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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Describe Your Life Passion in Poetry
I can't help it; I am a freak of nature, making my calling and my biological imperative part of the same crazy sandwich as my writing. What about you?

Describe your inner fanatic with passionate poetry.

One poem
One person
Prose or other artistic format is permitted for entry but concise poetry is preferred.

Tyrant of Words
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I want the poem to be an experience - for both the listener and for myself.
Anne Waldman

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
Carl Sandburg

Such a beautiful narrative to convey
Uplifting words at the moment we just can’t say
When we are feeling down and out
A detour through life or traveling a different route
The great times we thought, some have forgot
A poem to tell you, when declaring love is a long shot
Thank you and how do you do
Verses I give you when you’re feeling down and blue
No chicken soup, but a Get Well poem for you
My romantic partner is Mr. Poetry as you can see
An appointee to the heart, the real master key
We say as we please
Words given in laughter to tease
Written narratives to caress as a soft gentle breeze
To thaw the heart during an emotional deep freeze

I take over when Miss. Poem has failed
Promises to enlighten you when your emotions have sailed

What do you mean, when Miss. Poem has failed
I am the seductive mistress of words to make you inhale and exhale
Rhymes in poetic details
Sunken emotions after reading me will be prevailed
For you Mr. Poetry, what’s your story

Well since you asked, I am the hidden words behind your daily glory
When your rhymes are no longer mandatory
My lines are allegory
It’s up to me
For you to see
The beauty in everything
From A to Z
As a poem I could do without you
Without Miss. Poem you do not have clue

As Mr. Poetry, I could stand in front of a microphone and read my pedigree
Bringing the crowds down to their knees
During open mic my words are winning
When the versus of Mr. Poetry are spinning
Yeah, but with Miss. Poem, chocolates, and wine is usually thrown in it
We are an item through and through
Your Poems and my Poetry I’m sure people feel our grove

Our emotions as we push our words
We’re like a handsome Blue Jay and a sexy Red Cardinal bird
Who could stop us
Someone who does not know the meaning of true love
Or just utter words to sink not ordained from above
No expressive reactions to discuss
Or capture the essence of the heart in an emotional rush

Miss. Poem, what are you doing tonight
SweetKittyCat is borrowing my lines for her readers as she writes
She’s giving them a piece of Miss. Poem and Mr. Poetry’s birthright
Then I’ll see you sexy come the next time around
Or, on a written narrative rebound
Hopefully, for Mr. Poetry
You’ll l find me downtown
My words read from a man to a gorgeous dame in a flimsy nightgown
In your dreams
Don’t get jealous, remember we’re a team
Where you can’t, Mr. Poetry will
Then a goodbye kiss handsome to seal this unified deal

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.
Emily Dickinson

A poem can provide testimony. A poem can provide solace. It can provide a connection.
Kevin Young

Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
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Sharing Memories

The world awaits me, waiting for me to notice
The small ripples in the creek, the tallness of
A mountain or when a couple embraces love.
The world’s beauty is captured through a lotus

Flower that opens its petals for the first time in
Spring and blooms in summer. The steady click
Of a camera; the mental memory. Never be sick
Of the mundane things like raindrops or dry skin

While standing in the middle of a desert because
Being a poet means sharing those moments, big
And small like a heartbreak breaking me like twig,
My heart in half as I clean up the mess. The cause

For concern as I try to navigate through the rough
Terrains of the road ahead and the shadows that try
To entice me. I become observant of tears people cry
As they pretend to be okay and continue to be tough

For the rest of the world on standby. But no one sees
Me watching and observing from the hidden corner
Like a faithful bird watcher. A sorrowful mourner
Who lost love, but it remains in new grown trees,

Roots and flowers. A poet and writer with my pen
Who only wants to write the truth, even if it means
I bring sorrow to an empty table. The truth redeems
 Matters of the heart. Everything is released again.
Written by eswaller
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Thought Provoker
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The Royals vs the poet's realm

Of splendid thrones of gold  
or treasures manifold    
Of jewelled caskets    
or lavish banquets    
Of Emirs and rajahs    
Of Sultan and Shahs    
Of kings and queens    
Of rulers and emperors    
Of sparkling crowns    
or flowing gowns    
Of their subservient stewards and obedient pages    
Of their stalwart squires and servile knaves    
Of poor humble, docile minions    
who tended to regal pavilions    
And obeisantly carried royal palanquins    
Oh and some were real life harlequins    
Of castles and palaces    
of abounding gold and silver    
in ostentatious regal splendour    
The sidelined fanning maids in waiting    
Yet to me only one thing worth noticing    
The minstrels who came to sing    
from afar for the queen and king    
For I'd rather be a poetess for kings    
so to my tunes swayed a kingdom    
than I be the king of mere subjects    
and be filled with regal boredom!    
So I could join ranks of    
and sing for the king    
some folklores.    
A passion for poesy  
For magic of literacy [/b]
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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jade tiger
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To Write a Thousand Po’ems and Keep One

The passion that l've had became an art,
And ever since the po’em l first penned
About a teenage love that broke my heart,
My lovers have been poets, as I tend.
For some, they had retired from a curse,
From lack of inspiration, dusk to dawn.
But felt the fi’re once they read my verse;
And this in honor of a writer’s swan.
A thousand have l written over time,
About each one l've let into my bed.
A staple of a passion’s flow and rhyme,
All through a love’s relation am I lead.
To know the sun sets always in the West.
From art of common air are legions spun.
And in the midst of passion, I invest
To write a thousand po’ems and keep one.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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As you are drawn beside the creek
The clear waters rush, the aluvial peace
Dip the pan to scoop into that leat
The nuggets shine for you to seize

And in our way we so divine
And in our mind the birch twig bend
We seek to turn plain water into wine
like Scott serching for the pole half blind

Because true poets feel the draw
Of love and pasion, loss and war
The lines of force spill out to rest ajar
The north and south the collective pair

The physics just to interact
To write alone not just to attract
 Distort not from truth and fact
 Compass swings both fore and aft

The jewels glint in the settings clasp
Released from the mines unyealding face
For that facet we try to ape
The magnet of the words towards page

The hypnotise that dreamcatchers potential
From ones soul, the mime a silent discourse
Chinese whispers your brain the lateral
Parlance to move with that invisible force
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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There’s a cloud of words that stirs me,
Restless and reckless,
Like ten thousand voices all at once,
But with one breath it can change the range,
In immortal bliss,
As my heart spills out everything it wants.

It feels incredible and pivotal,
When the first notions are worth recording,
Then I place a light rhyme in its right time,
A feeling that is truly rewarding.

I have a love for words that get me stirred,
A natural fire mad with desire and thirst,
With each verse I lift the curse and dismay,
When my poetry pours from a cloudburst.
Written by wallyroo92
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Lost Thinker
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When inspiration strikes

when I start to write.
I feel the excitement ignite.
Never knowing what thoughts will come together.
Will the words seem too dark,
or will they be bright and clever?
Will I come across as too sad and depressed?
Or just a lady overwhelmed and stressed.
You never know what your mind can create.
It's amazing what was once supressed,that you now can communicate.
The winds of poetry carry you away with ease.
All it takes is honesty a little effort and soon you'll be floating in the breeze.
Open your soul, let your feelings rain.
As the words hit the paper like tiny drops of pain.
A feeling of release you've needed for a while.
Coming to terms with your past in your own unique style.
Walking away with a sense of pride.
knowing you faced your demons and,
You have nothing left to hide.
Sharing with others can be scary the first few times,
but it gets easier once you see that people can relate to your rhymes.
As we share our private reqrets and shame,
and we read what others wrote that are doing the same.
We realize we really are all in this together,
Sharing similar experiences, all just trying to make it through the bad weather.
I'm so blessed to have a place to post these pieces of my heart and soul.
Knowing people care enough to read, keeps me out of that dark hole.
Some say writing heals you from deep within.
It releases your demons, regrets, and sin.
I would have to smile fondly and agree,
as I begin to write more words that will set my soul free.
Written by Bluelulu
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jade tiger
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I’ve been trying to figure out for the past hour+ what to say - something unique.  So I step up with wet eyes of gratitude, and all I can say is...

I thank our host so much🙏🏻, well done & respect to those who participated✊ .., and, I love you guys no matter who you voted for.💌


Dangerous Mind
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Jade-Pandora said:I’ve been trying to figure out for the past hour+ what to say - something unique.  So I step up with wet eyes of gratitude, and all I can say is...

I thank our host so much🙏🏻, well done & respect to those who participated✊ .., and, I love you guys no matter who you voted for.💌


I was like, Honey, Jade just got her bazzillionth contest prize!

She's ringin' everybody's little chicken-poet necks!

Congrats! I'll always be a super fan!

Thank you, Everyone!


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