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When A Lie is the Truth

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Share your True Feelings on lying to hide a hurtful truth
When is fibbing acceptable. When are lies detrimental and how do you cope with 'social' lies. Have you ever been lied to?
No collaborations.
Title your poem.
Any length...but less than a book.

Guardian of Shadows
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Hi fellow poets...waiting for your participations😁

Dangerous Mind
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Does it not
on the circumstances
telling tall story's
among friends

Lying to a child
when mummy has died
knowing later
in their life
they will understand why

Lying for gain
to deceive
who do not wish
to travel their road

But we are denied
the truth in our life's
from cradle to grave
from those
who are supposed
to be honest

When we vote
for truth to arise
from the ashes
of previous

Sad is the truth
in the telling
that we live in a world
where curiosity
has become


Twisted Dreamer
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Now my chance will never come  
for some things in life can't be undone.
The only touch I felt was pain
as angles joined my tears like rain.
To see your eyes your smile your feel
it came so close to be so real.
That very moment when miracles dared
I was that instant when love was shared.
But your truth has sadly set me free
what could have been won't ever be.
Forbidden a thought or whispered word said
again you will live when I am dead.
Loss and lost when my end begins
I'm the helpless innocence whose banished as sin.
Somehow forgiveness you've found that day
as together we wept as together we prayed.
Written by midevil
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Twisted Dreamer
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the worst lie is the one you tell to yourself.

Guardian of Shadows
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Thank you Drone and midevil for your respective participation.

Fire of Insight
United States
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How To Save A Life

He was corroding with the needles
littering the evermore.
I was reeling to fix a plummet
to death on trap house floors.

He wanted to stay pressed to my bossom
but I wasn't capable of mending sores.
I told him I'd be waiting to hold him
when he exited rehabilitations door.

Truth is I didn't know if life would allow the promise I so spun,
but I felt that if I told him so
he'd have stayed and he'd been lost.

That wasn't a spot I wanted on my conscienceÖ
So I did what I had to do
to save a man from hell.
I hope he can forgive me,
I did so out of love.

Guardian of Shadows
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Erotic_Goddess, thank you for your entry.

Twisted Dreamer
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the emptiness

the emptiness is like a rainstorm  
it violently pours down
soaking my clothes  
chilling me to the bone
the emptiness is like a dark night
desolate streets
with one lamp post flicking  
illuminating vacant pavement  
the emptiness is like a cage  
trapping me in my own torment
i stick my arm through the bars  
clawing for freedom
the emptiness is like nothing
itís the absence  
itís the unnatural loneliness  
itís the null thudding
itís the quiver in my voice  
itís the voidness behind my eyes
itís painted behind my smile
itís the truth in all the lies
Written by Heart_symphony
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Fire of Insight
United States
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The Ravenís Shadow

the ravenís shadow    
paid me a visit today; †
she always reminds me † †  
after a drink or two † †
why I donít hang around † †  
with her anymore; † †
rude, † †
she pulls up a chair, † †
always uninvited † †
and helps herself † †
to my best, † †
taking shot after shot † †
until thereís nothing left † †
except this ache † †
digging deep into my chest, † †
is this constant fight all there is? † †
† †  
I try so hard to remember - † †  
those days when I was happy † †
when the hell was that? † †
whatever passes for peace † †
when you try to fill † †
a cracked glass † †
full of the finest † †
only means † †
youíll †keep trying † †
to top me off, † †
go ahead please, Iím begging you † †
but itís just going to drip † †
from between my poorly glued pieces, † †
thrown to the floor † †  
so many times † †  
theyíll never fit flush again; † †
it all escapes me, † †
and Iím terrified † †
itíll never be enough † †
to make me feel full - † †
not that Iíd really recognize † †
the caress of true contentment, † †
would I? † †
† †  
my head is so heavy, † †
resting comfortably now † †
in her lap; † †
thoughts shuffle along † †
in lazy contempt † †
for their usual † †
frantic pace - † †
mocking, they parade † †
through the emptiness † †
as she strokes my hair † †
and whispers in my ear, † †
itís ok to feel nothing † †
and it must be, † †  
because I canít † †
† †  
Iím going to pretend † †
I believe her, either way † †
just for a little while - † †
itís better to rest here † †
in this dense, gray fortress † †
than to draw sharp red lines † †
in soft white skin, † †
forcing the emotion † †
to the surface; † †
thatís an ancient trick † †
and Iím a wise old dog † †
with new magic † †
inside these scarred sleeves † †
† †  
there can only be this † †
for now - † †
just her and me, † †
luna melancholy; † †
sheíll grow bored † †
with my yearning, † †
my reaching † †  
for the light switch; † †
sheíll get tired † †
of trying † †
to pry my fist open † †
where the last black shred † †
of my hope is gripped † †
with such force of will, † †
itís diamond-tough † †
† †  
and then Iíll kiss her † †  
goodnight, † †
softly on the lips, † †
with all my love † †
given in exchange † †  
for her protection; † †
black hair flipped over † †
her slim shoulders, † †
sheíll leave quietly † †  
into the darkness † †
until the next time † †
I need her † †
to stem the bleeding † †
of a life lived † †
in constant battle † † †
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Guardian of Shadows
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Heart_symphony and LunaGreyhawk thank you for your respective entry.

dire legion
Lost Thinker
United States
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Iím so holy  
the one and only  
when I think of myself  
I donít even know me  
and Iím spiritual as hell  
up the next level  
to a self serving devil  
always naked with clothes on  
and my thoughtlessness  
is so fucking godly  
like that religious motherfucker  
created assholes but banned sodomy  
heís so genocidal  
and I'm just like him  
so I feel a need to kill him  
cause maybe heís Satan  
masquerading as Jesus  
so donít crucify me  
as I do what I pleases  
in a big enough jail  
you donít know that your in it  
and a castrated steer  
doesn't know what heís missing  
and I feel so insignificant  
but I have belief in who I am  
and it helps me to feel so relevant  
in my own insecurities  
and all of my vulnerabilities  
as I sabotage myself  
and Iíve become excellent at failing  
and discovering who Iím not  
is helping me to discover who I am  
and fear is easier then shame  
cause had to lose myself in it  
to find any love for myself  
and now I am free  
to love someone else  
and in these emotions  
Iíve become so godly  
Yeah Iím spiritual as hell  
as I blow up my worlds  
grasping at her straws  
so I can worship her at asshole  
cause I need her love  
and I'm greedy for me  
Yeah and I know that she knows it  
I am as needy as can be  
and still she wants me  
with all my faults  
and all my fallacies  
I'm lucky as hell  
that she still loves me  
Yeah she's my girl  
and I cleave to her wholly  
she's my one and only  
oh our loves so holy  
and I love how she hoes me  
two imperfect human-beings  
always searching for meaning  
in the clouds that we live in  
this loves is to be given  
out to her freely  

(deny me three times before the rooster crows - draft)+  

ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łō₦ © November 17 - 2019  
Written by direlegion (dire legion)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Fill Ye Cup, Oh Drowned One

Clique clique bang bang
The nemo crowd
a lone gunman
that the lonesome wolf howls for
on lonely moon less nights
slip between cracks
shadow less shades
Every grey has a silver lining
Single bullet casing
shattered glass
Broken windowpain
reflected scars
refracted eyes
One given a rope
or lifeline
hands help
only for so long  
A drowning fool is surely fated  
to taste salty lungs
Written by Carpe_Noctem
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Guardian of Shadows
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direlegion and Carpe_Noctem. Thank you for your respective entry.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Raspberry Thistle

She said
at once
the love†of raspberry ice cream
O how well that smile
as the drips fell†
mess of it all
marks that enter wooden floors†
forever stains†
O how I cried
how constant
I was told†that sugary
the satisfying swirl of it†
and my eyes†still recall
the cone
how fragile
eventually gone

yet†raspberry was never her flavor...†

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