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Greta Thunberg

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Dedicate a poem to Greta Thunberg.

Dedicate a poem to Greta Thunberg.

Just named Time Person of the year, climate activist Greta Thunberg has brought the global warming issue front and center for the world to debate.  A citizen of Sweden, in school Greta was extremely shy and reserved.  Later, it was discovered that this was due to Asperger’s Syndrome.  Greta would later be diagnosed with high functioning autism (what some call 'genius').

Despite her shyness, after studying the effects of climate change, Greta emerged from her shell with the voice of a lion, challenging the world’s leaders to be responsible and do something about carbon emissions.

For doing so, she has incurred the wrath of the Far Right.  The following are some examples:
*FOX News commentator Michael Knowles; referring to her autism called Greta mentally
*Conservative filmmaker and Trump supporter Dinesh D’Souza compared Greta to a
 Nordic Nazi.
*Laura Ingram compared Greta to a character from Stephen King’s Children of the Corn.
*Chris Kenny, Sky News Host, claims Greta is nothing more than a hysterical young girl,
  spreading mass hysteria among other young women of the world.
*Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted that Greta was a, “brat.’
*Donald Trump Jr. called Time Magazine choice of Greta as a gimmick.
*President Donald Trump tweeted that Greta should just go to a movie with friends and
  chill.  He also released Greta’s Time cover photo with her head replaced with his.

What do you think of this teenage firestorm?   Do you believe she is a leader to be admired?  Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe in Global Warming (also called ‘science’).  Either way, submit a poem about this child dynamo.

For those of you who are hesitant to submit a politicaly sensitive poem, remember what the someday famous poet Kimmy Alan once said.  "Poets who are afraid to write about social injustice are not poets at all."

Dangerous Mind
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And yes, this is true.  In responce to Greta being name as Time Magazine's person of the year, Trump's White House released this photoshop photo in response.

Twisted Dreamer
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Upper Hand

Youth has always had the upper hand
Not from experience but in perception
Youth has always had the ability to ignore complications
And focus on solutions
To make what's right sound right
Despite the inability to understand
There are too many people who will refuse with opposing views
No matter what's right, they'll fight
Despite the greater good
The bigger picture is a just a picture of themselves
And the only way to make the older generations understand
Is not just to take a stand and expect results today
But to continue the journey throughout the years
Because youth has always had the upper hand
Not in experience but in reinforcements
Anyone afraid of what the younger generations have to say
Will soon be outnumbered one day
Written by russell_snow
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Dangerous Mind
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-This World Belongs to the Youth-

I remember when I was young
was told I didn't know the world
and though I didn't have it all figured out
a lot of the things are the same
adults hurl insults like brats
talk vile behind each other's backs
heck, most "adults" are just as stubborn
I didn't take the cookies, he did!
I didn't commit high crimes, she did!

one thing that is great about children
they see the world for what it is
no bias
they don't listen to the BS
we teach them right and wrong
but don't follow the rules ourselves
do as I say not as I do

I will tell you one thing that is always true
this world belongs to the youth
it was true when I was young
just as it was true when my father was
to see a child with one sign
protesting to save us all
who would hate on that?
simple answer
those that benifit from our deaths

the youth see the world for what it is
and as are world is dying
we should thank God someone does
because being an "adult" to me
just means having to compromise values
"well maybe it isn't as bad as they say"
maybe it's those damn liberals!
or maybe you're just on the wrong side of history

thank you Greta Thunberg
you will be known as a hero till the end of days
forget those that hate
keep raising that head high
I'm at least one person that appreciates you

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Dear middle-aged white men triggered by Greta Thunberg

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dear middle-aged white men triggered by Greta Thunberg

Now I know
how much you’ve been looking forward
to another one of those angry lesbians
daring to speak outside of the kitchen  
now that I meet in women’s groups
and burn my bra on the sabbath
at this wild notion that women  
should have a voice
but allow me to proclaim myself
the loud muff-diver of bad news
as we delve beyond the surface  
to the heart of the climate issue.  
I’ve read several  
news reports this week
with provocative headlines  
such as “environmentalism
is rebranded Paganism  
& a threat to the modern world”
closely followed by
the American democrats
shouting “look at the rainbow, Greta
God promised he would never flood
the earth again before it was hijacked
by those hell-bound gays...
I’m still amazed it took  
a 16 year old girl to ruffle feathers  
let’s face it:
It’s not Greta you hate—
it’s the encouragement of free thought
beyond offshore bank accounts
bible pages
because she represents something
that you will never know
the passion of being alive
of standing up for what you believe in  
backed by the voice of science  
daring this long forgotten notion
that revolution can change the world.  
The world is fucking dying
you absolute morons
how many straw-nosed turtles
and anorexic polar bears  
does it take  
for you to realise this  
is not going to go away?
How many activists  
glueing themselves to trains
does it take for you to stop
and consider that this
this is real  
and tangible
and no matter how big
your mansion on the hill is
it will one day be under water
unless you stop being triggered
by voices that might just
change the world  
before we meet each other again
just politicians and dreamers
fighting over driftwood doors
to float down the Thames
burning in the acid rain.

Dangerous Mind
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Are you
straining at the leash
to break free
to run
a little wild
before you see
that most adults
are blind
to the suffering
of our live's
that is yet
to come
to be

that we are
by the stars
on how
we should live
In a world
where Nothing
is what it seems

to believe
that the blind
can see
that We
should live the life

That They Live

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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Shoot the Messenger

Hail, a new prophet!

Set up the crucifix!

Focused on the singer
Not the song

When I was a kid,
Ice age foretold
Fourth mass extinction
Ozone holes

They fixed it
《And walked on the moon》
No more ice {we stopped an ice age!}
With their bicycle repair kit

Humans fall asleep
Many times, not just at night

I've seen children prostrate
Wear hijabs
Sing arias
And celibate old women
Writing erotica

~ I too speak of what
I agree with, but have not yet

And what does it matter,
Its the message, right?

It matters

You soapbox philosophers
Condescending and arrogant
reflect my own mind

So I'll shut up
Keep my eyes and ears
Wide open

Like my child heart should
In the infancy of my awakening

Guardian of Shadows
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Mother’s Puppet

I once had a student
who thought
she was more wizened, than
every teacher.

Arms, entwined within Mother’s
apron strings, she
could have been so much more
than a hermit
within her own walls,
she had just learned to speak
with her own voice.

Mother beckoned
and no one ever heard from her

The Earth went on
healing itself in ways, beyond
Man’s control.

The land purged out
what wasn’t needed, for
the greater good, and
still exists, just in different forms
as we do
when our time is up.

Fire of Insight
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Greta vs the establishment

How easy was that small child  
From modesty a target to deride  
She was that bulls eye  
The snipers aimed their cruel satire  

She spoke of how the young will cope  
The clock is ticking will it float  
And the stinking infrastructure so remote  
The apathy the rich promote  

Would they don the life jacket and so sail  
2000 miles not take a plane  
Just employ vain jealousy and bile  
To undermine with words facile  
Protest too much from points of privilege  
The sycophants who will not budge  
All they see is that mirage  
She speaks for those not yet conceived  
Now Greta's church they have no vote  
But they would rather gander hope  
Protest and strike and find a growing voice  
Then barter youth and march in consort  
 Lead to where the ice caps melt  
To love the planet not yourself  
And see extinctions bones so bleached  
The plastic tides that choked the seas  
Burn your skin in the forest fire  
Starve the brain in deoxyegenated air  
To raise our minds from our devices  
 Look at issues just not the price  
The costs of the impending doom  
A champion so young, a new broom  
The advocate to poke where others fail  
Old initiatives collapsed and now all derailed  
Just  a few degrees between us and hell  
The smoking footprint forever swell    
And apathy spread like a rotten apple
Just a fools paradise remains shackled  
The homemade banners painted red  
 Homework the parents never had  
That followed heroine, a SHE that lead  
The northern light of tomorrows spearhead  
Written by slipalong
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jade tiger
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Risen with the Midnight Sun

Greta Thunberg, climate activist
(Time’s Person of the Year 2019)

Just as I began to think
I couldn’t detest Trump more
fiercely than I already did,

He tweeted from his playpen
in a condescending fit
from a little girl’s words
that should have come from
the older generations
who have let this
global warming insanity
go on, gaining momentum
ten times ten times ten
in its raging scourge—

And summarily advised
that she work on her
anger management, and
watch a movie with friends.

This has been how the Duck
tries to placate “the people”
all along, since the beginning.

It makes me wonder
far too often - how would he
be as an autistic
person & president
with Aspergers?
It gives one reason to pause.

When Greta Thunberg was
younger, she learned how
many people were not
acting ‘appropriately’
when it came to Earth issues.

To look & think thru’ the lens
of an Asperger’s youth
is to perceive as a
diamond’s point of light,
with nothing to the
left or to the right.

The injustice she felt
was so intense & complete,
she shut down
and would not speak or eat.

It stunted her growth,
but not her stunning mind.
And, at 15,
came onto the world’s stage
with a challenge to us all
— a growling proclamation.

Listen to the
diminutive one, Mr Trump,
and grow up while you can.
There’s nothing small
about her.

Listen to her,
people of the world—
Autism roars,
and will be heard.

poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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[2019] The Greta Affect

For those of you who are hesitant to submit a politicaly sensitive poem, remember what the someday famous poet Kimmy Alan once said.  
~ Snugglebuck
 "Poets who are afraid to write about social injustice are not poets at all."  
~ Kimmy Alan  
While an outspoken teenage girl  
is being cunt-punted around  
social and political football fields  
in conveniently moved goal'postings  
for personal gain  
Nature refuses to bend a knee    
as the clock forever runs out;    
Earth's magnetic poles constantly    
gaining and losing yardage -  
line of scrimmage likewise moving  
in response to ALL of its  
constituents' vibrations
Ice melts  
ice melts  
continues to melt    
as fresh water    
continues to freeze    
continues to freeze  
around these  
electromagnetic axis point  
and anywhere from deforested  
to thawing permafrosted soil    
is replanted with your terribly unpoetic  
Written by Magnetron
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Thought Provoker
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
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Seasons Gretings

Now and then I feel the need to piss on everyone's cheerios
it is a function, nay natural response to current bullshit

I could turn to the circus of "Donald and the Giant Impeachment"
way to easy a target, I will leave that to late-night talk show hosts
that allegedly used to be comedians and CNN who always were
the Donald needs no help from me, the lunacy and pure hatred
of the new left will fuck things up so bad assuring his second term
I could, of course, go on about Brexit, ignoring the will of the people
purely because they gave an answer that no one expected of them
I have no doubt Boris does not require any help to fuck us more
I could go on about the hole that we burned into the ozone
(Whatever happened to the promised skin cancer I was offered
I might moan about "The Inconvenient Truth" the profits were assured
but the truth predictions it predicted turned out to be inconveniently lies
to the point where they had to make a sequel and people still bought it
I could focus on terrorism, and / or religion. Focus upon gun control
look at the promised American wall which apparently means a fence
I could make many serious points on the raising of retail cheese prices
But no, Now call me Mr Current Affairs but I want to turn to the Nazis

Like the History Channel, I am not quite finished with the Third Reich
not Hitler, the SS, the final solution I'll leave that to the History Channel
I want to talk about average German families and their WWII parentage
what would you think of parents who;
Volunteered their kids into the Hitler Youth
signed their kids up for brainwashing
allowed them to be indoctrinated into a hateful ideology
parents who encourage their children to hate jews
but missing out the part about the final solution
parents who encouraged their children to commit violence
those who taught they, children, to worship the Fuhrer
those who taught Aryian Supremacy values to their kids
who forgave their children for stoning an old Jew in the street
those who took innocent empty vessels, filling them up with hate
what if these parents were only lying to protect their asses
were these parents proud of their children as Auchvitz guards

what would we make of such parenting today
most would call social services and report them
point the finger and shout out loudly "Child Abusers"
and in my estimation; they would be correct - guilty
the same would be true of fundamental religious indoctrination
Fred Phelps, David Koresh, and many more - all child abusers
in the history of mankind, many people refuse to own their own meat
to make excuses for battered, bruised and abused children
No Excuse is permissible or justifiable for any of it

so, what if parents to a child with disabilities
brainwashed her with a dogmatic ideology
made her wear a T-Shirt with a symbol of hate
just cause mummy and daddy were wearing the same
I mean they would not have explained the symbolism
even a child would probably call bullshit on this
Mummy could write a book about her mental health problems
but not of course release and royalties to her that risks honesty
she tells her every day that she is different rather than integrate her
she is taught this parents hatred and racist dogma as truth
she is coached every day and scripted the venom to spout
she is told she is a profit and a wise sage despite her youth
but the cowardly parents use her deliberately as a human shield
to catch the shit storm they know would come
putting this vulnerable child out to lead a charge
fraught with confidence and mental health issues
as outlined in her mother's profitable book
will almost ensure her deconstruction and destruction

Parents who do such wicked acts are also guilty
of abuse, the theft of innocence and childhood
and the lack of compassion for the consequences
If you tell a child that there are no monsters
apart from middle-aged white men don't be surprised
when other monsters attack and kill her
the ones she wasn't warned about like most men
regardless of colour, predators, paedophiles
rapists, wife-beaters, relatives, teachers, priests
abusive parents when you no longer comply

I am not triggered by Greta Thunberg
despite being an old white man
which I do not view as a crime (Not yet)
I am triggered by her parents
who have done this with full knowledge
of their daughters fargilities
shame on you
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Dangerous Mind
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Grimm Innocence Inn

Grimm Innocence Inn...
way over our heads…heaven help us…
is there no escape?

Where is our out?
the water's still rising...

No matter what you and I think… we're on the brink…

of annihilation...
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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