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Death Poems

Thought Provoker
United States
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Counting to Infinity (a Quintain)

Love's heart
Pressed so to ear
Two four six twenty-eight
Then the terminal beat and mine
No more.
Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Portal

Death is the ever mysterious inevitable,
The only sure thing that life will always bestow,
An unpredictable yet random variable,
Never knowing when or how one will ever go.

Death is the final culmination of life,
Sometimes leaving some in astonishment,
Unbiased in the choosing of its recipient,
Regardless of the list of accomplishments.

It’s the unavoidable sound certainty,
For death it doesn’t matter who you are,
It can be far or it can come out of nowhere,
It doesn’t care even if you’re a superstar.

Death makes us ponder about destiny and fate,
Appreciating things more presently, fervently…
But death is the portal to another dimension,
Where mortals transcend into eternity.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Death Wears a Sexy Grin

Always waiting for the call              
Death dreams of your date with her whore            
legs of perfection elegantly crossed            
gracing the lobby of a Siberian hotel              
always eager to take your hand            
and guide you expertly        
up the stairs            
There's no going back from there              
no-one ever checks out            
so no need to fret about the tab            
The ultimate service           
completely gratis            
and almost always            
a once in a lifetime experience              
After they've passed through            
Death's guests don't give much away            
but if you wish to draw            
some personal conclusion            
then ponder the positives            
think no news is good news            
especially on your dying day            
As I trembled upon her bed            
Death slowly undressed             
tossed back her head and laughed            
sheerest black panties twirled round a finger            
inching closer for the 'kill'              
she-wolf hungry to climb on top and screw out my brains                   
until only dust            
or the memory of a shudder remained            
I am sworn never to reveal            
(you might say under pain of Death)            
the precise details of my escape              
but if I close these eyes now            
l can feel her femme-fatale straddling my chest            
icicle fingers teasing my hair            
the darkest chill of her breath...               
And each night I beg forgiveness            
from my undeniable God              
certain I've sinned my soul away          
in both this life and the next            
embracing hell through lust--            
just to savour that sexy grin Death wears            
come the moment she beckons            
with her beautiful shining face
Written by Abracadabra
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Take Me Home

Is that you, my dear?
My sweet angel of death?
Goosebumps start to rise as you draw near,
so close I can feel the warmth of your breath!
Is it my time?
has it finally begun?
I will not fight you,
for you have already won!
I will not beg,
nor will I plead!
I only ask for your mercy,
as you do the deed.
I will abide,
and give you sweet surrender.
Wrap me in your arms so tight,
embrace me ever so tender.
I can imagine my smile as I slip under
I have waited so long
for your eternal slumber.
Please don't let me down!
My breathing is now so shallow,
you barely hear a sound.
I wonder how I will go.
Will anyone miss me,
Will anyone even know?
Who's life will be affected?
If I mattered to anyone,
making me aware was something they neglected.
Probably lift a few burdens.
Why not want to end things,
stop all the hurting.
I wonder who will miss me when I'm gone?
Hurry my sweet angel of death,
hurry, please! I'm ready to go home!
Written by Addi82 (Addi)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Dangerous Mind
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Mother Grim

Been hiding underground again have you?
Out all night
with your scythe
skulking around
in that old black cloak
with the oversize hood
seeing those no good chums of yours
and Pestilence
Mark my words they'll lead you astray
all this reaping
It'll have to stop one day
There's no future in it
It will never do any of you any good
And look how thin you've got
why you're nothing but a bag of bones
It's about time you packed it all in
got yourself a proper job
found a nice young lady
and settled down
You could have been anything
a doctor
or a lawyer
even a dustman would be better than this
If you're not careful to mend your ways
you'll send your poor old Mum to an early grave
then you'll be sorry when you do
and what will the neighbours have to say about that
They'll be talking about us forever
Is that what you really want
a lifetime of eternal shame??

Written by Abracadabra
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Francisco J Vera
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Hail to Love

Cock is dead
He lost his luster
To smokin' woman :)
named Hailey
She took him
Like there is no tomorrow
So they moaned with delight
Until the end!
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Thought Provoker
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Begone from this peaceful home
For time ticks by slowly here
Restless spirit not content  
Until it confronts it’s fear
Launch into distant future
Don’t stop to admire the view
Keep racing towards the end
Death is all that’s left to do
No need to enjoy living
For living is for the weak
Instead create high drama
For attention that you seek

Paint your face to be grotesque
Dress yourself in midnight black
But be warned: If you give in
To Death, there’s no coming back.

Written by Velvet
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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No reset

You okay?
What are you doing at my place
Wanna stay up late
Talk life Discuss death
Coffin nails lock me in
Go to bed
In a Hole
in the ground

If I was louder
I’d be heard
I wouldn’t be In this grave
If I tried harder
I’d dig my way out
I wouldn’t be in this grave
6ix feet under

In my hideout
Forgot My Zoloft
Hiding here forever
So long

No reset
Don’t complain
Don’t resist
Accept this
Or Don’t exist

I wish I was louder and Heard
Pushed harder than the weight of the earth
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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i will die

i am alive

there is life after death
i am not dead in the next life

does this
go on



i am alive
i will die

is there one
final death
after which
there is
no more life


if that is the case
is this my last life
or my first

for now

i am alive

i am not dead
and that is enough
Written by Kinkpoet
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Brotherly Love

I couldn't sleep, again
I chose to read your words instead
I could hear your voice,
 by the rhythm of your thoughts,
 flowing from your scribe,
Calm and baritone

Your brotherly love,
evoked emotions in me I had cremated
long ago

Lighting a cigarette
 gave me an excuse to pause and think,
thinking on why I can't feel the sorrow
I need to cry, hard and from within the deep
Maybe then I can sleep

My grief is still froze,
crystallized and was unfairly brief
Too exhausted to breathe
 in the aftermath

I never had the choice to breakdown,
grieve properly through the stages
that would follow my soul
I only felt the hole left in the hollows,

Everyone around me shattered,
I had to be the rock for them to lean on;
as I would point them to the sky,
hoping I could teach them both to fly

I really didn't want to write tonight,
sleep deprived, staring at the screen
One day, two flights

 I'm not a smoker
 a stale pack I hide in a drawer
for the grief
When I need to feel the pain
 It feels good to burn my throat
Shallow minded am I

Her wings are heavy
Entwined over mine
Her span is wide
 My feathers are stronger

My twin and I
One soul
I was the stone
She was the sculptor of
our spiritual heritage

I must say this,
your words felt like home,
like brotherly love and the smell of coffee

Now I am bound to read your words
 Frightened by the similarities
I tip my hat in gratitude
 as you tip yours
 I did notice you left open
a doorway,
 where I may go,
to heal my mind
I am glad i wrote tonight

Thank you for becoming a poet
Written by Lagertha (Elizabeth.G.)
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John Brady
Thought Provoker
United States
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If it meant anything
I’d remember this room

these bones
and their grave
of aftermaths

how she’d carve her scars
into a knotted bed frame
proclaiming herself chiseled
somewhere between draft
and work of art.

I’d remember your etchings
with every barefoot silence
creeping through flame

for it’s all ash now
and I am an old brush
smearing your kiss
across my cheek

branding your lips
my most hellish war

because in the end
we are all bare before
our slaughterhouses

promising to feel
our highs before we die
in one final letter
to oblivion

and you
my epileptic bride,
shivering a fit of pity
fold before me

between halos
and the flicker
of white light.
Written by 24601 (John Brady)
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Strange Creature
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Joined 27th Jan 2020
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Wasted life

       When I die it'll be an o.d
Sit down & listen to this story of me
I steal from the rich & take from the poor
Robin with a Hood, gett high some more
Not to be mistaken or misunderstood
I'm all bad there's is no good
Don't do what I should & break the law
Drugs took my family, I've lost it all
Have no answer or any reason why
I'm so sick, I'll even get my sponsor high
I have no morals & don't live by a code
I'm a ticking time bomb ready to explode
If you see me around, I'd cross the street
Because I will Lie, steal, kill & cheat
It's not about money, I can have plenty
What I have there isn't a remedy
I'm just a low down dirty thief
that doesn't feel sorry, I have no grief
So with whatever time, that I have left
I'm going to stay high, til my last breath
These may very well be,last words I write
All I'll ever be is just a wasted life
Written by Bottomsln
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Strange Creature
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Joined 27th Jan 2020
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Table for two

Reservation in hell, a table for two
I'm dining with heroin, how about you
I've taken my order, it'll be here soon
A candle lit romance under the spoon
As I'm waiting, it appears at the table
Draw it up slow, but fast as I'm able
In a hurry, filled with desperation
Took the shot with no hesitation
Pulled the point out like a pin in grenade
Continued to fall back in a nodded fade
After I've eaten, I'm left unfulfilled
Use my napkin, for the blood that spilled
My last meal get to share with a friend
Time our evening has came to an end
As I started to head towards the door
Stopped in my tracks it said one more
Looking around, gave a second glance
Grabbed my arm we got ready to dance
Wrapping around me, squeezed on tight
Took my breath away, kissing goodnight
This isn't how I wanted to say bye
Loved me to death, in a casket I lye
Written by Bottomsln
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Strange Creature
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Joined 27th Jan 2020
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My friend heroin

    we used to hang out everyday
    I did whatever you would say
    the days you weren't there, I was blue
    you even killed my best friend too
    that didn't really matter to me
    thought you loved me unconditionally
    with you I could run & hide
    & put all of my feelings aside
    the pain I thought you took away
    left me with shame everyday
    didn't talk to my friends anymore
    don't really even know what for
    I swore it was you I hated
    left my life so complicated
    there's no where to run I can speak
    you'll even haunt me in my sleep
    it's pshycological can't break free
    heroin you got a hold of me
    I'm so disgusted & can't say no
    now i'm stuck & you won't let go
    at first I did you so I could get high
    & now I need you just to get by
     left me with nothing else to take
    it won't be long now before I break
Written by Bottomsln
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