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Offensive Truth

Tyrant of Words
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capacity exceeded

crown frost adorned
feet crunching through chilly morn
as winter stars scatter
sparkling across every dark surface
it's a lonely walk
deep in thought
passing the waste bins at the curb
all neatly lined up
so tidy in their array
I suddenly think of her
and all the trash she never threw away
clinging to it
because even rotting & used up
she owned it
wearing it
hanging on her
the overwhelming stench of a life in mid-decay
nothing dared
and so...
nothing real ever gained
only the shrunken corpse of all her yesterdays
sunken eyes & leering skull
as she wades hip deep
in the detritus of every wrong claimed
surrounded by her creatures
barely sated but lovingly fed
gathered close around her engorged flesh
and I still hear her
wailing daily about the pain
and yet...
unwilling to let it go
junkie phening for her drug
hoarding more than anyone knows
as it amasses
piling higher around her every day
more uglies gathering at her hem
who would ever suspect
none of them ever invaded
she greedily invited them in
something in her needing
draping herself in pity
and those bins sitting silent at the curb
now empty of their cast-off cargo
seem so at ease
lids peacefully closed
ice glimmering in the lights on the street
I'd like to introduce them to her
allow them to carry some of the weight
but it's not my call
and she'd never allow it
as every scrap & thought she comes across
is carefully hoarded
her treasure trove of self-loathing

Dangerous Mind
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A Visit To Camp

have you ever
visited a room
where people went

a nice soothing
hot shower

at the end
of a hard day's

a brief respite
from the
daily horror
of slave labor
and brutality

only to become
in a death chamber
with the smell
of bitter almond?

have you been to a place
human beings
worked as slaves

then herded
at the end of the day
to the abattoir?

smelled the death
saw the trains

in their souls
what was happening

chose to remain silent

to act
as if it was normal

to pretend
the camp
wasn't there
just outside of town

telling their children
(whatever lies they thought they would believe)

why did no one intervene?

how could a human being

sort shoes
purses jewelry
and love letters
into piles
for inventory

then discard
bodies into the pit
to be covered
with lime
buried in dirt?

it was their job
everyone else
was ok with it

being unable
to insure survival
for their family

(as if their
loved ones
were more important
than the ones in the pit)


(more tears)

(an uncontrollable stream of tears)

tears canít explain

the pain

on either side of the equation
(perpetrator or victim)

that s why
I failed math)

what have you done
or failed to do
that you have been too ashamed
to share with another person?

why are you ashamed?

does shame
make it better?

or should you do more?

can you act?

can you
make a difference?

or will you
a victim

from the sideline
within the majority
(C) 2019 Raibeart Bruis
Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
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Golden Parachutes

Should the company merge or even fail,
The CEO gets to walk away with more,
Meanwhile employees are left jobless,
While millions go right out the front door.

There is no sense of social responsibility,
Corporate profit is always the bottom line,
During shady deals they tend to look away,
And when asked they never saw the signs.

But the more fucked up thing about it is,
Some told their employees to invest,
Meanwhile the fuckers sold their stock,
Raking in millions for their ďlittle nestĒ.

And yet itís all written in their contract,
What the hell were shareholders thinking?
Itís just another way for some to get richer,
While others try to a save ship thatís sinking.

But when some firms reported quarterly losses,
Some bosses were fired or made to walk the plank,
The reality of it all is once they left the building,
These CEOs laughed all the way to the bank.
Written by wallyroo92
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DU Webmistress
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The winner of this competition and any runners up were decided by public vote.

Thank you to the following members for voting:

AspergerPoet56, Razzerleaf, Tallen, Sky_dancer, nutbuster, Heaven_sent_Kathy, lepperochan, Andiew, Stoney223, Kinkpoet, snugglebuck, Poetic_Strength, butters, De420, Hepcat61, TIG, monkeyman, wallyroo92, 2ndrook, Lagertha, Kingvirky

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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I  am  so  very  honored.  
Iíve been under the weather lately so whoa, I never saw this coming.

With so many poems that were entered, I wish to thank everyone who voted.  And to our host runaway-mindtrain, a fine poet in his own write, thank you J for the relevant opportunity.

Does anyone have some chicken broth?

with respect

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Congrats, Jadey...Thanks to all poets that entered this popular comp...

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