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Death Poems

Fire of Insight
United States
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The Big Day

The big day had at long last, finally arrived
That he had been waiting for his whole life
Though he hadn't always realized

His suit had been laid out for him while he slept
His dearest had chosen colors to best represent
His greatest strengths while hiding any regrets

Hired servants washed him with reverence
Hushed tones, voices soft in his presence
His thoughts distant in contemplated existence

He wasn't royalty, he wasn't loaded with cash
His parade wasn't lead with sirens and flash
But people waved at his carriage as he passed

He seemed in a trance as he entered the hall
Pictures and awards lining the walls
His closest friends beside him, standing tall

This was his party, this was his day
His greatest prides put on display
As people from his life took turns to say:

"...Always the ideal example of a man,"
"My life is better for knowing him," and
"I admire his work, I'm his biggest fan."

And all the things he failed to accomplish
Were justified away, "He knew how to dream big"
The holes that he made just show he could dig

The crowd laughed as they roasted him
They raised their glasses and toasted to him
As his friends bragged and boasted for him

Then the mood of the room grew a little more sober
As the love of his life revealed how deeply he loved her
And the blush on his cheeks seemed out of character

They then closed their eyes and said a prayer
Thankful for the moments they were blessed to share
That formed the memories they held so dear

They tucked him gently into his little bed
Then placed a kiss on his wrinkled forehead
And took one last look before closing the lid,

Uncovered the vault, lowered him into the ground
Crying as the casket slowly went down
And then covered it up with earthen brown

Then went their separate ways to try to move on.
Written by sammy4444
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Worm's Dessert (A plea for salvation)

Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Time is Ticking

Can you feel it?
It’s growing stronger every day.
That feeling of existential dread
Which rises from the darkest depths of your mind,
Bubbling to the surface of your thoughts,
And spilling into consciousness
As ink to the page of a writer's will.
You know it all too well...
That feeling of malaise you brush away
Like a fly from your plate,
Or a mosquito, buzzing in your ear.
Like an incessant internal itch
Which can never be scratched,
The inevitability of death brings an urgency to life
That I can’t seem to shake.
With no guarantee of another day,
How can we waste our lives away
Pursuing empty endeavors,
Depriving ourselves of pleasures,
When life could be so much better?
Written by NewBeginnings
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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She's always preparing
for the worst;
even now, in-between the
calm and the storm.

Yet with unflinching eyes,
she sits quietly,
taking it all in.
Like a cold morning
on the porch with
her coffee.

To her, grief is
a planned process.
Something tangible.
If she can take
enough notes,
and do her research,
she can handle it.

And death,
she knows him.
He's an old friend,
sitting in the corner
of the room as
we speak.

But for this,
she couldn't prepare.
This time, it's
out of her hands.
The deck of cards
given and cursed
at birth.

Now, like a passenger
of a ship, she will wait
for its landing.
And the worst is
yet to come,
but this time
she won't be ready.
Written by solanaceae
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Dangerous Mind
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black feather

frail hum of dust  
breathes skeleton stir
ground from the bone pile  
memories whir
in the oubliette  
cold stones confer
is not  
through rasp of truth  
time spits its germs
where lies bleed frantic
festered worms
in the oubliette
cruel reason squirms
is not  
life's circus stained
graffiti tears
shriek dream demolished
wasted years
in the oubliette
stale tasting fear
sighs Death
is not  
Written by Abracadabra
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Dangerous Mind
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Blind Date with Death

I asked Death              
if madame took it up the ass            
and what it felt like        
sleeping with a stiff              
in eternity's ice cold bed               
So far          
she didn't answer,             
which suits me just fine              
but I can't help wondering              
how high I rate on her list              
I almost asked            
if on her wilder nights              
Death plays peeping Tom          
stalking the window of life          
applauding every cigarette and shot            
her shadow ready to pounce          
on the foibles of an ailing heart            
But she must hear that all the time               
so then I thought maybe life's  
plucked blind from the nest       
a trembling baby bird        
to be cupped in safer hands              
away from Death's embrace        
for a fleeting moment of joy              
while the rest of eternity waits        
which means not one of us      
can ever quite learn how to fly                
And I still can't get a hard on          
for Death Air economy class              
all the waiting to check in      
with seven billion in the line              
no lifejacket required              
and not even a restroom              
to freshen up in        
Wouldn't you bet          
she'll be a sour-faced        
miserable bitch              
with a gash like sandpaper          
and gravity stretched tits              
forever checking her nails              
and bragging to her pals        
cholesterol and cancer             
about threesomes in the freezer             
with every new kid hits town      
Don't you just hate          
blind dates.
Written by Abracadabra
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Her Final Breath

In this grave lays the girl who had tried
Too hard and her plea for help was never
Heard over the sound of the world that
Kept moving. People claim to have cried,
But they never knew she was so clever,
Free spirited and kind. She never sat
On the sidelines like everyone else. She
Was quiet, but no one knew she was lost
On the inside. She wandered from love to
Happiness to anger and sadness. The sea
Carried away all her sorrows, but the cost
Of love and life was too much as she grew
Tired of the shadows that always followed
Her. Her heart was becoming weary and
Her soul was becoming lonely. She just  
Wanted to disappear and she swallowed  
The pill in the hopes people understand  
Her in her final moments. People adjust
To a life without her laughter and warmth.
Her smiles are missed in a world filled with
Fake smiles and artificialness. Her death
Left a hole. Their lives have transformed  
And shifted because of her as her myth
Is over. In death she gives her last breath
Hoping others would never follow in her
Footsteps of feeling alone. In a world so
Chaotic and messy she has finally found
Peace. She let the tears go. The whisperer
In her dreams told her to let everything go
Into the wilderness as she is left unbound.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Beksinski's Curse

I awaken with a sudden gasp,
As a silent scream escapes my lips.
My heart beats heavy in my chest:  
A dream, into reality, slips.  
The hairs are raised upon my back,  
As my body aches with fright;  
I sit there petrified, awake...  
Alas! Another sleepless night.  
I cannot sleep in peace, it seems,  
As I'm haunted by these hellish scenes,  
That creep into my deepest dreams,  
And tear me at my weakest seams.  
And so, I paint the perfect picture,  
Like a photograph for the world to see,  
Of the land of death and decay,  
Which dwells so deep inside of me.  
One night whilst I lay in bed,  
Just as I was drifting off to sleep,  
I felt an awful sense of dread—  
A certain darkness looming over me.  
That night I dreamed of my own death,  
But it seemed so real to me this time;  
I could feel the reaper’s icy breath,  
As she locked her lips with mine.  
The light escaped my emerald eyes,  
As I took my final, labored breath;  
Eclipsing me in eternal darkness  
—the cold embrace of death.  
Awakened by a stabbing pain!  
A knife dug deep into my skin;  
I feel my life begin to wane,  
As it lacerates the veins within.  
My life flashed before my eyes,  
As my vision was eclipsed.  
I had seen my own demise  
In the reaper's icy kiss.  
Lying lifeless on the bed,  
My mattress painted crimson red;  
Like the hellish scenes inside my head  
—A gruesome picture of the dead.  
The ending of this tragic story...  
Painted in this final scene.  
All that remains of me is my artistry:  
My window to the obscene.
Written by NewBeginnings
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Dangerous Mind
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Your Body

The words
life and death
is wrong
it should be
life as we know it
or the unknown
but even that
is wrong
sooner or later
the unknown
will come knocking
on your door
where the choice
is not yours
to choose
you will embrace
your fear
of losing
what you held
so close
all these years

Dangerous Mind
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Death of a Dear One


Baby, I'm so sorry
last night I must have been
drunker than I thought
What was I thinking of?

On my way out
I remembered to turn off the light
but I left your door open
so the whole wide world
could just walk right in
and take advantage

I know, baby
that was my big mistake
We all make them
although I've never done
anything as foolish before
but then none of us is perfect
after all

You know lately it's been the
toughest time at work
nothing seems to go right
only stress and the bills
getting higher
no wonder I need to drink
the way I do

Can you imagine
how I felt
coming home to find you like that
everything I held so dear
special memories lost forever
all the things I loved
and looked forward to
gone for good

The worst part
was seeing your insides
all churned up
congealing on the floor
Now I know how a murderer
must feel

We may as well let the cat
finish up what's left
before I drag you outside
and down the stairs
You're certainly heavier
than I thought
and when I get time
I promise
to dispose of you properly
but for now my dearest
may you rest quietly
in peace
Written by Abracadabra
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Fire of Insight
United States
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I Am Oblivia

I am now void
in the rhythms of a profound language, once
in my youthful mind.  
Books of knowledge, now  
with thorny spines  
and illegible scribes.  
Like muscles, my  
lexicon atrophies  
when not utilized.  
Dwindling resources  
by illiterate thoughts.  
by the keepers  
of knowledge,  
belittled by the arrogance  
of the social conformist.  
I became sedulous  
in my search for  
a mentor  
and confidant to evoke  
the memories  
of my wisdom  
of language.  
He procured me  
a feast  
of faux knowledge and  
my inner compass; by  
guiding me  
to feast  
from the tree  
of the Apple  
of Sodom.  
Choking on smoke,  
my stomach lines  
with ash.  
Leaving trails of snarled thoughts  
sporadic flashes of knowledge  
faded away  
from my mind.  
As I crawl throughout the carnage  
of cruel intent, leaving razor  
thin cuts  
of malevolence.  
Breaking the chains of courage within me.  
I am oblivia.  
Written by Lagertha (Elizabeth.G.)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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They found the child lying
deep in the depths of my womb,
along with other past lives
fermenting into mud
in their cold, watery graves.

Lifted up from the darkness,
five shadowy figures
came and took her from me,
while I could not say how
this had me feel.

But soon it made itself known,
as the new emptiness
opened its mocking jaw,
as clouds of silt slowly rose
from surrounding memories.

There was turbulence
in these waters, to
acquiesce thieves in the night
as they committed Rebirth,
leaving me bereft.

As Death, the passage of Time
means nothing to me—
and each arrival
hears me like a
whale sinking into the deep.

I am a placid liquid
surrounded by Nature’s calm,
reflecting bygone worlds
from where all were born,
and where all shall return.

I am that woman
returning my daughter
to me, her Mother—
so I watch, and I’ll wait,
reminded of Time passing.

I am Death, the other side,
where all my children
in this embrace
shall be equally mourned,
if I should lose even one.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sacred Contracts XII: Death

Death is neither shadow  
nor luster of perception;    
but, the obscure expanse  
amid the forgotten—        
It’s the hollow snag  
who nominates herself        
for neither ritual nor obligation  
to the land of her sapling youth;  
the very spot the forest floor    
nursed her into becoming  
Evolution is a portal—
a continuum of bark        
and limb regenerating
through lives of descendants’  
dependent upon the cycle        
Death is neither noise nor the absence of—       
but the interval of silent partners  
linking formations of notes and words
into definitions that form our lives; 
it’s a musician whose message
returns to its place of conception—        
bequeathing a legacy: survive        
the mass illusion of deficiency           
Death is neither touch nor absence of caress;        
It’s Love's ombudsman returning victorious       
Written by Ahavati
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Thought Provoker
United States
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the souls of dead folk
just that quiet  
and fading  
through endless blue    
or black  
and stars like pinholes  
and memories spun out  
and hard wrought truth    
twisted into one last hungry breath  
before the bony chest stops  
and the skin goes yellow  
i remember jesus in the manger  
his lights strung across the porch rail,  
a plastic snowman standing in the weeds  
and mama saying plug him in and light him up  
and her hanging clothes in grey December  
her skirt in the ice wind  
and fingers blue cold  
and those wide sheets blowing white against the tumbled sky  
and her gone now like that boy who watched  
and wished  
and never thought about disappearing  
and all that and this, too,  
all what little i am,  
these books  
and all what's beloved  
and sacred  
and all of it the same as yours,  
all of it tender in the fleshy pit behind the sternum  
but then just gone,  
even the holiest part of it,  
and our little lives mined for relics  
and so we wish for heaven  
and even hell  
where all our cherished pieces are melded  
and recognizable  
and our spark forever lights against the night sky  
strong beyond the memories of loved ones
Written by javalini
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