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Poem of the Month - November 2019

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Find someone new!
Mi Copa:  My apologies for the confusion that was caused with the"hiding" of certain poems in the October 2019 competition ...

I've always felt that this competition, more so than others was a chance to highlight not only established writers on this site, but new and emerging voices as well.

With that in mind, I tried to keep the competition winners to one poet per calendar year whereby no poet could win more than one month in a given year, thus the running winners list as a guide of poets that couldn't be nominated.

Somewhere in transcribing the rules from one month to another this addendum got dropped, and with that I found the competition became the same group of devoted poets nominating the same poets over and over ... and over

In no way am I disputing the quality of the writing nominated, because quite frankly most of the winners are poets I follow (and or are kind enough to follow me) ...

With that in mind, if the same people keep nominating each other and then voting for each other ...  how's that a literary competition(?).

What I'm looking to do to close out the year is to keep nominations to (1) those who have never won Poem of Month - SO PLEASE DO NOT POST A PREVIOUS WINNER FROM 2019 or 2018 (it just clogs up the page and makes it harder to get to the nominees ...

and (2) ideally nominate poets who have less than ten writing wins.

Please PM myself or other MODS on how you want 2020 POTM comps to run: (1) anyone can win in any given month or (2) one win per calendar year for any given poet ... ?

There will still be no self nominations in either format.

With that said .............

It's time for our "Poem of the Month" to be featured in the DUP 'Poem of the Month Hall of Fame' and on the official facebook page for November 2019!.

You have three weeks to nominate no more than two of you favorite poems from another DUP poet!

Please note the following when making nominations:

1. Self nominations are not accepted. The great majority of the competitions here are about spotlighting one's own work on a particular topic or theme.  This is a chance to nominate that poem that you wish you had written but some other great talent here beat you to it.

2. Please limit your nominations to TWO poems. You can nominate a single poem for two different poets; but the nomination maximum remains at TWO (no matter how many pseudonyms they have).  The majority of competitions on DUP cap nominations at one or two poems so there's no need to go beyond that.

No DUPLICATES. If someone nominates the same poem the entry will be deleted. If you like it that much wait and vote for it!

Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

Any member who is banned or disables their account PRIOR to the win will be automatically disqualified.

Any nominated member who wishes to opt out of the competition may do so by messaging a MOD. I will contact the person who nominated you and request an alternate nomination.

Nomination Duration is three weeks followed by a week of site voting!

Running list of winners:

February 2019 ... SOPHIE_ERICSON
March 2019 ... AUDIOHARLEEA
April 2019 ... FROM THE ASH
May 2019 ... MISS_SUB
June 2019 ... NAAJIR
July 2019 ... LAYLA
August 2019 ... AHAVATI
September 2019 ... MISS_SUB
October 2019 ... HOWLING_WHELMS
November 2019 ... JOHNNY BLAZE

November 2017 ... NAAJIR
December 2017 ... POETSPEAK
January 2018 ...      LADY_OF_THE_QUILL
February 2018 ...    LEPPEROCHAN Craic in a Box
March 2018 ...        TINABUBUYA (Tee Mali)
April 2018 ...           CROWFLY
May 2018 ...            ATOMIKBOMB
June 2018 ...            MISS_SUB (Missy)
July 2018 ...              MEADOWSWEET
August 2018 ...        LAYLA
September 2018 ... COLD FUSION
October 2018 ...       TODSKI28
November 2018 ...   TheMUSE22
December 2018 ...    BENDER

... So, what have you read that's incredible!?

jade tiger
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A Moment’s Truth


An effect
of the altitude
bites hardest at night

while waiting till dawn
in its

A long
wait that comes
too soon

the ice
never melting

a natural bridge
if ever there

the deep
frigid of blue sky
is blinding

Only the condor

Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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poet Anonymous

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The Echoes of Music

The Echoes of Music
Skipper (1Skipper-)
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These thoughts
always ever buried
shallow but deep
This confounded bundle
tied with concertina
no loose ends
a most bloody knot
Repelling all yet
longing for an Alexander
his clever cleaving ways
to again undo
So I will just distill
another splash of ink
equal part of sang
equal part of tears
Painting the blankness
perhaps with something sage
that won't smudge
or finally fade
Written by LilDragonFly
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in the holistic haze of  C H A O S...

dunn want to clear off the cobwebbing chaotic universes  
of the sleepless eyes ….they tremble as racing tuning forks    
craving maddeningly in endless salivating strings ….syncing    
with this weird thudding heart gone rogue tonight ... from  
shattering avalanche unto those once clear corridors, under  
heavy border patrols on either side of this wavering geometry  
no... would consume all &  utter not any more this silent moment..  
else these depths of serpentine memories..mining as deadly thought trains
[flown fertile as a deltaic lubricant in sweet~smotheringly  viscous love.. drowns  
this all over in your frothy entrapping magneticious pools uproariously voicing    
fleshy tides...in hard cicadal rings of high frequential aphrodisiacal drumsticks    
evoking a whaling moringal hunger.... of a wetty~gummy secreting ambergris    
..such musky resinous fogginess marring eyes in thickly sweating tears… yet, the    
walling eyelids in airtight locks lets out not the seeming apparitions.... in no    
transmigrations of the visioned binaries- the divisive skeletal whiteness frames    
fingering erect amongst the wobbly multiversal zeroes…mirroring image memories    
of the eyes overlap the darking realities as non-negating permanent permeance ..in    
clonal copying presence,  unfadingly repetitive of its serially blinking seconds    
…spatters all over as random graphic ants in lightning streaky crisis..  draws  
subliminal sublime motions crossing lightyears in each blinkly~breathly gaps..  
...need you as the needling  firming “I’s” all across this porous substratum    
coring in as fully zeroing nullness …we, this Us, are compounding gardens    
of seeding abstractions..afloat as majestic achenes of faithful conception]
would crumble down as fossilizing insipidities in diatomaceous siliceous    
 stardust breakdowns of both our origins and eventual liberations…and    
these merging inbetween ululating realms of a riotous tribal sultry heart    
in its earthen dancing nakedities of heartfeltly handwoven visceral discoveries    
of our half-drowsy half-awoken super (solid) immersion    
...would never be felt  
(perhaps wholly superceded by prematuring etherealities- oddly    
in shady lights under such invasions)  
in our spontaneous skies and flesh    
fusing diversities - a phasic full circle    
in agelessy orbiting human~divine destiny …  
of the abruptive nascence or seasoned undulations  
we tread and tread unto our Oneness destinations
Written by summultima (uma)
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Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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dreary morning in a truck stop off I-70

doughnuts made by  
the sick hands of
dirty angels
doughnuts given the
names of long dead
movie  stars:
the Gable
the Bogart
the Monroe
the Dean
asp poison would taste
go to restroom  
wash hands
wash face
wash off the human
nothing left here but
coffee, cream, sugar,
the music of the spoon  
against the sides of
the cup and one
last taste
Written by buddhakitty
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Tyrant of Words
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[ CC ] I Know You Can

It's not that you are living a lie      
You've been lying to yourself      
for decades, never fully      
tuned into the truth    
of who you were    
through no one's influence    
on the dial but your own    
The real struggle began when    
I can became I can't      
because ...
and for whatever the reasons    
continued, train of thought    
gained momentum in direction    
counter-clockwise to desire    
travelling far off course    
yet going nowhere    
except in frustrating    
Believing you are capable    
is one thing;   
I can      
is a whole 'nother story    
Here is the next part of yours    
---you are the author    
Same as the poetry you pen    
write it with care    
---revise, revise, revise    
knowing you can    
And If you must insist upon otherwise      
know I'll be waiting at the station    
for your arrival    
Until then ...    
see you there    
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Fire of Insight
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Lessons in life (Part 2 Smoking kills)

I cut the cricket bat from a plywood sheet,
wrapped tape around its rough handle,
used an old beer crate as a wicket.
The summer had delivered a perfect evening
poised over a memory that set the scene
and started to roll the cameras.

The cliche version would have been
on location in an American suburb,
father and son playing catch on the front lawn
mother filming from the wooden porch
all fit, white teeth and healthy,
sunlight would glisten on the lens.

But this was a concrete back yard with high walls
and a gate that opened onto broken glass,
Dad was a spin bowler due to the short breath and run ups,
each innings uncoiled him, took its toll.

I began to worry, watching the colour slide
down his face, a novelty pen turned upright
to reveal a naked body.
I pretended to miss, and listened to the clink
of empty beer bottles as the ball clipped the crate
relief shouted,out, across his face.

The director wasn’t happy wanting to go again
but the star was already leaving the set,
desperately seeking his trailer, exhausted from
his fifteen minutes of acting, it wasn’t long
before smoke draped its silk jacket over his shoulders.

We toured with that film, I did all the pro-mo
while he snorted oxygen shipped in cylinders,
always away from the public’s gaze.

I was asked once what it was like
working with such a professional.
I lied and talked about his better days,
paid tribute behind a filter of blue and green.
I held his hand for the final scene
but couldn’t find the words at the after party.


I asked you to stop breathing
cease the bellows rhythm,
end this fake goodbye.
Body now trespassed beyond retreat,
basic in function,
rise and fall,
rise and fall.
You waited until I slept,
I missed your reply.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Lessons in life (Part 4 Trees need protecting)

Strange that it had grown
on the side of a sandstone slab.
A huge knarred hand reaching out
to touch another world,
held by an underground prison.
I thought of it as old,
generations had played at its wrist,
swung from its finger tips.

The rope had been robbed
from a coal mine,
It gave out black blisters
and was hung by a rumour.

The pendulum effect was magnificent,
motion sickness spun from its canopy
to the creak of a rolling Galleon.
Exposed roots collected skin and blood
from thin boned boys on summer days
that shared a look at dirty books,
before they chanced the rope
and felt the kiss of bark.

They chopped off its hand
with no one to hold it,
broke up the slab,
sealed the wound with tar,
built houses over its tomb.

I walked up the hill to see it gone,
my clothes grew with each step,
until I stood as a small boy
how I once learned to fly.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Dangerous Mind
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Related submission no longer exists.

poet Anonymous

Like a Beautiful Bouquet

a circle of friends should be picked
for the color of heart,
scent of words
not the hue of skin
nor stench of thoughts

Written by Amorous_tryst
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
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top of the mountain


i have
a long
for nothing...

it's been
my life

Written by buddhakitty
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