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Unsent Letter

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 3rd Apr 2019
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From images of once upon a time but yet here we are now in the here and now, you and I once strangers in passing through time and space each of us having our own journeys travels and walks entering as it is life, but how were we to know that our paths will continue too cross throught our lives as a man and a woman destine to be as ONE.                                                          
                                                                                                                                  For with each encounter through our separate lives we seem to always run into one another somewhere down the line of roads crossing through paths of what has been time, but as we slowly lost contact with one another you living your life and am living mine but yet the image of us still invades the mere depth and deepness of our minds as well as our hearts.   But as life is full of moments that presents miracles that do come true in life as it brings together what was truly meant to be an dream come true, for everything in life happens for a reason as it is a lesson of life that we all must learn about life and love for what is meant to be will be.                     For bottom line somethings in life you just cant rush for everything happens within its own moment of what is called time for just like you and I everything hapens in its very own special time even love and life.
Written by Stoney223
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 3rd Apr 2019
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To my muse as I sit here amongst the stars within the skies and think about you and all the wonderful times that we had together, for the time that we had together in life but now as I sit here all alone I can hear the whispers of your voice speaking softly to my soul from afar from into another world.  
                                                                                                                                       For even as I remember those sweet loving moments that we shared but yet only if you truly knew how much I miss you my muse with each day that goes by with time, but as the subliminal messages reaches my heart I scream from my soul as the hurt I feel for you grows more with pain of the absence of your love.                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                  For I miss holding you within my arms as we slowly drift off to sleep for I miss seeing your smile and hearing your laugh to even feeling you up so close to me, for it has gotten so hard to even comprehend that your really gone my muse my friend my lover who helped change me into the man that I had grown to be thanks to you.                                                                
                                                                                                                                  For its been so long that I still remember the smell of your favor prefume that lingers within the air each time you enter and leave the room, for even as the love still burns as a light from a candle in my heart of hearts I miss you my muse, as I wish that I had you back into my life and world but as these tears falls silently from my eyes they are tears of joy not of sadness due to my love I still embrace for you my beloved muse.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Between the fires, rain & flood,
I tried to lay aside this pen
Because I didn't have the heart
In heated times of heated words
To let my pride begin to mend
And give us both the room to grow
I didn't think, it wasn't clear
I needed to forgive myself
But now it's far too late I know
Because the local news is on
With one more added to the toll
I prayed would not be one I loved
But now with ruins all around
I've yet to cry from bitter news  
And here I sit with written words
On paper I pulled from the trash
A crumpled wad of hate & ash
That speaks to only one of us
Who has the rest of life to face
While you've gone to a better place.
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Joined 8th Dec 2016
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It's all been said....

It's like  
everything I do
winds you up  
Like a wind up
clock stopping  
Let's make this

I know we try
and get along  
But after all
that's happened  
my feeling's are strong  
Somehow you feel  
like you've done no  

Well, that's not
how I see it  
I see you as the
causer of the shit
I wish you the best  
I just can't forget  
It's been a real test
Too much of a struggle  
Too much of a fight  
I suppose we were
never that tight
It's weird really
I think it just
weren't meant to be  
Two different people  
You're too
blind to see
Your wrapped up
in your shit
No change there  
You act like
you're too busy
to care
Thats how it's always
been with you
I don't get it  
Frankly, I find you
and deficient in wit
I know you think
you're God's gift  
and you never
need a lift  
Well, I'm not
like you  
I'll just stay away
and drift  
there's no room
in my inn
Not enough for
your ego  
We'd need a fuckin'
aircraft hanger  
Come park your car
at Heathrow
I'll assemble the table
and two chairs  
Forget it!
It's all been said........
Written by Vamps
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Fire of Insight
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Joined 3rd May 2018
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Send Me Flowers When I’m Dead


Where would I put these beautiful long stemmed roses
Carefully wrapped, tied in a box doomed from the start
With a note, “You will always be loved” laid on top.

Sentimentality never cloaked you well, darling. Neither
Your accent with southern veil assuring remembrance
Somehow, somewhere. Tempering calamity of surface
Perfectly trimmed arrow’d stems puncturing the wound.

Faithful to the pain, my fingers search for the thorns
Carved claws feel smooth, yet; sharp against my fingertips
To dig graveyard of rusted memories but the tombstones
Are buried to deep to reach.

The heads bow in agreement relinquishing last sweet breath
They will not survive here, they will not survive anywhere
They were already dead.

Written by Layla
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Tim Eros
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 6th July 2019
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Love's Ghost

It seemed fate had brought us together
A passionate attraction captured my soul
When she left, I realized always and forever  
had just become my eternal black hole  
Everyday, since she has left her image has clouded my mind  
Everything reminds me of something about her  
    The conflict of everything she is to me  
     and knowing that she's nowhere near  
tears my heart and soul to pieces over and over  
Any moment, second, a thought will obsess me  
and something we shared will play in my mind  
I wonder, without me, is she truly happy,  
and even more afraid of the truth I might find.    
Unable to get past it Not sure I really want to  
I'd rather live with her ghost than forget her  
       Fantasies of a time machine  
       unquenched in the reality  
that I deserve to live in this pain forever  
Sometimes I dream that there could be a chance  
she is hoping I find her and win her back  
Then I remember she found another to dance  
and the dream crumbles in the hope I lack  
I am growing older, weaker, decrepit, and losing breath  
as if love has become a poison slowly killing me  
       Unable or unwilling to move on  
       except for the apparition of possibility  
appearing in images of what my life could be
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
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Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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Joined 5th Nov 2018
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Of Mama

Strange things are said of you woman!  
Stranger still the things I bear in my heart!  

Words are not enough  
either to confirm or to affirm the love and respect I have for you  

You carried the weight of the world on your shoulders  
And then added my weigh too, together with both my brother's and sisters' weights  
From your womb I came  
and with your gentle hands you nourished and nurtured me  
You gave me life and freedom to live life as best as like to live it  
Even if it meant watching me from the sidelines as I buried myself in my own grave  
For me:  
You are the highest comparison of grace and beauty and strength and boundless capabilities and limitless potential and all other admirable qualities  
But most of all; you are the strongest comparison to love I have ever known
Written by NuBorn
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 11th July 2012
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The Weight of the Whole World

Perhaps it’s because I take comfort in that this letter will never be sent,
And that a lot of people on the internet we’ll read my vent,
But I’m human, I make mistakes,
I’m sorry whatever it is I said that made you do an about face.
See, I don’t want to negate my apology by saying “But”,
But I’d really like to know what specifically pissed you off,
If we’re going to have a father son relationship as adults,
I will speak the truth with civility all the while you may scoff.
No, I won’t be treated with disrespect, I’ve learned to like myself,
Part of growing up and getting old is owning up to our faults,
If I hear something that’s hurtful or disrespectful I will speak up,
But it’s upsetting when you bring our relationship to a halt.
We must talk about these things honestly and sincerely right away,
Delaying them only causes more concern and apprehension,
I love you and care enough to give you the time and space you need,
But don’t dwell on things because it will never help ease the tension.
In the meantime I’ll wait with the weight of the whole world on my mind,
Knowing we’ll talk again soon because I’ve become much more optimistic,
I know my approach may not be the best but rest assure that I’ll try,
Be patient with me because I too am a little autistic.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 11th July 2012
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Please Forgive Me

The other day I scrolled through your old phone,
Looking at photos and messages from your friends,
And for a minute there I couldn’t help but be sad,
“I miss you dad” I type a text but don’t hit send.
I keep going back to the weekend before you passed,
I was in town and I could have gone to see you,
It eats me up inside because every now and then,
I wish I could have taken a different avenue.
There are days when I want to get some advice,
The kind that only a father can give to his son,
Then again, we were fighting our own demons,
The years we spent apart seem to weigh a ton.
I am sorry,
For not trying more,
Please forgive me,
It hurts me to the core.
For Christmas my sister gave me your old bible.
I get to walk her down the aisle in your place,
And in between the pages I found your last picture,
The resemblance is uncanny because in the mirror…
I see your face.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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Joined 13th Jan 2019
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Unsent letter

When we first met I really thought
That we were a great match  
But you never told me that  
You had a rotten snatch  
You don't know how to treat a man  
You just have no idea  
The least you could've done  
Is told me you had gonorrhoea  
Now my bloody bell end  
Has swelled up red and large  
There's an aching in my testes  
And I have a green discharge  
It’s plain to see that after all  
We weren't a such a good suit  
That's the last time I do business  
With a junkie prostitute!  

Written by RexDurkin
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Joined 8th Dec 2016
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Mother Earth is
Your Mother
She gave birth to you  
And every creature upon her  
All of us  
Upon her back  
Under her skin  
In her atmosphere  
Our Father  
The Moon  
Looking upon us  
He moves the oceans  
And with his steady  
Calming influence  
He helps shape us  
In more ways than  
We know  
The Sun  
Giver of Energy  
Without him  
We would not be  
Unable to grow  
To live and learn  
How powerful he is  
He gives so much  
He's very generous  
We all live together  
Our Mother  
And with our  
Most generous  
Energy source  
Mother has the warmest  
Of hearts  
She gives everything  
She can and more  
Provided we don't take  
Too much  
She'll try her best  
To keep our feet  
On the ground  
Giving everything needed  
To live  
The most beautiful  
Fulfilling lives  
We could ever  
Conceive of  
All she asks  
Is that we care for one another  
She doesn't have a favorite  
She never has  
And she never will  
All of her children  
Are equal  
Whether living  
Above, below, around  
Or beneath  
We are all a part of her  
All she asks  
Is we respect one another  
To live  
Let live  
And to love  
To take more than you needed  
Would be a bad thing  
She would probably  
Be quite upset  
Especially after giving  
So much  
And providing everything  
To have the most  
Harmonious lives  
I'm sure she would forgive    
As long as you didn't  
Continue making the same  
After all  
She has to provide for everyone  
She's been providing for  
Millions of years  
New children  
Coming and going  
Being replaced  
By new offspring  
For every one  
Not a single one  
Has ever been forgotten  
By her  
She has tried at every opportunity  
As long the conditions were  
Just right  
Of course her children  
Have made many mistakes  
But she forgives  
Our forgiving Mother  
Her love is unconditional    
She will never ask  
For anything  
In return  
That we treat her with  
Love and respect  
And to give the same  
To each other.  
Written by Vamps
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Mandla Msibi
Thought Provoker
South Africa
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Joined 29th June 2013
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A Letter To You

I never got the chance to address us, I never got the chance to address me and I never got a chance to address you.

Because of you I have grown but because of you I have fallen to the bottom but because of me I had to end us in order for you to grow and for me to be a better me.

I hate what we have become as I never fathomed we would get to this point.
I only hope that you are having the best life
I only hope that you do not miss me because some times I still miss you
I only hope that I can move on as I have found greener grass
But because of You I cannot enjoy it.

I thought I addressed what me and you had but your return just brought back all the emotions
Except this time it isn't Love
It is something I cannot understand

I feel like You are holding back what I could have with her
Because She is so Beautiful
On the Inside and Out
I want to love her whole heartedly
And I do not want you to keep coming back

You are such a great soul
But you are a great soul that crushed me
You Are the type of Soul
I NEVER hope to meet

So I am telling you that
I am letting you go again
I blame you for nothing
But I can't let you keep me
From my Everything

This is the last Goodbye
This is is me addressing us
And I hope we never happen again

So this is a letter to you
A letter Filled me my essence
But Hey

I am still me, But Now I just know
That I belong somewhere else
The only place I need to be
Is where you are not

And that is a destination we cannot share
Because I truly believe that I have found
Somewhere I belong
Written by Simon_III_Msibi (Mandla Msibi)
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Mandla Msibi
Thought Provoker
South Africa
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Joined 29th June 2013
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You are a Part of Me

For some time
I started Denying You
I started to Deny what we had
But what I see is that
Denying you is literally
denying a whole part of me life

I would be denying
that I've loved
That I felt heartbroken
And started on the process
Of healing
I would be denying that
I have changed
Denying that a part of me
has never felt the same since

And in this denial

I would be pretending
to be someone I am not

The truth is you are a part of me
There are habits I have developed
now because of you
There are tastes which
I've learned to love
And experiences only you hold of me

But I am tired of living
Like you never existed
I am tired of living
In the shadow of what
We used to have

My heart is still hurting
Even though I have tried to move on
In a way I still miss you
But what's funny is that
I'm not actually in love with you

I guess it's the company
That I miss
I just miss being open
I miss learning about someone
Just for the sake of loving them
I miss the inside jokes
And all the conversations

You have contributed to who I am
And for that I am grateful
But it is time to move on now
And do so for real

I will no longer deny you
But I can no longer have you
All I have now is myself
And it is from this point
That I shall rebuild

For we are all a part of each other
And understanding is in our nature
It is how we grow
It is how we cut the time of learning
Things on our own
And once one stop denying this
Only then can one be free
Written by Simon_III_Msibi (Mandla Msibi)
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Joined 24th Jan 2016
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Letter to My Bro

Let me breathe cause I'm steaming
Nowadays it seems like it's every fucking evening
Look me  in the eyes and say you're stopping after leaving
Cause honestly my dude I wanna kick your fucking teeth in
Everything I can say, I had that shit repeating
Only thing that's left to do is give your ass a beating
I mean it bro, I love you, but this shit is killing both of us
Got me at your throat, going toe to toe, no holding up
Even though you're broke, and you cost your folks a fortune
you keep on fucking up, guess your mistakes ain't taught you
Thought you might be stronger after all those heart-to-hearts
Giving you support tryna get you on the right path
Leading by example, giving up my habits
Don't you get me wrong, I get this task is hard to manage
But maybe if I showed you how much better shit could be
Within the need to give in to those evil tendencies
You might find the strength to leave it for a weekend, just this once
Fuck this beating round the bush shit, my point should be more blunt
You're a fucking cunt for what you're doing to yourself my dude
These last few fucking months it's like not even you respects you
I have no control over anything that you do,
But do this shit again, I don't know what the fuck I'll do dude
I had you're back from day one
We'd roll it up and blaze some
Joking till the day done
You've always been my main one
I ain't fucking gay son but I'd give my life for you
I'd overdose on coke, just to motherfucking spite you
You've always been a nice dude
Till that look inside your eyes grew
From let's enjoy the night, to
I need another line, just make me feel alive
This shit just ain't right
If you fuck with it again?
You might just lose a friend
I ain't fucking with a crackhead for another fucking day
Look me in the face so I know you feel my pain
It's on your fucking brain every hour of the day
If it kills you, all I'd say is: what a fucking waste
Hardest instrumentals
Bars are fucking mental
Hard to comprehend all the harshness that your pen talks
I know hardships got you mental feeling tension and a mention
of narcotics cause a problem cause you're hooked in this suspension
Fuck a weapon, have my words
They're straight from out the soul
I'm ending my own life
if you never make it grown, yeah it's cold
This my letter to my bro
I just had to let you know, you know?
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 11th Sep 2019
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As Truth Would Say It


The beauty in your white  
black stilettos,  
and the imaginary collar  
you owned, yet never wore  
stole my heart  
The life in your palms,  
love in your voice,  
and spiritual scripture  
in your book  
held it true  
Yet something pegged  
a fense post between us !
It wasn't the Seas  
we'd need to travel  
or children I feed  
The fense post was solid;
cold steel  
anchored in concrete.
It was the ring  
on your wedding finger!
I ran  
I ran from that.  
Written by Peanut
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