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why do people go to war?

poet Anonymous

Why do people go to war?
What is it they go fight for?
For some it's to settle score,
'what they did to us before';
others sense of outraged law,
a status quo to restore;
what 'they' did that was point sore;
or desire to 'shock and awe',
take 'them' down a peg, make poor.

poet Anonymous

Life’s an Atom Eternal: battlefield of buzzing electrons… (warringly captured) unto "Om” nucleus liberations


an eclipsingly closing in  
coll(i/u)sive stage- bulging  
profusive in discordant
no(d/t)es of tangled  
deceitful strings.... still  
us-  inching  
punctured  pa(u)pered  
posturelessly dissolving



- rings inner warring
(re)birthing: the
volcanic dawning

“Liberate from Fears  
Know the Contempt & Injustice meted out  
Rise to the ace of mutinous Revolution  
Bear, Raise the Weapon of it all  
As if you bare it All  
In the raging face of War”

the third eye  
Om Shiva Om
raging red  
(s/r)oaring fire
forever high  


an ashen clad

p.s: condensed version of posted poem titled -'3 Song of The WAR CRIES, in quite Red Accentual FireBlood (Re)Births  (with timeless excerpts of Bhagavad Gita)'

poet Anonymous


Why do people go to war?
Hell if I know, it's all the
same old mess, money
and women, oil and
whatever else there is to
fight over these days. As
long as I'm left off the
bloodshed's list I can live
with whatever the
circumstances are. I have
enough problems to worry
about these days than what
a few certain individuals are
trying to claim these days. I
guess I'm the same way, I'll
go to war over a woman
any day of the week, but it
all depends on the girl I

poet Anonymous

November 25, 2019

Do you fight for justice or peace?
Either way it’s a crease on society
You claim it’s propriety
So the uninvolved suffer.
It doesn’t absolve them.
Were they so innocent?
Standing by absent of the evident.
That you must fight for justice
Not everyone can live in bliss.
That you must fight for peace
To police the violence.
Or stand by an get trampled
Do not become the example.
poet Anonymous

war on earth

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and His angels fought against the dragon,
and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough,
and they lost their place in heaven.” – Revelation 12:7, 8 NIV

The devil started war on earth
When Eve and Adam ate the fruit.
That serpent did not tell the truth:
He wanted them to doubt God’s worth.

Though Adam tried to blame Miss Eve,
The two had disobeyed God’s rule.
Their lives could not again be cool,
For they had sadly been deceived.

Because of Satan’s big, fat lie,
The pair was from the Garden sent
Till they were ready to repent:
The soul that sins shall surely die!

Although the sin that Adam did
Distresses people everywhere,
Forgiveness waits for those who hear:
Do not the things that God forbids!

© Copyright 2019 November 25
poet Anonymous

Apples and Oranges

What is war?  

Well, it's like an Oreo
and chocolate chip cookie  
arguing over whose chocolate tastes better
because they're different;  

or, an apple and orange  
fighting for control  
of the fruit bowl  
But why?  
Because each one thinks  
they’re the fruitiest of the lot  
Are they?  
Tell me what you think  
I think they make me sad  
‘cause I like them all so much
See how smart you are?!  
Can I have a banana now?  
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