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Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Poems about autism
Write a poem about autism, how it effects you, the world, your loved ones, and so on.

I will be judging the poem mostly based on content, but I'm a sucker for rhyme and meter.

There will be no other rules besides the theme.


Guardian of Shadows
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Eardrums ring
shattering depths
of atomic rearrangement—
molecules colliding

I see chemical bonds break
(all the time)
and become something else—
in my mind.


I can’t stop watching (chemical) reactions
behind my eyes—
if you touch me
they interrupt
and I must start again

(the seventh wave is always the strongest
in the ocean….)

I am a conduit for something—
maybe God.

Someone must do it—
be the watcher,
the ionic impulse
where the war is in the spirit-realm
words are already formed
ready to flow
through the flesh.

Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Thank you so much for starting us off Madame Lavender!💗

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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We Are Autism

We are human
Of sorts
In mutated form  
A minority  
That is growing  
Finding a voice  
We exist  
Despite attempts  
To change our identity  
The purpose of inclusion  
Is to educate  
Not eradicate  
So with open minds  
Open hands  
We bare our souls everyday  
It’s a hard thing to do  
Explaining how you function  
To everyone you meet  
Constantly jumping through  
Hoops designed  
To normalise us  
Who are we?  
 We are part of new sub culture  
We are  Autism  
We are self aware  
Yet deemed lacking  
Cause we operate differently  
Our focus  
Develops passions  
That colour the world  
Don’t dull our brush  
Or the vibrancy  
Will be lost among the grey  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Twenty seven hours and the coffee is my blood  
Single pointed focus finding everything I could  
Lecture after lecture, this is finger-clickin' good  
Seven tabs, two browsers and a dual drive (if I could)

I'm a cross-referencing Nerd Queen, I've seen every Harry Potter  
I'm a Japanese otaku, I love Beat and Kurosawa  
I'll talk trains and I'll talk games and I'll read comics by the hour  
But there's just one thing I do forget and that's to take a shower  
As a girl I'd play with footballs, but I did like all the boys  
And you wouldn't find a Barbie in my stash of science toys  
I'd build robots out of boxes and I'd steal my dad's alloys  
And my fashion sense was dreadful in my buttoned corduroys  
I love Janeway and Picard but Sisko leaves me rather cold  
And my mouth shoots like a bullet or it's jammed shut, so I'm told  
On the internet I'm crazy but in life I'm not that bold  
I'm a filthy geeky Hobbit and my heart is made of gold.

Non entry

Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Thanks Col, I hoped you'd join in :)

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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We Are The Stars

In the name of Autism  
We were seen  
As an incomplete jigsaw  
Missing pieces  
To a puzzle  
They sought to solve  
Coming into the light  
Like butterflies  
Our beauty is our difference  
Each colour  
Paints our picture  
On the canvas of life  
We talk about it  
In whispers  
Hide ourselves  
Our footprints  
Are there in the sand  
For all too see  
Let us fly  
We will show you  
A world you haven’t seen  
Forget the rhetoric about us  
The graffiti bullet points  
We are so much more  
For if you look at the dark  
Of the universe as normal
We are the stars
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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A Beautiful Chaos ~ with AspergerPoet56

If you could




Your eyes would open

The fragments of thought,
Bare bones

Of feeling inside.
It’s a graveyard,

Got normal ideas.

The skeletons are hidden deep.

We are revenants

Hit and run normality.


Of what I’m meant to be.
Enough difference

Not to fit in.


in your eyes.


Into perfect pieces.

There is a pathological urge

To fix us.

We're not fractured

We live behind a fence,
Large enough





Small enough to let in the light.

We venture


On the Fringes of Your World.

Never really staying.

What is taken as natural progression?
We struggle to learn
From the tone of voice,
To simple eye contact.
An almost




It’s like a dance;
We learn the structure.
But struggle with the flow

And beat.

So on the dance floor
We are the



We dance alone.

The cut and thrust of thoughts
That want to burst forth;

Pounds like a heartbeat.
Its gravity pulls back





The autistic rhythm:


The metronome clicking inside.
Circuits -



Determining the thought process

For today.


The instinct to hide in plain sight
With an urge to touch,
To feel the warmth of another




Not to upset

Our delicate balance of Chaos.
Written by Sky_dancer (Inigo Montoya)
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A non entry

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Tyrant of Words
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Who knows what truly lingers beneath the spirit of the soul when darkness falls down upon the skies and your world, becomes to hard to bear as the lingering images fade into the mere abyss of your mind making you afraid to even go outside.    
   Who really knows what you go through in the solitude of your home when your alone, and the haunting images invades your dreams at night only to awaken you screaming in pain, as the sweat runs down your skin of your flesh from another bad dream of night creatures of demons walking in search of your skin and blood and flesh.                      
   Who really knows the real hurt that you struggle with on a daily basic just to make it through the day upon a wing and a prayer, for there are days that you just wanna disappear behind a closed lock door never to leave the mere comforts of your home. Who really knows what you suffer each time when darkness covers your world and your mind becomes confuse, and start manifesting thoughts that only you seem to see as they seem so real in shape and form tormenting you systematically and pyschologically.      
    For who really knows what you go through when your alone and the beast of nightmares, appears from out of the darkness like fragments mere subliminal signs conceal throught there desperation with an hunger to feed upon your fears that dwells beneath the core of your spiritual soul.
Written by Stoney223
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jade tiger
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Risen with the Midnight Sun

Greta Thunberg, climate activist
(Time’s Person of the Year 2019)

Just as I began to think
I couldn’t detest Trump more
fiercely than I already did,

He tweeted from his playpen
in a condescending fit
from a little girl’s words
that should have come from
the older generations
who have let this
global warming insanity
go on, gaining momentum
ten times ten times ten
in its raging scourge—

And summarily advised
that she work on her
anger management, and
watch a movie with friends.

This has been how the Duck
tries to placate “the people”
all along, since the beginning.

It makes me wonder
far too often - how would he
be as an autistic
person & president
with Aspergers?
It gives one reason to pause.

When Greta Thunberg was
younger, she learned how
many people were not
acting ‘appropriately’
when it came to Earth issues.

To look & think thru’ the lens
of an Asperger’s youth
is to perceive as a
diamond’s point of light,
with nothing to the
left or to the right.

The injustice she felt
was so intense & complete,
she shut down
and would not speak or eat.

It stunted her growth,
but not her stunning mind.
And, at 15,
came onto the world’s stage
with a challenge to us all
— a growling proclamation.

Listen to the
diminutive one, Mr Trump,
and grow up while you can.
There’s nothing small
about her.

Listen to her,
people of the world—
Autism roars,
and will be heard.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Odd normality

We see a quietness, sometimes tempest
An in our own way keep our fingers crossed
Some say a gain some say a loss

A barrier so hard to define
To search your heart for the cause unknown
And smile down that long acceptance road

That some will lead a path not clear to us
 Patience just to face the facts
The vulnerable, a shell upon the back

A mask we want to rip away
Those flaws that crucify our day
No hard love repair that malaise

We brought them here in human form
The wheelchair of that deform
A puzzle, the pieces fitted wrong

A strength but do you have the arms
The fortitude and placid calm
A guilty society a tenuous balance

The complex we try to accept not reject
A jumbled kaleidoscope perspective
An unexplained a normal strange

Where the medicine, where the bandage
To bare humour through each new challenge
That baggage I would gladly carry

That mask some see as disability
A language its message never clear
Autism the coin you flip to breed
Written by slipalong
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Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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nothing to say

my words  
plunge deep into silence  
these conversations      
always end in discomfort      
a builders daughter knows her craft      
great strength is held within these walls      
yet a builder seeks what is straight and true      
i know where to look      
i can see the stress cracks    
words remain unspoken      
comfort is plummeting      
into the abyss      
how can these arms contain      
the pressure my sister bears      
they say mothers intuition is a gift      
her stubbornness a virtue for truth      
she knew all along something was missing      
an undetectable glitch in her daughters code      
i hold them both      
we embrace the peace      
and i listen      
to all the good my sister has done      
the therapy      
love and dedication      
built upon sound foundations      
from the pit of silence      
a little voice rumbles      
filled with exuberance and life
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Insomnia Concerto Sensoriale

I’m awake
like the sun  
with only  
the moonlight  
keeping me company;  
words flow  
they know  
I need sleep -  
eyes full of sand  
but a mind full  
of patterns  
shapes, unidentifiable
at least until  
I look them up  
in the light  
of later today  
converging melodies  
written upon  
the shifting amalgam  
~of thoughts~  
too many to detail,  
colliding in their hurry  
to pique my interest,  
showing off to grab  
my full attention,  
all equally self-important  
which is to say,  
all equally unimportant;  
~married to sound~  
the slightly warbled,  
off-center sweep  
of the ceiling fan,  
the manufactured tin rain  
trying hard  
to make me believe  
from my pretend-noise box,  
the faint electronic hum  
of a life fully plugged in;  
~infused with smell~  
the stale ghost  
of the cigarette  
I smoked,  
sitting cross-legged  
on the floor  
beside my open patio door,  
the frosty air  
tempering my fevered  
the sweet undertone  
of nag champa sticks  
to which I’m currently curating  
a curious addiction,  
the acrid lingering  
of forgotten chicken  
from an unremarkable  
a sliding symphony,  
they all perform at once;  
music composed  
from the numbers  
on the antique wall clock,  
round beats  
with squared notes  
low, voluptuous bass,  
lips pressed to skin  
in a smooth soprano swing;  
light dances on the letters  
that spell the numbers  
as they pass through  
my mind  
like strategically scattered  
street lamps,  
approaching and fading  
in that frenzied way  
they seem  
when driving home  
from places  
you shouldn’t have been  
and stayed in  
way too late  
my orchestra  
is delightfully defiant,  
refusing to listen  
to the tap! tap! tap!  
of my conductor’s baton;  
instead crowding their heads  
they conspire to create  
a collaboration  
of my brain’s misfiring  
and the resulting harmony  
haunts me  
it’s beauty mathematical  
logical and yet ethereal,  
it’s barely contained chaos,  
and it’s formulations -  
equations I don’t comprehend  
yet feel as familiar as family,  
float languidly  
above my head,  
breaking my heart once again  
for what feels like  
the millionth time  
that I can’t share this  
with you,  
this Concerto Sensoriale  
majestic in its presentation,  
it’s beauty compels tears  
to jump to their deaths  
in the hollows  
of my cheeks,  
but I’m the only one  
who will ever  
know of my masterpiece,  
played in the soft light  
of a million stars  
in a cold, clear sky -  
keeping me  
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
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By Proxy

She wears my autism as her crown
Certified in autism - proud
Denied for years, oh, but now!
Fucking hypocritical cow.
Four born, three endowed
Didn't want to be part of our crowd?
Until fashion allowed
Self serving, self endowed
Your tokenism is your coward's shroud
My mouth agape... HOW?
Are you a gay, black Jew too somehow?
Laughable, wow!

{Non entry}

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