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Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Nominate an Amazing Poem to Represent DU across social media!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  New year New beginnings!

It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official Facebook page.
You have two weeks to nominate no more than two of your favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following when making nominations:

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Because the vote for this com is anonymous, and spoken word pieces cannot be anonymous due to avatars and voices, we would prefer you nominate those pieces in the appropriate comp above so that voting remains fair.

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1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. You may nominate only TWO poems from two different DU members.

3. No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

5. Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

6. One win per member within a Calendar Year.

7. You must personally notify the member that they have been nominated.

Nomination Duration is two weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Current Poem of the Month Hall of Famers:


January 2020-  NEW BEGINNINGS


February, 2019 - SOPHIE_ERICSON
March, 2019 - AUDIOHARLEEA
April, 2019 - FROM THE ASH
May, 2019 - MISS_SUB
June, 2019 - NAAJIR
July, 2019 - LAYLA
August, 2019 - AHAVATI
September, 2019 - MISS_SUB
October, 2019 - HOWLING_WHELMS
November, 2019 - JOHNNY BLAZE
December 2019- RACHEL_LAUREN


January, 2018 - LADY_OF_THE_QUILL
February, 2018  - LEPPEROCHAN Craic in a Box
March, 2018 - TINABUBUYA (Tee Mali)
April, 2018 - CROWFLY
May, 2018  - ATOMIKBOMB
June, 2018  - MISS_SUB (Missy)
July, 2018  - MEADOWSWEET
August, 2018  - LAYLA
September, 2018 - COLD FUSION
October, 2018  - TODSKI28
November, 2018 - TheMUSE22
December, 2018  - BENDER


January, 2017 - VEE
February, 2017 - CRIMSIN
March, 2017 - ONEFIFTYSIX
June, 2017 - AEMelia564
July, 2017 - THE_SILLY_SIBYL (Jack Thomas Heslop)
August, 2017 - QUIETUSQUILL
September, 2017 - _SHADOE_
October, 2017 - POETSREVENGE
November, 2017 - NAAJIR
December, 2017 - POETSPEAK


November, 2016 - JOHN FEDDELER
December, 2016 - AHAVATI

poet Anonymous



When does being enough occur? Collapse of all things meaninful
following ghostly track. To do it differently, consistently    
gripping unto the next thing to save the present    
to be a woman who never knew anything    
but pleasures of being used, usefully      
inventing so much, building haphazardly.    
Isn't life about revisions and perversions, knocking all possibilities?    
Three million tries can't be wrong tied at every stomachache like stepping stone    
while the universe gushes from my pores.    
Somewhere I'm spinning, stunned and alone    
a stranger to myself    
Even the clumsiest fate is perfectly shaped at every wrong turn
leading to lesser gods, goddesses kissing shrine of hope.    
The world shrinks to size of a bed without headstone    
underneath, is the brewing earth    
air above, another storm.    
I swallow it whole; feeding parts I love and hate to come alive at every full moon    
my body bare beneath a sheer veil    
eyes as coal as the night      
matching ovaries roaming in dark    
carved ebony and ice.    
A story does not exist without witnesses  
and we never tell the tale the way it happens    
fresh pages replace frays and scraps    
moving on, as if one moves as much as a tree would    
to physically forget pains and regrets    
limbs'n leaves tempt just enough to remember.    
I could sleep for days without a map and everyone else can celebrate      
hoax of boundlessness and infinity holding wishes of spring.    
Springing: a reward from nature    
waiting, holding, perseverance for nothing.    
All seem collapsible into one moment    
details and colors are distractible, blinding burrowing within a dream    
What then is life and deathless death? To seek that one last word, a footprint    
Will it matter in the end.    
If no one was there to recall, have we existed at all?    
This amazement breaks me, pervasive rhythm of thought    
feeling heat of a bullet in my throat    
absorbing astounding force in the same terror    
same space, volume rises in my head    
voices speak but all they do is stream through me    
as if sound is not part of the body    
diffracted through scrim attracting what was repelled.    
    There are bruises in the most unimaginable places    
admirable museum quality uprooting from veins    
bones rise freed of obligatory weight    
a repulsed decay.    
My mouth craves salt and sugar      
gathering perfectly shaped pearls   
counting one by one    
there's enough to kill three lifetimes.    
I cant stand myself    
waiting another noon to become midnight.    
Written by Layla
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Tyrant of Words
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Tactical Manoeuvres

We both play the game of careful silence

never direct


I'm offensive ~
 too early
  chaotic and fast
I formulate

I hear every word you say,
  beyond the mere

Seeing that there are no two sides,
 but one whole
  with two natures

I join dots
 draw parallels
  find patterns

I see the universe in an atom

Miscalculations cause mistakes
  ineffective mediums

No ad hominems
  or gaslightning

Emotions mitigate logic ~
 logic dictates

If you lose, willingly, you win wisdom and learning

Always play to win {even by surrender}
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
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Tyrant of Words
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Breathtaking is the man who roams the earth
in search of his truth to renew his broken spirit.
He steps on mirrored stones while reflecting his disregard and disdain for lack of loving our mother earth and her children.
and her shores welcomed him home
Reborn is a man with knowledge to plant his garden and weep for the death of his harvest when he has no food to feed.
and she seeds for his spring
Honesty is the man that asks no gifts but labours for dead wood and stones to give to those without shelter.
and she gives rapture to the volcano
Deeper into the souls of men who bring forth nurture
to the children of nature
Is the man who lives by the earth with love that he need never be lost
and she is his home
Written by Lagertha (Legertha)
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Tyrant of Words
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freshly sprung my january morn
from the ash of old-year fireworks
vacant womb—another year is born
tiptoe past the haunts where trouble lurks
all my yesterday pains i must heal
leaving scabs and bandages behind
secret recipes that i conceal
sagely occupy my latent mind

50/50 chances of success
give untaken roads false sophistry
lest i prove me wrong, let me confess
time does not afford such liberty:
reconstructing corpses long past dead
for the reigns of eschatology
fix life's bounds beyond time's retrograde
where none can re-drink his history

20/20 (legally not blind!)
yet i cannot see eternity
to this sole pursuit i am resigned:
finding visual acuity
macular-degeneration tribes
bend the newborn year upon its knees
lest a people perish, i'm the scribe
heed ye, then, my sound hypotheses

© Copyright 2020 January 01
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
Written by cabcool
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Fire of Insight
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New Year Spirit

New Year's Day  

The urgent call of sparrow and tit, met by
wings beating in effortless synchronisation,  
catching and stilling on the barren branch of an apple.
A crow sings above.
Catkins of hazel catch my eye, drag me from rotting chair to wander.
A gull's frame is captured
in the reflection of gathered water.  
Calmness comes in the life of a new Winter's day,  
log smoke in the air from last night,  
sat with my chosen life partner, righting our wrongs,  
acknowledging our rights, navigating rhythm and routine together. It is
as if we're strangers now, years on from running away, nurturing our offspring.  
The crow lands  
so quiet, so quiet on a telephone wire and I stop,  
to admire his face, as I admired a fellow a decade ago.  
A gone decade, roots deep in choices she made - reflections of the person I was  
and who she's become,
the flight response still drowning her veins.  
I walk again,  
sound of heavy foot upon wood, leaves beneath boot.
The coo of a pigeon, the greenness of the echium snapped on a side glance
are precious and noticed by chance.
The pond is stagnant, surrounded by Clematis and Camellia budding, almost popping - a conscious decision.  
I talk often of choices, of wondering, the wanders in woods and lawns where they occur.
Sitting here, in this fresh decade,  
enjoying the spoils of years of careful planning  
and hard, hard graft,  
I know in my bones I'm sound
and all is sound about me.
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Fire of Insight
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Tyrant of Words
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i watched the colors change
like autumn maple trees
petals unfolding before me
and you didn’t need the sun
it seemed

thorns emerging
i can see their sharpened edge
smiling down on me
my skin is hungry
so I let you prick the very depths beneath
and my rosy cheeks burned brighter
in the frozen air
my breath evaporating
like chimney smoke

tell me to go home
tell me to get warm
before I freeze out in your garden
before I become frost on your stem
learning to go is hard
leaving you is harder
when the season turns again
i’ll be here
waiting for your return
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Fire of Insight
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The Cosmic Dragon
Tyrant of Words
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Wintertide Metaphor

( after Louise Glück )
How was I to know        
dormancy could craft          
the art of contentment;          
that breaking beyond winter          
  to spring’s hustling charms          
would teach me of solitude⁠—          
  instill a crisp propensity          
  for suppression again        
Spring is cursory⁠—          
  a budding headdress only          
⁠for those that cannot observe          
  beyond outward beauty;          
who swallow, eventually        
summer’s flippancy;        
but, Earth is eternally employed⁠—        
a mother whose cord cannot be severed;          
  suckles you deeper within layers          
  of crusted shale to root forever;          
obscured bones of treasure⁠—        
  dust and ash reflecting yourself;        
the prodigal child          
  having survived the world        
  returning home after all          
Written by Ahavati
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Twisted Dreamer
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Beneath My Skin

Nestled inside my calloused mind
Is a fragile heart that’s quite benign;
Beneath these layers of thickened skin,
My heart is breaking, deep within

I hide behind this tough complexion
As a subtle means of misdirection,
From the fear that I hold deep within,
That I will lose you once again

But this impenetrable wall that I have built,
To shelter me from all the guilt,
To keep my fragile heart at bay,
And help to stave the pain away

Comes crashing down before my eyes
To reveal the truth that underlies…
My fear of failing once again,
My fear of losing you again
Written by NewBeginnings
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poet Anonymous

And Someone Left Two Roses.......

Who pulled guts from clouds?

On journey from breath to lips
Language stalled into hearse crash
Nowhere to reverse, my mouth
Clamped by unspilt love verse.

Twenty Artillery salutes, one more
Sends silenced mist towards hills, who
Count every battlefield in blood abacus
Wait solemnly for field of crows to nest.

The art of death does not lie in dying
But self-reflection in marble stone.
We build wreaths from all forsaken
Family lines are curiously entwined, stolen.
Sentimental fools
We allow ourselves to be tested
By the rhythm of mantelpiece clocks.

We cannot step into same river twice
Where is the place where selves dwell?
What I do is me - for that I come.

Quietude is not certain.
He tells me he discovering
Names of the stars.
I whisper through clenched fists
Someone has left two roses.  

Only the sliding rain is certain.
Written by Trouble_Loves_Me
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The Cosmic Dragon
Tyrant of Words
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The Empath Speaks

I saw you in line,
uncomfortably stuck
the harried mom  
snapping commands
at her wild brood
the businessman  
in the expensive suit,
shifting from one  
Italian loafer to the other,
impatience his resting place;  
your insecurity screeches at me  
loudly in its lack of words ~
please release me;
bright red-orange flames
fill your aura
and I can feel you  
the pain of existing  
etched into your face,  
your identity borrowed
from faded purple hair  
with glittery silver roots,
and the black kohl, smudging
eyes gone soft with wisdom;
your slumped, uneasy stance  
belies what you believe ~
you’re too old for dress-up,
if the sample of humans  
in this space of waiting
has anything to say about it
and trust me, love
I know how much  
they all do  
you turn your back to me,
shifting, shuffling ~
head pushed down  
with the weight
of your hurt,
and I absorb your longing  
to get away from here;
to be anywhere  
except where all these
shallow judgments  
will follow;
I see your coat,  
cobalt canvas with brass trim,
heavy and warm
with industrial-sized buttons;
my eyes caress  
the ouija board  
beaded into its skin;  
I can’t help but take in  
the exquisite quality
of this garment
you wear with such
and that voice that  
speaks so often to me,
interrupting my ignorance  
and the bliss I bask in,  
spilling your truth
with surety into my ear,
you created this beauty
and I know now
in this
random moment,
tucked out of sight  
into the mundane,
what you need from me
climbing over my own awkward,
my own unworthiness  
matching your silent screams ~
I make my way to you,  
pushing past
Mr. Self Important
ignoring his huffed, sharp breath;
to whisper in low tones  
away from prying tire-kickers
and the you-need-to-grow-up
crowd of sheep;
and I tell you what I know ~
you are art,
you’ve struggled to break free
from the confines  
of your too-oft kicked spirit,
your damaged demeanor
is hiding a master of needle  
and thread knotted,
and your weary soul
need only to lay it’s head
on the pillow
of your perfection  
as is
to find rest
my words come
from somewhere else
and I give them
to you quietly  
but firmly,
watching those flames  
flush from fire to ice,
radiating outward,
from a core of embers
that just need a little stoking,
until they burst into stars
all around you;  
I know I’ve done the thing  
I’m here to do,
as much as I never wanted
to be the one do it;  
the smile
that transforms
your face into pure sunlight,
so bright it steals my breath;
your unsheltered gift to me,
maybe I’ll be the only one
to see it today,
but something tells me  
I’m wrong about that;
and I feel my own  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Lost Thinker
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Until you're home.

And I sang    
long, cold symphonies across the dividing sea  
which against the current, the heron and oystercatcher    
created a cacophony not even a ferry master could ignore -    
And in an uncomfortable juxtaposition      
sunken into water, attached to staged boats swayed,    
built up a rhythm in their lightness      
gave noise to the slam down of my, usually lighter to bear, rage.      
I watched a man
pulling metal by metal out of the water.  
I hoped it ached.  
I wished it was me pulling. The Cornish Riviera slowed
on the Albert bridge overhead.  A comorant flew low    
and a thought of you, human to my human, tree to my epiphyte sailed by on the exposed wind.    
(You always think I'm insulting you, in fact    
I'm anointing you with my vulnerability.      
You always think I'm insulting you,      
when all my roots, ropes and ramblings are wrapped about your vessel.)    
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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United, We Stand

May we stand together in gentle harmony;
As members of the human race,
It’s time to abandon our mental armory,
Amidst this crisis that we face.

With 99.9% genetic similarity,
It’s absurd that we still ostracize;
With our pathetic insularity,
That we can’t seem to compromise.

We’re divided by ethnicity,
And ripped apart by races;
With no sign of our complicity,
But the color of our faces.

We’re divided in our politics,
Pitted as enemies against our brothers;
Instead of embracing similarities,
We see a disparity between each other.

We’re divided in our religion,
As we fight to find the righteous way;
We’re guided to a great division,
Instead of uniting together to pray.

We’re even divided within churches,
With 100 different denominations,
Only noticing their smirches,
To deny their congregation.

What if all the gods we worship
Were actually one in the same?
The same commander of each warship,
But called by a different name?

It’s a shame that we stay segregated,
Divided by perceptual differences;
Instead of becoming educated,
To make intellectual inferences.

If we decide to override our pride,
And stop relying on our prejudice,
We could begin to see the other side
To be a little less incredulous.

And if we decide to stand as one
Instead of separating in two...
The possibilities are infinite,
There's nothing we can't do!
Written by NewBeginnings
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