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Offensive Truth

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

"He who dares not offend can not be honest" - Thomas Paine
Your poetry on this subject is more powerful than your opinion. One poem only...

Dangerous Mind
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Speaking Truth

I don't understand
You People
How can you listen
to common sense
logical reasoning
it's like listening
to fingernails
on a blackboard
How can you
the brain numbing
Honest debates
that separates
Fact from Fiction
What's Wrong
with you people
and empathy
Actually feeling
the pain and despair
of others
what are you masochists
you enjoy pain
how can you do that
it's crazy
and you people do all this
that freaks me out
i just cannot get my head
around that
don't you people get it
most of us
we're happy with this life
we don't need
what you subscribe
you people
need to be educated
on the meaning of the word
that would be us
some of us
like forming groups
group hugs
protesting here and there
like minded people
it's a hobby
if we were serious
we would use your methods
not a good idea
there are others
who have formed
one of the biggest groups
in the western world
it;s called
the bitch whine and moan
with the intent
to carry on society
everybody needs a hobby
if it wasn't for technology
we would never have
the ability to watch real life reality
and true news on a box
in the comfort
of our homes
with blank eyes
like contented cows
while chewing our food
its brilliant
we love it
if we didn't
we would change
so leave us alone
let us be
we have no intention
or desire
to leave

poet Anonymous

post removed.
not offensive enough.

Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Ostensive Comprehensive

Forsooth Offensive Truth Hearkens To Darken

The Door To What Remains When The Spark Thins

When The Destiny Binds The Free , Dark Passion

And Eyes No Longer See The Mystery In Fashion

Shift My Consciousness , Confess Your Betrayal !

Bend Down To The Ground And Spiel Your Recall

Sensation Of Beration In Your Mind Grave Gyration

I Shall Watch You Grovel In Your Hovel With Elation

None Shall Save Thee , Lift Thee From Thy Pain Drain

This Is Your Shadow Dance Driving Your Brain Insane

Can You Maintain This Masquerade , This Dark Parade ?

Suffer Sweetly In Your Agony At The Game You Played

I Beseech Thee , Do Not Reach For Me , Beg To Save You

This Is The Torture You Created , Now A Day You Must Rue !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Now my chance will never come  
for some things in life can't be undone.
The only touch I felt was pain
as angles joined my tears like rain.
To see your eyes your smile your feel
it came so close to be so real.
That very moment when miracles dared
I was that instant when love was shared.
But your truth has sadly set me free
what could have been won't ever be.
Forbidden a thought or whispered word said
again you will live when I am dead.
Loss and lost when my end begins
I'm the helpless innocence whose banished as sin.
Somehow forgiveness you've found that day
as together we wept as together we prayed.
Written by midevil
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Tyrant of Words
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                             telling it like it is

telling it like it is
it is true nationalism - the refuge of a scoundrel

telling it like it is
far right and far left both same shit different name

telling it like it is
anything you can't tolerate is fake news these days

telling it like it is
we need less nut case politicians on either side

telling it like it is
lobbyists should be jailed for treason

telling it like it is
offending for the shock value is attention seeking, big business

telling it like it is
if you can't tolerate the truth go fuck yourself

telling it like it is
no such thing as free speech without consequence

telling it like it is
american forefathers fucked up, they were no Jesus nor his apostles

telling it like it is
right  and left wing zealots on both sides need each other to survive

telling it like it is
being responsible is the trait of a 'human'- think about it

telling it like it is
being a jerk and hiding behind free speech is fooling no one but self


Strange Creature
United States
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I brought a Good Book today, thought I'd read a few -    
Verses put down for you, By J.C. and his crew
Read one or two, yeah, and then I read another    
In Hebrews 2:11 it says: Jesus is your brother

See you stumbling round, lost; trying to find some clues
Need to go back and read John 8:32
The word dwells deep inside, with and without you
FAITH IS THE ONLY WAY, That's what I'm telling you.

Don't believe me yet? Well, hold on to ya shoes    
The Lord Above is everything, which is to include
The Universe and everyone, Him, Me and you too    
If that ain't enough to prove, then you's a stubborn fool...    
[Ain't got no time for you...if you's a stubborn fool...]    
[But ain't no hate for you...cuz What Would Jesus Do...]    
[He'd say a prayer for you...always be there for you...]    
[I got a rhyme for you...I'll drop a line for you...]    
Yeah; Yeah: Yeah...

Well I guess y'all can call Me "Dub-Double-Ohh-Dee"
Come children, gather round, let me tell you how it be
Feel this presence in my person, pulling like gravity
I said it's time time to wake up and let your 3rd eye see

Cuz you just fell down a rabbit hole...with no parachute!
Earth, moon and The Son are all a part of you
Breaking down space and time, like it Chopped & Screwed
The Spirit sent Me here today, this what I'm meant to do -

Plant this deep down in the bottom of your heart
Free us from the mental cages that are keeping us apart
Snap back to reality and make a new start
Listen up, carefully, theres a path through the dark...

Communication is vital if you wanna know your maker
Cant stress this enough, you can't be your own savior
Take a good look around, yeah, peel back the layers
Then set yourself free and turn a cheek to the haters

Yall think you're gettin wealth but you're only stackin paper
Yeah, them numbers aint shit when it comes to the later
Nah you can't take it with you, go'n do yourself a favor
Stay straight with the game and do right by your neighbors

Only one way to win in the grand scheme of Life;
LOVE,, Be humble, keep it G, husbands cling to your wives
Help to see each other through and to combat the lies
Yea, may the light guide us, for in darkness truth dies

Let it shine bright and be a real inspiration
Stand up for ALL people and unite generations
Step out and into freedom and get off the plantation
May My words ring true and make known these, Revelations.
Written by TodaysTomSawy3r (Dub.00D)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Final Prayer to god (Behold The Truth)

Lord I can't wait to die.  
But if ever I do I won't be at peace, it's the evil inside of me like Lucifer's afraid to take my soul six hundred and sixty six feet.  
Resurrected with a pair of horns as my cold heart beat as my blood runs below zero cold as my veins refuse to leak.  

Razor blades to my wrists, overdosed on sleeping pills and a bottle of Gin as my body goes numb I'm dead, or so I wished I'm awake again it's morning, and I'm like here we go again with this same old shit.  
This life is sick and twisted, God you must need a therapist or a shrink to have us suffer like this  
sitting in hell with Lucifer you bitch Sucking his dick while Legion fucks the hell in and out of you, again and again  
then have the guts to punish us for sin.  
Hi daddy remember we were made in your image you prick, dumb fuck, addict, fuckin faggit, kneeling each night to pray, lord please help me, tomorrow I'm still as broke as today, still can't find the cure for AIDS, Cancer leaking out the brains, and we're all suffering from something just to die another day  
So I say fuck you, fuck heaven and fuck your angels too,  
go to hell, o shit ur already there taking a dick or two  
So dear lord die slow for my amusement to  
beg for our prayers like you need us to worship you  
hope that we care as much as u do, cause you never gave three shits about us, neither will the world give a fuck about you.  
so I guess we're all screwed  
pretty soon no one will believe in you  
most of us already don't, we just pretend to...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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only one poem per author as per the rules stated....delete one

Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Fucking Snowflakes

We're eye level,

Your voice
  a chorus

My ear,


Stellar crystals

Antumbral views,
 vigilant -
  to keep mine
   in check

 each other;
   reciprocity is key

Deep introspection,
  to the core

Lands shift,
 as paradigms:
form mountains,

M a n t l e






Centrally immutable
 - these are minds

The sun,
 winter bonfires,
  candle and match,
    have the same


Written by Sky_dancer (Inigo Montoya)
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Dangerous Mind
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The Hostages

A state of condition  
that produces inflammation  
dizziness, exhaustion  
Mineral loss aggravation
Induced by stress so easily  
That's the case for many disabled  
Medical Combat veterans  
Imagine if their teen children  
Or predators knew this fact
Manipulating a situation by
Harming a stress management program
For simple survival  
It's a hostage situation  
But now the hostages  
Are breaking out
While bad men are escalating  
Their time to fall
Has almost come
Written by EdibleWords
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Replicant Son
Strange Creature
United Kingdom
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The Game.

The quick witted, the dim witted they must all collide...

We live in a world where non of us can hide...

Certainly, not for long, not forever, regardless of endeavor...

We will sooner or later all be brought together.

And as the forced need for each other grips...

And common ground is sought after via lying lips..

Perhaps a rebuild will begin through life's persistent shunts??...

YES! Perhaps we'll all win...
But we'll still all be cunts!
Written by TonyO (Replicant Son)
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
United States
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Hashtags of "LikeAGirl", "LikeAWoman",
But...what if you're not a woman?
I don't mean to belittle what we've been through,  
But what about this "gender equality" though?  
How can we be the same,  
If everything a man says and does brings him shame?  
And everything spouted out of a woman's mouth brings her spontaneous, temporary, communal, fame?  
I feel utter shame,  
Belonging to this gender (or at least only partially),  
But somewhat fearful and on guard physically,  
For what others have done,  
Though any wrong that I've done, is none.  
But they would not have it,  
If a man were to throw over me the blanket  
Term of female (for my gender is more of a feeling),  
And accusing me of what others have caused,  
What this "feminism" has caused.  
I fear for the feminism attrition that I do see,  
Feminism is not what it used to be,  
Women banding together to help all,  
Now it's women banding together to watch the fall    
Of anyone who's the opposite of women,    
To humiliate, belittle, laugh at, interrogate, despise, and suspect all men.  
I fully understand not being able to see the gender I feel,  
Especially when I feel  
Both female and male,  
And the signs not being so telltale,  
When I present differently on different days.  
Misgendering me purely on accident is no concern to me anyways,  
As long as, if/when you find out my gender, you try your best to respect me,  
That's all I can ask for, but still it's kind of tricky.  
Some would still be so upset over an honest mistake,  
But souring interactions is not a chance I will take.  
I know full well the backlash I will receive,  
For the way I perceive  
The world around me,  
And my society.  
Please I ask you this,  
Don't shut me down just because you don't believe this,  
Just because my opinion differs,  
And I don't hate all men and think of them all as oppressors.  
Yes, there are some things we still need to work on for women and girls,  
No humans are perfect angels,  
But the same can be said for the other side,  
Buckle up buttercup, this is going to be a bumpy, emotional, ride.  
Stop putting us on a pedestal,  
This is too radical,  
Sorry for my lack of tact....  
But...I hate how just having a vagina is enough to let me win arguments, and validate my opinions as facts,  
I hate how just putting the word "woman" or "girl" on a product automatically equals radical change,  
I hate how a man just telling a woman he thinks she's pretty, or has a crush on her, is enough to send her into a flying rage,  
Do you know how hard it can be to tell someone that?  
Do you realise the humiliation and emotional scarring he has been put through, just for that?  
I hate how men think all feminists are the "special snowflakes" that they see on TV, news, and social media,  
In all this media mania.  
I hate how just looking at a woman wrong can get the police called on you,  
Or as a woman, just looking at a man wrong, can lead to being shouted at as a man hater, even when It's not true,  
And the male-bashing on TV commercials and in movies too.  
Oh, and don't get me started on how any product that's pink,  
Is supposed to automatically be bought by every woman and girl, because they think  
That that can only be their favorite color,  
And that any product in that color,  
Is automatically a tool of social justice,  
Little do they know that's prejudice,  
Can't a girl's favorite color be blue, orange, black, cream, amber, brown, white, red, ect?  
Companies can't be bothered to think, or go the mile extra...  
Stop with your "girls have more fun" products,  
It's just fearful byproducts  
Of a backlash fearing, populous.  
It is becoming dangerous,  
It has gone from the simple, sweet, politeness of "ladies first", or pulling out her chair or holding her car door for her,  
Or when she's cold, handing your jacket to her,    
To absolutely fearing and being subservient to her.  
Stop putting us on a pedestal,  
Forgive me if this seems too cynical,  
But all this damage, collateral.  
It is becoming dangerous just to be a man,  
Always fearing that any type of interaction with a woman,  
Or urposeful,  
Will land you in jail, and make you a social pariah,    
They should not worry about being hurt or seen as inferior.  
Stop putting us on a pedestal,  
Just because our products can be a social justice tool,  
Stop treating us as goddesses,  
And let us be mortals without your queenly injustices,  
No one should be given this much power,  
We may very well be witnessing the birth of the feminism monster...  
...Maneaters who chew them up, and spit them out.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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