...
 † † † † † † † †or even if you are...
But I figure you gotta be more reasonable
than the average Human Being...
So... I been thinkin'... Maybe y'all would be up
for takin' a look at this shit that's goin' on †over here?
And maybe help us out?
I mean, Supreme Being...
that I haven't a clue... how to do... what I know's
the right thing... I mean not without doing wrong...
Thanks for Listenin', Sincerely, Me
PS... not to pressure you or anything... but we do got a little bit of hurry-up happening here. Ta
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Tyrant of Words
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Dear God, PS.... I can never finish talking

Sometimes I wonder how come
spirituality has to rise from the muck
like a fish crawling out of the sea
just to breathe
I've noticed I'm pretty much an asshole
until reality flies straight at me
poop straight from a fan
then for some odd reason  
I'll clean it up for you AND me
...purposeful as can be
It's embarrassing!
and studies show religiosity  
is directly tied to personal  
Calamity! (Yes, with a capital "C")
Why is the best of us
tied to our suffering?
Written by EdibleWords
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Dangerous Mind
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Note to God

Dear God... my name is Anna.  
I'm writin' cause my mom tol' me You in charge of ever'thing

I am awful confused.
The preacher-man on the TV said
You want us to send him our money...
...so he can pray for us...

 So...scuse me,
but I'se jus' wonderin...?

When did Y'all start charging??
Sincerely... Anna Leigh Springfield.
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Message From God

If you come to me
and ask for help

it is a sincere request

i will help


the help may be
in a form you
donít recognize
that does not
end in the way you expect

it may be disguised as a hardship
it may require hard work
it may require a change in perception
it may even require a change in your beliefs

I am here
to help you find
what you are seeking


most who come to me
with requests
donít really know what they are looking for
and therefore
will not recognize it
when it appears


if you are sincere
and willing to do as I ask
regardless of how
impractical or crazy it seems

I promise

you will learn things
that you have not yet imagined

you will accomplish things
that you donít believe possible

you will believe things
that you have resisted

I promise to guide you
to your next level of reality


if you are uncertain
or you wish only to hear
regurgitation of your
view of reality


find another way
for I can only bring
sorrow and pain
Written by Kinkpoet
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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I love this. It's with great regret that I inform you of your slight misunderstanding, however. The idea is you write from your perspective, not God's, but that doesn't take away from just how inspiring this piece is. Fantastic write

Thought Provoker
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Was Jesus an impersonator  
Or the original son of the creator  
Did he steal ones name  
Then get all the credit and fame  
Lying about, Hanging about  
Lazily wandering about  
The non factual stuff he was saying  
No wonder we still have heaps of doubt  
Maybe, he could tell a great bedtime story  
If so, did he copyright it all  
And will he sue for defamation  
Or was he just like the rest  
Just after all the worlds glory  
While I inside hiding  
The real source of his information  
All things come and go  
Like World Leaders, Empires  
Big Bang Theories & Co  
He went on trial, then got lucky  
Had groupies follow him
Hundreds of miles, along the Nile  
Do you think  
He will bother to give us a call  
Before he comes back down  
To judge us all  
Gee time flies  
When you believe in yourself  
Hope I'm still here, if he returns  
To at least defend myself  
Jesus Christ, Oh my God  
God just spoke to me  
Looks like, I'm the chosen one  
He said, get ready  
Then, wait for his text  
For I'm up next  
For has anyone ever bothered  
To do a family tree search  
If you did, you would know that dad  
Had more than just the one son  
We have the same DNA as mum But dad emptied his spirit  
Into not just one virgin bowl  
So next time you hear  
The almighty word from ones mouth  
Listen carefully from deep inside  
Ones very own memory soul  
Remember your parents advice  
When you were a young youth  
Because all creatures born on earth  
Instantly know the meaning of ones life details  
So don't ever think  
You are the chosen black sheep  
In your familyís fairytales  
Live your life, fly like a bird  
Just be Happy and Free  
And be one with your creator.
Written by Fetchitnow
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