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Dangerous Mind
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To Oochie Wally

Iím sorry for the times I screamed,
For the times I didnít understand our genes,
Because in the beginning I didnít know there something was wrong,
When you kept repeating everything you heard and went along,
Echoing every word I said,
Echoing every word I said.
Oh, your face.
I remember that time we sat in the restaurant,
When the band started playing right up front,
And even though I knew the music was loud,
You started crying so hard in the crowd,
I didnít know what was wrong,
I didnít know what was wrong.
Oh, your tears.
I recall the times I had to take time off work,
Because in kindergarten class they thought you were a jerk,
You just wouldnít listen to the teacher,
But we didnít know the features,
It was like you were trapped inside a prison,
You had the classic signs of autism.
Oh, your eyes.
I thought ďNo, not my son, how can this happen to meĒ,
But it wasnít about me, it was about solving the puzzling mystery,
It was about seeing the world through your eyes,
Because in discovering you I would be able to sympathize,
And then understand you more,
And then understand you more.
Oh, your smile.
I know that your mom and I couldnít work it out,
But I had to heal to deal someway or somehow,
Because I looked back and I thought,
There were many reasons why we fought,
I too was on the spectrum,
I too was on the spectrum.
Oh, my reflection.
Forgive me for not being a better father in those days,
I made my choices and that took me farther away,
But the short time we spend together fulfills my heart,
Even though we so spend so much time apart,
And that what gets me inside,
And that what gets me inside.
Oh, my tears.
Iím sorry I pulled away as the years flew by,
But there we many nights when Iíd cry,
Thinking I shouldíve been better, written you more letters,
Calling you or texting you saying ďSon Iíll love you forever.Ē
But then I hear you say the same words,
But this time youíre using your own words.
Oh your smile.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
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When Queer Meant Eccentric

thank god
was born
the invention
of adhd
autism spectrum disorder
and ptsd

would have
and ostracized

was accepted
labeled queer
his quirky



creative work
exquisite beauty
horrific images

(C)2020 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Lessons in life (Part 3 Talking is good)

He placed the dinosaurs on the front line,
the flanks and rear were covered by a box
of plastic US Marines, moulded in pale green.
The all seeing eye of a make shift Mordor
released the rolling death of a steel ball
that decimated the soldiers and rendered
dinosaurs extinct. The day was saved
by a red Power Ranger who dispatched
destruction without speaking.

As he grew, the soldiers turned mercs
and fought campaigns on the Broken Shore
serving the Legionfall in a world of warcraft
without question.
The room seemed smaller, films and books
to cry and laugh, conversations typed-out
over and over using the same words
without moving his mouth.

His paint was wearing thin, cracks
held back by fillers bought on prescription,
the threshold of the front door saw
a chocolate Labrador trying
to cross a three lane motorway,
emotions slammed on the hard shoulder
by some girl racer, who could talk her prey
onto any cliff-top walk of desperation.

The internet found another hand until they spoke
one real word inside the real world ďhelloĒ
The cafe turned into coffee and kitchen tables,
for eight hours she peeled back his slightly torn
crinkled wrap, feeling for the soft edges,
trying to understand the shape of his gifts.
Before she left, she made her three guesses.
A mirror that would only contain glimpses,
Shoes that allowed you to swap places
and a beat up red Power Ranger,
that would always be there to save the day.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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'I cannot teach anybody anything,  
I can only make them think.'
†            - Socrates † †  
It's okay to be different; †
everything on Earth is strange †
to everything else. †
The quest for understanding †
is the electrical bridge †
within that formless gap †
which luminesces †
and grows experience †
through learning and trying to envision    
what seems nebulous at best. †
The mind needs observed differences †
to expand its bank of experience †
and to learn to distinguish †
many points on a spectrum †
and hear those wavelengths †
as musical notes in †  
symphonic harmony. †
To begin to piece things together †
in a way that fits, and to never †
stop trying is to reach others †
outside our full understanding. †  
The misunderstood teach us †
so much as they muddle along. †
They open doors into rooms we †
haven't explored within ourselves;  
they exist in a small, dormant state †
that calls to us to pay attention to it. †
The power of the mind is exalted in †
this challenge: † †
To face what we fear and/or avoid; †
the truth that we are all different from †
all others and no one is the better or the worse. †
We all have unique gifts and each one †
has a purpose; to find that purpose †
is a lesson in resourcefulness. †
Some resources are more obvious †
and superficial than others; †
some remain hidden in the attics †
of our minds, yet underutilized. †
It's okay to be an Otherthinker. †
†† † † † † † †......
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Sir Richard Burton

Speaking 25 languages without a noticeable accent
Sir Richard Burton is a living testament
That Aspergerís Syndrome
Equals genius

Iíve been fascinated with this man since I was a boy.  Most historians believe that Sir Richardsís Burtonís ability to learn and speak a language, without a noticeable accent, could be linked to Aspergerís syndrome.  Not only could he learn a new language in days, he would also learn the customs and mannerisms of the people whoís tongue he spoke with, in just as short a time.   Other language genius who abilities may be linked to Aspergerís sydrome are, Kit Carson and Golda Meir.  This submission is not to be considered as a competition submission.  It is nothing more than a little scribble submitted for the joy of participation.  

The Cosmic Dragon
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Hans Asperger aided and supported Nazi programme, study says
This article is more than 1 year old
Eight-year study finds pioneer of paediatrics assisted in Third Reichís Ďeuthanasiaí

Dr Hans Asperger

The Austrian doctor after whom Asperger syndrome is named was an active participant in the Nazi regime, assisting in the Third Reichís so called euthanasia programme and supporting the concept of racial hygiene by deeming certain children unworthy to live, according to a study by a medical historian.

Herwig Czech, from Viennaís Medical University, has made the claim in an academic paper published in the open access journal Molecular Autism, following eight years of research into the paediatrician Hans Asperger...

Asperger's is no longer used by the autistic community or as a diagnosis.

High and low functioning are also terms we are finally moving away from.

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Autistic Suchley

I made 1 friend in my nursery years
Pale, quiet, had a nervous tick
Had no idea why no one liked us
But some years later it eventually clicked

Neither of us confident to socialise and chat
I with pen in hand was sketching poems into pad
He with mathematics, never need a calculator
Somehow come together, but would split just 1 year later

A different house, a different school, my world was complicated
All I ever knew had been destroyed and recreated
No friends for me that year, and likely neither for him too
The only pal I had I had to part with way too soon

Fast the years went past, and I surpassed the kids in class
Receiving As for all my grades and finished tasks like speeding cars
I wondered if my friend would still remember who I was
And if he'd also spend his time intellectually on top

As if by luck or sheer coincidence, we joined the same "big school"
In different houses but our classes all the same, that shit was cool
Neither of us really had a friend throughout those years
So when we saw each other's faces eyes were filling up with tears

The world was really lonely for the both of us those days
My head in poems, stories, his in algebra equations
But thanks to our intelligence, we made it back together
And to this day, we're still best friends, and will be for forever
Written by Benzy_420 (BenzyTheWriter)
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