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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Cherished as only broken things can be,    
Fallen to earth, with shattered pieces tossed.    
An angel heart, once whole, shattered holy,    
In black abandoned hope, eternal, lost.    
No way in stolen time to reconnect.    
No way to harvest fractured lines again.    
No way these ruined walls can reerect'.    
No way to cleanse this unintended sin.    
But in this darkness willing hands embrace.    
With studied calm all puzzled parts put right,    
All jagged curves align and move in place,    
And set with fire, with burning, golden light.    
  And so a life with all its scars adorn,    
  In glowing wounds, more lovely than was born.    
Kintsugi (also called Kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using gold and silver lacquers with the idea that by emphasizing the repaired damage, the piece is made more beautiful by the uniqueness of the break.(Explanation added after the comment sequence below).
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Dangerous Mind
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Before I Fall...

I offer an eye and see all

hang one legged and gain perspective

recalcitrate reputation and minds have stability and strength

To gain power value service

In poverty value poverty, it doesn't always last long enough to learn the lessons it gives.

I know I do not know and I am wise

I have pride, can you see it? It's ugly, but I am not

Self discouragement pretends to be humility like attachment pretends to be love

When you are lost return to the centre, home or your heart

BELIEVE in the kindness of all humanity (and beyond) and you will unlock the door to non hatred

Minds of non hatred lead to happiness in this life and the next

Live in the moment whilst making efforts towards a better future for all living beings

Do not be ashamed of your faith, you may be blind but they can't see

Things worthwhile take time

Take your time

This moment is all there is


In this miracle

Antiquated souls of expanding consciousness

Written by Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
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Fire of Insight
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48 hours left to close this comp..Look around, I'm sure there are other hidden gems which need a spotlight.

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Return Us to the Light

Take me back to a simpler time,
To a time before the touch of man;
A time before cars and telephone lines,
When Mother Earth still held command.

Take me back to a simpler time,
Long before the wars began;
When bird held dominion over sky
As fish, in water, swam.

O' how the times have changed,
Since the rise of modern man;
We stole dominion from the birds
From the fish, and from the land.

We stole dominion from eachother,
With bombs and guns at hand,
And sacrificed our brothers
Just to conquer foreign lands.

We built our cars, planes, and trains
As we paved our paths across this planet;
Clearing forests to and fro,
Until the Earth could hardly stand it.

Will we expend the Earth of all it's worth?
Or will we cease our selfish ways?
Will we eradicate this world,
Or will we make a change today?

May we set aside our differences,
As we stand together in this fight
To protect this precious planet,
And return us to the Light.
Written by NewBeginnings
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Pretty As a Picture

Losing a part of oneself
creates a strange tactility
that gnaws at all of the senses.
A well crafted puzzle pulled
apart in irritation due to
a couple of lost pieces.
The full picture no longer
matters; it will never be complete.

My acceptance meter
is low on cash; I know
better than to stay parked
for too long.

Perhaps tomorrow I will
fire up this pretty vessel
and again look
lovingly at my imperfect
Written by Eerie
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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coming undone

come in and take a seat.
join me for this little confessional.

I’m laying down honesty, because
why hold a lie? we can’t wade
through water this thick with
concrete feet. too many things
have become too hot to touch.
our house burns a strange fury—
its quiet but it hangs in the
air, heavy and stifling.

it’s no secret I’ve changed.

you—so used to a specific me. So used to
it in fact, that you are fully engaged with
your typical modus operandi.

I clean mud from the silk,
but stains are stubborn. I can
only hang it to dry so many times.
it will crumble in time; blown
away, tiny piece by tiny piece.

do you see me fading away—
rubber eraser crumbs.
what the fuck is left?
Written by Eerie
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Fire of Insight
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Bleed With Me

Two demons found each other  
parasites upon our auras  
Yours found the worst in me
or was it - a conspiracy?
I'd never hurt you
Despite this truth  
when we're together  
we bleed these days  
as much as ever
It's not you that triggers me
I'm sure I'm not attacking you...
Yet funny little words like bees
sting our souls with great malease
Worst of all the two of us
will never see it coming  
Yet I insist we take the risk
Come here
and bleed with me
Written by EdibleWords
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Tyrant of Words
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Broken Ballerina Dancer

Today, I am greeted  by
a moss covered path, my vision  
of profound joy fallen from a  
neutral sky leaves me mute  
Vintage film has lost its shape,  
cracking like the face of love  
without you.  
Your delicate touch,  like
fingerless wings sweeping  
across my flesh, leaving tiny
bits of down as soft as powdered
Parts of me harden by the overpowering sensation I feel,  
as I lose myself in the patchwork  
of your  fragrance.  
 The world, broken by fault has  
placed us in a twisted box with  
a crooked ballerina dancer  
The music has stopped playing  
it's sweet chorus of she loves  
him, he loves her.
Wait in the secret compartment  
at the bottom of this box empty without a navel.  
Cries run between clouds that submerge themselves into  
unfinished rainbows that dictate  
who we must be.  
They deny my claim to move  
like fluid in neutral shades of  
my choosing  
Mountains of granite graphically crumble, as their symbols arrange themselves in the ravine where countless tears are bottled.
 Quench the scorched embers of  
 a lovesick fruited fig dropping  
 her seeds of wanton love.  
Sterile ground sucked dry of understanding.  
Let me mother those in need,  
let me father those who want,  
without your sticky label of  
masculine,  feminine it's  
residue has stained my shirt.
Written by Valeriya (Valeriya Long)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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To Oochie Wally

I’m sorry for the times I screamed,
For the times I didn’t understand our genes,
Because in the beginning I didn’t know there something was wrong,
When you kept repeating everything you heard and went along,
Echoing every word I said,
Echoing every word I said.
Oh, your face.
I remember that time we sat in the restaurant,
When the band started playing right up front,
And even though I knew the music was loud,
You started crying so hard in the crowd,
I didn’t know what was wrong,
I didn’t know what was wrong.
Oh, your tears.
I recall the times I had to take time off work,
Because in kindergarten class they thought you were a jerk,
You just wouldn’t listen to the teacher,
But we didn’t know the features,
It was like you were trapped inside a prison,
You had the classic signs of autism.
Oh, your eyes.
I thought “No, not my son, how can this happen to me”,
But it wasn’t about me, it was about solving the puzzling mystery,
It was about seeing the world through your eyes,
Because in discovering you I would be able to sympathize,
And then understand you more,
And then understand you more.
Oh, your smile.
I know that your mom and I couldn’t work it out,
But I had to heal to deal someway or somehow,
Because I looked back and I thought,
There were many reasons why we fought,
I too was on the spectrum,
I too was on the spectrum.
Oh, my reflection.
Forgive me for not being a better father in those days,
I made my choices and that took me farther away,
But the short time we spend together fulfills my heart,
Even though we so spend so much time apart,
And that what gets me inside,
And that what gets me inside.
Oh, my tears.
I’m sorry I pulled away as the years flew by,
But there we many nights when I’d cry,
Thinking I should’ve been better, written you more letters,
Calling you or texting you saying “Son I’ll love you forever.”
But then I hear you say the same words,
But this time you’re using your own words.
Oh your smile.
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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The Ghost of You

I'm in love with a ghost
But it's never there when I need it most
Shadows left in my memory
Forgetting how things used to be

It haunts my dreams from time to time
With shivers running up my spine
When I awaken with a gasp
Tear-soaked pillow in my grasp

A shadow figure to my right
I turn to look but its out of sight
Unsure if you were ever real
The piece that fits this void I feel
Written by ComfortablyKatie
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Tyrant of Words
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r e f l e c t i o n s in w a t e r

if trees could see their
reflections across a still pond
sky blue light drifting through  
empty branches  
colorful leaves strewn
across the shoreline
drowning on the edge  
trunks and twisting branches
reaching to the shore  
longing for the foliage that
no longer belongs to them
weeping for what once was  
i imagine
Written by jemac
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Thought Provoker
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From moments of true reflection comes rediscovery of thyself unwrapping the mask that hides ones face, behind preying eyes looking to get inside your mind and heart seeking to find your weakness and to bury your strenght beneath a pale of lies, but you know for thyself you are not who they think you to be due to your scars that run deeper than deep for what didnt kill you only made you that much stronger.                                           From moments of dispair to feelings of just a deep feeling of emptiness that grabs you taking over your thoughts searching through the darkness of your visions, your images of times not yet forgotten but remembered as lessons learn through trails and tribulations of love that came as an metamorphosis filled with poison like a snakes vemon.                    But yet it is that reason you have disengage your emotions as they slowly fade to black for you have no assumptions, as you saw through your own eyes behind the mask they worn as a disguise, as they masquerade the betrayal that burns deep within there eyes with an heart as COLD AS ICE.
Written by Stoney223
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Thought Provoker
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The Woodpecker's Way

*knock, knock, knock, knock*...*knock, knock, knock*  

Somewhere in Cambridge, deep within the forest...
a downy woodpecker is hammering at the base of an old cypress tree,  
chiseling away at the wood, carefully carving out its nesting cavity.  
Bit by bit, the old, petrified bark cracks and splinters away from its core,  
Revealing the soft, light-colored cambium beneath.  
As the crowning cambium peeks out from the darkened wood of the decaying bark,  
Contrasting shades of color coalesce, painted against a cerulean sky  
Where woodpecker’s bill and cypress tree, under crimson clouds collide  
*knock, knock, knock, knock*… *knock, knock, knock*  
(a knocking upon mother nature's door)  
Aha! A squirming surprise, wriggling wildly about!  
A creeping caterpillar – a delicious snack for a hungry bird.  
“Bon appétit, Monsieur Chenille!” (Good meal, Mr. Worm!)  
The bird chirps cheerfully, before voraciously gulping it down:  
A quick collation to quell the hunger of a long day’s work;  
A ruthless killing, but not a crime, rather an act of nature,  
And reminder to the carefree caterpillar of its rightful place in the chain of life,  
Amongst the flowering clover and the bumblebees…  
Below the towering cover of Tupelo trees.  
For this busy bird has no time for charity, 'cause soon—  
There will be many mouths to feed!  
*knock, knock, knock, knock*… *knock, knock, knock*
Written by NewBeginnings
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Fire of Insight
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DanielChristensen (The Fire Elemental)
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