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All The Single Peeps

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem to somebody who is single for Valentine’s Day.

The February show (episode 10) is coming up folks, and we would like to again offer up the hallowed end spot of the show to feature your poetry on the podcast. The podcast goes out on multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so it’s great exposure.

If you've not heard the podcast yet you can listen to past episodes here: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/podcasts/

It is the month of Cupid and Saint Valentine, so we are asking you to write a poem to somebody who is single for Valentine’s Day, it can be anybody you know or even a fellow DU member, the poem can be approached anyway you wish as long as the person is currently single.

Obviously we would really love if you would be able to read and record the poem yourself for us, but please do not feel pressured. We (or a member of the reading team currently being formed) will be able to read the poem out for you if you don't want too. We understand.

Need help with creating a video? Head on over to The Loud-Speaker poetry group for help and advice on your audio / video submissions: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/groups/loud-speaker-poetry/discussion/


*You have two weeks
* New poems only
* Audio / video / songs accepted
* Up to 2 entries per cupid
* No extreme content / extreme erotica / a little swearing is fine.
* Winner agrees to have their poem read on The Poetcast Project February podcast.
* No word count, just don't go mad
* Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Good luck!


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How new is new?

I saw a Fox News article about an artist who made we want to preach Cupid at all bad boys, especially him!

So it's about his reluctance to be in a relationship with someone and other men and women like him.

Heck... I will just post it.... I'll take it down if it doesn't really fit!

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Bad Boyfriends Need Bad Girls

(To be a stupid Cupid for single Diplo and Sia)
You don't know me
but I'm on LSD
I don't know your  
or if you two are  
meant to be
Pardon me,
this bad poetry
needs to be    
strongly filth      
See we have      
some bad, bad      
sad boyfriends      
Boys who can't      
get simple      
off their steamy      
big head brains      
Not even for a good girl      
who needs a good lover      
Keeping his mental      
noodles to himself      
Silly babies      
you don't have rabies!     
(You just need help,      
Overactive Plumbers)    
Bad bitches know      
they don't want      
good boys to chase      
shoving them      
into shallow graves      
under their blankets      
We wanna save      
all that fine naughty      
for the learning boys      
The ones down on knees      
who know when to say sorry      
It's those gentle      
lover bees      
So come on      
bad bad boys      
Don't just be alone      
...hear me      
You won't be sorry
Written by EdibleWords
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Sia Sooner Than Later...

Love to the queen
of musical sympathy  
I fell for your celestial  
body double on DUP
But I still have plenty  
left over for you sweetie  
Because you leave  
room for lil' girls like me
Come on down,  
to Deep Underground Poetry
Written by EdibleWords
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To my Valentine

With these words I will remark  
To help me undertake the task  
Send a message sweet as the morning lark  
That amour I know cannot be masked  

Lace my card with good intention  
Sweet phrase to make her heed  
An arrow to make that connection  
To land a growing seed  
I am the waterfall and its crescendo  
My feelings fall in deep cascades  
For true romance not inuendo  
My mind plays yours and mine charades  
A secret declaration for dreamed company  
A heart worn on a sleeve  
Will tenderness find empathy  
A day of love and birds and bees  
Now some will read and be intrigued  
My soul so bared alone unshared  
I dig so deep with heartfelt pleas  
That we two, could make a pair
Written by slipalong
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The Champagne Artemis

The Champagne Artemis

Like a bow your figure arches so voluptuously
Your silhouette virtuosity tensions me like a sting
You lay my arrow between your limbs lubriciously
Holding tight as twine to the nock, you´re aiming

Our psyches draw on the erotic thong, the latex freedom
You fly me past your target to Venus and beyond
Violin voice of your sighs sings me a pagan Anthem
Once I, a believer, a pilgrim, now a wayward vagabond

Traitorous passion steers past the tropics, to new latitude
We celebrate the flight of the ancient goddesses refusing to mourn
Afar off patchouli perfumed bower of our salacious minds

The rainbow colours & the languid sky we swiped; Robin Hood
Finally, an archer and the arrow lay wasted on the distant *Binga dawn
Where life and death, starts and ends, assimilates and unwinds

Binga is a place on the Southern Zambezi in north of Matabeleland, home to the Ba Tonga people and their famous Mbanje or Dagga (Cannabis).
Written by JHA
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poet Anonymous

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I heard someone I once knew
in your guitar—
his words, pouring
from your lips
in song…

I can’t bring him back.

I saw him rise up
in your lyrics, longing
for some nameless thing,
the elusive, uncatchable thing,
that should calm the restless soul
but never does.

I can’t bring him back.

I promised
I would never love again—
we made a pact, Me,
Myself and I….

I can’t bring him back—

death is somewhat final
on this side of the veil.

I fell asleep on my watch.

My heart’s door creaked open, like
some impish, impudent child
daring to see what comes in
or goes out…

You have your world….I have mine.

Staying home, turning a year older
as I do, each Valentine’s Day,
might be safer
than entertaining hope.

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Treat Yourself

Treat yourself like no else will able to,
Because no one knows you like you do,
Love starts with the self as you might’ve guessed,
The only one that matters first…is you.
Valentine’s Day has become a consumer’s frenzy,
It’s a way to prove to someone you care,
But if you’re alone on this one occasion,
Treat yourself with imaginative flair.
Get a haircut, a shave then go out friends,
I’m sure your squad would like to hang out,
Get yourself a delicious steak with fries,
Then have a nice night out on the town.
Stop by the mall and if you see something you like,
Don’t be afraid to splurge on what brings you joy,    
Let your guard down you’ve worked really hard,
Don’t worry about being so modest or coy.
Oh and boys, don’t charge it all to my credit card.
Written by wallyroo92
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poet Anonymous

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My Cabin In The Woods

Fast asleep in the back of my van
I played with you just because I can

I undressed you as you were sleeping
I stared at the trophies I might be keeping

In this small log cabin in the wood
I have 6 attractive ladies in the nude

Five are dead there's one still alive
Not really sure if she will survive

It's all about them, they make their choices
I totally rely on my inner head voices

I drugged you just for fun
Don't make me use this gun

I know the duct tapes' is on too tight
It's in your struggling I delight

Now our love-in has begun
There is nowhere left to run

I've leather-strapped you to the table
To escape you're quite unable

All this screaming doesn't help
It gets me in the mood to skelp

I will employ more violence
If you don't retort with silence

I see you trembling in awe
I regret I broke your jaw

I know you think I am insane
I cut your legs off now we're the same

Loving me, your free to choose
If not, your life is what you'll lose

Love is torture, suffering and pain
Don't make me want to stab you again

My sexual advances though uninvited
Best not be unrequited

Whimpering stop or no is not the answer
I'm an old fashioned forceful romancer

I fully intend to make you mine
Dead or alive: You will be my valentine

Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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Congrats to MadameLavender! We’ll be in touch to work out the details of the show.

SocksScareMe- we’d love to use the tune on a future show if we may? 😎

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ThePoetcastProject said:Congrats to MadameLavender! We’ll be in touch to work out the details of the show.

Your choice for the trophy could not have been more righteous,



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Thanks so much for the win!  Appreciated and honored!

poet Anonymous

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