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Unsent Letter

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a letter you never sent
We all have something that has been left unsaid. I want you peeps to write a letter (does not have to be in a traditional letter format) about something you wish you could have said/expressed to someone you care(d) about.

Here are the rules:
* 1 month
* 2 pieces/poems per writer
* minimum of 10 lines
* no limit on length
* and lastly have fun

Please PM me for questions, comments or concerns.

FYI - This will be decided by a public vote (since I always have a hard time deciding on the winner)

I will start things off.

Unsent Letter

I have to write this with a clear heart
And head. I just wanted a fresh start

Miles away from where we met and
Fell in love. I never could understand

How one person who always had my
Heart could be the one to have me cry

Because as I tried to believe in us you
Were shutting down and carried too

Much weight on your shoulders. Even
When I was walking away on uneven

Ground as my balance was slipping
Fast, my eyes were still dripping

With tears of the final goodbye. I just
Knew I tried to move on as the lust

And love were still trying to tug or pull
At my heartstrings one time. I was full

Of doubts and questions. All of this
To say that although I will truly miss

The person and memories that came
With us things we were not the same

As we once were. We are now grown
And changed as the world has shown

Us a different life. Different jobs, hair,
Journeys and destinations. The air

Has changed too because gone are
The days when I could not move far

Along the path I wanted to follow.
So forgive me if I ever sound hollow,

Shallow or selfish because I truly
Did it for myself. I walked from a duty

And promise to you. Although I still
Wait for that one message I fulfill

That promise I made to myself long
Ago of loving myself and staying strong.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Yellowed, and Tucked in the Frame of a Mirror

Among reflections that I have within,
That never surface from uneasiness.
To hide against the tangent of a sin,
That leaves a stain between a pettiness.

A summer dress spaghetti strap to slip
Among reflections that I have within,
To turn my head & let long hair to whip
A line across a shoulderís sunburnt skin.
Itís like I am my own selfís other twin.
I do this by design perhaps to flirt.
Among reflections that I have within,
I am the only one I try to hurt.

I find Iím trying hard to hear a sound,
To reach a clue to life I can begin.
I want you here & not to tie you down,
Among reflections that I have within.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you Jade for starting things off!!

Thought Provoker
United States
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The letter you never recieved

Daddy, there's so much that I want to say to you,
But this page isn't long enough, and even If I did,
You wouldn't even read it, because you simply don't give a fuck.

I was your daughter, your precious pride and joy,
but then something in you changed, and you threw me away.
You bruised and beat my soul, until it was nothing but a bloody pulp.

I really believe that I hate you, because of what you turned me into.
I don't shower with the lights on, because I hate my body,
And I don't eat in front of people anymore,
In fear that you will be watching.

Daddy I loved you, even though you'd always hated me.
This page isn't long enough, so this will have to do.
I know that it wasn't all your fault.

Your father raised you with open arms shaped like barbed wire fences,
And used his fists like unopened bedtime stories.
He shaped you into something inhuman, and for that I am sorry.

But you didn't have to follow in his footsteps,
You could've been so much better, and been the father you'd always wanted.
But instead you were a monster, who stole my soul,
And broke my heart.

I know this letter will never be received,
So daddy, from me to you, Know this,
I am much older now, but the scars are still there,
I don't think I can ever forgive you, for what you've turned me into.

Message unreceived.
Written by Fallen_Angel_194 (FlowerChild)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you Fallen_Angel_194 for your entry.

Lost Thinker
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Open Letter to A Girl

My body reacts as you come into view
My brain scrambles at the thought of you

I love your hair and the way that you walk
My tongue gets so tied I canít even talk

We share no words or a single greeting
You pass me by, the moments are fleeting

You donít know my name or even how I look
But I learned more from you then any book

For I went to that spot for several days in a row
The days turned to months and you never did show

 I learned to act upon my hearts desires
To seize every moment before it expires

By Don Zimmerman
Written by dnzmemn66
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Lost Thinker
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My Mother

You Carried me through labor
You Endured my birth

Giving me life
You brought me to this earth

From your bosom
You gave me milk

I remember the hands
That felt like silk

You dressed me, you fed me
You combed my hair

Through the tantrums and crying
You were always there

In this world, there is no other

There is no one like MY MOTHER

By Donald Zimmerman
Written by dnzmemn66
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you dnzmemn66 and Missy for your entries. Best of luck!!

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I'm sorry I left you behind.
I'm sorry I haven't been texting back.
I'm sorry for all the years that have passed by.
I'm sorry I never called you Dad.
I need you to be honest and I need you to apologize.
I know all about her, I knew all along.  
Please don't patronize me, please just talk to me.
You affected me with music that brings me to tears, great songs sung by great people, ruined.  
I'm the only reason mom stayed with you.  
Because of me, she had to live with this horrible burden.
I don't like her, this woman in your life. Nobody does.  
Your friends love you, your family loves you. Why can't you see they want what's best for you?  
You don't love her, you're just lonely.
So lonely, you got rid of our dog.
I now know what real love is. Honesty, loyalty, compassion.
Something you will never have.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Thought Provoker
United States
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I cried so many times since you left.
I was alone, I was scared, I was at the mercy of a monster.
Everything I believed in was all because of you.
Now she's gone and I can believe again, brother.

I don't mean to neglect, it's just been so long.
I've learned to live without you to the point where it's too painful to see you.

I lost myself for a while.
I hurt everyone around me.
I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me.

You can blame mom all you want, that's what I did.
But I was wrong.
I was blinded by hate and selfish desires.
I've buried that girl and now she's gone.

I miss you, brother. I really do.
I think about you when I feel alone.
You are my true best friend, my voice of reason, and hopefully my best man.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Abandoned on the other side of strong willed silence
The proud have no apologetic offering
Undone and I've no accusation to utter

Coerced into a position
Working to gain compromised approval
Say your piece and let the wounds become a bitter marinade
With all the flavor of the pain to be a lesson taught

Motivated by self projected inadequacy
Sheltering insecurity in vanity
To achieve a house but suffocate a sense of home

For all that money and reputation can buy
No amount of anything we earn can turn back time
For all the riches of a first world sacrifice
And all the honor of our temporal war hero stories
We cannot buy back the moments we squander
Or the heart be compensated by material things when broken

As correction of perspective turns to vengeance
Mistaken enemies are friendly fire targets
Subjected to the will of another to pick a fight
Bullied into nothing more than a verbal punching bag

Our voices bleed the same
Rise to defend the perpetuated heartsick behavior
Put me in my place, because age comes with answers
Condemn me in my ignorance and tell me how right you are

Whether we are young or old enough to know better
Wisdom contrived of failure lashes out
And I'm an outsider again
We are both of us a far cry from innocent

I've lost you for my words
Yet you've lost me for your silence
When there is no calm after the storm
Just tension built up through filters of unspoken resentment

My heart put on trial to come up with a defense
My character in question scrutinized through your eyes
As if everything you see is by way of an untainted perspective
Or uninfluenced by bias

Bigger man persuasions, how do you prove it?
Whether your loud enough to drown me out
And bull dog me into seeing it your way
Shut me up and let's just go with what you say

Offering to make amends and salvage hope
Held accountable to what grace we worship
Pull on the call of us to become better men
As we see ourselves
Apart from the lies of action that don't equate to conviction

Is there anything I have to give
When all you want is an ear with lips sewn shut
And a thousand reasons to look down on me

Shut me down and give me a taste of my own medicine
As our method to cure becomes the ailment
I humble myself and plead for forgiveness from the guilty
As we go on pretending you've got it all together

Is my motive to reconcile tainted
In my effort to bow out and give you the upper hand
Despite the fact there's as much blood on yours as mine
Yet you've a lifetime of sins on me
With more to preach and less to learn
Set in ways relative to blind trends of worldly wisdom

Tell me what's right and entitle me to nothing
I can't win for losing when I reside beneath the tyranny of your pedestal
What's the worth of it when pride is a lonely mountain top?
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Yeah, That Was Pretty Cool

moments come and they go
though I never wanted love from you
I just really wanted to stick my penis in you
even then I knew
this wasn't about friendship
but I couldn't work-up the nerve
yeah, I seen how you flirted
always walking in front of me
knowing I was staring at your ass
damn, how I wish I would of took you somewhere
stuck my dick in that pretty mouth
pound that pussy into submission
bust ah nut on your curvy butt
if only I could go back in time
you see, I'm a different man these days
back then I was just a boy
I didn't know what to do with a girl like you
but now I would rock your fucking world
just the way you wanted me too
two years of blue balls fucked me up
you found a man, I moved on also
though I don't regret how things ended up
we both have a good thing going for us
I just wish I would of done it to you then
scratched that itch
needed that out of my system
now I'm left with what could of been
oh well, least I got to see your tits
that one night when we were drunk
yeah, that was pretty cool
Written by DevilsChild
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Zebra bubble gum

If I ever get to leave this place  
Iíll write a note with every word,  
I was too afraid to say  
Ill write them all down so clearly,  
not one misplaced  
because  itís the last time,
weíll ever communicate  
I Memorized all of it,
but this my 3rd retake  
Too distracted by the Memories
I can never forget or replace  
I wouldnít trade a single day,  
This was life I tried my best  
You all made sure  
I was happy everyday
Donít want to leave you feeling  
youíre to blame  
If youíre reading this  
just know,
That Iím okay,  
This Wasnít a mistake,  
Countless times
it was delayed  
If I felt any more guilty  
I wouldíve stayed
Because I love you all  
more than I can explain,  
this letters here to stay,  
these words will never change †
Written by 0UTPUT_a_AURA (rushing._RUMOR.s)
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