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Valentine Crushing Time

Tyrant of Words
United States
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As the whispers of the winds caress our bodies and souls, through the stairway of my mind touching and pulling at the very core of my life string, that attaches you to me in more ways than one. I don't want this feeling to never end between us, for it is definitely because of you nothing else matters, but the subconscious level of our connection as one. For you bought into my life and world a vision of beauty, like a rose to see through your eyes and heart as it grows, with the process of no regrets as it blooms within the depth of the sun. For it's you I want to love and understand, with honor and devotion and respect, as it is surrounded by shooting stars that shoot across the darken skies, creating a hypnotize affect upon my mind and heart and spiritual growth of my soul.
Written by Stoney223
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Kiss you

Those nights I'll always remember  
We confused the lights in the city  
for angels after midnight  
Radio waves crashing into you and me
That痴 when I knew right there and then  
I wanted to kiss you  
The days they're stuck in my head
Now Stations only play dead air  
ID try to recreate them memories
With someone new But  
why try when I only want you  
Your a dream
that痴 where you stay
after I left you at your front door  
Without a kiss  
Couldn稚 breathe Nervous atmosphere  
you came back in my dreams  
If I ever see you again
First thing I知 going to do  
Is kiss you
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Sire Superwhizy
Lost Thinker
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With you

With you my heart is home
With which brilliance and beauty roam
Where dream is filled with fulfilling hope

Without you I知 broken, leaked, deceased
Call the doctor, plumber, the priest
No amount of troubleshooting can get me fix

With you I知 strong and powerful
With you by my side; I cannot fail
Coz you池e the fuse to light my veins

Without you I'm low on oxygen
Like my life is a leaked cardboard box
Without stars to burn out the void

With you I知 a poet
The whole world knows
For his inspiring quotes

Without you I知 a writer
Struggling to find words
To describe his hoards

With you I知 the moon
Surrounded by sparking stars
Lighting the way through the dark

Without you I知 the sun
Burning with grieve
All that come close would turn liquid

With you I知 a genee
My achievement has no limit
The sky? No
It痴 just a stepping stone

Without you I知 stuck
Wandering without home
Lost in the black hole

With you I知 a god
Controlling creatures like joy and rich
All wants and needs are at my reach

Without you I知 a man
Living in a hive
Striving to survive

With you I知 an astronauts
Exploring galaxies
Enjoying life痴 fantasies

Without you I知 stranded
Filthy and paralyzed
Tactless and distrategised

With you I知 a blessed soul
Happiness and joy are things I own
Because I知 a star at heart
No obstacles dares cross my path

Without you I知 incomplete
Without you I see nothing
Without you I feel nothing
Without you I知 without me
Written by Wordsmith (Sire Superwhizy)
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Sire Superwhizy
Lost Thinker
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I want to be your star

I want to be your stars
Not a regular star
Not just the type you stare at in the sky
Not the ones you often see every night

I want to be your moon
The one that brighten you
The type that makes the night looks like afternoon

I want to be the host
And you will be the parasite
When my heart will be your home
Where you forever dine

I want to be your lightning
And you will be my thunder
And then we値l be striking
Forces that try地 put us assunder
Written by Wordsmith (Sire Superwhizy)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine,
My little honey so divine,
I知 on cloud nine when I知 with you,
You池e a goldmine of sidesplitting laughter,
I completely get what you池e after,
I知 never blue when I知 with you.
I had dear old cupid pull some strings,
I threatened to clip his wings,
So he shot his arrow through your heart,
Now I understand the conundrum,
I get on your nerves and then some
But you still love me though I snore and fart.
My punny valentine,
I知 full of puns, memes and rhymes,
I have another dirty jest just for my boo,
I壇 love to eat ya quick and spry
Like a sweet tasty blue berry pie,
But I too have lots of fillings for you.  
I might be cheesy but I think you池e grate,
Better yet do you like the way my dictate,
I have another verse that痴 just for you,
My purdy dirty birdy Valentine,
I知 so lucky that you池e mine,
So let痴 do this without further ado.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

Jordan Kunkel
Thought Provoker
United States
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CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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My little dragon snap, why are you wilting?
Grow big and beautiful, show off your magnificence. Fend of those parasites, don't let them win tonight.
 Burn bright, just as the sun. Watch as your foes, flee from the dread. Can I help you cleanse your head?
More than this you surely deserve, I'll help you grow..I swear it's true.
Majestic words, you paralyze me. No longer fear is what I feel, talking to you it seems to disappear.
My strength regained, I want to show you my heart. may I see yours as well?
 I'll hold it tight and give it life, maybe love isn't as bad as we made it out to be?
Written by youngpoetdreams
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Twisted Dreamer
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Love notes

With each moment of every passing day
I am drawn to your embrace. I cant wait for our souls to combine and create a love that withstands the test of time with each hour,
each minute,
each second bringing us closer than ever before.
Engulfing us in pleasure that exudes from the depths of our morphing frames...
expressing our raw sexuality.

But far beyond the physical is what we explore for we have mind games.
Deeper than the raw intertwining of bodies...
more passionate than theact of pure penetration...
I wish you'll allow me to undress you with my words as you climax from my mental stimulation.

No physical touch..just connecting eyes for i know you're overcome by extensive vocabulary, mental sensuality, and intellectual conversation. Can i win this mind game? Let me explore you with my words...
They may be few but they're
more passionate than the act of pure penetration...
I would like to experience seeing you climax from mental stimulation.
Written by Asani
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I know you have a crush on me...
I could always see
the way you would tickle me crazily
The way you listened as you stared attentively
The way you kept waiting patiently
Times I needed help with my things so heavy
You made sure my arms were left freely
When I cried from some ludicrous fight
You smiled and said Beautiful tears this night...
Frankly, that made me smile very bright...
As I can grasp the clue and all rings a bell...
My eyes gleam now as every time I see you
And I know and you know so well
This isn't just a friendship crew
We feel some special connection  
We both blush in a pink hue
Smiling with so much expression
Am I wrong?
or is it true?

A swan that glides comely in a pond...
Is the beauty of a majestic snow white
Around and around to beyond
She expands her wings
at the shine of light
The whisper of the water sings
Churning so much love  
to the basin, she reflects a respond.
The affection of a heart begins...
She gapes not believing what she's hearing...
Speechless as her body is fluttery
Finding it so sweet and endearing
Not sure how to utter as her words so studdery
He says not a word and to her nearing...
He holds her trembling hands...
Looks at her twinkling eyes...
In moons shining two silhouettes stands
Sweet silence that never denies...
She sheds a lonely tear...
He sees and gently with his finger wiping it away
He gets more near  
Then he begins to say...
{As pure as the moon shines with lots of might
Enchanting a moment as winsome as this
Beautiful tears that divine tonight...
He smiles, drawing towards her lips
As they both happy ending blissfully kiss...}
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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And of you..

I close my eyes in sight of those rapturing skies
Before the cover of their felt embrace
Beneath the rained profusion falling to kiss my face
I close my eyes to the onslaught of life and its race
To hold your effortless elegance and its grace
To hear the rhythm of your voice
Carried in the passageway of clouds
To feel the smoothness of your skin
Shower my senses from within
To taste your presence lingering upon the settling of imparted gifts
Delivering the imbued fortitude cast from a heart of gratitude
The thankful view of you
And you, you, you a gift from above
Adorns my day in its star lights hue
As I am lifted from this place
To ride aloft this time with you
I give thanks
I give thanks
For the presence of peace
And of you..
Written by Fiftysevenhours (.Quercus.)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Raindrops fall...
As I now can hear your call
I won't deny at all
"How I like you...awww"...
Your eyes... just they're so gorgeous...
and I also think you are so cute  
Yes I'd say I'm courageous
to confess my passion fruit
but it's the truth...
"Would you like a Baby Ruth?"
Single Dad Single Mom...
Playing music all night long
Talking and flirting, is that wrong?
How I'd love to hold you strong...
Just talking to you is like a romance...
As I feel it is to me
I'd love with you a dance
"Would that be too much to ask sweety?"
I furthermore love your smile...
It's so dreamy sexy  
"Damn... id love to see it in video style"
Making me blush like crazy...
You start saying "I really dig you, Nancy"...
I wish you weren't far...
It's fine as seeing the moonshine
And seeing a lonely bright star
Wishing if it's destined for you to be mine...
My poetry that reaches you where you are...
Whispers of the coming of Valentines day...
How I would love it to be...
How I'd love to say...
This is my secret I kept patiently
If it's ok?
To share my Valentine heart with you if I may...
Or should I walk or stay?
and let it drift away...
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Valentine crushing time (an acrostic)

Venice in a Gondola so close
A bridge of sighs, we stood engrossed
Like rosebud petals folded tight
Entwined us both in pink and white
Nocturne of perfume ready to escape
 To twist together in that elate
In innocence our craft was cast
New on a hope, needs so steadfast
Each pressure point

Caresses the now as each lip anoints
Regret a clutch, never was so held
Us just heat, in a rosy melt
Hedonistic hymns
In our own time and space
Nightingales words will never suffocate
Gravitate, uncompressed, bringing joy to all

Time and life, not crush loves earnest call
In that long haul
Meld our feelings in a life so full
Everlasting connection be our joint total
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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