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Your pen name explained

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

What does it mean to you, in one or more poems
My pen name is Jessica Solomon.

Any number of poems, any type that tells us how you got the idea for your username or pen name!

My pen name comes from a man who saved a family from a kidnapping disaster.

And.... another biblical character I admire very much... who knew how to let a good prophet minister to his sons and show proper regard for God in his family values. He raised a King and passed the line of Christ on.

poet Anonymous


Seventy four years ago
I planted lettuce seeds
And watched them grow
And kept them clear of weeds

I tended them with loving care
Until they were fit to eat
All the family had their share
For one so young, it was a feat

Thus started a lifelong love
Of growing plants in the garden
Roses dahlias and foxglove
Vegetables and fruit not a burden
poet Anonymous

Snugglebuck is a term of endearment
Bestowed upon me by an old lover
When I joined DU I thought
Snugglebuck would be a perfect cover
For writing poetry that was a bit erotic
Little did I know that my x-significant other
Would discover my poetry and out me to others
Soon our mutual acquaintances friends
Would read all my DU contributions
Thereafter I would be greeted
"Hey Snugglebuck, how are you?"
"Hear you've written a sexy poem or two"
So much for anonymity
Now I suffer humility
No one know's my shame
Nor can feel my pain
But God in Heaven

I'm so ashamed...sorta😉

poet Anonymous

A Failed Artist

I wanted to write.
To make.
To film.
To act.
All she wanted was to draw.
To sit.
To sulk.
To do absolutely nothing.
I pocessed not this gift of sketch whereas she was a master.
Everyone is a failed artist, everyone is a successful artist.
It all depends on the craft.
You are a failed artist, you are a successful artist.
poet Anonymous


a mask for the emotionless
I wear him  
and he wears  

"a hammer    
to nails  
a sponge    
to cheeks  
a feather    
in the air  
a leaf on  
the water  
water to fire    
and fire to  
cloaked in    

fighting back    
any attack
with an    
added force  
to penetrate    
the ignorance    
I face  
...till I first    
wore him  

a shoulder    
to my tears  
a hand to    
lift me up  
right part of  
my brain  
wrong influence  
of my soul  
still here  
we are... in  
poet Anonymous

Eswaller Explained

E as in Elena, named after my dad’s cousin.
S as in Salniker, a family name that crossed
Oceans and escaped persecution years ago.
Waller, another family name that crossed
State and borderlines. Together that makes
Eswaller, unmasked and ready to set my
Pen to paper, living a life I have chosen.
I am proud of the family I comes from.
poet Anonymous

What is a Name?

Silence echoes - listen
It is there you will find me
poet Anonymous


In the concrete jungle,
Everyone running around as if they've got spurs that go "jingle, jangle, jingle",
They've got places to be, and things to do,
So when you need an escape, what's to do?
Fantasy, anime, music, writng, ect...
And thats where I discovered a monster,
...Orcs! Tough, beautiful and unusual, and a strong sence of loyalty and community,
For which I found an affinity.

The early days of the internet,
Saw the rise of chatrooms, and unsernames with every combination of the alphabet
And...the underscore.
The signature, innocence, of the early web, pure.

It started as a whisper,
In my soul, and as long as I can remember,
I have always longed for the sea,
Gentle, and mighty.
Books on famous pirates, skulls, skulls and crossbones, Pirates of the Carribean, Pirates Band of Misfits, The Little Mermaid, Aquamarine (gem, and movie),
And marine science, and all the sea's beauty.
I have always had an affinity for mermaids, jellyfish, shells, the deep sea, and...pirates!
So free to do and take what they want, live on the beautiful, rocking, sea,
And such a sense of loyalty.

Three years ago,
I fell for the sweetest, kindest, man, and my heart did overflow,
At the time, I was 19, and he was 66,
I pointed out to my mom, brother and friends, whenever I saw the number 66,
Then the next year, it was 67,
Pointed out every 67,
Then last year, was 68,
The year I made Orc_Pirate_68
(And this year, is 69,
68 to commerate the time,
I joined to write poetry (mainly about him)).
poet Anonymous

Carpe Noctem Poeta

You might be  
a writer  
with that over  
thinking mind  
Awake at 3am  
I must be lonely  
sausage, love it  
just rolls off  
the tongue  
I emit extremely  
incandescent ink  
the tears I shed  
Dancing about  
here, I am Picasso  
this is my canvas  
Poetic genius forever  
lost to my  
inner monologue
poet Anonymous

Luna's Child

poet Anonymous


A is for angelic, a truly pure heart

E is for endear, all those you touch.

M is for mirth, your laughter.

E is for enrich, a quality you share.

L is for look, the way you look at life.

I is for infinite, are your possibilities

A is for animated, let your energetic spirit shine
(found at www.names.org)

Her essence yet a scent as she veils her being
Pressed against paper mache lanscapes


poet Anonymous

Definition of FreeLove
There is nothing greater than to love someone and be loved in return. This is what we seek throughout our lives to find that one that completes us. In this search we encounter great pain with heartbreaks and lose, but the pain and suffering is progress to our destination to finding the one person to become the center of our lives.


poet Anonymous


My pen name Dhyana, pronounced (Diana), Is taken from Sanskrit text , which means meditation.
Or, to train your mind to remove
 your mind from automatic response.
Which will lead you to awareness
Or perfect mindfulness
A core practice of Buddhism
Eight years ago,  my life as I knew it exploded on me when my husband
of 35 years became a victim of mental illness.  
He developed four  alternate personalities. Two different attempts on my life one a pistal whipping which left me with partial hearing due to a brain injury.
I became homeless I was a school teacher and business owner who was used to 100k plus income. I woke up living on the streets.  After searching my heart and meditation I began to write and have been writing since
Dhyana the persona she gives me has restored my life and kept me sane she has  made it all possible
poet Anonymous

Static Aesthetic

Writing myself in a text reflection
Based in my relative self perception
Calibrating lines into alignment
From honest lies to the truth of who I'm called to be
Divided against myself, cloven verses of the life and death of my identity

Something like a man yet with the hope of being something more
Is it so much a matter of what I'm writing about or who I'm writing for?

Vainglory spouts from the same fountain of an eternal legacy
Of light and of shadows, the dawning hope of so much more than me
One moment my mere relatable best guess at reality
The next, the truth, that despite every bondage, I am free

Light affliction boasts the heaviness of a vapor
I put my heart back into perspective
To know myself in words and yet become more than just who I am on paper
Two tongues in cheek devouring the crow consumed by the utterance of fire
I am a messenger of truth and at the same time an honest liar

Every word taking shape after the influence of pain and a resilient spirit
Speaking of what I feel and what is faith
Emotion is my illusion

Learning to discern the voice of God the more I hear it
Ripples of eternity in every wave
I sketch to redraft before I draw conclusion

All things prewrit, prolific prose of the poetic prophetic
Diamond lines amidst the coal
Fine tune to dismiss the static aesthetic
Every word in process of mining out the soul...
poet Anonymous

cabcool was the cure

Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame;
Each to his passion; what's in a name?

—Helen Hunt Jackson

she joined the staff of moe
on my eighth anniversary
but no one stepped in as her guide
and so i snuggled to her side
mentor-mentee relationship
was no less novel, no more hip
because she would not even eat
unless i also sat at meat
one day i had to send her mail
whose speed was only like a snail
she had a digital address
but i had none, i must confess
so when she said j-s-g nice
it made me promptly realise
initials with an adjective
was all i was required to give
since she was nice i could be cool
with no threat to the golden rule
and so we thought of it and laughed
both satisfied with my first-draft
from that day thenceforth, we have used
jsgnice and stood amused
that c-a-b cool was the cure
for my snail-mail discomfiture!

© Copyright 2019 November 27
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
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