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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Maybe that's why they don't apologize

Lost Thinker
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I'm Sorry!

I'm sorry for all I've done, you
know what I did to deserve this
poem, but we all change right
dear? I didn't mean to hold her
hand, but I promise nothing else
happened, at least from what I
can remember. It was late night
and whatever I did do nothing has
changed the fact that you're still
the only one I think about when
I'm roaming the town. I'm sorry
for holding the hand of a girl I
met online, she was just a friend
but somehow it turned different,
though we didn't go all the way
just holding her hand was enough
to warrant my shame. I'm sorry.

Dangerous Mind
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Without controversy, you sir, Mr Controversity, sir, are the first person to follow the rules of apology!

So if you had any fun at all, that puts you in the lead.

Strange Creature
South Africa
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Casting love spells

Love is blind and stupid and hopeless. It’s also extremely precious and lights up our lives when it arrives. Everybody deserves to experience this special feeling at least once in their lifetime. And I happen to have experienced it with you. In my mind you the only girl I've loved truly Nothing compares to the ecstasy of being in love with you. I can't erase you I can't forget you I'm always remembering you I'm always missing you. after a year I still experience sleepless nights and think of you I experience nights of fitful sleep and still dream about you there's nothing I can do I can't let go I guess you'll haunt me for the rest of my life that's why I'm casting love spells to guide your love into my direction. Fate will take care of the rest. I'm Casting spells that you may feel like the break-up had been a mistake and will work towards rebuilding your relationship with me. I sometimes wish that I didn't let you get away but life has taken its course and we are here today for a reason as I'm about to begin another decade of my life won't you take me back and reunite us I promise to treat you better than I did before I promise to try and love you more than anybody could like I became a better version of myself in all the hours I spent sharing a life with you and now I want that back. All our memories are what get me through my dark days, they light up my heart and make me cherish life even more, reminding me that life is but a blue rose and there's more to live for. I won't lie my love for you has not really aged and my heart for you has not decay I love you and you know that I will always love you I'm sure you familiar with that my pride is not not complete with out you I've build my world around you the foundation of my dreams lies in your heart. can you and me become one.I'm sorry for everything I did before but I have to tell you the truth, nothing has changed I spent my whole year emotionally waiting for you I hope you do come back and renovate the house you built inside my chest I have faith you will come back and sleep in the bed I have prepared for you in the finest corner of my heart and always remember this that if you change your mind and return to me I will not turn you away for I have loved you through the distance and every time we'd talk on the phone the spaces between us will always fill. I just pray that we share the same destiny I make star wishes, wishing that we are meant to be and sorry again for breaking your heart in our previous love please forgive me for I love you and wish we get back together soon.
Written by poetic_monkey (Abunde)
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Fire of Insight
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Sore e

So enticing in your tight jeans
i had resolve and the means
i should have just let it pass
i am sorry i grabbed your ass

You kicked me well and true
My legs were swollen and blue
And boyfriend punched my face
So as to reiterate my disgrace

Saw stars my head was humming
While i knew i had it all coming
This bittersweet memory lingers
i confess but i blame my fingers
Written by Northern1
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Emotion Sickness

making a vain apology
as I excuse my own humanity
no matter how many times
I tell you I apologize
without actions words are vanity
remorse makes nothing okay
guilt complexes of dark desires
all I have is another day
with whom do I make amends
change for the sake of you and me
consequential self embittered
in the face of my own sorrow
I'm sorry I'm not who I'm supposed to be
lay claims to hope bestowed
am I a fool to think the best
when carnal frailties find me in unrest
disenchanted fantasy
the feeding leaves me starving for more
every impulse that I satisfy
is a feast that leaves me empty at the core
useless I speak after sell outs debt
emotion sickness is our inability to process the regret
suicidal conscience, the pattern on the snake
diamond backs of venom beauty
I gnaw the apple and it chews back with every bite I take
poison nature's accursed by a crave
ressurect my heart again after I've flirted with the grave
creatures of habit, I hate my own desire
getting burned, I still haven't learned
you can't undo the aftermath of playing with fire
premeditated redemption factoring in like a disclaimer to my sin
as if grace is a tool to manipulate from death to life to death again
preach to me, my body is a handicap to my soul
spirit willing resistance, feel good lies battle self control
journals of poetic self analysis, a mirror to every man
yet despite the predominance of cowardice
the reflection never condoned the lesser than who I am
skewed perception's redemptive quality of a prose repose
a way with words illiterate in action finds cancer on the harvest where love grows...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Tyrant of Words
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Plashing back in youthful wiles

I want to say from the git-go,
I am sorry for the mushy stink
I littered the literary houses.
I wrote to suture my heart
I wrote to explain WHY
I do not deserve to ………….  live

In my beginning,
I wrote;
I shit;
I spoke;
I shed  tears for many many nights.

Yeah, I fuckin’ vomited  a lot of
crappy letters for my own personal

& a spill made it’s way to Facebook
and to be honest……….
I was embarrassed because


I do not believe it’s worthy of
Good poetry.

I apologize to all of Your
wanting wanted wanton spillers of ink
and have only shared with a few
but I felt sooooooooooo
honored by the one who remembered me
after so many years ago
and saved…..

the embarrassing spill.

my fan is not into poetry
& so………

Must be friendship
And love

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I'm Sorry (Letting Go)

I’m sorry I wasn’t a better father,
Or that I wasn’t there for you like you wished,
But Lord knows I tried for your milestones
…and victories,
Trying to make up for what I may have missed.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there all the time,
Or be there like you always wanted,
Yet I knew our relationship would change
…may be estranged,
But I battled everyday exhausted yet undaunted.

I’m sorry because I chose a different path,
But a young man’s wrath leads to a darker place,
I couldn’t put you through my pain and despair
…it wasn’t fair,
I always felt the blame when I looked at your face.

I’m sorry we all suffered the consequences,
But we’re stronger for the relationships we built,
I know my apologies won’t erase or fix the past
…but at last,
I’m forgiving myself and I'm letting go of this guilt.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Loving all these entries!

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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I've never apologized to anyone. Weird that.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I Am Sorry for Hurting You (My Love)

I am sorry if loving him hurts you.
I thought I could never love anyone
Until fate brought us together, but
I never meant to fall for his jokes
And sweet smile. Another blue
Sky was something I want to run
Far away from. I was down in a rut
I could not escape from. The strokes
Of his paintbrush brought me back
To life. I am sorry if you had to keep
Your distance from our love because
It burned, but did not last for long.
I am sorry if we fell off the tracks
In the middle of the night. I fell deep
For someone who had me pause
Before saying sorry. I was the strong
One who should never be sorry for
How she felt or who she should love.
I am sorry that I opened the door.
I was only meant to fly like a dove.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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EdibleWords said:Without controversy, you sir, Mr Controversity, sir, are the first person to follow the rules of apology!

So if you had any fun at all, that puts you in the lead.

There are NO rules to apologize...

You just think there are , due to YOUR programming...

And for that matter anyone else's programming...

Illiterate schmucks !


poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Blackwolf said:

There are NO rules to apologize...

You just think there are , due to YOUR programming...

And for that matter anyone else's programming...

Illiterate schmucks !


Depends on what you mean. And the definition of "is."

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