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Dangerous Mind
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Loving the comp, too!

Thought Provoker
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[ Lesbian ] [ Erotica ] Revelations

I unlace
the corset binds of your poetries  
contained, confined  
restrained, quatrained    
strictly in hourglass form  
allowing you to breathe  
at your own pace    
and peace of mind  
released from the pained    
need to conform  
free to be yourself with me;    
have a little fun  
And now that that's done -    
let's see what we can do about    
getting you out of those  
Written by MaryWalker
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Strange Creature
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Thought Provoker
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[2019] Revelations

Ice melts
ice melts  
ice continues to melt  
Mother Nature freed  
from rampant abuse and    
She felt    
she felt  
she couldn't help but feel  
need to blow off steam    
overwhelm shore    
from sea to shining sea  
and widen every stream  
core of our system  
having no use for your    
pragmatic capitalism -  
paradise lost at any cost;  
belief you can treat her as nothing more  
than dirt and shit and a washed up    
whore of a cash cow  
Ice melts  
ice melts  
yields relief  
... for now  
Written by Magnetron
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Dangerous Mind
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I was thinking how
I lost a business based
On breastfeeding

Because of cruel predators
Hunting our little kids
Threatening our lives

I lost a son's mind
And I lost my first daughter
In a fog of confusion

When a weird old groomer
Jumped into our midst
Lying and taking our kids

It's what haters do
They hunt, assault,
Lie and confuse

But even more,
They ruined a breastfeeding
Built on calm focus and peace

My young daughter (5months)
Drinks from a bottle
So I do not lose
My mind

from mal-ease
Written by EdibleWords
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Fire of Insight
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so much going on in these entries :cool:

keep 'em coming!

Guardian of Shadows
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Blood speaks volumes—
I know how you’ll bleed;
Von Willebrand’s
when they cut you open tomorrow.

Genetic hiccup, nasty
antibody to boot, making
my shift, miserable.

I found out its name—
forced it to tattle
like a stool pigeon in test tubes.

I’ll be ready
when the surgeon’s knife drops
that first slice—
I am the anticipator,
the blood banker,
transfusion maven.

You may never know me, but
I know all about you, revealed
in a single tube of blood.

Dangerous Mind
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Revelations (Framed Daylight)

'So many things I had thought forgotten
Return to my mind with stranger pain:  
 Like letters that arrive addressed to someone  
 Who left the house so many years ago.”  
                        ― Philip Larkin  
In a still moment, I heard them  
within a profusion of inane other things,  
Burning, caressing absurdities  
with their persistence, their announcement.  
Why must I endure them; they only mock  
my sentience with their grandiose visions  
spilling forth like the sweetest wine  
intoxicating sensibilities,  
my logical conclusions stymied.  
Oh, revelatory absurdity  
how you tempt me  
to love foolishly,  
unabashedly, fully and fatally.  
I cannot live by your temptation alone,  
you are only a dream.  
I revel in everything else;  
the raw realness of framed daylight,  
as your lofty clouds drift by me,  
high and afar.  
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Dangerous Mind
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Sometimes we see beauty on the outside
  for all intents and purposes,
Because some secrets are never meant to be known,
But when the real story rises up and surfaces,
The truth can be chilling down to the bone.
Revelations are awakenings, a significant beckoning,
Making us see the true condition for what it’s worth,
It can be very revealing, disturbing and unfeeling,
But you get to walk in the light from that point forth.
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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and even more great competitors! this has shaped up really nicely, thankyou, all.

Dangerous Mind
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Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn - Armageddon Has Begun

 Below the Sea of Galilee
In a cauldron of tar, and salinity
Where no life can survive
The dark evil incarnate did arise

From the mysterious depths
Of the bottomless pit it leapt
The Beast was not the metaphor
Of ancient gospels’ lore

But an immense physical manifestation
A mountain of all that is evil, incarnation
Each inhalation of his respiration
Stole light from Earth's horizon

Expelling sulfured air in exhalation
His putrid breath was an abomination
With his right paw he swept away Gaza
With his left he crushed all of Mecca

Then looking towards the heavens in triumph
In a grotesque glare of defiance
He bellowed a hideous howl of victory
So all God’s children clutched their ears in agony

Except for the one, the one called Abaddon
Who greeted the ‘Living Darkness’ with adulation  
“Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn,  Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn!”
“My Great Lord, begin the Armageddon!”
Written by snugglebuck
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Fire of Insight
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k, comp's now closed. thanks to all competitors. i'll make a decision over the next 24 hours (hopefully), running through each piece as i prefer to do. bear with me as i enjoy your writings yet again.


Fire of Insight
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diddi said:Revelations     (SP Summerscales)

Today the sky
moved a little closer
I can see through all
three eyes
like I'm supposed to.

My revelations
met by accusations
by hiding in plain sight
gas lights
lit the guilt  
away some.

a selfish tune
by orchestration
each stave so untrue
a conduction
between wrong wavelengths .

The truth
was simply
knocking at the door
it was you
accusing me
of what you
were guilty for .

you pulled me in right away with those opening lines:

Today the sky
moved a little closer
had me seeing
through all three eyes

really piqued my interested in what was to come. you also had me musing over the 'wrong wavelengths', weighing up the feel of that in my thoughts and in my mouth.

though some of this felt more about what you wanted to say rather than the most effective way to say it, i believe you've got great bones for this poem. it has some power to it! thanks for your entry

Fire of Insight
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Jade-Pandora said:


I was one of the boys; Eureka shout;
It felt so right in thought when I found out.

A tomboy’s what they used to call me by,
Just as if I were a regular guy.

They never crowded, shouted bi or gay?
I didn’t need a special pass to stray.

It was much more than what they saw I wore,
Red flannel plaid, the toney shoes I had.

For on my sunny, youthful face: peach fuzz,
My boyish chest, that’s all there really was.

I want to say I liked the way
The girl next door would follow me
To college dorm and want to sit
And help me with homework a bit.

Got close to cuddle, she smelled good
The way I’d dreamt soft girl-skin would.

I got up, she went where I stood
And touched me there but I bowed out,

And said That’s not what I’m about,
I don’t have what you need for this.

She pressed and leaned in for a kiss
And reassured there’s no mistake,
“I’ll give as much as you can take.”

I closed my eyes to move aside
As inside my brain opened wide.

I felt the cold air rush the sun,
I could not end what I’d begun.

I thank you, no, I’m not a toy;
I won’t do it ‘cause I’m a boy.

Then came a day I hungout with my buds,
An in-y not an out-y to these bloods.

A sudden rush of hormones gone berserk,
I felt a jerk, I had to make it work,

And stepped behind a shady tree all coy.
I wish I had what they have, I’m a boy.    
hi, Jade

given this is a topic we're now more and more able to address—it has a personal meaning for me given my trans daughter—i'm really pleased you chose to highlight it in the sensitive yet direct way you have. it shows progression, a journey, and an honest coming to a better understanding; even if tinged with regrets, there's a freedom in coming to that self-identification that is to be celebrated by more than the individual. for all cis-gendered people, such as myself, we didn't even have to think about issues a trans person has had to just to get to where they are today. a strong write, thanks for your entry

Fire of Insight
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[ Spiritual ] Revelations

requires having patience    
and the sense to just    
revel in the elation    
of knowing no matter    
what happens next    
leaving you vexed    
perplexed, perhaps    
feeling hexed -    
all those big small dreams of yours?    
are always coming true    
ever stands between    
them and you    
for everything    
thrown in the way    
including kitchen sinks    
and other scenarios cased worst
when one thinks the Universe    
must do!    
this or that    
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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JohnnyBlaze said:uhuh, revel in the elation, for sure

the rhymes and more subtler, internal soundlinks drive this forward underpinning an uplifting theme overall—even if you have to vault over the kitchen sink first. it's a 'choose the positive in the face of all the negative' poem i appreciate.

thanks for your entry, JB

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