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poet Anonymous

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Santa's Ho..Ho...Ho

Leg stretched out, pressing my foot down on Santa’s crouth  
Making sure the visit down my chimney is not a waste on his watch      
I have been waiting for your appearance all night      
You like my lingerie Santa, it’s all for you to prove my plight      
I’ve been good, my fingers crossed behind my back in a state of Santa being right      
Let my help you out that red suit      
And allow me to mentally and physically soothe you      
Mm… Santa lay back and keep your eyes on this twerking groove      
At…at…you are required to watch and don’t move      
Santa lifting my leg, removed my stiletto the other off in tow      
Tenderly kissing the sole of my foot his beard tickling my toes      
The path of his tongue dragging up my inner thigh ever so slow      
Where it ends up my naughtiness will know      
Mm palming his hard North Pole      
Oh Santa, I won’t everything for Christmas I stated on my list      
Staring first with the twelve days of a wet butter rum wet lick      
From my tight ass hole to my pussy’s deep sweeten abyss      
Santa’s heard my pleads      
While he had me down on my kness      
His girth in and out my mouth reading off my sins, as I teased      
Mm…he exploded inside my mouth      
Then reassured me he would think about taken me off the naughty list no doubt      
After I allow him a taste and to please my wet South      
Santa snaking his tongue inside my pussy giving me my nightly gift      
Palming my hips        
My legs circling his lower back loving the tongue-lashing hits      
His palms clenching my hips while kissing all over my wet clit      
His finger integrating deeper into my wet slit      
Mmm.. oh...yes…oh yes Santa      
Back curved, breasts squeezed, as he’s tasting my pussy on a cold night in Atlanta        
Grunting Ho Ho Ho        
Hungrily licking up down the soft folds of my kissable mistletoe        
Santa rising up      
His beard stained with my pussy juices from his famished sup      
Centering by body under his as he slides his erection into my tight lover’s cup      
My legs he places over his shoulders      
Dick hard than a boulder      
Oh Santa, wait there’s more      
If you listen, I’ll let you even fuck me on the floor      
Then I’ll suck your dick again before your feet hits that door        
Your pearly cum oozing down my throat until there’s no more      
Mm…I would love those twelve drummers drumming        
Each bending me over for a good hard dick sticking, as I’m cumming      
My didlo still inside my pussy humming      
Oh Santa, please, don’t forget those eleven piper pipers      
One by one fueling the flames of my body’s desires      
Oh Santa, for his word his dick is sinking      
Sweet mercy, he has my wet pussy singing          
Santa’s dick is ringing, balls swinging          
My nails branding his skin      
The smell of me ingrained under Santa’s chin          
Hands palming my ass          
Parting me as he pleases, no breaths to last      
Cumming inside me, his pearly release now a thing of the past      
I woke up on Christmas day      
The house, my very own private jet, my BMW, and an Arabian Stallion as I prayed      
Stood under the tree, wow was all I good say      
Voices of twelve drummers and eleven pipers filled within, all stood naked to my dismay      
Happy holiday to all this poetess I  bestow      
Santa’s Ho..Ho..Ho  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Parvati Smarty

No Rules ?

Then School I Shall Teach You What Is Not Said Or Spoken

Broken In Invoke In Erotic Catatonic Manic Panic Mind Token

Take The Body Take The Signs Take Physical There Is No Time

What Is In The Head Read By The Body A Story In All It's Glory

It Is A Not Bore Me Open Door To Me Do Not Claim Me History

Sex Is Free Until Money Tree Is Said To Worship On Your Knees

And Speaking In Many Tongues Is Known As A Lingual History

Touched In Mind Touched In The Body By A Girl Such A Hottie

Introspect Thy Resurrect What Do You Elect As A Perfect Parvati ?
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Dangerous Mind
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Fire of Insight
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Rain on me

Thirsty is my body  
Hungry is my love for you  
I invite you to stay  
As I bloom before your eyes  
Aroused by your gentle touch  
Stimulated by your gaze
I am the desert  
Show me your rain  
Pour on this barren landscape  
Drown me in your hurricane  
Strip each petal off my delicate stem  
Dominate my shadowed rifts  
Drink my golden nectar  
Together we can make honey  
Seduce every inch of me  
Lift this arid drought  
I summon the storm  
I covet the water  
Reinvigorate this flower  
Rain on me
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Dangerous Mind
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Another Type Of Chore

It was while I had been in this Walmart store
doing some stuff before this one customer
came up to me for another type of chore.

She smiled and raised that light blue dress to flash her
tits and pussy which made me look around to
make sure that we were not watched by another.

Then, I made myself go topless and undo
my pants in order to suck her breasts and stick
my stiff cock into her hot, wet pussy, too.

But after we both came, my rod had got thick
again to redo that one exact same trick.
Written by berea440oh
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Twisted Dreamer
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Fiftysevenhours (.Quercus.)
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Fire of Insight
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Erection down

Erection dying was hard is now soft
like a wounded stag brought to its knees
the hounds a baying the horns tally ho
she murmured softly you Bastard
and then felt the graze of a kiss on my cheek
four times she'd climaxed
and begged me to slow
rampancy's nature on you must go  
the champagne was cold as it filled the glass
along my penis its bubbles held fast
a toast, raise your glass  
a Dior of doing a Calvin Cline cunt
twice at the back and then at the front
the fit was so perfect like a Jimmy Choo
a Gucci of grinding the Ferrari of fuck  
the quality of sex shining through
the size of your wallet, to give and recieve
to equal your lunch box will keep them intrigued  

Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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i want to spend each morn
Polishing your horn
And anytime of the day
i'll be your easy lay

And as the day goes by
With a hump and a sigh
i'll be yearning for more
Of your hardened core

Every evening i will
Give you such a thrill
Until lustful night falls
i'll be licking your balls

And as i drift to sleep
With you planted deep
i wish to again awaken
Being taken
By You
Written by Northern1
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jade tiger
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Your New Religion

It’s already happening
upon the altar,
your new religion—
indelible, a night’s
godless, endless torment
of fractured piercings
of flesh and bone
of spirit and sex
and spirituality,
shattering brain mazes
of deep,
emptying thought,
blooded iris ties
broken, uncapsuled,
spilling forth
that gridlock all
free-flowing dystopia,
towards that which
awaits your
newly exposed
rosy-pink compliance,
that you are never
to recognize.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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The Demon Fornicatio (maybe part 1)

I can't stop thinking about him, the tall dark stranger who visits me at night. It makes me wet thinking about his strong shoulders and defined muscles silhouetted in the candlelight as he rises from the darkness taking it around him like a shroud. His steel black eyes pierce my soul with an otherworldly excitement. His jet black hair and goatee so distinguished. I know this evil and yet I cannot resist even at my own peril.
Each moment without him torture and yet each moment with him is to be tortured more. He tears my blouse from my breasts without regard to the pain it has caused. His fingers gently stroking my breasts as he pulls my hair away and kisses my neck. My bra strap is literally burned away by the intensity of his breath as it falls to the floor. He knows just where to touch me. I can feel his fiery breath moving its way down my back marking me with steam from the bellows of hell.
I can feel myself even wetter between the legs and I so desire for him to touch me there. The anticipation is overwhelming. No words are spoken and yet every command is crystal clear. From the darkness emerges another and I know it is his command. Her crimson skin glistening in the candlelight. Her flowing hair falls beautifully hugging the curves of her gorgeous body. Long black nails adorn her hands and her eyes are also made like black steel. A forked tail moves angrily as she only awaits the command, possibly to tear me apart but I find myself desiring her so strongly I am unsure I would care.
He points to the bed and she grabs me violently and throws me upon it with ease. The marks of her hands turning my skin red like hers. She takes a black silk scarf, ripped from the darkness, and ties one hand to the bedpost and then the other. She spreads my legs with force and again ties each of them. He pushes her face into my thighs. She looks up to me with the fiery passion of hellfire in her eyes. I feel her teeth dig into my panties as she rips them apart. I am at her mercy and found myself desiring not only him but her so intensely. How I want to touch her breasts and smell her skin as I run my tongue along her body. My dark demon, he pushes her head into my thighs again and her tongue like a serpent tastes me as her nails dig into my sides, blood running onto the sheets. Flicking up and down with such intense sensation that I struggle to pull away but cannot. Her tongue then making circular motions further sending waves of sensation throughout my body.  
In the midst of my ecstasy I can see his huge knob-ed penis throbbing and hard. I feel the urge to take it into my mouth that I may extract the essence but my hands are bound. He moves like a shadow and is suddenly upon the succubus taking her from behind. Her body jerks violently as he enters with such strength that the legs of the bed almost give way. She continues with her tongue inside me as if she knows that to stop without command would result in something truly horrific. His domination of her sends shivers down my spine and I want to be dominated so.
The tingling of my building orgasm consuming me. My captor dominating my thoughts with every perversion imaginable. His presence alone seduces the soul and his control intoxicates. The bed continues to squeak and crack but I know it will not give, if for no other reason fear of his wrath. I struggle more, overcome with such intense pleasure. My eyes roll back as her long tongue slithers ever deeper inside me with force of his thrust. My moans and gasps only shattered by her screeching and screams, every muscle tightening. Gasping ever harder for breath as the waves of pleasure overtake me one by one. I have lost all control in the throws of this debauchery. I shake uncontrollably as the spasms intensify and I feel dizzy. My mind is blank, I can only feel my body with such an incredible sensation as my body arches and convulses unable to control the release into her mouth. She continues to drink from me without slowing and I am on the verge of total insanity, still pulsing from the aftershock.
And I know now he will take me how she could never. I can only attempt to regain my mind for a moment until I am completely dominated in ways that excite even the most depraved in hell.
Written by NBathory (Natalia)
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poet Anonymous

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Unlucky in Love

Midway through the semester
She finally confided in him
“I was born a boy”
And though it confirmed his suspicions
They became good friends

They studied together and attended events
They even went out on double dates
He understood a lot more about her life

By the end of their freshmen year
She always told him that no matter what
Her would be lovers either would walk away
Or they were more interested
In what she had down there
Than knowing her for who she was
She called herself unlucky in love
But one night, while they told their tales of woe
Feeling a loneliness they held each other
And without meaning to, they kissed
The fine line between friends had been crossed

They kissed and caressed
Bringing the fever to a new high
Removing each other’s clothes

He caressed her cock, stroked it
Looked in her eyes and told her
“You’re beautiful”
And kissed her again

He entered her, slowly, feeling her tightness
Her voice softly moaning, looking into his eyes
Feeling her erection press up against his pelvis
They kissed passionately amid
Slow, pulsing thrusts
“Come inside me” she told him
And his climax reach a new peak

“I want to be inside of you” she told him
Without hesitation
He smiled, nodded and planted another one her lips
Kissed her neck, her breasts, her sides and stomach
Tracing his lips down to her cock
Kissing and licking the tip at first
Then taking her deep until she was very hard

He lied on his back as she spread his legs
Lifting his bottom just a bit
Then very slowly slid into him
She filled him up completely
And he felt drained of all reason
For he felt a pleasure he never knew before
Feeling her hardness deep inside of him
Watching her slender body
Her pretty face in ecstasy until
Without knowing why he said
“Come inside me”

He felt her seed rushing in, another unexplainable joy
But the girl who was once a boy knew exactly what to do
And she collapsed on top of him in total bliss
Followed by another kiss from the pretty girl

He held her for a while, their souls embraced
The soles of her feet rubbing up against his
Sharing in an afterglow of silent caresses
Until the erections returned and she said “Again?”

Though they remained good friends
After college they went their separate ways
And of all the lovers he had he always thought of her
Whenever a girl would say “Again?”

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