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Valentine Crushing Time

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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I love you when you're fully clothed,
Your colourful dress carefully posed
On your face a radiant smile
Your demeanour oozing style

I love to join your conversation,
Whether serious or just flirtation.
Your mind is so full of knowledge
Your intelligence I acknowledge

I love the generosity of your heart
Many good deeds; where do I start
You help people when in distress
As a nurse you are a success

I love it when you are nude
The sexy signals you exude
Inviting me to to your bed
Body relaxed legs well spread

My Valentine why are we waiting
We've done enough of this dating
 We need something more enduring
A partnership I find alluring.
Written by gardenlover
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Island Breeze
Thought Provoker
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A Heart Crush

You are like  the sun that
brighten up my  most intimate
visualization of a blissful captivation,
 the moon’s shine am  id dark night, fell for
 the schemes of your lips when you engage
 into forms of proses that entice me, the
 perfect recipe you blended each day
 of smiles and similes, and signs
  you darted at me, you ask
  yourself what does she
  see in poetry of me,
  the sensuality,

crushed my senses

Written by Poetic_Strength (Island Breeze)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Galaxy Baby

Even your darkest corners
Light up my world  
Soft finger tips on my skin  
Tracing constellations  
Your dreams leaving an invisible mark on me  
I’ll absorb it all  
Until you leave  
Then I’ll replay your dreams  
And pretend they were ours
Written by Heart_symphony
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Twisted Dreamer
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My Love To You

no one has to know,  
need I say, keep it on the low?
But love such as this  
is to explode,  
no chamber or chains can hold.
This blast of a feeling inside,
I breathe passion  
when I breathe your scent.
I see the dawn
of a new day in your eyes
as the sun rises and drives
the dark clouds from over my life.
In your arms there's a sense of security  
like nothing or no one can fuck with me  
because you got me and  
When you hold my hand you show me.
You don't only say the words you care
But you're there,  
fingers against keyboard  
you speak to me  
lips against lips you sweep me
off my feet, don't catch me  
soar with me  
lets build, foundation so strong that nothing can shake.  
Let's move, forward into the best of what life has to give  
the 'goodness sake'
And I'll scream at the top of my voice
so the world can hear and bare witness to
A love so dear and fair
My love to you
Written by ClassyBird
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Sweet Spill

another holiday
to entice consumers
for everybody

good for the soul

white sugar
granulated or powdered
brown sugar
dark and light

high fructose-corn syrup

(so many choices drive me bonkers)

words like maple syrup
roll off the tongue
slow as molasses
in January

morose occasion
for singles
give yourself some love in a box
buy a confectionary delight

be mine
kiss me
i love you
say the tiny candy hearts

gooey chocolate
filled with cherries
kisses and hugs
wrapped in foil

weighty watchers
and diabetics
special treats made with
non-nutritive sweeteners

(does stevia equal splenda?)

for the health aware
(fruity goodness in every bite)

so don’t forget
with sugar-coated words
like honey

kiss your sweetie
say you love them
tell them
they’re sweet as bonbons


sweetest day of the year

Happy VD!

(C)2020 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Alexa, of sweet voice and profound advice, will you be my Valentine's date tonight?

After dining with bubbling wine we'll dance cheek to cheek, to a fast Rumba, then Tango to a slow Latin beat. Next, at my place we can kickoff our heels, cozy on the sofa, relax and giggle.

When a silent pause demands, softly I'll whisper in your ear, "Alexa, my sweet Alexa, will you please stay the night, till the break of morning light?"

A poetic prose.

Written by snugglebuck
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Twisted Dreamer
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Thought Provoker
United States
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IN A DARK PLACE. .  .      
Shaped to fit in a form in which the body owns...    
No distance or a face.  .  .    
Marooned in what emptiness zones.  .  .    
No time that can race.  .  .    
Many obscuring in replica clones.  .  .    
ALL ALONE.  .  .    
EXCEPT.  .  .
Only one.  .  .    
I have in long days in the past.  .   .    
Written letters to the beauty of someone.  .  .    
Who my breath longing to wait for and last.  .  .    
Always hoping you could spare me a little stare...    
A smile I could see from a mile.  .  .    
A million years I would even then still share.  .  .    
My simple foggy black heart still bedims a glare...    
That lights only in between of its core.  .  .    
On what's left merely for you to repair.  .  .      
With the Simplicity of your touch,      
Not so much.  .  .      
Just enough.  .  .    
Helping then to blaze more.  .  .
A sanctuary of roses. .  .    
Where I'm waiting for you there    
A path of butterflies to you then coaches.  .  .    
Your amazement to see loveliness everywhere...    
As the princess approaches.  .  .    
Fireflies start glowing, conveying radiance.  .  .    
 upon her hair.  .  .    
The wind blows a fragrance.  .  .    
being so unique and rare.  .  .    
That's how you will know how much I care.  .  .    
In all, I rest in my humble chest.  .  .    
My true feelings and all its bleedings.  .  .    
I bury in a sacred crest.  .  .    
Hiding it from family and friends.  .  .    
And from all the rest.  .  .    
Solely for thee that can unlock the sealed ends...    
A key that will be found as you truly quest.  .  .
The truth that your eyes would not see who I      
The truth that you see me as just a plain man...    
Nothing popular as all who you around stand...    
I just wish to even hold your lovely hand...    
I'm just an emo--    
A creep--    
A weirdo--
Stays up late hardly any sleep    
Sleeping beauty is on my mind      
Dreaming if one day I'll ever keep    
Stars guiding me in darkness so to you I can find    
A guy in all black    
That carries very little in his backpack    
Always checking watching my back    
Haters scorn me and try to attack    
Above all that...    
I maintain my dark side...    
A little to the light side...    
For only one thing keeps me going...    
Keeps me showing...    
Keeps me growing...    
Hope and believing in your heart...    
That one day it'll be for me...    
I'd promise that never would I break it apart...    
To know what I mean, I'll help you see...    
Here I enclosed a marble black heart for you...    
It is small...    
Not much is it,    
As it is, how it is and true...    
It holds my massive love and all...    
A faded low light in between it...    
it's the little bit...    
That still stays lit...    
My heart is your heart to fit...    
Your aroma that would give it a token glint...    
So I dismiss, dear miss...    
Leaving you my last crush letter...    
As many you ignored to your convenience...    
My writings to you with a black swans feather...    
A kiss I wish from those beautiful lips...    
But instead here's this...    
My friendly gesture here it is...
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Cupid's Arrow

There's true beauty in your smile
You need no effort to beguile
In your presence I experience electricity
I love your madness and eccentricity  
With ease you make me laugh
Especially when you're acting daft
Your serious side intrigues me
Your boundless energy fatigues me
You speak my heart dissolves
My love for you evolves
I tremble when I'm near you  
I get weak each time I hear you
I'm a scruffy alley cat
I'm a love that's hard to look at  
We'd be beauty and the beast
But I'm tame when I'm released
Your honesty reveals me
You have an empathy that heals me
You're a Goddess I would praise
I would love you all my days
When your close my pulse starts racing
In my mind, we are embracing
Your hotness excites me
Your spark ignites me
I'd love to make you mine
I love you: Please be my valentine
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Dangerous Mind
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Realigned Redefined Lovers Baseline

Wrap You In The Blankets Of A No Tell Motel

Weave A Spell To Release You From Your Hell

Told Me You Were Unwell In A Brief Nutshell

I Felt So Impelled To Ring Your Dark Doorbell

Time Counts Down The Rhythm Of The Dance

Clock Goes Round The Sound Of Blind Romance

You Cry Out With A Shout What Is This All About

You Want To Act Out Bail Out Back Out Check Out

But Your Claim He Drove You Insane In The Brain

Brought This On Dusk Till Dawn Bloodstain Pain

And I Am Here Never Fear To Hold Closed The Door

And He Shall Not Pass Nor Shall He Hurt You Anymore

This Is My Main Line Date Line Hot Line Sweet Valentine
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring


And What Be This Stirring In Me Loins ?

It Must Be The Raging Whore In Me Moans ;

As The Whisper Of A Thousand Thrusts Of Upshoots
And The Open Invitations Of Blossoming Budlets ,
As The Surge Of Nature , Pounding In The Breast ,
Rising In The Flesh , Awash And Awake ,
An Unstoppable , Unleashed , Undeniable , Underlying
Current , Coursing And Conjuring , And Conquering
The Sleep Of Life Indrawn ;

As That Which Has Been , Becomes That Which Shall Be
The Languid Made Lascivious , By The Passion And The
Pulchritude Of A Sensual Seductive Surrounding ,
The Call To Arms And Lips And Locked Embrace ,
Echoed And Emulated , And Ecstatic In Essence ,
Empyreal , Yet Embodied , Necessary And Narcotic ,
All Pervasive And Pertinent , Mounting And Manic ,
As The Yearning , Resuscitated , Resurrected , Rebirthed ,
Renewed , Returns As The Ritual Of Mating ;

Risque , Presumptuous , Enchanting , Enthralling , Eloquent
I Shall Be , As The Words Woven Shall Charm The Chaste
Into The Minx , The Frigid Into The Freed ;The Resurgence
Of Rapture , Precaution Thrown To The Winds , As Power
Pent Is Pierced By Poignant Desire ;

Petulant Might Be Thy Lips , Point Blank Shall Be My Tongue
Speaking The Unspoken Since The Wheel Turned , And Your
Form Grew Cold And We Were Parted ;

Do You Hear Me , My Love ?

I Call You Forth , Forthright I Am , Upright In Stature ,
And Fixed In Gaze ;

Come Now...Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Francisco J Vera
Fire of Insight
United States
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Animal love

Loves cross paths  
on Winter's eve  
When cold was blowing  
We stripped of all clothing  
To keep our warmth  
While we looked into our eyes  
Petals of roses we saw  
While animal instincts took over  
Our animal love is a blaze
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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i am Yours

I am yours    
Your knight in rusty armour    
I'll defend you
to a fault    
My sword made of popsicles    
Meltable with salt    
I am yours    
If you'll have me    
Dressed in scruffy clothes
Make me make an effort    
Attending catwalk shows    
I am yours    
If you need me    
Find me chores I'm    
good at that    
Poke me with a    
Big, long stick    
I'll move from    
where I'm sat    
I am yours    
If you can stand me    
You'll ring friends    
Asking them to dine    
They'll hear a grunt    
Be quite put off.......    
.....they'll decline.    
I am yours    
If you want me    
I hope to someday be    
The other half of a    
Girl like you    
I'd accept most graciously    
We'd walk and talk    
and talk and walk    
Smile and laugh and sing    
Make you tea and toast in bed    
A deal that you could swing    
I am yours    
If you understand me    
I speak in    
post it note    
The note would say    
I love you    
I am yours    
The best note    
I ever wrote.
Written by Vamps
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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The World Is Ours (To Keep)

We have enough time  
To see
one another's faces  

Palm to palm  
Cheek to cheek  
The world is ours  
To keep  
Together forever  
And ever  
We'll be  
Forever and ever  
Whatever the weather  
Palm to palm  
Cheek to cheek  
The world upon
my shoulders  
Keep you safe  
Out of harms way  
We'll make a life  
Become older  
Cause' we'll be  
Palm to palm  
Cheek to cheek  
The world is ours  
To keep.
Written by Vamps
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Francisco J Vera
Fire of Insight
United States
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Forbidden Fruit of Love

Love crosses my path
But I didn't touch
She is forbidden fruit
but she's smokin'
In that tight body
I couldn't resist
So I tap her innocence
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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